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The HypnoMaster – The delivery boy

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BBC gay sex story

Characters list and bios

Name: Sebastian Webster

Age: 39

Height: 5`9”

Build: Average with a few extra pounds

Nationality: British (English)

Location: Winchester, Hampshire, UK

Dependants: None

Relationship: Single

Name: Peter Johnson

Age: 68

Height: 5`11”

Build: Average and athletic 

Nationality: American (Texan)

Location: Austin, Texas, USA.

Dependants: Unknown

Relationship: Unknown

Name: Damien Dalton (delivery boy)

Age: 22

Height: 6`1”

Build: Athletic

Nationality: British (English)

Location: East London, UK

Dependants: None

Relationship: Single


Chapter 1 – Sebastian explores hypnosis
Chapter 2 – Keeping Sebastian on the edge

Chapter 3 – The delivery boy

I woke before my alarm. I was hard again and was edging myself. I got myself close to climax again and as before my hand now has an instinct of stopping before I can orgasm. The weight on my balls hurt a bit as my balls were so full. I know where the key was. I got out of bed and went to the toy drawer where the key is. I couldn’t see it. I also looked for the key for my collar. I couldn’t find that as well. Where is it? I go looking around my desk. I hunt around for the key most of the morning but cannot find it for love or money. I give up the hunt and go to get dressed. I open the drawers, and all my clothes are gone. Not one single item there. I look in the wardrobe, and they are empty too. I am very bemused but think this must be Sir’s doing, and I should just take it.

My hard cock keeps staring back at me to be played and wanked. I cannot resist it. I keep edging myself even more than the day before, being naked means I am continually reminded of my cock and the need to masturbate. I haven’t even been able to do any work or get on the computer.

The doorbell goes as I am mid masturbation. I look around for anything to cover myself, but I cannot see anything to hand. I go to the bathroom where I had used a towel to wash earlier, but that is missing now. The doorbell goes again, followed by a firm knock at the door. I have no choice but to answer the door naked with just the collar and ball weight on my naked body. And my cock is still hard. It won’t go down. Bang bang goes the door again. I shout out “Ok, I am coming. One moment please”.

And with that, I had no choice but to answer the door. I open it ajar and peer round the door trying to hide behind it. There is a fit young black guy in a tight-fitting t-shirt with a high vis jacket over it. He looks to be in his early to mid-twenties. He has a lanyard on with his id. He’s very much the type that I would go for if I was going to dominate him. But here I am cowering behind the door.

“Hello, Sir” my cock twitches when he says sir “I have this parcel for you, but it needs a signature” as he gestures to the device in his hands. He is holding it too far away from me to just reach around the door. I have no choice but to open the door and let him see me. I take a deep breath in and open the door.

His eyes go directly towards my hard, precum dripping cock. With the heavyweight hanging between my legs. He has a slightly shocked look in his eyes. His eyes look up my body to my red sore nipples and then to the shiny collar. And finally to my embarrassed face. “Wow” he gasps as he takes in the sight of me. His eyes went back down to my hard cock and then back to my face. “Are you some kind of sex slave or something?” he enquires kind of innocently.

I am nearly speechless, but somehow the words just come out of my mouth, like I had been programmed “Yes Sir, I am a slave. My Master has instructed me to please men like yourself who are more powerful and better than me. Can I please you, Sir?”

I am taken aback by the forwardness of my words, but my cock certainly wasn’t as it twitched with excitement with every word that left my mouth. The delivery guy is shocked but is still looking me up and down. As he does, he starts to grope himself. I can see he is getting aroused by the situation he has just found himself. 

I open the door wide and step to the side. “Please come in, Sir. Let me help you there.” as I point to his cock.

He steps into the hallway, still with a shocked look on his face. I close the door behind him. I have suddenly got this hot guy in my house, during the lockdown, and I am naked apart from a ball weight and collar. He turns to face me, and his mood changes. From a sheepish shocked boy to a strong dominant black man. “Get down on your fucking knees slave” as he points to the floor in front of him.

I do as ordered.

“Now undo my trousers with your mouth” as he slides his high viz jacket off and drops it to the floor with his digital signature device.

I bury my face into his bulging trousers. I can feel his hard cock behind the cargo pants he is wearing. I fight to get my teeth to his zipper. His cock is getting harder and harder as I struggle with it. He is a big boy down there. Easily 9 inches, maybe 10. How am I going to get that in my mouth? I pull his fly down with my teeth. “Hurry up, slag” he barks down at me.

I love how strong and dominant he is. I can’t hold myself back. I get my hands on the top button of his trousers to open his trouser entirely up. He grabs me by my hair and pulls me away and slaps my face with his other hand. “I told you only with your mouth—you useless piece of shit” as he pushes my face back into his crotch.

