The Bell

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Chapter 1 – The Bell

Ian stood before the heavy wooden oak door.   His heart thudding in his chest.  He could hear his breathing as he waiting patiently for the sound of boot steps on the other side. Finally,  they grew louder nearing the opposite side. He felt a slight light headed just for a second as the door opened slowly and he was allowed in. Keeping his head lowered in walked stiffly over the threshold into the room.  Ian felt, rather than saw his presence.   The man was powerful and his aura was magnetic. Ian moved into the room as he heard the door behind him close and the lock. He knew what to do. This wasn’t his first time here, nor would it be his last. He was drawn here like a moth to the flame.  And so it began.

Ian began unbuttoning his shirt and carefully folding and laying it in the chair next to the wall.   He leaned over and tugged off both boots, one and the other. Standing in his stocking feet, he began unbuttoning his jeans.   They slid over his hips and gathered down around his ankles.  As he bent over to step out of them all that remained was his white jockstrap. That would remain.

Folding his jeans and laying them next to his shirt, boots on the floor next to each other, Ian moved almost naked to the table in the room.   It  was only about 4’ high. The legs has been sawn off and the height was perfect for what was coming.  Ian moved closer to the table and knelt. Leather pads were placed in exactly the precise area so that his knees were protected from the hard wood. His hands at shoulder length apart felt for the heavy iron bars that were secured at the front. Just like a child on his hands and knees, Ian was in position.   And there he waited as the sound of heavy boots made their way toward him.

Each step Ian could feel in his heart. It began to race and sweat began to trickle down his forehead Into his eyes. And then he was touched from behind. The mans hands carefully ran down Ian’s back and lovingly cupped his ass cheeks. He massaged the tender flesh and Ian tried to bring his breathing under control. The hands continued and with each pass moved closer and closer to Ian’s sphincter. And then ever so gently a finger passed right over his tight rosebud, and Ian moaned audibly.

The finger stopped and the boot steps continued on around the table.  Now Ian could see clearly the heavy black work boots He wore. Ian was looking straight down at the floor and gently a meaty hand cupped his chin and raised his face.

Now looking directly at the mans zippered pants the height of the table was perfectly  clear. The mans jeans skin tight, strained against his throbbing member. Ian’s hands were secured by a leather strap each to the iron bar be was holding on to.

Now he watched as the man moved away from the table closer to the other side of the room.  Ian could only stare in awe as the man began his disrobe.    Each button on the shirt was opened and what lay inside made Ian moan again.

‘Brute’ was branded in small letters on his right pectoral   His chest was overflowing with black hair, but the brand was evident.  His pecs stood out and each tit was ringed. It was clear the mans work and his time spent at the gym was the result. Ian knew this was what they called 8 packs.   The treasure trailed down into his pants and that was what was removed next.   His jeans unzipped, next lay pooled around his work boots.

The shirt came off and then each boot carefully unlaced, followed by the pants.  He was left standing in just the jockstrap that barely contained his massive cock and balls.  Out of the closet next came the harness that Ian loved seeing him in. Brute straddled the leather straps over his head and the leading strap snaked down his chest.  In a flash he connected it to the cock ring still hidden within his jock.

He reached into the closet and produced a heavy black pair of leather chaps.  He turned away from Ian so that all he could see was the mans bubble butt. The jock was removed and the chaps stepped into.  He zipped up each leg as they molded to his massive thighs.  Heavy, tall black boots were then pulled out of the closet and a foot made their way into each.  And then he turned full frontal. Brutus  bloated cock head was mushrooming out of its sheath of foreskin.  It hadn’t completely engorged to full hardness and so it stabbed the air in front of him at 90°. Tugging at his sack were two golf all size testes, which Ian knew were full of seed.

The picture was now complete. Brutus.  This huge godlike man coated in dark black hair and encased in black leather began his approach to Ian now tethered to the table.  The boot steps were heavier now than before. Ian knew what was coming, or at least he hoped and prayed for it. He had committed himself to this torture. He loved it. He hated it.  But it was a drug that kept him coming back.  And he was addicted to it. They both knew what they wanted and needed.  Brute moved behind Ian to his rear. Now Ian could only mentally think about what would happen.

