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3 Envelopes

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The Bell – Chapter 1
Savage Cowboy – Chapter 2
Hardball – Chapter 3
3 Envelopes – Chapter 4

Ian staggered to the door, after he heard the loud banging.  He opened it slightly and saw Brutus clean white smile, standing there in complete military dress.  His camo shirt tucked tightly in his BDU’s.  His chest hairs curled up and over the clean white T-shirt underneath.  A green webbed belt cinched tightly around his waist keeping his baggy green fatigues snug against his hips. 

Looking lower, Ian saw his pants were tucked into 12” high polished, black tactical boots.  They had been laced and the strings shoved into the top’s, so they were not visible or at risk of snagging as he walked.  Ian wanted to drop and begin worshipping him right there and then, but Brutus pushed his way into the apartment and closed the door behind him.  Ian stood there in his baggy gym sweats that were loosely tied around his waist in his bare feet and nothing else.  Having just been woken up from sleep, his hair was uncombed and his teeth unbrushed. 

Brutus reached and groped Ian’s steel trapped cock and balls beneath his gray sweats and leaned in and kissed him deeply.  He continued to rub his groin as he moved back away as Ian’s eyes closed and then suddenly fluttered open.  Brutus was smiling again as he looked deep in Ian’s eyes.  “boy, I promise you that tonight you can get out of this thing and get some relief.”  “Do you want that?”  Ian nodded.  Brutus was holding the shoebox that Ian had seen before at the barn.  He  handed it out to him and it touched Ian in the stomach as he grabbed it with both hands. 

“Meet me at the barn tonight at 8 pm.” 

“Find a quiet place in stall number 8, and then open the box, and follow the instructions exactly as I have written.” 

“If you don’t follow it exactly”, and Brutus grabbed Ian’s locked cock again,

“Then this will stay just like it is.” Ian nodded assent.  “And don’t open the box until you get there!” 

Brutus turned and walked towards the door and over his shoulder he added.  “And one last thing……don’t make a sound, whatever you see or hear!”  “You understand?”  Ian nodded.  “I mean it boy, not one word or sound.  I don’t want to know that you’re even there.”   The last sight Ian saw was Brutus backside in green camouflage as the door closed behind him. 

The day dragged on and Ian prepared for the drive to the barn and anxiously wanted to see what was in the box and what instructions he was supposed to follow.  As he made his way toward the barn, his mind wandered a dozen different places about what he what was going to happen. Why did he have to remain silent? 

The lights were on as he pulled up next to the barn, opened the car door and made his way in.  Walking through the paddock area, he found stall number 8 and a fresh bale of hay set right in the middle.  Sitting on that bale, would give him full view of the paddock area, without being visible from there.  Ian took the lid off the box and began reading the sheet of paper that was laid on top.  It was Brutus handwriting.  “boy, the key to your prison is located in the box as well as the next stage in your obedience training.”  “The cage you’re in now would cause you to much pain for what you’re going to see and hear tonight, so I’m giving you an alternative.” 

“I trust that you’ll be an obedient boy, but all the same, you must follow these directions carefully.”  Ian removed the leather locking chastity shorts from the box and held them up for a better view.  He turned them around and around carefully looked at all the belts, straps, zippers and locks.   He’d seen shorts like this before, but never thought he’d ever wear something like this.  He looked at the letter as it continued.

“I would suggest that you put the shorts on and then remove your current cage because you have 60 seconds to send me two pictures after you do.” “The first of your locked cage now, and the second of these leather shorts, belted, strapped, zipped and padlocked with the new combination lock.”  Ian laid out everything on the bale of hay so that he would be able to change himself out in plenty of time to meet his deadline, as he did so, he saw the envelope in the shoebox. 

He lifted it and saw that the padlock combination was written beneath his name on the outside.  He smiled to himself, and now felt confident that what Brutus promised about coming tonight would happen.  He would finally be able to cum tonight after whatever he witnessed.

He started making the change as rapidly as possible.  He was anxious to see what would soon unfold. 

He quickly pulled the leather shorts up his legs and around his waist and was amazed at their fit.  No doubt Brutus knew exactly what size he would wear, Lord knows that he’d held his waist, cupped his ass, and had Ian’s legs around his frame to know. 

The leather felt smooth to Ian’s bottom, and the leg straps were tight, but not too tight.  He quickly realized that there was no way anything could get out or in after the straps were cinched and locked.  The front of the shorts had a large single leather flap that had two heavy duty silver zippers, that would go around either side of his cock and balls to be met with the waist strap.  It would allow him to swell when horny, but not allow him any distance for growth. 

