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New Kid on the Force

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Monday… too early o’fuckin’ clock. If it weren’t for the fact that this was his first day on the job, then Lucas Anderson would still be buried under his cosy blankets, nestled against the newest body pillow he picked up at the convention on the weekend. This one depicted a very handsome anthromorphic grizzly bear in full leather kink gear. It was one of those where one side is wearing the kinky gear, the other side has a full-on view of the goods. He had a big choice to make… clean naked for $80 or the messy sloppy droolsome version for $100. Let’s just say his wallet is a heck of a lot lighter now.

Which is why Lucas really couldn’t afford to be late on his first day. Skidding to a halt in front of the precinct, he glanced at his cell phone.


He was already five minutes late… all because he kept smashing the Snooze button.

Dashing up the stairs, Lucas tumbled through the doors to the bemusement of the dispatcher guy sitting right there at the desk… watching him… with a grin…

“Bit late, are we lad?” Dispatcher Chellis dutifully pointed out. “Not sure what the boss will say, he can be a real hard-ass…”

“Pleaaaaase don’t tell him!” Lucas whined. “I really, really need this job…”

“Calm yourself, laddy,” Chellis held up a hand to ward off the oncoming rambling onslaught, and chuckled. “Boss ain’t even in yet, and if I were you, I best get me arse upstairs and go through dem Welcoming Kits, make sure you know what yer doin’, y’get me?”

“Uh,” Lucas blinked… did the Dispatcher just wink at him? “Right, yeah, sure. I know what needs doing. I’ll just be dashing off now. Bye!”

“I’ll be sure to send our best Welcome Guy up to see you in a few, make sure you get settled in proper,” Chellis called out to him.

Lucas, halfway up the stairs, turned to wave at Dispatcher Chellis indicating he heard him, then promptly tripped, smashing his face into the top step. More embarrassed than hurt, he shook himself and continued up to his new lab.

Yep, he had a lab all to himself at the Northern Precinct in Solstice City, seeing as he was the SCPD’s newest CSI. Sure, there were a few more CSI’s around, most likely, he thinks, but they’d be down in the newest lab created with all the fanciest computers and equipment.

Here, in his lab, which he discovered upon walking through the door, was a single wooden desk, a computer that looked like it was from the 80s, a dusty bookcase overflowing with old books and papers, and an overhead lightbulb that crackled and fizzled.

Lucas couldn’t help but smile as he set his bag down next to the creaky desk. Mine, all mine! Finally!

All his life, Lucas wanted to help people, and to help toss dirty bastards into jail, while keeping the innocent ones out of it. He once had a friend who got tossed in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, and there his best friend was killed at the hands of another inmate. The officer on duty had turned a blind eye, probably bribed. Lucas never wanted to see that happen again.

Five years after losing his bestest best friend, Lucas graduated from the CSI Academy, and now here he was, standing in his very own lab. Sure, it looked like something straight out of an old detective movie, but with a little bit of elbow grease, Lucas was positive he’ll have his lab looking amazing in no time.

Flopping down onto the old leather chair, Lucas did the first thing he had always wanted to do once he had a lab of his own. Lifting his feet off the floor, getting a good grip on the desk, he pushed hard and spun around in the chair. Yep, the chair is a keeper.

Slowing down, with a giggly grin on his face, Lucas wondered who the guy was that’s supposed to be coming up to help get him settled in.

Summoned right on cue, a big burly officer appeared and slammed a revolver on the desk. Lucas bolted upright as he hadn’t heard the officer come in.


“Dismantle that.”

Lucas blinked at the strange request… more like an order, as the fella had growled out those two words. At the terse nod toward the gun, Lucas shifted his gaze to the desk and began to sweat at how the gun was positioned when it was placed on the desk; the muzzle was pointing right at him.

“Uh, Sir? I’m not touching that thing if it’s evidence and I don’t like contaminating objects from crime scenes as they will be dismissable in court, and it’s a gun which I really don’t much care for and the chamber isn’t standing out and is that the safety off…”

Officer Greg, according to the nametag, pressed a finger to his lips and shushed him. “Relax, Lucas,” he spoke softly. “The gun isn’t loaded and it’s not evidence. This baby is mine. You do know CSIs carry firearms as well, right?”