The man from behind lowered his jock strap onto Ian’s head that he had picked up from the floor.  The elastic went around his head so that the cotton mesh that had cradled His cock and balls covered Ian’s nose and mouth.  The actual straps, he brought back and over Ians ears to keep them in place.  All Ian could smell was the man, the hint of urine that had soaked into the mesh. All he could see was through a mesh haze of cotton.  But this is where he wanted to be. He could think of nothing else. Still his heart raced.  Still his breathing came in rapid pants.  The room began to spin just a little.   He put his head down and tried to slowing his breathing.  He was successful for just a little while.

And then the man reached between his wide spread legs and found the steel cage that kept Ians cock in chastity. Had it really been two months?  Could this be the night for release? Brutus never promised.  He only said it would be possible! Ian could only dream that this was the night he could be freed from chastity and control!

Brutus leaned over Ians back and covered him.  Ian could feel the bristle of chest hair as it meshed between them.  Ian felt the warm breath of the man as he gently kissed the back of his neck. Gently he bent around and began kissing his right ear. The kissing ended as his tongue snaked it’s way into his ear canal. It was warm and wet and Ian could not hold back more moaning.  As Brutus continued, to the left side of Ians cheek he felt something metal dangling on a metal chain.  Being so distracted by his tongue, the clink of the metal took a while to sink in. And then the revelation.

The key.   The key to his chastity.   He’d forgotten all about where the man said his release was being kept. The tongue moved out of his ear and made a wet trail around the nape of his neck and then it was gone.  The man leaned up and the key disappeared. Ian caught his breath but only for a second as Brutus began fondling his steel cage.   Ians balls were holding two months of boy sperm. They were blue and swollen from the tight steel ring that kept them in place.

He constantly had to apply oil to keep them from rubbing him raw.  The steel tube was half the size he needed to optimize a full erection.  Two months of his cock chubbing in its cage.   Some nights he lay in agony trying to will his hard-on away.   As much as he wanted to come, the pain of the cage was unbearable at times.  Brutus didn’t care that Ian was uncomfortable.  Didn’t care that he couldn’t cum.   Didn’t care what he thought.

This arrangement was mutually agree upon.  And so he began stroking the steel tube and rolling Ians blue balls in his meaty hands. He eventually grabbed a jar of warm oil from the cabinet and continued his assault. As Ian screamed quietly they turned into moans of lust when Brutus slid the key home, turned the tumbler and pulled the lock out. His penis grew exponentially as Brutus continued to oil his shaft.

But he had one thing in mind.  And it was not Ians satisfaction,  but his own. In fact he knew by experience that as long as the boy was cum controlled it would make his sexual experience much better.    He slowed his stroking to just a very gentle massage.  With his other hand he used the same oil to begin his assault on that winking rosebud.  Ians ass puckered as the finger began its entry.   It was tight.   And Ian clamped onto as Brutus finger as the other hand stopped stroking his cock.

The digit went in slowly and back out.  Over and over again getting deeper and deeper each time.  Time went on forever as Brutus continued his penetration.   Ian was panting and gasping.  His asshole clamped and re-clamped on the fingers as they moved in and out.   As he clamped his ass shut, his cock was humping the air between his legs.  On occasion Brutus would reach in between and give a warm, gentle, maddeningly slow stroke.

And then it all came to an abrupt halt. Ian was left hungering for more.  For release!  For more  attention! Brutus scooted the chair away from Ians backside and walked around his prone figure towards the TV. Grabbing the remote he switched it on and surfed until he found the the baseball game.  Ian was dumbstruck.   What in gods name was he doing?   I’m kneeling here with my rock, solid hard cock and blue balls and an asshole that’s ready to be bred and he’s gonna watch TV?

Little did Ian know the method to the mans madness.  Brutus turned away from the set and Ian could then see that the mushroom head was now fully unsheathed and engorged. A tiny pearl drop, of cum lay right on the tip.    His massive balls were now drawn up as they would soon release their viral potent seed.    Brutus made his way toward Ian and slowly squatted down on his haunches right in front of him.  He looked directly into his eyes and removed the jockstrap covering his face and head.

He moved his face in gently, tilted slightly and made contact with his full lips.  Within second’s his tongue was snaking its way into Ian’s mouth, over his teeth and began wrestling with his tongue.  Ian’s moaning began again, and his penis reacted accordingly.  It began to grow and as the kissing progressed, he began humping the air between his legs. Brutus withdrew as if knew. He couldn’t allow the boy to cum.   Not yet anyways.

