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baseball gay sex story

The Bell – Chapter 1
Savage Cowboy – Chapter 2

Hardball – Chapter 3

Brutus told Ian about the company baseball game this weekend.   He’d enjoy a good game and maybe some playtime of their own afterwards.   Ian didn’t think twice and just imagining Brutus in tight fitting baseball pants was enough incentive. To be able to play afterwards was even more rewarding.  He’d been locked up since their last visit and he’d spent the night wrapped in Brutus embrace after being ravaged more than once. As he pondered their next encounter, Ian began to stiffen within his steel prison. The weekend could not come to soon. 

He drove to the field as directed and parked his car in the lot.   Already there was a mass of pickups and men unloading gear out of the back.   Ian was mesmerized watching all these men in uniform warming up and preparing for the game. They were in all stages of dress, zipping up pants, tucking in shirts, threading colorful belts through loops. Many men were sitting on their tailgates, replacing shoes for cleats, stirrup socks matched their belts. As he gazed admiringly, a bright red Ford 4-wheel drive turned into the lot, caught his attention, and came to a complete stop in the next spot to Ian.  

Brutus stepped out of the truck door and swung around to make his way to the bed. He reached in and removed the bag that contained his gear.  He threw it into the back seat and between the front and rear doors began removing his work shirt and as if no one was watching.  But Brutus knew Ian’s eyes were glued to him and so as he changed, he’d watch him out of the corner of his eye. 

Ian stared at him as each boot was unlaced, removed and Brutus stood in only his sock feet.   Because of the truck body he could only see that much and then from waist up. Brutus slipped into his uniform pants, laced his cleats, turned and looked directly into Ian’s eyes and winked.   Ian’s mouth dropped open, he caught himself and winked back.  The men made their way to the field, so Ian followed through the bleachers and sat near the dugout where the team had assembled. 

The ritual began as the men began taunting the rival team.     Ian felt like a kid in a candy store watching all of Brutus team members in their uniforms. There’s something about the look of those tight, white, pinstripe pants.  The stirrups as they hug their tight meaty calves.  And then the occasional man, with the skoal ring in his back pocket. It was candy store overload. Hugging each other, slapping ass after a home run, high five after catching a fly ball. 

The game began and ended so quickly and then they were huddled together at their trucks before leaving, Brutus waived Ian over. He began introducing each member to him as his new ‘friend’. He could tell they all knew what kind of ‘friend’ he was, but he played along as if they didn’t.    Brutus looked at them two men that had been inching closer to them and asked if they wanted to continue…..nods from them both.  He remembered being introduced to them as GM and Stan.  

Brutus opened the door of his truck, pulled out two envelope’s and gave them to Ian, told him to hop in his car, read it and follow the directions.  Brutus reached into the ice chest in the truck bed and took out 3 beers and handed them to his baseball buddies and kept one for himself, as Ian made his way to the car. All three men’s eyes followed Ian as he walked that way and he could almost feel them burning into his back.  

Ian sat, opened the envelope that read directions, put his key in the ignition, started the car and put it in reverse.   He pulled out of the lot and passed by Brutus, Stan and GM as he drove by their vehicles.  He then headed to the location on the map that had been drawn for him. Ian drove 30 minutes away into the countryside and found the gravel drive that led him back to the farmhouse and barn.  When he got to the location, he opened the second page that detailed his instructions.   The men would be here soon, so he had to hurry and begin.

He parked the car and made his way toward the barn door. It groaned as he pushed it open and made his entrance. He felt in the dark for the knob on the right to activate the lights. He turned it and a string of bulbs illuminated half the barn.  There was one bulb hanging over each stall.  He found the other knob next to it and it lit the other half. He slipped in and walked to the center of the paddock area until he found stall numbered ‘5’.  The bare bulb allowed him to see a shoebox atop a dairy stool. 

The stall was freshly hayed. It smelled green and earthy. He opened the box, and what lay inside was self explanatory along with the note he’d just read.   Inside the box was the key to his imprisonment so he hurriedly slid the key home and removed the lock, the tube and the cock ring.  God, he felt freer than he had in weeks and so he took just second to massage the blood back into himself.  That’s all he had time for because they would be here soon. 