Lucas blinked in confusion, not understanding the request to dismantle the gun. “Uh, right?”

Greg laughed in a friendly sort of way. “Look, Lucas, I know you’re new here so I wanted to make sure you knew how to handle one, in case you were ever in a situation that required… usage of a gun, hmm?” Did he just lower his voice there?

Lucas sighed. “I went through the training, Greg, at the Academy. I know how to dismantle, clean, load, aim and shoot. I just don’t care to.”

“Hmm,” Greg hummed, as if not quite believing him.

Lucas felt the other’s fingers on his arm as Greg stepped closer. Fingers trailing down, the officer rested his hand over Lucas’s right, leaving goose bumps in his wake, causing a slight flutter to the skin. Lucas felt his own body temperature rise.

Greg clearly misunderstood the reaction as he gripped Lucas’s hand and brought it forward to the gun. “Guns are nothing to be scared of, Lucas. Come, feel it.”

Lucas’s breath caught as he felt his hand pressing down onto the gun, fingers along the barrel, palm pressed painfully against the muzzle, Greg’s hand remaining tight over his. He’s not sure why he’s having difficulty breathing as it certainly couldn’t be because of the gun. He knew guns, quite well, many different types. He just preferred other methods to take down criminals, like in court with evidence he processed.

“There, you see? All metal, hard, nothing that can hurt you like this.”

Lucas swallowed, more focused on the tone than the words as his eyes remained on the gun beneath their hands. He felt Greg loosen his hold and trail his fingers lightly over the back of his hand but Lucas’s brain had stalled out, not even thinking to release the gun himself.

“Your fingers fit nicely along the barrel, Lucas. Long and slender.” Greg had leaned over, closer now, the heated breath near his ear, left arm draping over his shoulders. What was the senior officer doing?

Lucas watched as one of Greg’s fingers lightly caught the attention of his pinky finger, causing it to involuntarily flex. Greg’s finger scooted under it and directed it down to the casing, to nestle against the trigger.

“Uh, Greg?” Lucas spoke so quietly he wasn’t sure if the other heard him or was deliberately ignoring him.

“Perfect length for a small gun like this as, in this position, you can easily see how nicely the back of your finger fits against the trigger.” Greg’s finger, which was nestled between Lucas’s pinky and the casing, flexed. Lucas inhaled sharply as his own finger lightly flicked against the trigger, trying desperately to keep it steady.

“Honestly, Lucas, I really cannot understand your hesitation to hold a gun, to feel one.”

Lucas’s eyes flashed in fear as time froze in a reflexive action; Greg had pressed his finger back which caused Lucas to press the trigger fully. Lucas found he couldn’t move as Greg was gripping his left shoulder rather tightly. Blinking, his mind catching up, he realised the gun really was empty which still wasn’t a comforting thought considering the situation, but it was enough for him to unleash his held breath as time resumed.

Lucas flinched at hearing the empty click.

“Geezes, Luke, I told you it was empty. You really need to trust your co-workers more,” Greg chuckled which caused Lucas to fume. Before he could say anything, before he could take his hand back, Greg gripped him tightly.

“Okay, forget dismantling for now. Let’s see how you look while holding one of these.”

Lucas felt himself pulled up to his feet, hand still clutching along the barrel. Greg pulled him towards a corner, then pulled a dusty sheet away from the huge, old, stand-up mirror. The officer also clicked on a lamp that had gone unnoticed until now.

“Now then,” Greg turned him slightly sideways so he’s not full front on with their reflections.

“You want to turn the gun around, hand around the grip this time, not the barrel.” Lucas felt him adjust the gun in his hand, positioning his finger against the trigger.

“Nice,” Greg spoke directly into his ear and squeezed Lucas’s hand, leaving a finger resting against the one on the trigger, arm settling tightly against the gun arm.