Staring into his eyes, Brutus reached in towards Ians chest and attached a tiny clamp on one tit.  He sucked in air as the teeth bit his nipple.  Since he walked through the door not a word had been spoken. After all this time Brutus spoke.  As he said the words, “All I want to hear is the sound of this bell”, he flicked it. It tinkled and he flicked it again.   “Understand”?  Ian nodded in disbelief.  What was this all about?

Brutus raised himself from the squatting position and the large purple headed cock came into view.  Ian’s eyes followed it up until he couldn’t move his neck any farther.  Brutus moved around the boy and stood directly behind him. He leaned over the boy as before, his chest on Ians back and his cock stabbed Ian in the balls. All of his weight pressed Ian down.  But he held himself up with his arms locked and knees firmly on the leather pads.

A giant hand wrapped around his face and a middle finger found its way between his lips.  Ian allowed its entrance and began sucking, worshipping it with his tongue. The hand clamped tighter and in one quick lightening fast moment His cock which was stabbing his ball sack was now demanding entrance to his tight lubed hole. With a pop, that purple, swollen mushroom head found its way through Ians first sphincter. He knew now why his mouth was covered. White lightening and stars formed in his head.  At the same exact time, pain the likes of which he hadn’t known before coursed through his rectum.

He couldn’t remember how long before he stopped screaming.   Now it was guttural, and his throat was raw, but the pain began to slowly subside.   The baseball game was on.  He could hear the stats being aired. The crack of a bat.  Cheering from the crowd.  Breathing began to regulate.  Heart rate slowed.   Brutus spoke again.   “Push out to me and it’ll be easier.

I only want to hear the bell.”  Ian did and as he pushed out, the mushroom head entered him more deeply followed by his massive shaft.  Ian pushed trough the pain and grunted satisfaction as he felt Brutus swollen balls contact his.  When he thought it could go no further, he heard it. “Tinkle”. Brutus pulled back ever so slowly and just as the cockhead almost made its exit, he moved in for the second stroke.   “Tinkle”.  And that’s the pattern Ian could remember.

This incredibly slow, pulsating, throbbing cock in and out of his hot, tight sucking hole.  Occasionally he could feel the man’s palm reach in and stroke him to full hardness and then release.  All the while never missing a beat or stroke in and out of his asshole.   Each time the giant head hit his prostate, the bell would tinkle from his chest as if a signal called for the retreat of the cock. “Tinkle”. “Tinkle.”  “Tinkle.”  Until Ian thought he would go mad with desire he ached and yearned for release.  Each time he thought for a moment that the cock stroking would bring him to orgasm, the hand would disappear.

At long last Ian heard the tinkle for the last time, however the beast inside him remained.   Then he felt the hot gush of sperm begin coating his guts.   The pulsating mushroom head throbbed inside him. Brutus groaned over top of him and collapse down on his back.   He bit him between the shoulder and moved up to his nape.

Sucking his flesh, he continued to release his seed.  Pumping and pumping, and then it was over.   Brutus pushed himself up and his massive tool now a bit smaller began its retreat.   He pulled out as far as the head and let it finish injecting that last bit of cum. And then with an actual pop, Ian heard it as the man pulled out completely.

He was sated.  Flushed.  Tired from his assault. Ian was filled, sore, and still at full mast ready for his own release. Brutus made his way to the TV.   He was using his jockstrap to wipe away the cum coating his dick as it swayed back and forth.  He switched off the TV, and Ian watched as he turned and walked back towards him. Ian grew more excited thinking he would be released in both ways, from the table and from his horniness. Brutus walked to his rear and reached in between his legs.

Ians shaft began to grow but not in enough time for Brutus to slide the metal tube back on his cock and insert the lock.  Ian heard the click and began to cry.  Tears began streaming down his face.   How much longer would he have to wait?  What had he done wrong?  All these questions went through his mind as Brutus began unleashing the leather straps keeping him in place.

“Get your things, dress and be back Wednesday”.

Ian did the fast calculations.  Four more days without release.  And that’s if he allowed it and he’d have to return to find out.   He dressed and made his way towards the door.  Brutus unlocked and opened as he walked through.   The last thing he heard was, “Maybe next time.”  Brutus smiled as Ian made his way down the stairs.

Chapter 2 – Savage Cowboy


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