The HypnoMaster – Keeping Sebastian on the edge

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Characters list and bios

Name: Sebastian Webster

Age: 39

Height: 5`9”

Build: Average with a few extra pounds

Nationality: British (English)

Location: Winchester, Hampshire, UK

Dependants: None

Relationship: Single

Name: Peter Johnson

Age: 68

Height: 5`11”

Build: Average and athletic 

Nationality: American (Texan)

Location: Austin, Texas, USA.

Dependants: Unknown

Relationship: Unknown


Chapter 1 – Sebastian explores hypnosis

Chapter 2 – Keeping Sebastian on the edge

My alarm goes off. I need to do quite a bit of work as I have reports that have deadlines coming up. I get myself out of bed. My cock is still fully erect. It has been most of the night. And I can’t stop myself from edging myself. I get into the shower and start my regular washing regime.

But then I am reaching for the clippers which I usually only use for my pubes. But I am working the clippers over my arms, armpits, chest, pubes and down my legs. I then get a new razor blade and shave all my body from the neck down as Sir had ordered.

I keep edging myself in the shower, and every time I am super close to climax, my hand just stops and moves away in its own accord. It is incredible the power Sir has over me. It makes me hornier every time, which makes me edge myself more. I just can’t stop.

I finish in the shower and moisturise my whole body from the shaving. I realise this is going to be my new regime for Sir. I better get used to it. I get horny again and edging myself again. My balls are going to explode at this rate.

I try and work as best as I can. I get most of my reports done, but I keep edging myself all through the day. I just can’t stop myself. I so want to orgasm, but my hand won’t let me. It knows just the right moment to stop and move away. My underwear and trousers are soaking with the amount of precum.

I have dinner and try to do my everyday evening things, but I am watching the clock for 10 pm. I can’t wait to be under Sir’s spell again. I want to be his. Eventually, 10 pm comes, and I am calling him on Skype at 10 pm on the dot!

His face beams back at me through the camera lens. I bow my head down to his superior power and control he has over me. “How are you, slave?” he asks with his thick Texan accent.

“I am very well, Sir. I am very horny, Sir. I cannot stop thinking about you, Sir.” I reply.

“Have you been a good slave?” he quizzes

“I have shaved my body from the neck down Sir” I give him the right information first. Fearing that he will be disappointed with the amount of masturbating I have been doing.

“Have you been masturbating slave?” He can read me like a book.

I bow my head further down “Yes Sir. I haven’t been able to stop Sir. I was at it all night and all day, Sir. I am sorry, Sir.”

“Did you cum, slave?” 

“No, Sir. I couldn’t. My hand would just stop just before I could. I am very frustrated, and my balls are so full, Sir.” 

“Good” He replies. I look up shocked. Thinking he would be disappointed in me. “That is what I wanted” he continues “I want you to be frustrated. I want you on edge. I want you to always think about me sexually.” and click goes his fingers with the command “Sleep” and I am under his hypnosis.

“and ONE, you are awake. You feel afresh. You feel so good, and you know you are my slave.” I awake to his voice again.

I am standing in front of the computer screen with him looking back at me. I am completely naked. But I now have my ball weight locked onto my balls. It is so heavy. I used to wear it when I was a slave for my previous Master 20 odd years ago. I haven’t worn it since. It pulls hard down on my balls. My cock is hard as ever with precum dripping out of the end. The ball weight is straining all my skin down from my cock. The head of my cock is red with arousal.

I look down at the weight and then see the nipple clamps on my nipples. I can feel the pain now from them shoot through my body. The chain joining the clamps touches my smooth chest. The cold of the metal makes me shiver with excitement.

I then notice the chain around my neck that is locked in place. It is my old slave chain. How did he get all this on me? It was in a cupboard in the other room. I then feel the pressure in my arse. Oh my, he has got me to put a buttplug inside me.

I only now realise that I can’t move. I am standing in front of Sir like a statue with my eyes look in at his. He is smiling at his work. When I see his smile, it makes my face beams with pride. I am making him happy. He can do whatever he wants to me. He then pulls up his phone and presses a button on the screen. The butt plug inside me buzzes into life. He’s got me to put the remote-controlled buttplug inside me. Oh jeez!

My body shudders as he increases the vibration in my arse. I can feel the precum dripping down my smooth legs, and I can not move to wipe it up. I am just here for his amusement. My arms are at my sides, unable to move. My feet feel secured to the ground as he plays with the settings on the buttplug.

“How does that one feel slave?” he asks.

“Amazing Sir” I blurt out thinking that I am going to explode any minute.

“Well let’s leave it on that setting then” as the plug pulses hard against my g-spot. 

He carries on talking to me calmly and soothingly. Even though I am standing there naked, collared nipple clamps on, ball weight hanging between my legs, cock dripping with precum whilst a butt plug works my g-spot.“We need to organise your first trip here. You need to report to me as soon as possible. I see you have quite a bit of leave stored up. Tomorrow you will book the last two weeks in July. Should be safe to fly by then. I will email you the flight details that you need to book. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir” I reply quickly “I can’t wait to be with you, Sir.”

“Good, I thought you would feel that way” and click “Sleep”, and I am under again.

“and ONE, you are awake. You feel afresh. You feel so good, and you know you are my slave.” I awake to his voice again.

I am still naked and standing in front of him on the screen. The ball weight is still very much there. The nipple clamps are off, and my nipples are on fire from them. I move my hand to caress my sore nipples. He chuckles when I do that. I look up into his face and smile. I can see I am entertaining him. It makes me feel so good.

The metal collar still locked around my neck. And the plug is still in my arse but no longer vibrating. My thighs have so much precum all over them.

“How do you feel slave?” he enquiries.

“Amazing Sir” and bow my head “I am so lucky to have a Master as powerful and controlling as you Sir. Please control all my life, Sir. I want to give in to you completely.”

“We both know that is what you want.” he follows up “now it is late”. I look at the clock on my computer and see it is 2 am. He has been doing all manner of things to me for 4 hours this time. “You run the battery down on the plug, you were enjoying it.” he chuckles.

I blush and look up at his eyes from a bowed head position. I don’t remember it, but I sort of recall, and that I did enjoy every moment.

He continues “No reward today. I want those balls to be kept full.” my body kind of shrugs with that news but I take the command, Sir knows best. “So you will work your cock like you did yesterday. After this call, take the plug out and clean it and put it on charge. At 1 pm tomorrow you will put it back in and switch it on. I will then tease you with it all afternoon. There is an email in your inbox from me but only read it in the morning. Understand slave?”

“Yes, Sir,” I say with disappointment in my voice as my balls are going to be kept full. 

“PARDON” He barks back, not liking my tone.

“Sorry, Sir. YES SIR” I look up pleadingly 

“You have just earned your first punishment. Well done! That will come tomorrow—something to look forward too. Now off to do your chores and then bed” and with that, he hangs up.

I can’t believe I have disappointed him at the end. I head off to get the plug out and moisturise my shaved body, which stings on my sore nipples. I am soon in bed, edging myself again. The ball weight pulls on my cock, making my cock harder. More and more precum leaks out of my cock. I eventually fall asleep after three failed attempts to climax. His power over me is getting stronger.

By Cary Harvey Church 

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