The HypnoMaster – Electric Chastity

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gay slave in chastity story

Characters list and bios

Name: Sebastian Webster

Age: 39

Height: 5`9”

Build: Average with a few extra pounds

Nationality: British (English)

Location: Winchester, Hampshire, UK

Dependants: None

Relationship: Single


Name: Peter Johnson

Age: 68

Height: 5`11”

Build: Average and athletic 

Nationality: American (Texan)

Location: Austin, Texas, USA.

Dependants: Unknown

Relationship: Unknown


Chapter 1 – Sebastian explores hypnosis
Chapter 2 – Keeping Sebastian on the edge
Chapter 3 – The delivery boy

Chapter 4 – Electric Chastity

I clean up the piss from the floor, but I don’t wash it off me. I feel I shouldn’t. I think that is what Sir would want. I should only wash it off if my Master tells me to. 

I suddenly notice the time. It has gone past 1 pm, and I was supposed to put the plug in. I am late. I quickly inserted it. It goes in very smoothly after the pounding I just received. I switch it on, and it buzzes into action.

I quickly go to the computer and see Sir’s email. It has instructions on booking my flights and leave. I had forgotten entirely; why am I becoming so mindless and distracted. I am never like this. What is going on? I send Sir an email explaining that I have failed him and also about the delivery man. I have an uncontrollable urge always to tell Sir everything that happens to me. 

I get a reply quite quickly with just the words “slave; I expect better. Your punishment will have to be doubled. Master Peter P.S. Have you opened the parcel?”. At the same time, my buttplug goes into an intense mode. The same one Sir used on me last night. My cock pulses with the sensation my arse is getting. My nostrils are suddenly filled with the delivery man’s piss again. What has happened to me? I am now a cum and piss craving slut slave. I was the Dom, and I was the one in control. I don’t feel that way anymore.

I go to get the parcel and bring it back to the desk. I open it up and inside is a CB chastity device. But this one looks different from the ones I have seen before. It has a black control box and a USB charging socket. It has metal strips down the inside of the shaft. I can tell Sir has a nasty punishment in store for me.

An email comes in, from Sir. “Now put that on. MP”

“Huh?” I say out loud to myself “How does he know I have opened it.”

Another email pings in from Sir. “Because I am watching you, slave!”

I look up at the camera on my computer and notice the red light is on. Master said he had control of my computer. Well, I guess he has been watching me all this time. An average person would feel this was a massive invasion of privacy, but my cock and me felt very differently. We were both very excited about Sir watching us.

I start to reply to Sirs email, and then I pause. If he is watching me, can he also hear me? So I try it “Sir, my cock won’t go soft. It hasn’t in days. How can I put this on for you Sir?”

My Skype starts calling me. It is from Sir; I answer quickly.

He looks sternly at me “Well, slave, you are a hopeless thing, aren’t you. Lucky I am here to take control of you” and click of the fingers “Sleep”, and I am under again,

“and ONE, you are awake. You feel afresh. You feel so good, and you know you are my slave.” I awake to his voice again.

I am still sitting at the desk, and I look down to see the chastity device locked on. As soon as I look at it, my cock tries to grow and strains at its new caged home. I hear a chuckle from Sir. I look up at him with sad puppy dog eyes. I have been beaten by him again.

“Now let’s test this new device out” as he clicks on his phone. A sudden sharp zap fires through my cocks. I squirm in my chair with a jolt the device has just delivered me. “And now let’s try this level” as he clicks again on his phone. This time I get a pulsing massage with tingling. My cock is dripping loads of precum, and he can tell I am enjoying this level. He gives a wry smile and zaps me even harder than before. I fall out of my chair and onto the floor.

I beg from the floor “Please Sir that hurts” 

“Back in your chair”, he orders. I do so. “You will be in this device for two weeks now. It would have been one, but you doubled your punishment,” he says, wagging his finger at me. “You will charge the control box every night with your butt plug. The control box will be fitted back on you at 9 am after your shower. And then buttplug in at 1 pm. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I say sullenly.

“Any failure gets you another week; you have been warned!”

“Yes, Sir, I understand. Thank you, Sir.”

“Did you want to ask me a question?”

How did he know I had questions. This man is amazing. “Yes, Sir, I do. May I ask you a question?”

“You may slave.”

“Where are all my clothes? And I couldn’t find the keys to any of this?” I say pointing at the chain around my neck and the weight locked to my balls.

“That is two questions” as he zaps me hard in the cock and I fall to the floor again. He waits till I get myself back into my chair. “You need to be more clear with me in future. If you want to ask two questions, then say so. Do not just presume. You must be completely open and honest with me at all times. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir, Sorry, Sir” I grovel.

“Good, well to answer your questions,” he says with more force “Your clothes have always been where they normally are. You told me how you crave public humiliation and forced nudity. And I care and want what is only best for my slave, so I made it so. You had fun with the delivery man, didn’t you?”

“I did Sir” holding my head down “, but I don’t remember telling you about that, Sir.”

“Remember slave I know everything about you.”

“Yes, Sir” I smile nervously back.

“To your other question. The keys are in your house, but you will never see them. I control those keys. And I will be the one that lets you use them. Understood?”

“Yes Sir” as I realise I have indeed given up my control to this powerful man.

 “Now finally, I have booked in workmen to come tomorrow. They will be installing cameras throughout your home. I need to be able to monitor you at all times. I know these men, they work for me. Be as naked as you were with the delivery man. You must do everything they say. Understood?”

I must have looked shocked about how much Sir is taking over, but I just replied: “Yes, Sir, Thank you, Sir.”

“I know you, young man. I know what you need. You know what you need, don’t you?”

He called me ‘young man’ again in that same patronising tone. My cock tries to grow inside its cage with those words. I quickly reply without any thought “Yes Sir, I must be your slave. I will obey you and only you, Sir. I want to be your slave and worship you, Sir.”

He must have programmed me, as I just said that without thinking or hesitation.

“Good, now book those flights and your leave. We will speak at 10 pm.” as Sir hangs up the call.

By Cary Harvey Church 

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