“Greg… ” Lucas faltered, not liking how close Greg was, or rather, how Greg was getting him to do something he really didn’t want to do.

“Hush. Raise your arm and keep your eye on the reflection. Don’t shake, keep steady.” Greg increased his pressure, guiding his arm up, bending at the elbow so the gun was now pointing upwards.

“Nice, very nice. You’re a natural at this, Lucas.”

Okay, Lucas should not have flushed at that praise. Glancing at their reflections in the mirror, he took a good look at Officer Greg. Big and burly, Lucas instantly knew that it was all muscle, very little fat, if any. Greg stood a head taller than him, one arm was the width of both of Luke’s together, and the overall width of Greg made Lucas feel like a skinny tree branch. He had always known he was skinny, slender, with long legs, but he never once felt so utterly small like he did right then.

Lucas realised he really didn’t mind Greg being around, not a single bit, and it was good of the officer to make sure that he knew how to hold a gun. He just… just… what? His mind blanked for a moment as his arm continued moving forward. Oh, right, he didn’t much care for the way Greg is manhandling him, getting Luke to hold a gun that he despised so much.

Lucas hissed as Greg maneuvered his arm so that the muzzle was pressed neatly under his chin.

“Easy, there. Remember, not loaded. Keep your eye on the mirror, see how you look with a gun pressed against you.”

Lucas did look as instructed and he really didn’t care for what he saw. His own hand on a gun that wasn’t his, jammed up under his chin. Greg was standing at his back, mouth too close to his ear, arm tight against his own. Greg’s left arm was still draped over Lucas’s shoulders, fingers digging into his arm.

“Wha… wha…” Lucas couldn’t get the words out.

“Why am I doing this? For your own good, Lucas.” The gun slid upwards to stroke his cheek, way too close to his lips. “I don’t imagine you’ve much experience with hostage situations, with you as the hostage, correct?”

Lucas blinked. It’s… true. Sure, they covered the basics at the Academy, how to handle such situations, but the Academy was no match for actual experience, one that Lucas hoped to never be involved in.

“You see, Lucas,” Greg continued as he pressed the muzzle against his lips. “I can help you familiarise yourself with firearms so that you will become intimately comfortable with them.”

Lucas squeaked as Greg had suddenly lowered his left arm to pinch him in the arse. This enabled his lips to part and the muzzle to slide right in.

“The point of this training, what I’m offering to teach you, will ensure that you don’t panic when out in the field. The SCPD needs to know you are able to handle yourself when things get messy.”

Lucas’s mind blanked out completely, no longer registering the words. He could only focus on his own hand holding the revolver which was now thrusting in his mouth, along his tongue, lightly poking the back of his throat.

His eyes snapped back into focus as Greg suddenly pressed against his finger, the empty click resonating loud in his ears. He felt dizzy.

“GREG!” The voice roared up the stairs.

Lucas panted, swaying a bit on his feet, as the barrel slid slowly out, covered in his saliva.

“GREG! Get down here, now!”

“Blast,” Greg growled as he quickly pulled the gun out of Luke’s hand. Barely focused, Lucas couldn’t fathom as to why Greg ran his own tongue over the muzzle before wiping it on a cloth, then holstered.

“Sorry, Luke, we’ll hafta continue this another time.” Greg readjusted the crotch of his pants and tugged on his belt, growling softly. “Honestly, I just wish the Captain would stop riding our arses for one day!” Greg turned away and paused, chuckling at his own words. “Have you actually met the Chief yet? Nice fella, real hard-ass and if he catches you slacking, you can bet your last dime that you won’t be sitting down for a week.”

Lucas knew what the officer was getting at and snapped at him, “No! Just, no. Not interested, not ever!” He knew he failed miserably at sounding forceful as Greg laughed heading to the door and down the stairs.

Exasperated, Lucas flopped back down onto his chair, groaning at what had just occurred. He covered his eyes with both palms, willing the images away but the obscene details were practically imprinted on his memory. What’s worse, his jeans had become way too painfully tight.

