The HypnoMaster – Sebastian explores hypnosis

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Characters list and bios

Name: Sebastian Webster

Age: 39

Height: 5`9”

Build: Average/Athletic 

Nationality: British (English)

Location: Winchester, Hampshire, UK

Dependants: None

Relationship: Single/Gay


Name: Peter Johnson

Age: 68

Height: 5`11”

Build: Average

Nationality: American (Texan)

Location: Austin, Texas, USA.

Dependants: Unknown

Relationship: Unknown


Chapter 1 – Sebastian explores hypnosis

I am still working but from home. I have more free time now as I don’t have to commute and my workload has drastically reduced due to the pandemic. To stave off depression and to do some soul searching, I start exploring hypnosis.

Hypnosis has always interested me. There is a strong element of power control by the hypnotist and the subject. The more I find out online and reading; there seems to be a great deal of responsibility to be a hypnotist as you could use your powers to control someone beyond their will. 

I have always had a fetish about being overpowered and losing control. I experienced a bit of it when I was 19, when I first tried a Master/slave sexual relationship. But I never could fully let go and enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I am a worrier, a planner, an organiser, and all those things lead to being the one in control. So even back then, when I did try and let go and allow someone to take control, I couldn’t, and I subconsciously took control of the situation without them nor myself realising. Damn my power!

I changed roles and became the one in control of others, but my heart was always wanting the freedom of letting all that worry land on someone else’s shoulders. To let them be the one in charge. To have them make all the decisions for me. It meant that I always saw my actions on others through their eyes and how it would affect them. Rather than selfishly about me. So I was giving and being led by their wants and needs whilst being the one in control.

Some took advantage of that, but they were short-lived. An organiser, a planner, a worrier will always spot someone taking advantage of them. We kind of see things in black and white when the picture is very blurred to others. I can make decisive action to remove them from my life in the blink of an eye. 

So here I am 20 years on from that first failed experiment in letting go of power and control. I have always been the one in charge since. I am unsure if I could ever not be that person. The person that knows what to do in a situation, a crisis or just knows what is best for them. But I still crave that letting go.

Maybe it is time to try again? Could I find someone that would understand my situation and my psyche? Would they be able to control me? How would it work? Could I let go?

Many questions for which I do not know if I could answer positively.

I am worried about the future, and I want someone else to do the worrying.  I crave not to be concerned anymore. I want someone else to do all the planning and organising. But could that person do it to my standard? I guess that would be key for me to be able to let go. To be able to trust that they could do it to a high standard. The same standard that I set myself. Maybe this is just not possible. I am cursed with the power of control, and all that comes with it.

The more I researched hypnosis, the more aroused I get about the control someone can have over another. I first explore this where I feel safe. As the hypnotist, the one in control. I get quite good at it. I record a few audio files and upload them to a gay hypnotist site to see how it affects a few willing subjects. The feedback is excellent. I seem to have the skill.

I chat with a few guys there and build a rapport with them. But with us all in lockdown, there is no chance of meeting any soon. But I keep going back to the site as it is helping me focus in my spare time, which is getting higher by the day.

I had only been mainly communicating with subjects, but I got this one message from a hypnotist in Texas. His words caught my attention. He seemed to be able to read me and know a lot about my psyche just from my profile and my audio files. He wanted to talk more and that he felt that he could help me in that missing piece of me, the submissive side of me.

We sent many messages back and forth. He was keen to try and put me under and see how easy I would be to hypnotise. I think he liked the challenge of taking control of a Dom and a controlling person. We made a Skype date when both our times would work. Me on UK time and him on USA time. 

It was going to be the first time I would see him and hear him. His profile didn’t have any pictures of him on it—only men that he had hypnotised and a lot of comments about how good he is at hypnosis. A lot of them declared their devotion to him. They had been made to do all manner of sexy kinky things under his power. I knew he was older than me. Me being 39 years old and him 68 years old. Nearly 30 years, my senior. Age has never bothered me. I always found it hot to have an age difference—a power play with ages.

I clicked the call button, and there he was. Silver-haired, rugged Texan faced that had seen and experienced the world. Beautiful knowing blue eyes that just seem to look deep into your soul. He spoke first “Well, hello Sebastian. How are you doing? It’s great to see you at last.” in a broad Texan accent. I could hear my heart thud when he spoke. It gave me an instant erection. I am sure my face was blushing profusely as my blood pumped around my body with the hit of adrenaline. How could someone I have never met before turn me on so much?

I realised I hadn’t spoken. I had lost my voice. I was just smiling stupidly back at him with a bright red face. “Cat got your tongue their boy?” he filled the void of silence with his deep calm voice.

I shake myself out of my trance “Sorry Sir; I am just taken aback by your handsomeness”. What rubbish am I talking about? Is even handsomeness a word. I feel like I turn into a giggling schoolboy. His power seems to be already controlling me.

He chuckles to himself, seeing the self-doubt in my face. “I see my hypnosis has already taken effect with you.”

“Huh?” I say. We have only been sending messages online, and he hasn’t hypnotised me yet.

“Oh yes, Sebastian, you have been under a few times just by reading my messages.”

“No way. How?” I answer in shock.

“I know you, young man. I know what you need. You know what you need, don’t you?”