I breathe in deeply his musty smell. He is so ripe down there. He has been out on deliveries all morning and got very hot and sweaty. His sweaty man smell is intoxicating; I want it. I want more of it. As I breathe in more and more of it. I suck the air around his hard cock through his sweaty boxer shorts. He then pulls down his trousers and boxers, and his massive black cock flings out and slaps my face as hard as his hand did a moment ago.

His cock is magnificent. I take the tip with my lips and flick my tongue over the tip whilst my lips swallow the head and down the shaft. I can only make it a third of the way down before his head is at the back of my throat. I gag as it hits the back of my throat. My reflex wants to move away, but he grabs on my hair and pulls me further down on his cock. He pushes it deep down my throat. I have never had a cock this far down my throat before. My eyes are watering. I cannot breathe with his massive meat down my throat. It feels wonderful.

He is pulling my head back and forth on his cock. Push a little deeper each time. “Come on, slave, balls deep this time” as he forces himself down my throat. Tears are streaming down my cheeks.

He pulls me off his cock. My face gets splattered with saliva and pre-cum from his cock. He drags me by the hair to the table in the next room. He throws me over the table and pins me face down. My naked arse now in the perfect position for him.

He rubs his hard cock around my arsehole. My saliva and his pre-cum  lubing up my hole. He holds both my hand together with one hand, and his other hand guides his big black cock deep into me. I let out a yell; his cock is so wide and big. He isn’t giving me any time to adjust to the enormous size that is entering me. “Shut up bitch slave” as he bangs his cock deep into me. 

He holds both my hands down on the table, and he fucks me hard. His thighs are slapping hard against my arse cheeks. He lets go of my hands as he stands up to get a better rhythm and hard push into me. He fucks me hard and fast, relentless, as he ignores my moans and yells. He doesn’t give a shit about me. He is the epitome of a selfish Dom, and it is so hot.

He scratches his fingernails down my back. Leaving bright red lines down my back. He slaps my arse hard as he keeps fucking me hard. He then pulls out and grabs me by the hair again. He pulls me to the floor and in front of his cock. He shoves his cock back down my throat. This time it tastes of my arse. He vigorously facefucks me. 

My mouth is quickly filled with his hot cum. I try to swallow it as it comes, but the stream is so much I can feel it leaking out and over my body. I am filled with a sense of achievement and great pleasure. His cum tastes even better than mine the other day. I love the taste of cum. I am craving it.

He pushed me off his cock and to the floor. He spits down at me as I looked up at him in awe. His cock and body towering over me. He is in control. He is more powerful than me. He pushes his trainers into my hard cock. Grinding the sole of his shoes in my cock to make me wince. He then gave my balls a firm kick. I automatically scrunch up in a ball to protect myself.

“No, you don’t you fucker. Hands away or I will give you a real kicking” I move my hands away as ordered. I am shocked at how much I am enjoying this. He grinds his trainers into my balls. I let him do it. I resist the urge to protect myself. He hacks up another large bit of spit and gobs it right on my lips “Lick that up scumbag!”

I stick my tongue out and lick up his gob from my lips. He moves his other trainer whilst keeping the other one pressing down on my balls to my face. “Clean the bottom of these too”. I start licking the base of his trainers. The mud and grit from the roads fill my mouth. He moves his feet away and reaches down to grab me by the hair again as he drags me back towards the door.

His cock is still sticking out of his opened trousers. It is now getting soft but is still massive. This man is truly blessed with a beautiful cock. “On your knees and drink my piss before I go”.

I hop up on to my knees and open my mouth eagerly to please this powerful man. He holds his cock out, and he strains his piss out. I hold his cock softly in my lips but make a good seal. My mouth is soon filled with a steady stream of hot piss. Some piss leaks over my chest as I struggle to keep up as I swallow. He then pulls away before he is finished so he can shower my face in his hot yellow stream. My hair is now dripping in his piss.

He zips himself up and picks up his high vis jacket and signature device. And then he holds in front of me “Sign it you useless piece of shit”. I run my finger over the screen to try and sign it. He kicks me in the chest; I fall to the floor. I am lying as a sprawled mess on the floor covered in his piss.

Before he closes the door behind him, he turns and says “Cheers for that. I might come back for more. Oh and his your fucking parcel” as he throws a box at me.

“Thank you, Sir. You are welcome anytime. This useless slave is here to please you.”

He chuckles to himself and slams the door behind him.

What have I turned into? I would never do anything like that before.

By Cary Harvey Church

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