A long Night – Part 1

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Friday afternoon Paul exited the subway and was heading home. His neighborhood, the gay village, was bustling. It was one of those beautiful late summer afternoons sunny, warm but not hot. He passed by full patios. On one, friends wanted him to stop for a beer. He declined. His day and the week were pretty busy, as it has been since the breakup with Oscar and this was over half a year ago. He attended the yoga course twice a week, did at least once a week his cardio, and then he wanted to keep up with friends.

The supermarket right around the corner of his place was the last stop to buy what he needed for the weekend and upcoming week. He prepared his dinner and had a longer call with his parents. Beside his friends, they and his sister were very supportive after the breakup with Oscar. He and Oscar have a strong and deep friendship. They called the breakup a “rational breakup”. Oscar was transferred on a short notice to a different office some six flight hours away and he didn’t know how long this assignment will be. Both knew a relationship over this distance is hard to keep up with; not talking about all the little daily things that are important in a relationship. This was over half a year ago.

Paul sat on his sofa, the TV remote control in his hand. “Another Friday when I will fall asleep at 10:30 pm and get up and to the bed at 2:00 am?” he was thinking. “No! Not this Friday!” He got in his jeans, a t-shirt, and leather jacket. He headed down to the oldest bar in the neighborhood. Some said it was just for the tough gear guys. He didn’t have this feeling. Maybe because he was into leather and more into rubber; his rubber gear was a good assortment and leather he got a few things as a gift from Oscar.

As he entered the bar he ran into his two friends who wanted to invite him for a beer earlier. They had a quick chat they were on their way out to the next bar. Paul noticed a guy close to them was checking him out. He saw him as he came in. A 6”5’ guy, very muscular maybe around 250 pounds. Paul didn’t pay further attention to him. Paul always thought those types of guys weren’t interested in him. He did sports on a regular basis but he was and he didn’t want to be a gym bunny.

Paul made it through the crowd to the bar. “Look who is there! You are a month too early!” said the bartender.

“You as a friend and I don’t need enemies!” fired back Paul. They hugged each other. Paul had known Rick, the barkeeper, for years. He was one of the friends who helped Paul to get over his lows after the breakup.

“The same as usual, sweet man?”

“Yes please. Still the same price?”

“Pay when you leave. My shift goes until we close. And if you won’t pay I know where you live.” Rick laughed and gave Paul his drink.

After his second drink Paul had to go to the washroom. As he stood in front of the pissoir he looked into the mirror which ran along the pissoirs and gave a view to the stalls on the opposite side of the washroom. One door was open and Joseph was ploughed by the guy who checked him out earlier. Both seemed to be ready to empty their balls. Joseph gripped the door frame and moaned loud. The first three white strings landed outside of the stall the rest inside of it. The guy in Joseph’s ass was still fucking it. He was actually ramming into Joseph. Paul realized that the guy looked at Paul and his butt. He licked his lips. A few more hard pushes and his bull juice was in Joseph. Paul squeezed his hard boner back into the jeans and left.

“Who’s the tall muscular guy. He fucked Joseph in the washroom.” Paul asked Rick.

“You mean the black haired guy with the short beard?” Rick wanted to know.

“Yep. That guy.”

“That’s Carlos. I think he has been a regular for a bit over a year. He fucked Joseph in the washroom!? Joseph….”

“… that slut and pig.” said Rick and Paul at the same time and laughed. Both of them individually had steamy weekends with Joseph. When you were with Joseph he made sure your balls were empty and you didn’t get a hard one for the next few hours. Joseph was a pig in bed but the nicest guy outside.

Joseph came out of the washroom first. He nodded to both of them. A moment later Carlos followed. He stopped beside Paul and said in a deep voice “Tomorrow is your turn. Be here at 9:00 pm.” Paul couldn’t reply that he wasn’t into washroom sex. Carlos moved on and left.

“Looks like you got a date for tomorrow.” said Rick and grinned.

“Well, I guess so. I pay please.” Paul paid.

“You are a good looking guy. Got a nice ass. I would fuck you if I weren’t a bottom.” Rick laughed. “I am here tomorrow. No worries.”

“Thanks Rick and good night.”