My cock twitches excitedly with how he patronisingly calls me a young man, and without hesitation, I reply to his question “Yes Sir, I must be your slave. I will obey you and only you, Sir. I want to be your slave and worship you, Sir.” What am I saying I think to myself. But I am filled with an incredibly good feeling as I say the words. I keep calling him Sir when I know his name is Peter. Am I losing control, or have I already lost it?

He smiles back through the camera lens deep into my soul. He can see me struggling to come to terms with what I am doing. “Look deep into my eyes” And with a click of the fingers and the command “Sleep” I go into a deep, deep hypnotic trance. It feels great.

I come awake with his voice saying “and ONE, you are awake. You feel afresh. You feel so good.” I see him smiling back at me with a knowing grin. I look down and notice I am completely naked. My cock is still hard, with precum dripping down my shaft. I feel so aroused. “How do you feel, slave,” he asks.

“I feel amazing, Sir,” I reply. I do feel amazing.

“Can you move your arms, slave?” he asks.

I try to lift them from the arms of the chair, but I cannot. My arms feel like they are tied down to the chair. I struggle and pull at the bindings that I cannot see, but I am unable to move. I look back at Sir with an element of panic in my face “Sir no, I cannot move!”

“It is ok, slave. I have tied you down to the chair. It is very comforting to be tied down. It helps you know your place. What place is that?”

Again, without hesitation “Your slave Sir. I must be your slave. I will obey you and only you, Sir. I want to be your slave and worship you, Sir.”

“Good slave. Would you like a reward for being obedient?”

I eagerly say “Yes, please, Sir.”

“Ok slave, I am going to count down from three. When I say ‘one’, you will cum. It will be the best orgasm you have ever had.” I look back at him in awe that he would be able to do that, without anyone touching my cock. He starts to countdown “Three” long pause as my cock jumps with the excitement of his voice “Two” my cock starts to pulse as I can feel an orgasm grow from my balls to the end of my cock “ONE”. My cock erupts into a fantastic orgasm. I am panting for breath, and my cock keeps shooting more and more cum out of it without anyone touching it. 

I still can’t move my hands; they feel like they are tied firmly to the chair. My chest and lap are covered in my cum. He is smiling back at me as I try and get my breath back from the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced, all from his voice alone. I am his, and he can do whatever he wants with me. I know it.

“Good slave. That was as enjoyable for me as it was for you. Now to clean yourself up, you messy slave. When I click on my finger, the ropes holding you down will disappear. You will be free to wipe up your cum into your hand. You will lick and swallow every drop. It will taste so good. It will be the best-tasting thing you have ever eaten. You will want more and more of it”, and he clicks his fingers.

My arms are suddenly free, and without hesitation, I am scoping up my cum and eagerly licking up every drop. He watches me do it with a knowing smile. “How does it taste, slave?” he asks me.

“It tastes great Sir, but I want to taste yours more. I want to be your cum slave Sir” I have never been into eating cum, but now I cannot get enough of it as I slurp up every last drop of my cum.

“Good slave” and click go his fingers again with the command “Sleep”, and I am under his spell.

And again he brings me back with “and ONE, you are awake. You feel afresh. You feel so good, and you know you are my slave.” I have dressed again and sitting in my chair in front of the screen.

“How are you feeling slave? You can speak freely. I want to know how you feel. You know not to hide anything from me” He asks.

“Amazing Sir!” I exude back to him “I can’t believe you have been subconsciously hypnotising me before this call and I am shocked how quickly you got me to go under. And my word, that orgasm was amazing. It was the best I have ever had. I want more Sir. I want to be with you, Sir. I need you, Sir.”

He chuckles to himself; I think delighted at how much control he has over me. “Slow down, slave. We will meet in good time. But for now, this will have to do. We will speak on Skype every day at 10 pm.”

“Yes, Sir,” I confirm to him.

“Your body now belongs to me” I looked puzzled back at him with his words “You won’t be able to cum without me saying so. You will shave from the neck down every two days. I want my slave’s body to be smooth at all times. Do you understand slave?” He asks.

“Yes, Sir. I do not want to disappoint you, Sir.”

“Good, we will speak again tomorrow at 10 pm. I know you are free then as you have given me full access to your computer so I can monitor you. Now time for you to go to bed.”  

How the hell has he done that, I think to myself. I am so cautious about my computer and who has access, which is no one but me. But I feel a sense that this is just ok. It is reassuring that he has control of my computer; he needs to have control of my computer. I need him to control me. I replied “Thank you, Sir. This slave doesn’t deserve your awesome power and control and will always worship you.” as I bow my head down and he hangs up.

I sit back in my chair and let out a big sigh. Did that just happen? I feel so good. I look at the clock; it is past midnight. Two hours have passed without me realising. I get up and go to bed as ordered. I lie naked under the covers and think about it all again. I still have an erection and feel so horny. I reach down and start masturbating. I am getting so close to cumming, but my hand just moves away before I can take myself to climax. I think to myself that’s odd. The climax subsides a bit, and I am back masturbating till again I am getting close, and my hand just instinctively moves away. It is him. He told me I am not allowed to cum without his command. He does own my body. 

I still can’t resist keeping myself all night. Unable to cum. Only able to bring me to the edge. The frustration is intense, but I keep building myself up. I can’t stop myself. My balls are so full by the morning, and I feel like I have hardly slept.

By Cary Harvey Church 


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