Savage Cowboy

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gay slave story

The Bell – Chapter 1
Savage Cowboy – Chapter 2

Ian hadn’t heard back from Brutus for a few days.   When the phone rang, he’d been instructions for his next visit, and it left him breathless.  He wanted him the next time in full western gear.   Ian ran through his closet the day before his visit and pulled out just what he thought Brutus would want to see.

The day arrived and as he stood before the door, he knocked as his heart was thudding in his chest.   Ian was standing there in his black western pointed boots, his tightest wranglers, and the white pearl snap, yoked shirt.  His head topped with his ole beat up straw hat. He only wore it when he was doing yard work.  It was colored yellow around the headband from sweat.  But it made him look more like a working cowboy that he knew Brutus would want, and more than the urban cowboy out of a magazine.  As he was mentally taking stock of his look, the door burst open.

In a flash Ian was pulled into the room and the door was slammed behind him. After that, he was whirled around and pushed into the kitchen table.  Brutus was on him like a male lion attacking its prey. His mouth covered Ian’s as he tried to catch his breath, but the slippery snake of his tongue was making entry into his mouth looking to mate with his tongue.

They twirled in battle. Ian’s breathing was keeping pace with Brutus. He could feel the hot exhale from his nostrils as they burned his cheeks. More kissing as Brutus physically lifted Ian up off the floor with his massive arms and crushed him to his chest.   Eyes closed in lust, Ian was taken into the bedroom.

Brutus lips left Ian’s and moved down his neck and started sucking and licking down his chest as each pearl snap of his shirt began popping one by one.  Brutus had slipped his hands between their body’s and yanked out the shirt tail tightly belted in his pants.   And then in a flurry the last three snaps ripped open and away and his chest was completely exposed.   Brutus made his way down to his sensitive nipples.   Ringed as they were made it easier for them to be nipped and flicked and bit.   Ian exhaled with each touch.

Trying to right himself he placed each of his hands on Brutus shoulders.  They were knotted from heavy lifting and work.  He started kneading them to keep him from causing too much pain.   He imagined them as reins on a horse, holding him at bay.   But unlike all the horses he’d ridden before, Brutus wasn’t to be handled.   Unlike Ian, he could mold him into any position he wanted him in.

Instead, Ian wrapped his legs around Brutus tight waist and locked his boots together.  That allowed him to lean back and give Brutus greater access to his chest.   That pleased Brutus as his mouth raised from his chest and Ian could see the lust and fire in his eyes.  Ian leaned back away from Brutus face, hands holding tightly on his shoulders for balance.   Brutus left off holding onto him as Ian was now keeping himself affixed to Brutus large frame.

Brutus reached under Ian with both hands to cup his backside.  It was as if Ian’s ass were resting on a ledge at Brutus waist.  His raging hard-on was bulging in his tight blue wranglers.  It had all happened so quickly when Brutus opened the door, that Ian hadn’t even noticed what he was wearing.  But it was evident now as he leaned back and saw Brutus black chest hair curling out over his western cut shirt.

He caught an image in the mirror on the wall of Brutus huge body, and his legs wrapped around his waist, black boots keeping him from falling. Brutus ass was molded by his wranglers, and black leather chaps enveloped his legs and covered his black boots.  Ian noticed the spurs poking out beneath the shiny leather.

While he was sizing up his adversary, he felt hands disentangling his boots.  Unlocked, he slid to the ground.  As he stood there, Brutus remove Ian’s hands from his shoulders.  He stood there in awe of the man that desired him.  He was mesmerized as Brutus was every boys dream.  There was nothing he wouldn’t consider doing and all the man had to do was say the word.  Brutus hands fumbled with Ian’s belt buckle.  Was he actually trembling?

Belt unhooked, wranglers unbuttoned,  he pulled the zipper  down slowly.  But for all the lust Ian felt, that was all he could do, lust!  He was still chastised, locked in his steel prison and only one man held the key.  It was secured on a chain hanging around this Brutus neck, dangling and resting between his solid pecs.  Brutus just looked into his eyes and simply tilted his head back.  Ian knew the sign.  With his shirt gone and his pants open, he toed his right boot heel and nudged it off. With his socked toe, he removed the other.  They lay on the floor, and closely thereafter were accompanied by his pants.  The shirt lay strewn across the room on the floor.  Now with only his cock hidden in its steel prison and balls dangling, he was naked and ready, socks keeping his feet warm.

Brutus eyes burned with lust, as he brought his hands to his own jeans and started to unzip them.  With a tug, and a little help, Ian saw Brutus mushroom head, he was so well acquainted with make its entrance poking out of their captivity.  With a slight bend of his knee to shake it loose, the shaft followed.  Ian sucked in his breath, as he was once again swept into Brutus embrace.

Strong hands hefted Ian physically by grabbing his ass cheeks and he immediately reached for Brutus neck for balance.  It happened so fast, that before he knew it, he was actually straddling his shaft.  He knew it that turgid cock couldn’t hold his weight, but he imagined it was that strong and powerful.  And very soon he knew that monster would be inside him.