He pulled his phone out and took a picture.  His cock was still locked in its steel prison but was in line to be released and relocked in the leather.  He inserted the key in the tumbler and pulled it out and removed the steel tube and cock ring and threw them aside.  He grabbed the zippers on each side and pulled them up and tucked them under the waist strap and looped the belt through and stuck the combination lock into the ‘D’ ring.  Click!  Now he was completely encased in leather.

He snapped another picture, brought up Brutus email address, attached the pictures and hit send.  Then he wiped is forehead, relieved that he’d made it in time.

In no time his phone chimed, Brutus had sent him a thumbs up!   Ian took stock of the warm feel of the leather totally encasing his genitals, it was the greatest feeling, warm and soft.  He felt his cock rise and make contact with the leather as he groaned with delight and frustration.  He rubbed himself and humped and realized that nothing short of having the combination for the lock, would allow him any satisfaction. His balls felt cradled in the soft pouch, while the waist and leg straps cinched him tight.  He started to put all the stuff back into the shoebox and then sat waiting to see what would happen when Brutus showed up. 

It wasn’t long when he heard truck tires on the gravel outside, brakes and then the tailgate being lowered and mumbling.  He thought it weird when he heard boots shuffling approach as the barn door opened.  He saw GM first and then Stan, then Brutus directly behind pushing them forward.  Both GM and Stan were hobbling because their ankles were shackled in leg irons and their wrists were crossed behind their backs held together with handcuffs. 

Brutus herded them towards the center of the barn and pointed towards the 10×10 pole barns that keep the roof in place. Each pole was 10’ apart and stationed to give the Barn its strength. They were driven deep into the dirt floor and disappeared in the upper regions, some through the hayloft, others into the dark recesses of the roof. 

Brutus shoved GM next to one and pointed Stan to hobble towards the other.  GM backed up to the pole and Brutus produced two leather belts.  He took one and looped it around GM’s neck to secure him, then made his way toward Stan and did the same.  Both men were now standing, neck secured to the pole, wrists cuffed, and legs hobbled. It seemed strange that the cuffs where crossed behind and looped through their belts.  Neither were going anywhere.  Ian noticed that all men were dressed the same, still in military garb, camo shirts, BDU’s, tucked into highly polished, black tactical boots. 

The scene was set, as Brutus walked over to the shelf on the wall and removed a small box.  He opened it and removed three envelopes.  The envelopes had contained each other’s widest sexual desires and whoever lost paintball competition received whatever they had written down, GM and Stan had lost.  

Ian couldn’t see what was written on them but noticed that Brutus looked at each and then put one back.  He walked towards his prisoners and opened the first, read it silently and turned to look at GM.  “Really?”  GM nodded and lowered his eyes towards the floor.  Brutus opened the second, read it and looked towards Stan.  “I wouldn’t have guessed.” 

Stan opened his mouth to say something, then quickly shut it and looked to the floor.  “Well men, since you played the fiddle, you now have to pay the piper.” “We’ll do this one man at a time.”  Who wants to go first?”  Neither man looked up as Brutus put the two envelopes back into the box, put it back on the shelf and made his way towards a door towards the back of the barn. 

He clicked on the light and was in there some time gathering what he needed.  Ian watched and his mouth went dry wondering what was written on the notes!

Brutus reappeared with much gear and dropped everything at GM’s feet and straightened to look him in the eyes.  He began unbuckling his web belt and shoved his BDU’s down around his ankles.  Ian could no longer see the iron cuffs that were chained around his black boots.  Next GM’s shorts were removed the same undignified way.  He was standing there, his dick at half mast, in his camo shirt, shucked pants, boots. 

Brutus knelt down and retrieved a long strand of green, parachute cord. He deftly reached out to take GM’s nuts in one hand and began rolling them around in his mammoth palm.  He squeezed occasionally and GM’s eye squinted shut and his mouth formed the letter ‘O’.  “I’m not gonna stop once

I start this’” “You sure you want me to continue?” His loud reply, “Yes Sir!”, could be heard throughout the barn.  Brutus turned his head slightly and looked at Stan watching expectantly from 10’ away.  His eyes diverted for just a second and caught Ian staring at them all.  Smiling he turned back and began looping the cord tightly around GM’s low hanging balls.  He grunted slightly each time it was wound around and around tighter and tighter.  Several wraps later, he tied it behind his sack and brought the ends up and through to separate his testes apart and knotted. 

