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More Experienced Kid on the Force

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Author’s Note:
Lucas and Greg first appeared in “New Kid on the Force“. This is a typical day at work.

If ever there were to be a day in which Lucas Anderson could not concentrate, then today was definitely that day.

“What’s wrong, kid? Feeling a bit pent up, hmm?”

“Shaddup,” Lucas mumbled, not wanting to deal with Officer Greg. Especially not when he needed to concentrate on processing the evidence he acquired. He wanted to make sure he does the best job possible so everything processed would hold up in court and nail the sadistic bastard’s ass to the prison wall. He really hated rapists.

However, the case wasn’t what was bothering him. Oh, no. What really was bothering him was his mentor, sitting at the other table with the wooden chair tipped back as Officer Greg rested his legs on top of the table. What irked him was that the officer wasn’t paying any attention to him at all, preferring the company of the cell phone, likely watching videos on PornHub or RedTube, or one of the billions of other video hosting websites, both public and private.

Scratch all those video sites. A very annoying buzz sounded loud and clear as the officer smirked at him. Luke’s leg twitched uncontrollably as his groin threatened to detach itself from his body.

“Damnit, Greg, I need to get this done!” Lucas snapped at him.

Officer Greg snorted in annoyance then turned the vibrator OFF via the cell phone app. “Fine, but soon as you’re done, this goes back ON.”

“Gee, I can’t wait,” Lucas mumbled as he focused back on his work again, ignoring the damp patch in his pants.

Lucas started working as a CSI at the Solstice City Police Department a little over a month ago. Since his first day working, Officer Greg was assigned (or maybe chose to assign himself) as Luke’s mentor, getting him settled in, introduce him to everyone, show him the ropes and the way of things. Little did he realise upon entering the doors that his life would be turned upside down and Greg has been mentoring him outside the precinct as well.

Although, Lucas had to admit that the training sessions in self-defence and escape tactics has done wonders to boost his confidence. If ever he were to run into a difficult situation while out in the field processing a scene, then he feels better able to handle them now. The difference, however, was that when Greg was training him, Lucas always wound up naked during the sessions. He hoped that would never happen out in the field.

A few minutes of silence later, Lucas began filling out the actual reports of his findings based on all the notes he made while analysing everything. He was just finishing the last paragraph when he felt a prolonged jolt to his right nipple. That caused his pinky to press the Enter key way too long, inserting a lot of empty lines.

“Can’t you wait ONE BLOODY SECOND?!” Lucas yelled at his tormentor.

“Bored,” Greg replied. “You done yet?”

Clutching his fist as he tried to calm down, Lucas sat down again, not having realised he stood up to roar at that prick. Removing all the empty lines, he finished the paragraph, then ran it through the spell-checker. With Greg distracting him, Luke didn’t feel very confident in his own proofreading skills. Once done, he hit the PRINT button and sat back in his chair.

He didn’t have long of a rest, in fact only five seconds of it, when the left nipple roared to life and his ass lit up. He barely gripped the arms of the chair in time before he exploded into his pants.

“Finally!” Greg stood up while turning all three vibrators off. “C’mon, don’t just sit there. Retrieve the reports and let’s get ’em dropped off so we can get outta here.”

“Fuck you,” Lucas spat out as he struggled to stand up.

“Mmm, maybe later if you’re a good boy, but I’ll have you know I prefer to fuck you.” Greg grinned as he gripped the front of Luke’s shirts, hauling him up onto his feet. Lucas felt the other hand dip down the back of his pants, and an object was pulled out of his ass.

“This li’l vibrator is interesting, wouldn’t you say?” Greg asked as he studied the oval shaped vibrator. “How’d it feel?”

Lucas looked away, unsure of how to answer. “Umm…”

“You’re right,” Greg interrupted while cleaning the vibrator. “It’s much too noisy. Wouldn’t be so bad at an arena or concert, but not for quiet places like at work and restaurants. I got a new one waiting at home, we can test it out later.”

Lucas stood patiently as Greg smoothed out his pants and shirt, making sure that Luke was decently presentable to leave the lab. He winced as Greg squeezed his still half erection.

“Good thing these new pants I bought you don’t show any wetness… at least, not until the third load.” Greg chuckled. “Feeling, however, that’s an entirely different story.”

Lucas could only nod in agreement as Greg thrusted two fingers into his mouth. Very wet indeed.

“Now, hurry up and let’s go already. That was the most boring three hours of my life.”

Lucas stumbled as Greg’s roaming fingers found their target and tugged on the chain while gripping his chest. The very chain that was attached to both nipples. Greg knew damn well how sensitive his nipples were and tormented them every chance he got.

Grabbing a folder off the desk, Lucas retrieved the reports from the printer. He paused long enough to hastily scribble his signature before Greg’s impatient nipple jolts came to life. Lucas silently cursed as his dick pressed painfully into the fabric of his pants, fighting so hard not to unleash the third load of the day. Yes, the first load had happened when he just started working on the latest case.

Greg snorted again and pulled Lucas out of the lab and down the stairs towards the Captain’s office. When they arrived, Greg leaned in close. “Make it quick,” he growled directly in Luke’s ear with a nip to the lobe, followed by a firm push towards the door.

Steeling himself, forcing himself into a calm state, Lucas tapped on the office door before entering.