* * * * *

4:15 rolled around and Lucas tossed his blackened white rag into the garbage bin. He was about to turn around when he felt cold metal on the back of his neck and an arm wrapped around his waist.

“Are you always this jumpy?”

Lucas blinked. Of course, it had to be Greg that snuck in behind him. How the heck can such a big guy move so silently?!

Turning around, he glared at the officer. “Greg…” he couldn’t get out any more words as the other had pressed the muzzle back to his lips again. He kept them tightly shut.

“Relax, Lucas. Man, you really cleaned up nicely in here.” Greg spoke casually, friendly-like, as if he wasn’t pressing a gun into the bruising lips. Lucas was paralysed, unable to step away.

“Mmm, you’re liking this, I can tell.” Greg stepped closer and lightly ran fingers down his neck and down the lanyards holding the new credentials. He gripped them, tugging Lucas’s head forward which allowed the gun to slip in.

“You’re off now,” Jimmy continued speaking normally. “I’m also done for the day. How about we grab dinner, then I can give you some personal lessons in gun safety and handling, hmm?”

Lucas spluttered, coughed, gripped a hand in Greg’s shirt, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t breathe. The barrel had pressed as far back as it could go without swallowing, which restricted air flow. A few more moments, the gun twitched and was pulled out.

“There, you see? I like when you tremble with need. Makes me feel better about helping you out.”

As he focused on gaining air into his lungs, Lucas watched as Greg brought his gun up and sucked on the muzzle. That sight alone made his pants twitch.

“Greg,” he began but was interrupted by the other’s obscene “Mmm!”

Steeling himself, he put force into his words. “Greg, I already have plans tonight. I gotta hit up the grocery store before they close as I only just moved into my apartment yesterday and still need to pick up a lot of things including grocery store stuff…” Lucas trailed off once he realised he was rambling again, a habit he really needed to stop.

Greg paused his obscene display and holstered his gun. “Very well, another night then. See you tomorrow, then?”

“YES!” Lucas shouted a little too enthusiastically. “I mean, yeah, sure, but I really gotta go now so bye!” With that, Lucas grabbed his jacket and bag, then hurried out the door, nearly tumbling down the stairs in his haste to get away from the precinct. He ignored Dispatcher Chellis’ knowing wink and tuned out the devilish laughter that somehow affected his groin.

What the hell did he get himself into?!

* * * * *

Friday Afternoon


Asleep at his desk, back to the door, Lucas jolted upright, feeling the chair move beneath him, unbalancing him.

“Easy, I got you.”

Smooth arms caught him before he tipped over and it was a moment before he woke up enough to register Greg’s presence.

“Ah, I’m fine, Greg, you can let go now.” Lucas attempted to stand but Greg held him down.

“I’m not too sure that you are, Lucas,” Greg spoke softly. “You’re looking a bit pale. Did you catch something last night? Perhaps I’ll come over tonight and fix you right up.”

“Uh, I’m fine, really, no bug.” Lucas shook his head and attempted a weak smile. Truth be told, he really was feeling a bit unwell, like maybe he did catch something when the skies opened up last night, unleashing cold rain upon him. Or maybe it was because of the butterflies squirming away in his stomach.

“Good!” Greg’s voice turned more cheerful and released his hold. Lucas started to stand again when he suddenly felt something cold on his back.

“I’m glad you’re feeling okay as I really need your opinion on something.” Greg pressed harder, pushing him into the desk.

“Uh, Greg?” Lucas wiggled but the cold metal dug in sharply, causing him to wince at the pain. It didn’t feel like any muzzle he felt before.

Greg eased up on the pressure a bit and slid the muzzle up the spine, pressed into the back of the neck, and slid down again to the lower back. “New design. How does this one feel?”

Focusing on the new gun, even though he wasn’t able to see it from this angle, Lucas could feel the outline of the gun, its length, the barrel, the two muzzles… “Two?!”