Ian could see no mercy shown as they were tied tighter and tighter. Immediately GM’s balls began turning blue from blood constriction, and now his former half-mast cock was at full staff.  It was now engorged with blood and the skin on the head became translucent. 

Brutus began undoing the leather belt that kept GM secured at the throat to the post, and in a blink of an eye, had him turned around facing the pole.  Brutus picked up a 2” leather collar with a ‘D’ ring and cinched it tightly around his throat and padlocked that into the eye hook screwed into the barn pole.  GM couldn’t move more than a fraction of an inch as Brutus grabbed his shirt collar from the nape of his neck and ripped it down savagely. 

Tactical material that soldiers wore, Ian knew was extra tough, which told him just how much strength Brutus had!   The long sleeves were tangled up in the cuffs binding his wrists together, but his massive back was exposed, and his lats heaved with each breath he took.  The tails of his shirt covered his naked ass, but his thighs and calves were naked to view. “Are you ready for this boy?” GM barely nodded is assent as Brutus bent down and picked up the leather flogger.  He moved back away 5 paces and turned to look at the mass of back flesh waiting to be whipped. He was now standing between, GM and Stna’s bound bodies. 

“Count em’ out boy.”  The whip whistled through the air and made contact with GMs back and his knees sagged and screams emitted from his throat. “One Sir.” “Thank you sir, may I have another?”  Again, the whip whistled through the air and licked his flesh. “Two Sir.” “Thank you sir, may I have another?”  On and on it went for 10 complete strokes. Ian thought it was over.  He hadn’t realized how much the torture of man could turn him on.  He expected Brutus to tun his attention to Stan, but he wasn’t finished yet.  

He moved closer to GM’s quivering body and to his red, welted back. He hugged him from behind and softly kissed his neck.  GM swooned and leaned his head back on Brutus shoulder. Brutus unlocked the padlock holding his neck secure to the post.  He locked his leg irons to the post he was facing and pulled his large frame down and back, so that he was seated on the barn floor on his naked butt. 

Brutus moved the camo shirtsleeves aside and un-cuffed one wrist, tied a rope to it and pulled it away from his right side and tied it to the nearest stall wall.   He did the same with the left and now GM’s arms were spread spread-eagled.  He eased his beaten body back so that now he was lying flat on his recently beaten back.  Brutus was preparing his body for what would come next. He inserted a long, full mouth, rubber penis plug.  Then he covered his face with a green, square cloth removed from his back, hip pocket. 

Brutus reached into the air and found the cord hanging down over GMs prone frame.   He tied the candle lying at his feet right in the middle.  There were two wicks, one on each end.  He pulled a lighter out of his BDUs and lit both ends of the double wicked candle.   As the candle begin heating up and wax starting to drip on the barn floor, Brutus gently swung the candle it so that it would contact every part of his body from neck to tied cock and balls.  

As each splat touched his naked body GM jerked and screamed into the penis gag.  Ian watched as he wriggled on the floor trying to evade the burning, stinging, wax. That punishment meted out and in progress, Brutus looked over his handiwork and turned to make his way towards Stan.

Ian’s hard on was raging in his leather shorts.  He rubbed them constantly with his hands searching for any kind of relief, but nothing could penetrate the thick leather.  He continued to hump the inside hoping that friction would give him the satisfaction he so desperately needed.  But to no avail, so he gave up trying and focused on the next turn of events happening in the barn’s paddock. 

As Brutus walked over to stand in front of Stan, Ian could see that the workout with GM made him stiffen in his BDU’s.  The baddy camo pants could hide the fact that his raging boner was trying with all its might and power, to force its way out of their confining buttons.  Brutus denied his desire for now and walked past Stan towards the storage room again.  After some time, he returned with a metal milk pail and a 4’ steel rod welded on a square plate. 

He dropped the bucket at his feet and Stan jumped as he began unbuttoning Stan’s BDU’s and fished out his stiffening cock and heavy hanging nuts.  As with GM, he rolled them around in his palm which produced grunting and heaving breathing from Stans chest. 

Brutus pulled them taunt and began lacing them with the parachute cord lifted from the pail.  Round and around until his balls were as blue as he’d seen GM’s nuts turn.  He grunted more as Brutus slipped a silver metal ring out of his pocket, looped the cord through it and let it hang at the base of his sack.  Brutus ran the cord up and through his testes and separated them until they were bulging. Walking behind him he reattached his wrists so that they were now crossed and cuffed behind the pole barn.