He next took out the small leather parachute and wrapped it around his balls and snapped it into place, and as he did so he noticed the newly installed ‘D’ ring screwed into the door at his feet. Reaching into the box he removed the black rubber bungee cord and attached one hook to it and the other to his newly restrained nuts. 

He flexed his knees briefly to get a feel for the new constraint as his nuts rebelled and he could fell the pull clear up into his stomach muscles.   Next, he opened the silver wrapped suppository that was the added lube he’d need for what was to come, although he’d already filled himself up before the game anticipating his meeting with Brutus. High hopes! 

He adjusted the leather mask that he removed from the box, and it covered his mouth and nestled under his nose and strapped it tightly behind his head and snapped the padlock. He took stock of his situation as the barn door creaked opened and all three baseball players entered, carrying camp chairs and the ice chest.  

Brutus led the way to where he was restrained and as they neared his stall, they set up the chairs in a semicircle directly in view.   As they were getting seated, he inserted the second suppository and let his hands fall together to cover his nakedness.  He felt awkward and almost silly as he stood there in full view of three handsome men. GM and Stan equaled Brutus in build and rough exterior but differed in shading and coloring, but just as stunning to look.  It made him horny despite the vulnerable position he was in. As he waited and watched them, a tiny tingling began in his rectum, small at first, and then it began to build. 

He made eye contact directly with Brutus and was thrown an air kiss and mouthed…”enjoy”.  Then the itch became almost unbearable and Ian tried every conceivable movement to make it stop.  With out actually digging into his hole he began dancing on the end of his rubber teather. He knew moving wouldn’t help but he couldn’t help himself.  Something had to be done to stop this madness.  He pleaded with his eyes at Brutus. 

All three sat in their chairs and broke open a beer each, as if nothing were amiss.   Brutus reached into his gym bag and pulled out a zip lock baggie and poured out bag full of max size condoms and then can of coconut oil which he sat on top of the chest.  It didn’t take GM  one second to stand, unzip his tight white dirt stained pants and remove the hard, plastic cup protecting his junk. Cup removed, he laid it on his chair and reached for a condom envelope and brought it up to his teeth to tear open.  As he ripped open the condom, his eyes never left Ian’s naked and exposed body.

After the envelope completely opened, he slid out the rubber, hefted out his massive cock with the other and began rolling it on.  With his left hand he scooped up a blob of oil from the container.  As he walked around the chest, he began slathering up his blood engorged, rubber coated dick.   Now Ian’s eyes were directed at the only thing that would scratch his itch, and it was huge, bloated and ready for action.  Ian saw the bloodlust in GMs eyes as he moved closer and around to his rear. 

Ian didn’t care how huge it was, he just wanted relief and then it happened. GM slammed home with his thrusting cock and Ian began dancing so that it could reach every vestige of his insides that needed rubbing.  The pistoning went on for several minutes until GM slammed a home run up to his prostate and Ian could feel the tip of the condom ballooning filling with his sperm.  With just a few more stabs he pulled out, but Ian was still in anguish as his insides were still on fire.  

GM walked around him and turned slightly so that Ian could see the rubber had slid down his shriveling cock and was just barely hanging onto its head. It was filled with his seed and the weight of liquid cum almost tugged it off.   GM pinched the latex, slipped it off and Ian watched his ass still tightly encased in his pants as he walked away toward his chair.  As he sat down, he then saw Stan rise and the whole scene was repeated.  

His cup removed, rubber rolled on, glob of oil, and fucked together for Ian’s relief from itching and Stans relief for orgasm.   As Stan finally came up deep into Ian’s bowels, the itch began to subside.  It was then he realized how badly his nuts pained him.  Through all the thrusting of both men, his balls had been subjected to rigorous torture in their leather parachute.  