“Nicely done!” Greg chuckled as he lowered the muzzles and grazed them along Lucas’s crack. “Yes, this new custom piece has two barrels, two muzzles. Slightly longer than our standard issues, and the grip itself is more ridged so it won’t slip out of the hand so easily.”

Lucas felt the length of the barrel, barrels actually, as Greg ran the new custom between his legs. He felt the gun twist around so he was now rubbing against the underside, and the trigger guard, which felt different, somehow. Greg pressed the guard into his balls and… “Aaagh!”

“Thought you might like that,” Greg laughed lightly. “Trigger guard is also ridged with a little extra bonus. Anyone who is stupid enough to pick up my gun will feel that nice little jolt.”

“Okay, okay, neat bonus but can you pull it away now?” Lucas tried to shift away but Greg had stepped in closer, keeping him pressed against the desk.

“Hmm, not scared of a little gun, are you?” Greg wrapped one arm around his waist while roaming the custom piece along his thighs. “Figure with all you saw at the Academy, and now having this job for a full week, this li’l thing would be nothing. We’re both off this weekend, so how about we get in some of that private training, hmm?”

“Uh…” Lucas blinked as he felt a slight pinch in his side and lost all sense of his surroundings, his muscles loosening, his vision turning blurry.

“Good, I will stop by just after 7 tonight,” Greg continued, ignoring Lucas’s hesitation. “Got a few more custom pieces I want to show you, different sizes, for different purposes.”

Lucas shuddered as Greg’s voice lowered into a husky tone, right at his ear. He felt the urge to step away but Greg held him tighter, sliding the gun around to the front. He also did not need a fully active erection right then.

“Mmm, I feel your anticipation,” Greg licked the side of his neck while pressing the muzzles into his hardness.

For a few minutes, Lucas’s thoughts faltered as Greg continued roaming his gun along the front of his body, his other hand snaking up inside his shirts. He felt the coolness of the fingers right where he knew he shouldn’t want them to be but couldn’t prevent himself from leaning back into the other.

“That’s it,” Greg spoke soothingly. “Relax and everything will be alright. Nothing to fear. This is only a small preview for tonight.”

Eyes glazing over, breathing ragged, he felt the pinch on a nipple which his attention was now completely focused on. Cool fingers rubbed that nipple, sharp nails grazed that nipple, pierced his nipple, pulled his nipple. His eyes bulged as he felt something inserted into his nipple.

“Easy, now,” Greg soothed him by licking the edge of his jaw. “This is only to remind you about tonight.”

“Ungh…” Soon as those sharp nails retreated, Lucas felt a tingling in his nipple, and he didn’t want that tingling, didn’t want whatever it was that Greg inserted into his nipple. Yet, he couldn’t ignore the growing wet patch in his pants. What the hell did Greg do to him?!

“Shh, I’m here, nothing to worry about.”

Greg removed his hand from beneath Lucas’s shirts and caught his jaw, turning his head so their eyes met; Greg’s eyes seemed to have turned a glossy black. Lucas could only blink as the rest of his body turned around, his back now pressing into the desk.

“One final thing I need to do before I go,” Greg said as he leaned in.

Lucas really wished he could get away but he couldn’t think of how he could do so. For that matter, he really couldn’t think of why he needed to get away, why he felt uneasy. Greg had been nothing but amazing toward him this past week, introducing him around at the precinct, helping straighten up his lab, making him feel completely at ease…

Lucas’s eyes half-lidded as he tasted Greg’s lips, felt his breath in his mouth, felt that tongue sliding in. He shuddered again, all conscious thought dissipating as he felt cool metal press under his chin, tilting his head back. He barely registered the sound of a click, but he certainly felt his cock twitch, straining against his jeans. He also barely registered something small dropping down his throat, but he certainly felt cool air now on his cock.

What seemed like forever minutes later, Greg pulled away with a final lick along Lucas’s lips, a final pinch to his dripping cock tip, and slid the gun up. Instinctively, Lucas wrapped his lips around the muzzles as they slid in along his tongue. Slightly wider than the standard SCPD issue revolver, the gun still slid in easily and pressed against the back of his throat. He didn’t flinch as the trigger guard pressed against his lower lip, instead letting himself embrace the tingling sensation.