As Paul returned home he needed to relieve himself. It was a short show he saw but he was turned on; more by Carlos than Joseph, though. He pulled out one of his bigger dildoes and was riding it. Although his nuts were full it took him a while to fire up without putting hands on.

Paul was right on time on Saturday evening. Rick gave him his usual drink and a shooter. “You look like you need something to get you relaxed. It’s on the house. Cheers.” Paul poured it down and as he put the shooter glass on the counter Carlos stepped in. He was in full black leather.

“You got this Paul” said Rick. “I have never seen him in leather. Still Paul, you got this.” Carlos looked amazing. No, he looked fucking hot. Other guys in the bar were turning their heads as this leather macho went straight up to Paul.

“I see, you are a reliable guy. I like that! If they haven’t told you my name is Carlos.” He reached out with his big hand. Paul jumped from the stool, rubbed his sweaty hand on his jeans, and greeted Carlos.

“Man, don’t be nervous. I am a nice guy. Am I not a nice guy, am I? asked Carlos towards Rick.

Rick leaned over the counter and replied “You are. You’re a hot guy and a very nice guy. And this… “ Rick pointed to Paul “… is the loveliest guy in town and he can be a pig in bed with the right guy. So up to you Carlos.” Rick looked at Carlos and smiled.

Carlos was puzzled for a moment until he realized Rick just did break the ice. “Let’s go somewhere private.”

“My place. I just live down the street.”

“Seems I’m not so intimidating after all.” said Carlos and smiled at Paul. “What do I owe you Rick? I pay for this nice man.”

“On the house. We are always happy to help. Enjoy… have fun tonight.” Rick smirked and the two guys left the bar.

Ten minutes later they were in Paul’s apartment. “You are in gear, let me get in some rubber too. After that we can have some wine or so. Sorry no beer.” said Paul. He wore already the rubber jock straps and t-shirt under his street clothes. He liked to do this. Otherwise he was more private about his rubber fetish. He didn’t mind wearing leather in public. He never tried to understand why. Then did it matter?

“Can I help to pick something?” asked Carlos.

“Sure. You have to look at it more than me.” Paul smirked. They went over to his bedroom.

“Cool you have a rubber sheet.” said Carlos as he saw it on the bed. Paul yanked off his jeans and t-shirt. He went to the closet and opened one side of it where he stored all his rubber, leather, and toys. Carlos didn’t move. He couldn’t grasp that this guy who stood in front of him was ten minutes ago the timid and shy man in the bar. He glazed at the white firm butt that was framed by the black rubber straps. The black shiny rubber t-shirt which showed a toned, nicely proportioned upper body. Carlos’ package grew by the second.

“What is it Carlos? Do you want to help me to pick something you would like to see on me or not?”

“Yes. Yes.” Carlos stepped right behind Paul. He could see Paul’s bulge. He leaned over so his body pressed on the back and butt of Paul. Paul felt this macho didn’t want to look through his collection for hours.

“Here are the three alternatives I was thinking of. Either this bicycle short with a zipper front to rear, leggings again zipper front to rear, or chaps.”

“Man, I want to see your firm ass sticking out of the chaps. I would like to try that dildo on you.” Carlos pointed to the one Paul had last night. “Do you have a gas mask with a filter on a hose.”

“OK. All of that. Can you help me to tie my chaps?”

“Of course.” Carlos laced up the chaps and then pressed his massive package against Paul’s naked ass. Paul was not sure what caliber he had to expect. Certainly, it will be bigger than the dildo Carlos picked.

Carlos moved over to the bed and sat down. “Come here. Lick my leather.” Paul kneeled between the strong leather tights and wanted to start with the boots. “No, today you only focus on my package.” Paul moved up and it looked really massive.

“Looking forward to getting this in your little ass?”

“I am always up for a challenge.”

“Lick. Boy.” Paul soaked the leather front. He could taste precum, sperm, and some piss. Carlos’ dick felt hard and thick. He pressed Paul’s face against his hard package of meat. Paul tried to get his lips around the longer part of the bulge. He struggled. Slowly this urge came up in him to have this exceptional cock in his ass. He knew that the first round won’t be easy. But he had a fuck buddy whose manhood was in the premium league too and they had rough rides on a regular basis.

