A long Night – Part 2

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A long Night – Part 1

“What a fuck, Carlos! I haven’t had this for a long time.” Paul said and reached between his legs. His hole was loose and Carlos’ milk dropped out. He pushed his fingers deep in his hole and licked them clean. His tongue circled around each of the fingers til there was no bull and ass juice left.

“You’re a pig boy. I like it!”

“Can I lick your cock clean? Please”

“Of course!” Carlos moved up the bed to the headend and spread his legs. His dick was semi-hard, covering his big balls and the fat cock head touched the rubber sheet. Paul took it in his hand.

“Wow! That’s really heavy …”

“… and gets thick and long.”  Carlos finished the sentence.

Paul’s lips were around the dick head and his tongue all over it. He could taste the salty sperm and the precum that started to come out again. He moved up the shaft and cleaned any milk from there.

Carlos noticed the leather slings fixed at the bed head. “Boy don’t you want to show me what are you doing with these?”

“Sure” Paul answered. While he got his legs into the leather loops Carlos got something from the closet. As he returned Paul lay on the back and his ass was fully free. Carlos like the way of his cum still dripping out of the boy and running down through the shaved ass crack down to the rubber sheet.

He kneeled between Paul’s leg, his face close to Paul’s and his cock head pushing in a bid to tease his boy.

“Look what I found!” Carlos said and showed a dildo to Paul.

“Fuck. You got the thickest of all I have.”

The length was shorter than Carlos’ dick. But it was thicker in the middle part of it than Carlos’.

“I want to see how your boy pussy takes it. Then, maybe, you might get a nice treat.” Carlos pressed again his fat cock head into Paul and pulled it out right away.

Paul took a few deep sniffs from the popper bottle and pushed part of the dildo into his ass. As he came closer to the middle part he slowed down. His ass was stretched more and more.

“Boy you’re doing great.”

“Please lube it.”

Carlos spit on it and smeared some of the sperm from the sheet on it. Paul pushed harder and then a mix of moaning and fuck yeah came out of his mouth. The dildo slipped fully in.

“Now fuck yourself, boy!” Carlos sat in front of Paul and jerked his full mast. He watched how the boy pulled the dildo half way out and back it in. The next time he pulled out all of it and pumped it in hard.

“Don’t cum!”

“No, I won’t. I watch out.”

“Good boy! I am going to take care of this.”

Paul fucked himself with steady and deep strokes. With each beat in his canal got stretched again. He started to like this feeling of a full and stretched ass. He increased the speed over time. Still slow enough to not come. Carlos smeared some of his precum on the dildo in between when it was fully out.

“Pull it out. I want to see how your hole is doing.” Paul pulled it out and he felt it stayed open. Carlos explored it with his big fingers. First, two, then three and finally four. He finger fucked this open loose hole.

“You are ready for your treat.” Carlos pointed his bat at the gaping hole and leaned over “Take some poppers. You won’t forget this fuck for some time.”  Paul did as he was told. The next moment Carlos pushed his thick long rod into him. This time his ass was stretched by a real macho fucker cock.

“Your boy pussy will get another creamy load. How is that?”

“Yes. Please breed me. I need to be seeded by a strong bull.”

Carlos started slow. Long and lasting moves. Over time his strokes got harder. What was left from his sperm from the first fuck stuck in a silky white layer on his hard meat and run down slowly the ass crack. His balls were squeezed between the leather pants and the hot ass with each deep push. Some of the bull juice sticked to them. He began fully pulling out of the hole and pushing in  his monster in the next moment. Carlos pounded the ass hard, deep, and fast.

“I fill your pussy.” Carlos pulled out, the first shoot landed half in and half out of the gapping hole. He pushed in again and ploughed the hole while dumping the rest of his bull sperm into Paul. These were the hardest beats he had taken all night.

Heavily breathing and in the warm wet ass Carlos said “Get your dick out and finish yourself off.” It was not long that Paul’s fuck tunnel contracted. Carlos liked this feeling around his still hard cock. It was a nice massage. He pressed his rod into this hot ass deep. A few more strokes and Paul shot his white warm juice all over him.

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