“Damn, you look so good like this, I almost don’t want to wait until tonight,” Greg sighed as he slowly pulled his gun out, glistening with saliva. “Alas, still got some paperwork to finish up and the Captain has been more cranky than usual lately.”

Focusing on his breathing, Lucas felt the tip of the muzzles leave his lips, sucked in the two damp fingers that appeared, and watched as those muzzles were neatly placed between Greg’s lips. He didn’t even notice those glossy eyes staring at him as he was utterly captivated by the tongue swirling along the barrels. He knew he shouldn’t be turned on by the sight but alas, here he was with a cock rapidly turning into a faucet.

Greg chuckled as he pulled both the gun and his fingers out of their respective mouths. The sound broke the enchantment and Lucas blinked as the gun was put away.

“Now then,” Greg began as he stepped away. “I’m sure you have a lot of work to do. I will see you tonight.”

With a final tap to the chest, Greg turned and headed out of the lab. Lucas hadn’t registered the officer leaving as that tap was directed at his newly pierced nipple, which caused him to feel the electrical jolts, which in turn caused his orgasm. His body shuddered uncontrollably as he spilled out onto the floor.

* * * * *

What a bizarre week, Lucas thought while he failed miserably to adjust his pants properly; he couldn’t understand why his erection from earlier refused to go down. He sighed in defeat as he flopped onto his bed, going over the events of the week.

Monday… start of a new job and he was introduced to Officer Greg who showed him around the precinct, introduced him to everyone, got him settled in. Greg pretty much became his mentor for the week.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all similar as Lucas delved into his work, getting into a daily routine. Officer Greg always met him outside the precinct at the start of each day, handing him a cappuccino, then they would walk in together, and up to his lab. At the end of each day, they would meet again, chat a few minutes about their day, then head off in separate directions.

Now it was Friday. Officer Greg got frisky with Lucas again before insisting on getting together for the weekend. The other three days of the week (Monday doesn’t count), Greg was properly behaved and only flirted with taps to the ass.

Lucas felt his cheeks heat up at the memory of that afternoon, then felt annoyed at feeling like he missed something important. Maybe it had something to do with his throbbing erection threatening to tear his pants open. Or maybe it was the faint tingle he felt in his right nipple. He had no idea how or why he would agree to a piercing.

A message beep chimed. Reaching over, Lucas read the message on his cell phone.

— Cyou in 5 —

Groaning, Lucas pulled his too-tight pants off and rummaged around in his dresser. Finding the single pair that would fit properly while in this sort of condition, he pulled on the dark blue sweatpants, tying them shut. Afterwards, he hauled on a white shirt. Sure, it wasn’t the proper attire for going out anywhere but maybe Greg would understand and agree to a night in.

The door buzzer sounded and Lucas sighed, wondering how this night will go. Glancing in the mirror next to his bedroom door, he ran his hand through his still-damp hair. He had showered soon as he got home and that was when he realised his erection refused to go down.

Dashing to the door, he pressed the TALK button. “Come on up, second floor.” He then pressed the DOOR button. A minute later, he heard a tap on his door. One final sigh, he forced a smile onto his face then opened the door.

“Change of plans, buddy,” Greg announced as he strolled right in, still in full uniform. “We’re staying in tonight and the pizza guy is on his way. Nice place! Small, yet cosy.”

Lucas blinked at the lack of proper greeting, and watched as Greg strutted around the apartment looking at everything. Shutting the door, he took a step into the lounge room when the buzzer sounded again.

“Yes?” Lucas inquired over the comm.


“Second floor, first door on the right,” Lucas instructed. He had just opened the door again when he saw the cute pizza delivery guy jogging up the stairs. He reached for the two boxes as the pizza guy hurried to the apartment.

“Hi! Already paid for, generous tip included. Two boxes, plus wings, sauce, and large size bottle of Pepsi. Gotta dash, my boss is riding me hard tonight. Ugh!” With a wave, the pizza guy dashed down the stairs again.