“Enough. I want to see your hole. Get on the bed in doggy.” Carlos’ face was in front of Paul’s butt. He pulled the cheeks apart and there it was. The pink, shaved hole. Carlos dove between the butt bans and licked around the hole, from the top of the ass crack down to the balls. His tongue moved slowly up and stopped before the inviting entrance. He circled his tongue around it. Paul moaned. His tongue moved quickly over the butthole to the other side and back. He circled his licker closer and closer to the center until the tip of the tongue drilled in. He rubbed his beard through the ass crack and licked the hole. His hands gripped firm Paul’s hips and pulled the ass closer to his face. He licked and sucked it. Paul groaned and his hole relaxed.

Carlos kneeled between the legs and was thinking if he should use the dildo or just get to the point. He was horny as hell to get his man proud into this ass, particularly after he tasted it. He gave Paul the gas mask. Carlos dropped some poppers into the filter and connected it to the hose. His bottom was fast high on the poppers he inhalte in his gas mask. Finally, he pulled out his monster from the tight leather prison. The big balls seemed to be glued to the thick shaft. The cock was one massive piece of meat. It was darker and was a contrast to the white butt of Paul. Carlos took some from the silicone lube. He wanted to make sure he could fuck this nice ass at least a second time, if not more.

He positioned his hard prick on the hole entrance and pressed his big cock head through the ass muscle. His bottom moaned. Little by little the meat made its way into the boy’s fuck tunnel. It looked as would the boy suck in his massive cock. The fuck canal was like a glove around Carlos’ man proud. He felt the heat of his boy on the rod.

“Boy, you have an eager hole. Almost all is in.” said Carlos and one last short push let slip in the rest. Paul couldn’t tell if his ass, prostate, or nuts will explode because of so much man glory in him. It stretched his hole to the limit.

Paul pulled off the gas mask and said “Man, just give me a couple of moments to get used to this monster.”

“That’s how it should feel boy when getting prepared for a real fuck.” Carlos massaged his boy’s butt cheeks. The hole loosened a little and was not cramping his cock anymore; still it was tight as he liked it. As he pulled out the first time he poured some more of the lube on his pole. He slowly moved in and out. He felt that Paul was relaxing his hole the longer he got fucked. His hand laid on Paul’s shoulders and pressed him down. Only his ass was up. Carlos increased his thrust.

For Paul the experience was new and intense. When Carlos pushed in he thought his brain would get blown out. The next moment when his leather fucker pulled out it was as if his brain and ass were sucked out. While the cock made its way up his alley it hit his prostate and bladder hard. Carlos switched between long and lasting pushes and hard and deep thrust. He liked to see that he pulled out some of the boy’s ass just to push it back.

“Boy, that’s how your pussy has to be treated. Long, deep, and hard. Am I right boy?!”Paul didn’t react immediately. “Boy! I asked you something!” and he was going harder into Paul’s ass.

“Yeah…. I need this .. I am your fuck slut. Please give me your juice. Make me your hole.”

“Good boy. You know your place!” Carlos slowed down. He squatted over Paul’s butt. He pulled out the full length of his monster and he could see deep into this hot fuck hole. Then he pushed in all of his hard meat up to his balls. He was doing it over and over. “Boy I get you now into bottom heaven.” Paul didn’t know if his brain, ass, or prostate were overloaded. All was just spinning and the amount of poppers did the rest. He reached back with both of his hands and pulled his butt cheeks as far apart as he could. “Look at your little pig. You don’t get enough of my meat!” Carlos’ strokes increased in speed and intensity. He could feel how his boy’s canal contracted. He had his boy where he wanted him. He pulled the boy’s dick and balls out of the rubber jock. A couple of hard strokes and he had his boy in heaven. The boy shot to the head end of the bed. The other strings landed between there and him. Carlos still shoved up his cock into the tight ass and then it hit him.

“Boy you’re mine. Take it.”  The first load of his thick white juice landed outside of his boy’s ass. He pushed deep in and fired the rest into this hot ass.

He sank on Paul’s back. This 250 pound guy was too much for Paul to support and  he fell onto the bed. Carlos managed to stay with his hard prick in the boy as he went down.

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