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Fun In Bed With The Fishman Brothers

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I’m in a bedroom and in the double bed, I see YouTube brothers Tal and Adi Fishman smiling at me invitingly. I sit down on Adi’s side first, I lift up the covers where I realize that both boys are completely naked in bed. My eyes wander all over their fit and muscular bodies and then I ask them: “Can I touch your dicks and balls?” “Sure, go ahead” they reply. I start touching Adi’s dick first, he has a nice uncut dick which is not too long but not too short either and some hot looking pubic hair over his dick too. His balls are slightly rugged but otherwise smooth and hairless so I lean down and start to run my tongue over his ballsack and jerk him off and he moans as I perform my tongue action on his nuts. I run my tongue up along the sides of his dick before I take it all in my mouth and suck it slowly and deeply and then I go back to licking the dick and the balls. I then run my tongue up his toned and sexy abs and then all across his smooth chest and I let the tip of my tongue play with each nipple. Adi moans and says “Aaahh man, it feels so good when you suck me and lick me all over like that!”

Tal looks on as his brother is getting licked all over by me and he asks “Hey man, can you suck and lick me too?” and I reply “I was hoping you’d ask”. I start out touching and fondling Tal’s dick and balls too and both pubic hair and balls are as good as identical between the two brothers. I lick Tal’s balls and then I run my tongue up the sides of his dick before I put it in my mouth and suck it like a lollipop while I look Tal in the eyes, noticing him looking at me with a smile on his face. Then after sucking and licking in the downstairs region, I go up and run my tongue over Tal’s abs and across his chest, which is firm, well toned and smooth, just like his brother’s. I’m noticing the boys stroking each other’s bodies as I lick and suck them and I realize they are no stranger to having some brotherly fun together.

My dick is throbbing hard from licking these boys’ dicks, balls, abs and chest and now I figure it’s time to taste some Fishman ass. “Hey, why don’t you guys turn around with both of your asses facing me so I can rim you?” The boys gladly do as they’re told and before me is the sight of two lush, smooth asses that make me even harder than I already was. I lean down and start running my tongue over Adi’s ass cheeks and then I nibble at each ass cheek while I lightly slap and knead the other ass cheek, making Adi moan as he goes “Aaaahh it feels wonderful what you’re doing to my ass, keep going!”. I then rub my dick up and down between his ass cheeks before I plant my face deep between them and start rimming him like my life depends on it. I keep kneading and slapping his ass cheeks as I rim his hole and he keeps moaning and smiling. After a while, it’s Tal’s turn for my ass treatment. I repeat the process of running my tongue over each ass cheek while I knead and slap the other, something he really enjoys by the sound of his voice. I also give each of his cheeks a little nibble and his cheeks taste so good I find it hard to stop. I then rub my dick up and down between his ass cheeks before again planting my face deep between his ass cheeks and rim for my dear life while also here kneading and slapping his lush sweet ass cheeks. The brothers let their hands run over each other’s backs and asses while they kiss as I rim each ass like it’s an olympic sport with a medal to be won.

After having rimmed some delicious Fishman ass for a while, I ask them if they can take turns fucking me as I suck the other and they say “Sure, no problem! You’ve been working your tongue on us making us feel so good, we’re only happy to return the favor!” I lay on my back with my legs spread apart and then Adi slowly shoves his dick inside me and then increases the pace little by little as he fucks me while Tal stands over my face and I reach out my tongue, licking his balls directly over my face and I also put his dick in my mouth. This three way effort works perfectly and not long after, I hear Adi saying “Uuuh I’m gonna cum!” He pulls out and cums all over me and then licks it all off me before his lips meeting mine in a kiss. The brothers switch places and Tal puts his beautiful dick inside me and slowly increases his pace as he fucks me while Adi stands right over my face with his balls and dick easily accessible for my mouth and tongue. I lick and suck him as his brother now pounds my ass really fast and before long, Tal too says “I’m about to come, ahhhhh!” and he pulls out also cumming all over me. He licks it off me and our lips meet in a kiss as well.

“Guys, that was amazing!” I say as the three of us finally lie together next to each other in bed, me between both brothers. We’re exhausted but happy we had this much fun together. “I actually didn’t know you were gay, let alone had brother-to-brother sex!” I say, followed by Tal replying “We’re actually bi but since puberty we’ve always found each other so hot and we’ve been messing around with each other since we were like 16 and 18”. “Oh really” I say while cracking a horny smile at this new information. “The rest of the Free Time crew is straight but we do have gay friends over from time to time and we engage in wild orgies!” The brothers continue giving me more exciting information: “When it’s just the two of us alone in the Free Time house, we roam around completely naked and we have sucked, fucked and licked each other pretty much in every room of our house”. Upon hearing this, I say “Can I come visit you and join in the fun sometime?” The brothers look at each other with a smile and then at me saying “You’re welcome anytime, man!” I smile at them and then kiss each of them passionately.


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