Stan eventually removed his dick from Ian’s backside and made his way over to his chair.  Ian felt a measure of relief now that the assault was over, and it appeared that his insides were feeling back to normal.  He watched as Stan now removed the condom filled load that was captured in it. He popped open another beer and that’s when Ian watched as Brutus rose from off the chair and stood tall.

He didn’t reach for a rubber, and he didn’t grab a hand-full of oil as he sauntered over to stand in front of him. He removed his shirt and exposed his massive hairy chest.  Ian could see his name banded on his pec.  He walked toward Ian still clothed in baseball pants, with the red belt still tightly around his waist.  Cleats made no sound on the barn floor.  He was cocksure and surly as Brutus just stood there looking into Ian’s eyes.  There was a fire behind them, and Ian could almost feel the heat radiating from his body.  Brutus reached up and unlocked the pad lock from the leather mask hiding his face. Ian licked his lips, but before he could get his tongue back in his mouth Brutus was on him.  Sucking breath from his and snaking his tongue into Ian’s mouth.   Ian moaned and the for the first time tonight he heard Brutus speak.  It was loud over the deafening stillness of the barn, and he knew the others could hear them clearly, but it didn’t matter to Ian at this point. 

“Does my boy want this?”  Brutus eyes lowered to his baseball pants and the belt that held them up and Ian’s eyes followed his.  Both knew Ian wanted what was behind that zipper, he didn’t have to ask.  But for all that Ian wanted Brutus, he wanted him back just as bad. He could see him hardening and his horse cock pushing obscenely against its jock prison.  Brutus reached with both hands and began unbuckling the red belt secured through the belt loops.  The end flipped out and struck Ian softly in his abdomen. 

He crossed his arms and caught the tails of the T-shirt that was tucked tightly in his baseball pants. He hefted the shirt up the wall of his stomach and chest.  After it cleared his face and head, it shoved the ball cap off his head and they both hit the ground together. He stood there as Ian just admired this monster of a man directly in front of him.  And then he slowly lowered the zipper on his pants.  Ian was hardening, thinking about what was about to come.  Heat rose between the two of them.  The air was palpable, crackling with sexual energy. 

Ian swooned and answered, “Yes, Daddy, Yes, Oh Please”

Brutus snugged his pants off his hips with both hands and they made their way down to gather around his knees. There they lodged and his hands moved back up to finger the 3” jock strap around his waist.  As he slid them down, the plastic cup cradling his horse cock and balls fell forward and out.  The cock head smacked against Ian’s limp cock entangled in the leather parachute.  It was beginning to rise at the sound of Brutus voice.  He gathered Ian’s balls and unsnapped them from their leather prison, blood began to recirculate, giving him a tingling sensation.  The former itching was waning, not completely gone, so Ian wriggled his ass invitingly. Brutus smiled and licked his own lips with his heavily moustached mouth. 

“Boy, these friends of mine were warmup play.”  He nodded towards his buddies reclining in their chairs.  “Are you ready for the main event?”   “Think it over carefully, because, they were playing softball, and I’m ready for a game of hardball?”  “We’re gonna knock it outta the park!”

Ian looked deep into Brutus eyes and replied without hesitation, “Yes, Daddy, I’m ready to play ball!”  “Please hurry and scratch this itch, it’s driving me insane”.  Roughly Brutus grabbed Ian by the waist and turned him 45 degrees so that he was facing the stall wall and away from his friends.   The men now had a side view of exactly what Brutus was going to do.  Without fanfare, he shoved into Ian’s guts.  With a whoosh, Ian let out a gasp of air, and waited until he bottomed out.  Brutus hit pay dirt and stopped there allowing Ian to adjust to the girth of his naked boner. 

“You feel this boy?”, Brutus whispered in his ear.  He bit a lobe as he spoke, “Cause I’m ready to blow this load?”  “My balls are full boy.”  “I haven’t cum for a couple days.” 

“Feed me Daddy, hurt me, rape me.”  “Fill me up with your spunk.”  Ian’s talk caused Brutus cock to swell.  He could feel the walls of Ian’s ass and he wanted more.  He wanted to pump his sperm into him and make him take his baby makers. 