“He’s cute,” Greg commented directly in Lucas’s ear. Again, Lucas hadn’t heard Greg come up behind him.

“Mmmhmm,” Lucas agreed as he turned around, only to be met with a pair of lips upon his. The kiss seemed to last for hours rather than seconds, and he felt the pizza boxes trembling in his hands.

Pulling back, Greg smirked. “I’ll drop these on the counter, then we can get to work.”

Work? Lucas relinquished his hold on the boxes and followed Greg to the tiny kitchen. He set the bag with the wings, soda, and other extras on the counter next to the boxes. His nose twitched at the heavenly smell.

“First things first,” Greg stated as he spun around to face Lucas. “How’re you feeling?”

“Uh,” Lucas certainly hadn’t expected that question. “Fine? Good? I mean, I’m alive, right?”

Greg laughed and reached a hand out to Lucas’s crotch, trailing his fingers along the clearly visible outline. “You know what I mean,” Greg spoke deeply as he gave him a squeeze. Lucas could feel his cheeks heat right up.

“Um, yeah, about that…” Lucas looked away as Greg raised a damp finger.

“Mmm, seems somebody is not in the mood for pizza right now,” Greg teased. Lucas couldn’t help but blush as he saw Greg suck on his own finger. When the finger transferred over to his own lips, Lucas opened up immediately. He didn’t know why but he enjoyed sucking on Greg’s fingers.

He could barely focus when two fingers were deep inside his mouth, rubbing the back of his tongue as he sucked. He wasn’t even aware when Greg moved behind him until he felt the holster on the hip pressing into his arse. Instinctively, he wiggled his arse until he felt the grip pressed between his cheeks.

Lucas sighed happily as he pressed back into the blue uniform shirt, accepting a third finger.

“Now, the point of this exercise, is for you to try and escape.” Greg’s voice was deep and husky, and dampened his ear fully. Lucas was too turned on by the tone and not the words.

When the words finally caught up to him, Lucas felt coolness on his groin. He moved a leg only to have the foot caught in his sweatpants that were now at his ankles. He hadn’t heard Greg make another sound but he certainly felt the three fingers still in his mouth and a hand squeezing the base of his cock.

He lifted a foot and shook it free of the sweatpants, then did the same with the other, kicking the garment away from them. He had gone commando so there was no underwear to break free from.

Tucking an ankle behind a leg, Lucas leaned forward with the intention of ducking away with a trip but he belatedly forgot about the fingers in his mouth that prevented him from moving too much. He nearly choked on them delicious fingers.

Growling, he decided to go the other way, and that was up and over Greg’s shoulders. He nearly made it but his cock was quickly restrained by those luscious lips, but he did succeed in getting the fingers out of his mouth, much to his dismay.

Both of Greg’s arms were settled on his lower back while Lucas had his legs draped over the front of Greg’s shoulders, his cock leaking out the side of that mouth. He became mesmerised by the sight, and paralysed by the hungry sounds Greg unleashed. Just as Lucas felt his body tense, fearing that he would fall, Greg pulled back and grinned wickedly at him.

“Nice attempt but you kinda failed on the landing part,” Greg chuckled as he set Lucas back down on his feet. Then he kissed him. Lucas had never tasted his own pre-cum before he met Greg and discovered that he liked it, as long as Greg delivered it to him.

For the next thirty minutes, Lucas practised at getting out of various holds from his captor. Holds that included having both legs restrained, both arms, and all four at the same time courtesy of some thick rope that had been hanging at the back of Greg’s utility belt. He managed to get free each time but found it was tricky when all four limbs were immobile. He had a hunch that Greg loosened the ropes on purpose after about ten minutes of futile struggling.

Panting, Lucas laid on his stomach, the last of the rope dangling from his ankle. “Seriously, dude, since when do cops carry such rope, anyway?”

Greg pulled the rest of the rope away from him before responding. “Comes from my Rescue Ops days, never did kick the habit of leaving home without a rope.”