“Yes, yes, of course Mrs Martin, that sounds like a very good idea,” Captain Yoshiro said into the phone as he waved Lucas in.

Closing the door gently behind him, Lucas approached the desk. Glancing around, he saw all the awards the Captain won over the years, dating as far back as the Spelling Bee in Grade 3. As for the Captain himself, he was a small man with an Asian name but he definitely did not look Asian at all. Captain Yoshiro reminded him of a Gnome pretending to be a Dwarf, just, without all the bulk and fancy beards.

“Naturally, Mrs Martin, you be certain to take care of the new furball. They love to pounce when you lease suspect it. I must go but I’ll be sure to check in again soon. Good-bye, Mrs Martin.” Captain Yoshiro hung up the phone and looked up at Lucas. “My neighbour. She took in one of the kittens from my Skittles.”

“Skittles?” Lucas couldn’t help it but he was incredibly amused by the name.

The captain’s eye sparkled as he growled out, “My daughter named her. Those my reports?”

“I’m sure she did, sir,” Lucas failed miserably at hiding his smile as he handed the folder over.

As he waited patiently for the captain to browse through the papers, Lucas winced as the right nipple activated. He had forgotten about the blasted vibrators still attached. Thankfully these ones were silent. At least, he desperately hoped they were silent enough. Unfortunately, his cock noticed and strained once more.

“Good, nicely done,” Captain Yoshiro commented five minutes later, setting the folder on the desk. “I’ll be sure to get these to the court. How are you settling in? You’ve been here a month now, right?”

“Uh, yeah, a month,” Lucas replied, wondering what he could possibly say. “Umm, no issues with the work. Everyone has been helpful. Each day is a learning process, right?” Ugh, even to him that sounded lame.

Clearly the captain didn’t share his sentiment. “Right you are, my boy. Always something new to learn each day. Remember to tackle each day with the hope of further learning. Keep up that attitude and you’ll be the one barking orders at everyone!”

The captain had come around his desk and, despite only coming up to Luke’s shoulders, he slapped him heartedly on the back. Lucas wasn’t sure if he tilted forwards from the friendly slap or because the left nipple decided to compete with the right.

“If only all my CSIs were as diligent as you,” the captain commented. “Half the time I can’t even make sense of what they wrote in their reports. Now, run along and have some fun tonight. I can practically see the fumes coming out of Greg’s ears.”

“Right, uh, thank you. See you tomorrow…” Lucas trailed off his comment as he was neatly pushed out of the office, the door shutting behind him. He didn’t have a chance to fully process his new location when Greg grabbed him by the front of his shirt again.

“Done? Good. Let’s go,” Greg said while hauling him towards the front doors. Dispatcher Chellis held up his coffee mug in a cheerful greeting as they exited the precinct.

“Gaaaaah,” Lucas stuttered as he suddenly grasped the railing at the foot of the stairs outside. He couldn’t hold it in any longer as both nipple vibrators were on High and going strong.

Greg turned and smirked at him. “Whatever could be the matter?”

“Just get me to the car, asshole,” Lucas spat at him, trying desperately to hold back his orgasm. He really didn’t want to do it outside the precinct.

Unsurprisingly, Greg had other ideas. “Hmm, I dunno. I was thinking about taking a stroll through the park, then dinner, then buy some snacks before getting to the car.”

Lucas cursed as Greg gripped his arm and pulled him over to the side of the precinct where the narrow alley housed waste bins and recyclables, along with the delivery entrance. Lucas quickly found himself facing the brick building and felt Greg grinding into his ass. The grinding pushed his own groin into the brick, rubbing his hardness.

“Hell you doin?” Lucas tried to growl but failed as he groaned out the last word.

“Hush, you don’t want anyone to catch us out here, hmm? Or maybe you do.” That annoyingly husky voice purred in his ear as his dick pressed harder against the building.

His braincell check out as Greg unlatched Luke’s belt, undid the button and slid down the zipper. The pants were shuffled downwards as well and Lucas felt exactly how hard Greg was as the officer pressed his still covered dick between his crack and began to grind.

“Mmm, feels good. How about you?” Greg asked as Luke’s dick popped free of the fabrics, the tip now pressing directly into the building. Greg did a circular motion and Lucas felt a lot of pre-cum ooze out.

“Ugh, not against the dirty wall,” Lucas whined.

“If you say so,” Greg obliged and hauled them both backwards a single step away. He then gripped the naked cock and squeezed. Lucas bit back a curse as he spurted off load after load against the building.

“Fuck…” Lucas panted as he tilted forward, resting his forehead against the cool brick.

“Later, we have a dinner reservation,” Greg told him while palming his ass. “I’ll keep you empty for now but the nippleators stay attached.”

“Curse you and those damn…” Lucas groaned as both nipples came back to life for five seconds, then shut off for five seconds, and back on again.

“What was that?” Greg growled in his ear then kissed him on the cheek.

“Uh, nothing, nothing. Great name for them, perfect, I’m hungry.” Lucas hurried in getting his pants back up then dashed off towards their favourite Italian restaurant nearby.

Lucas beamed radiantly as he heard Greg’s boisterous laughter behind him. He had to admit, this past month had been incredibly wonderful and he was very much looking forward to what new things he’ll be learning in the following month.

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