Brutus unlocked the leather belt securing his neck to the pole that gave Stan more freedom to move.  He did so, to loosen up his tired legs and arms.   Brutus tied the bucket handle to the end of the cord which was looped through the silver ring under his balls.  

Stan grunted as the light weight of the pail pulled his scrotum down.   He bent his knees a bit to accommodate the weight, but Brutus slapped his thigh to keep him straight as Stan grimaced and obeyed. 

Then the 4’ pole that had the base welded to it was brought forward and placed directly under Stan’s ass.  Removing a knife from his sheath on his belt, Brutus carefully cut into Stans BDUs and shorts at his butt hole. He then pulled out a small tube of liquid and showed it to Stan and spoke.   “Do you remember this?”   For a minute Stan stared quizzically and then Ian could see the lightbulb go off in his head and he started shaking his head back and forth, ”NO”.  “Oh, yea my friend.”    And before anything could be said he maneuvered the tube end right into Stand asshole and squeezed the liquid in.  

As he did so he produced one of the largest dildo Ian had seen, it was shaped in the fashion of a horse cock. Not rounded at the head like a mans, but almost squared at the top.  

Brutus fastened it to the top of the pole positioned under his ass and used coconut oil to slather it before aiming it right at Stans little pink pucker.   He deftly separated Stan’s ass cheeks apart and the dildo made its insertion into him as he screamed out loud.   Brutus moved back to observe his handiwork.  Stan was impaled and couldn’t remove it.   Then he moved over towards the wall and began picking up rocks scattered around the barn floor.   After he had a handful he walked toward Stan and threw one in the pail, and then another, and another.   

Now Stan had to bend his knees to attempt to release the pressure on his nut sack as the pail got heavier thereby forcing the horse cock further and further into his chute .  He threw in more and more as Stan tried compensating for the weight.   At one point the pail reached the floor and the lube from the tube began taking affect and Stan felt tingling inside of him.   He had to move up and down to make the dildo stroke his guts to scratch the itch and when he rose, the pail came with it.  Over and over, up and down he went. The stroking calmed itch but his balls were tight and ready to burst from the weight of the pail.   The pain/scratching of the itch caused Stan to begin muttering inconsolably.    Brutus Inserted the same type penis gag he’d given GM who was continuing to a scream his pain as the candle dripped on his bound, blinded frame.   

Brutus walked over to where Ian was sitting on the hay and reached into the box and removed the envelope with the combination written on it. “It’s time boy.”  Ian hurriedly took the envelope out of Brutus hand and began rolling the combination lock to free his tortured cock inside the leather flap, his cock stood out like a sword.  He looked at Brutus for approval and began stroking for all he was worth.  

He nodded his head in the affirmative.  It took no time and only a few strokes on this shaft and began shooting all over the barn floor.   Spurt after spurt erupted from his young body until there was no more.  Brutus began unbuttoning his BDUs and pulled out his mammoth cock and followed suit.  Its bulbous head was engorged with blood and the shaft enlarged to what appeared twice it’s normal circumference.  

Brutus began stroking as he watched Ian through eyes of lust as Ian sat in amazement and awe of this revelation.  Brutus reared his head back and looked at the ceiling and before any sound could come from his throat, Ian rushed over and covered his cock head with his mouth.  It barely fit around the head, but right on time the first load of semen coated the back of his throat. Ian breathed in air through his nose to keep from gagging as another blast hit him the same place. 

After 5 more thrusts, Ian swallowed and began using his tongue to clean the head of Brutus cock. Brutus bucked as his sensitive head was swabbed clean.  Brutus gently held Ian’s head in his hands and backed away. He smiled and tucked his cock and balls back into his BDUs, and kissed Ian softly on the lips.   “You better get outta here boy”.  “I’m gonna clean up this mess.”  As he said this he nodded toward GM and Stan.   “Lock yourself back up with your old standby.”   

Brutus handed him the first Chastity device he’d worn when he first met him.  He produced the tumbler and inserted the key and handed it back over to Brutus.  He hung it around his neck and moved over to the men he’d just been torturing.   Ian still heard the screams and moans of both men as he made his way out of the barn and towards his car.   He opened the door, sat down, started the engine and smiled to himself as he tucked the third envelope in the console as he drove away!  Just the thought of what Brutus had written on his envelope made Ian’s cock start to erect.  Maybe he could help fulfill he sexual desire, whatever it was.   

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