Lucas attempted to roll over but Greg held him down with a palm flat on his lower back. “You were in Rescue?” he asked skeptically, and was rewarded with a swat to the arse.

“‘Course I was, insolent brat. I was captain of my squad and could climb up a rock cliff quicker than all them younglings. What did you think I did before becoming a cop?”

“Mmm,” Lucas moaned as his arse was skilfully massaged. “Dunno, desk job eating donuts all day?”


Lucas yelped then giggled.

A few more swats and the giggles turned to groans. Two more and Lucas shuddered. One final swat and his whole body exploded out over the carpet.

“Daaaaamn, mate, that’s gonna be a real bugger to clean up,” Greg grinned, not at all apologetic.

“Gaaaaaah,” Lucas groaned and rolled over, and onto his other side. “I don’t even want to think about that.”

Lucas trembled after his orgasm, feeling chilled to the bone, his thoughts rambling at a million klicks per hour. He wasn’t sure how long it was before he felt a fuzzy blanket covering him, and his head was lifted onto a pillow.

“Don’t you worry none about it, Luke,” Greg spoke softly, gently. “I know how to get messes cleaned up from all kinds of fabric, material, and even carpet. You rest there for a few minutes while I fix things up.”

Lucas’s breathing still stuttered at the words, as he focused on normalising himself. When Greg had said he would get things “fixed up”, Lucas thought the officer meant the carpet. He was genuinely surprised when Greg pulled back the blanket a bit and started cleaning him up.

“What you’re experiencing is a Drop,” Greg explained. “It’s normal, what you’re feeling. The chills, the mushy muscles, the incoherent thoughts. They’re the result of a real intense session for you. Nothing to worry about, though, as I’m here and I will get you through this, get you fixed back up to normal. Well, your kind of normal,” Greg chuckled as he roamed a hand softly over Lucas’s blanketed back, rubbing soothing circles through the fabric.

Feeling warm and safe, and downright cosy, Lucas felt his eyelids droop and he soon drifted off to sleep.

* * * * *

“How ya feeling, kid?” Greg asked him, running fingers through his hair. Lucas loved the feel of those fingers running not only through his hair, but all over his body as well. It was those fingers that woke him up an hour earlier, although they were stroking a very different part than the hair. He wiggled his arse slightly at the memory.

“Mmm,” was all Lucas could say, as he licked the last of the pizza sauce off his lips. They were now laying on the sofa with Greg behind him, a blanket draped over Lucas’s naked body. Greg was still mostly dressed, minus the uniform shirt, and the utility belt was set aside safely on the coffee table.

After a few minutes of silence, the only thing audible was their breathing, Greg spoke up. “Got a confession, Luke.”

“Huh?” Lucas turned more to face the officer, seeing the worried look on his face.

“Yeah,” Greg replied sheepishly. “Your erection, that was my doing. I popped a pill down your throat which caused it. It was…” he trailed off.

Lucas resumed his position, staring up at the ceiling, thinking about this new information. Yes, it was a real douche thing to do, illegal even, but was he hurt over it? Trust, yes, but physically? He sighed, then rolled over on his side, seeing Greg watching him.

“Greg, I agree, it was a stupid thing to do but…” Lucas paused to grab the nearby hand, thinking out his thoughts. “But I’m okay. Like, this will go down soon, right? And I’m off this weekend. I wish I could say it’s no big deal, but it really is, and a serious one at that. But, I’m okay, you’re okay, so promise me next time you’ll inform me first?”

Lucas couldn’t believe the sudden shock-relief combo in the officer’s eyes.

“You mean it?” Greg asked, very hopeful.

Lucas chuckled. “Yeah, I mean it.”

Greg grinned devilishly. “Well, then. Just to make sure you won’t go back on your promise, we still have three more hours of erection left.”

Lucas giggled as the burly officer shifted over on top of him, grinding their dicks together. He didn’t know how long this new relationship will last, but Lucas had to admit that he really enjoyed spending time with Greg. He was quite positive there will be many more “next times” to come, preferably without the pill.

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