“Here it comes boy.”  “Daddy’s gonna make you hurt just a little, and then hes gonna make you feel really good, very happy and very pregnant.”  “I’m getting bigger boy….. you make Daddy swell up.”  “Can you feel it?

In fact, Ian could. Brutus massive dick was actually growing inside of him as he spoke.  It was hot and then Brutus began his assault.  Ian had to hold onto the stall wall for balance.  Brutus rammed him like he’d never felt his hot little ass before.  Slamming him into the wooden wall, Ian tried diligently to keep himself upright.  The pistoning continued for some time.  Brutus nudged closer to his ear and said quietly, “That ointment only lasts about 45 minutest.”  “That’s why the boys had to wear condoms.”  “Daddy doesn’t want his boy having any other man’s seed in him but Daddy’s.”  “Isn’t that right Boy?”  “You only want Daddy’s sperm in you, don’t you?”  “You feel me swelling up inside of you boy?”  Ian only nodded yes.  “Daddy’’s gonna paint the insides of your ass walls with his cum?”  “You ready boy?”  “You ready?!?!”  Without Ian’s reply, Brutus shoved himself into him with all his might.  Ian hit the stall wall with his chest and Brutus mashed violently against him all the time pumping into him as each spurt of cum entered his body.  Ian’s body was crushed as he felt hot cum filling his inside.  He clenched his ass muscles and Brutus groaned as his huge dick was milked of his life-giving seed.  Again, Ian clenched.  Brutus mouth bit into his shoulder and then began biting his neck.  Much like horses holding their mate in place knowing that they were creating life.  And then the final spurt, and Brutus held him there until his breathing was not labored and went back to normal. 

He pulled out with a plop, and Ian sagged as Brutus caught his waist. Steadying him, Brutus reached up and found the butt plug and quickly stuffed it into Ians raw asshole.  “We don’t want you to lose any of this do we?”  He patted Ian’s ass and helped him walk over to the ice chest.  Ian sat there on it as Brutus lowered himself into his own chair.  All three men were now sitting and watching as Ian caught his breath.  Brutus popped open a beer and handed to him and he took a long swallow then sat the beer down.  Brutus looked at him and said, “Well I guess it’s your turn!”  Ian looked shocked because he didn’t know what he was talking about. 

“Get up there boy and stroke one off for us.”  Brutus nodded toward the ice chest he was sitting on.  Ian didn’t react.  “Well boy, you wanna get your rocks off or not?”  “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”  Ian was both turned on and afraid at the same time.  Toss one off right in front of these men?  He’d never done that before.  All eyes were on him.  “Well, boy, hop up there on the chest and grab some of that oil and get to stroking.”  “We haven’t got all night.”

Woodenly, Ian stepped up on the chest and reached down for a glob of oil and began massaging his shriveled up cock. He looked over the top of their heads to keep from looking into their eyes.  He was embarrassed and felt on display but after some time, he closed his eyes and pumped his cock to full mast.  It felt fantastic, because he’d been locked up for so long that he knew it wouldn’t take long to get off.  He continued to fist his cock and about the time, he thought he could actually cum while these men were watching, he heard Brutus voice out of his reverie.

“boy!” “boy!”  he snapped his fingers and Ian’s eyes flew open.  “boy, hop down there and help GM with his problem.  Ian immediately glanced over at GM sitting in his camp chair stroking his hard cock.  It hadn’t been so long ago, that he’d plowed Ian’s backside.   However, it was full of blood and engorged and ready for another round.  Ian stopped stroking and stepped off the chest and moved towards GM.  He had already lowered his baseball pants, and jock strap down around his ankles.  The way he was setting in the chair allowed his heavy balls to hang down over the seat. 

Ian heard Brutus voice behind him.  His eyes were glued to the raging shaft that GM was stroking. “Make him feel real good boy!”  “Make me proud of you!” Ian knelt in between GM’s legs and leaned forward and stuck his tongue out and started licking his low hangers.  He bent forward and tilted his head, so that his tongue could get closer to his most sensitive parts.  He could almost reach his perineum, that sensitive spot between his balls and asshole. GM scooched further out to give Ian better access, so he took advantage and moved in.  GM was giving his dick quite a workout and Ian continued his lathing. 