In that moment, Brutus hefted him slightly and the cockhead slid down his backside and made contact with Ian’s tiny hole.  Brutus hands gently pulled his cheeks apart and let Ian slide down his body and was immediately impaled.  Brutus removed his hands and allowed Ian to skewer himself at his own pace.  Brutus looked into his eyes and Ian’s mouth made an ‘O’ as he slid down onto the massive pole.  He had prepped himself before coming so there was lube enough for easy access and the balloon head popped inside him with an audible noise, and Brutus reared his head back.

Neck exposed, Ian pulled himself close and began kissing and sucking Brutus neck.  Up and down the cords of muscles, he left a trail of saliva.  That was the last restraint Brutus had.  Ian was slammed into the bed behind him, and the mad sex began.  Brutus was relentless, shoving his cock into Ian’s guts.  Brutus grabbed Ian’s legs and split them apart to have greater access to his target.

Fireworks exploded in Ian’s head as the pistoning cock worked to implant its seed dep in his belly.  It wasn’t long, Brutus moaned loudly and stabbed Ian for one last time as his seed shot into his boy.  Ian felt the spurting, pulsating, sperm coat his insides.  As he lay there in Brutus afterglow, something amazing happened.  The man just went limp and collapsed on him.  Ian just lay there breathing deeply and started to panic.  What if Brutus had a heart attack?  What would he do?  As he lay there, there was a steady heart-beat from his chest and his breathing was constant.  He must have passed out, what should I do now?

Ian lay there for an eternity thinking out his next move.  After a while he exerted much effort to roll the hulk of a man off him and onto his back.  He was still breathing, and Ian laid his ear on his chest to listen and feel the thudding of his heart.  He was confident that the exertion and massive orgasm, shot a rush of blood to his head and that combination was the result of his unconsciousness.  Ian began putting his plan in order and shot off the bed and began removing Brutus boots.  It took some effort to tug them as well as his socks off.

Bare feet now sticking out of his wranglers and chaps, Ian moved back onto the bed and started unzipping the leather down his tree trunk thighs.  As he reached to the zipper tab, he noticed that the cock that had just pumped him full, was laying in silent repose on Brutus belly.  Still oozing cum, it soaked his hairy belly.  It took time and effort to remove his chaps and wriggle his body back and forth to slide them and the wranglers off his frame.  There he lay, naked and amazingly beautiful in sleep.  And then he saw the key laying between his pecs, gently rising up and down with his breathing.  As if possessed, Ian jumped onto the bed and unhooked the key from the chain.

Quickly he slid the key into the lock on his steel cage, turned and pulled out the tumbler.  Finally, he was free, and his pecker responded as the steel tube was removed.  Ragingly hard, his balls began to wake to the fact that there was a chance to unload the repository of cum they’d been hoarding.  In no time, Ian began stroking his boner.  It didn’t take any time and he was conscience of the explosion that was near, and for whatever reason he looked over and saw Brutus staring back at him.  Ian’s eyes flew open in shock, but it was too late his body was on automatic.  Without thinking he turned toward Brutus and cum projectile, shot out and onto Brutus chest.  Being chastised for so long, it came in far flung spurts, coating the hair all over him.  Ian could not move.  What would be the response?

His heartbeat in his chest from orgasm and terror, time stood still.

Brutus just smiled.  His eyes twinkled.  Then he held out his hand.  Ian reluctantly handed him the key still inserted in the tumbler.  The steel tube lay beside him on the bed.  Brutus reached over, grabbed the tube and with the other hand scooped up a dollop of cum and started coating Ian’s shriveled up dick.  Still sensitive from his orgasm, he reared his head back and wanted to stop him from rolling the head, so didn’t see the tube being pushed down along the shaft again.  As he became aware of what was happening Ian looked down in time to see the tumbler go back in the lock and twist of the key.  The key removed, he hooked it back on the chain around his neck.

But he wasn’t finished and he physically rolled over toward Ian and lifted him up to straddle his stomach.  Brutus pointed to the remaining cum that Ian had deposited on his chest.  Ian scooped up what he could and reached back to coat the shaft that was engorging with blood and preparing for its repeat performance.

Brutus, hands on Ian’s hips guided him back to line up for his entrance.  Even though mentally he knew Brutus was always in control somehow, he felt empowered as he lowered himself onto his shaft.  Riding the cowboy, Ian closed his eyes and enjoyed it as he chose his own pace.  As he hit bottom, he clamped his ass muscles tight and drew himself up.  Brutus hissed through his teeth and Ian knew how he felt.  He could see in his eyes what brought him pleasure.  Many minutes later, Brutus threw his head back and lifted Ian off the bed as his hips shoved him into the air as his second orgasm seeded Ian.

Coming back down, Brutus reached out and pulled Ian close to his chest and rolled to their side.  Spooning together, it wasn’t long before Brutus was breathing the slow deep breath of sleep.  Ian allowed himself to relax and melt into the arms of the man that he adored.  He didn’t think about what tomorrow would bring and he didn’t care.  He was content to be right here and now in the moment.

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