After some time, Ian heard him grunt and looked up just in time to see the eruption of cum from GM’s cock.  It shot upwards, and due to Ian’s location, landed in splats all over his face.  First one, then another and another, covering his forehead and cheeks, perfectly coating his face.  Ian stuck his tongue out to clean the spooge from his lips.  GM was pumping the air with his cock and stroking the last bit of cum out.  Ian leaned back and watched him come down from his orgasm, his chest was heaving from exhaustion. Brutus snapped his fingers and just pointed to Stan.  He was already prepared for Ian’s ministrations.  He too, had removed his pants and jock strap and was on the same prone position awaiting Ian. 

He crawled over to him and began taking care of Stan just the way he’d helped GM.  Using the same methods that seemed to have brought great satisfaction to GM, he started working on Stans nuts.  Again, after some time, he too shot upwards in a screaming volley of cum.  Landing again all over Ian’s face, he used his hands to wipe the sperm from his eyes and nose.  He smelled of sex.  Leaning back from Stan’s deflating organ, he automatically looked towards Brutus. 

Snapping his fingers, he pointed to the ice chest.  Ian made his way there and stood atop.  “Start stroking it, boy!”  Ian dipped into the can of oil and started fisting his cock again.  He was insanely hornet and In no time he was hard and ready to shoot.  Brutus stood and Ian paused as he moved in front of Ian and physically removed his hand off his dick.  Grabbing a sweat rag tucked into the rear baseball pants pocket, he cleaned off the oil that Ian was using as lube for his cock.

It caused Ian to jerk a bit as Brutus cleaned his penis.  He grabbed Ian’s face and made him look directly into his eyes, and  then moved in and took a nipple in his mouth.  He teased it and then moved onto the other as Ian swooned.  Brutus hands gripped Ian’s waist and he lowered his mouth on Ian’s boy cock.  Ian sucked in all the air in the room.  Brutus hot tongue swirled around the head of his shaft and licked the underside.  He pulled off and moved down to take his ball sack in his mouth.  Ian’s hands flew to rest on Brutus head, grabbing his long black hair to keep himself from falling off the ice chest. 

Brutus continued licking and making love to Ian’s sack with his tongue and mouth.  Occasionally blowing his hot breath on his wet skin.  Ian didn’t think he could stand it anymore.  He starting pumping his shaft, now stabbing the air next to Brutus ear.  He could feel cum churning in his balls and beginning to make their way up the shaft. And then he stopped.  Ian immediately looked down at Brutus head that was backing away from his privates.  “We can’t have that now can we?”  As he was talking, he reached down and showed Ian a chastity cage. 

Ian groaned deep within himself.  Both GM and Stan began chuckling audibly which caused Ian’s hard dick start to go limp.  Brutus easily attached the steel ring around his nuts and slid the steel tube home and with a swift click of the key, locked the tumbler home.  The key went on the chain hanging around his neck.  Ian looked down and saw that what he thought was the original chastity device, was in fact a smaller and tighter tube than before. 

This device not only was tight and more restrictive, but had sharp metal teeth that surrounded his shaft at the base.  Now his cock would not only be kept secured in the metal tube, but its teeth would bite into his flesh.  Brutus cupped his now protected cock and balls with his hands.  It warmed immediately and Ian could begin to feel himself grow, but short lived as the teeth began digging into his flesh.  He cringed and tried to get away from Brutus grasp.  

Brutus just smiled his pearly whites.   “That should do for now boy, let’s get out of here.”  Ian just stood as all three made their way towards the barn door.  Brutus looked back and said, “boy, I’ll want you in a couple days.” “Wait for my call.”  Despite the pain, Ian started to grow in his cage and moaned.  

Adventures of Brutus and Ian will continue.  Please contact me with comments or ideas about their next encounter. 

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