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Little Shop of Kink

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Author’s Note:

Lycan returns as the owner of the “Tools for All Occasions” kink shop in Solstice City. Kenneth returns as the security guard. We also get a visit from Officer Greg and CSI Lucas from the SCPD. I hadn’t intended to connect all these stories but somehow I did and it’s becoming a bit confusing. In order of publishing:

It Costs How Much?!
New Kid on the Force
Tool Shop
More Experienced Kid on the Force

I’ve grown quite attached to these characters and their stories, and am happy to be able to share them with you! Enjoy!

If ever there were to be a day where he would be his usual clumsy self and trip over his own two feet, today was definitely that day. Face planted into the pavement, Artie groaned as pedestrians passed by him in their hurry to get to wherever they were going, completely ignoring him. Which was not unusual. After all, who would want to help a dirty-clothed teenager who looked like he was on drugs, and lots of tears in his jeans? People just generally don’t help a boy up when they get a good look at his exposed ass.

Ugh, yeah, Artie definitely felt the draft as he recalled hearing a rip when he was slammed back into a tree earlier that day. Probably a maple tree, based on the few scattered leaves he had brushed out of his hair shortly afterwards. He honestly believed the tree was out to get him, never mind the fact that his newly ex-boyfriend introduced Artie to the maple tree.

Once Slade finished with him, and after tying him spread-eagled to the tree, Slade laughed while stealing what little physical cash he could, then tossed the wallet further into the bush and left. Artie could still hear the lingering laughter in his ears as he groaned again, moving a leg slightly in the eventual hope of getting up off the sidewalk. How could he have been so stupid to even go out with the asshole in the first place? But then, he was young, stupid, naive, and oblivious to the real ways of the world. He supposed real love truly didn’t exist. At least, not with Slade.

Six months later, Artie felt he knew better now. When you’re twenty years old, six months felt like twelve. Which is better than when he was sixteen and dating his first boyfriend, when six months felt like six years. That one also started out well but the boyfriend soon became needy, greedy, bossy, and was only using Artie for his own personal gain. Just like with Slade. Just like with the other three boyfriends in between.

Artie sighed, never again will he allow anyone to get close to him. He’s done with love and boys and dating in general. They’re all nothing but jerks who just want his money and to get him to do things for them that Artie knew borderlined illegal. Okay, stealing a credit card off a customer’s table in a restaurant was downright awful but … considering the alternative, Artie did it. It was also much easier than joining in on a bank heist. He knew Slade was trouble the moment they locked eyes, but Artie also felt the tinglyness as his body betrayed his brain, seeking to find out more about Slade. And it was great! For the first two months, at least. Then Slade started up with the whole “If you love me, you’ll do this for me,” bit, over and over and over again, guilting Artie into doing a wide range of things, from stealing credit cards, candy bars, opening a fire hydrant, lifting magazines and newspapers, etc. Small things at first but steadily growing more difficult and dangerous as time went on.

Today, Slade cut him loose, figuratively speaking. Artie still had to get himself untied from the tree. Which he did, but only with the help of a beaver that came along and took interest in the rope around his legs. Yeah, beavers exist out in the forest area, especially where streams are nearby. They rarely venture into the bustling downtown area of Solstice City. Surrounding the city was lots of forest area, some of it even being part of the city itself. That’s where all the wildlife lived, and rodents, like the beaver. People often mistake them for animals, but nope, beavers are only known as the largest rodent on the planet.

“You plan on blocking the entrance to my shop much longer?”

Oh, right. The reason why Artie felt so embarrassed as he face planted into the sidewalk. And likely why all those pedestrians passed by him … jerks.

“Ten more minutes,” Artie mumbled, refusing to look at the really shiny leather black boots only inches from his nose. They smelled really nice.

Yeah, Slade was really bad news and got Artie in heaps of trouble. Artie even got tossed into overnight jail a few times for something he didn’t do, but Slade was never around when the cop started firing questions at him. Big, burly, scary cop, the same one at each arrest. You’d think he would have something better to do than slamming cute boys down onto the ground and slapping cuffs on him. Or maybe the cop just got off on it. Anyway, Artie was never officially charged with anything due to lack of evidence found on him, but he preferred to keep out of the overnight cell from now on. It often stank of druggies and drunks and pukers.

Today, Slade didn’t like it when Artie protested the latest assignment: stealing the cash box from the Captain’s office at the SCPD. Slade even claimed to have the combination to the safe, or at least a way to break it open.

“I didn’t want to do it, I said ‘No’ and he laughed. Dragged me to the edge, had a final round with me, left me to rot against a tree, and here I am, lying on the sidewalk talking to a pair of sexy boots.”

The boots didn’t respond, only spread apart a bit as the human attached to them squatted down. Artie soon found soft fingers against his cheek and his head tilted sideways to see fingerless black gloves attached to a shiny wristband. He refused to look at the one sporting such attractive gear as he didn’t want to get caught under his spell, whoever this guy was.

Artie suddenly winced as he felt something hard and smooth slap him on the ass and wedge in between his exposed asscheeks.

“What’s this?” the new voice growled.

“Easy, Kenny. This lad collapsed a few minutes ago, seems to be having a rough bit of time.”

“Hmm, couldn’t he find a different place to collapse? We got a store to run, Lyc,” Kenny replied as he kept twirling his baton.

“You mean I got a store to run,” Lycan retorted. “You just sit around all day watching me, watching my customers, watching all the new stock come in, watching my new employee. I swear, if you didn’t already have a boyfriend, you’d be all over Devin in a second.”

Kenny snorted. “What can I say, the kid is cute. About the same age as this one you just caught.”

Artie didn’t know who these guys were or why this Kenny was playing with his ass, but he certainly had enough of it. He clambered to his feet in a single second, distancing himself from Kenny as he spun around to hide his ass.

Which was a huge mistake as Artie ended up doing the very thing he absolutely refused to do … he laid eyes on the owner of the sexy boots, Lycan, who runs the shop Artie had apparently collapsed in front of. He wasn’t sure what jumped to attention first, his heart or his dick.

“Mmm, he seems to have arose from the dead,” Lycan purred while licking his lips. “Come along, cutie. I’ve a clean-up spot in the back and you can borrow a pair of pants.”

“Uh,” Artie began, uncertain as to how to handle this sudden change of circumstance. Seeing the glare in Kenny’s eyes, Artie blushed and followed after Lycan.

A few minutes later, Artie found himself in the Staff Only section of the store. He really wasn’t sure if he was embarrassed more by the store itself or by the back rooms. Sure, there was a tiny kitchenette, a toilet, shower, small bedroom with an oversized bed, but there were also lots of products that were not in packaging.

“Gotta test to make sure what we sell are in the highest quality,” Lycan had informed him. “Only the best products for my store, it’s what keeps the customers happy and coming back.”

Artie could understand that policy fully. Without customers, the business would close. Still, he really didn’t need to be staring at a wall full of various dildos and vibrators. He was grateful for the towel that suddenly slapped into the side of his head, impairing his vision.

“Shower’s in that door there,” Lycan told him while pushing him not-so-gently towards the room. “Make sure you get this cute toushie cleaned up nicely. I already have a clean outfit ready for you when you’re done. Take your time but try not to be too long. I wanna know everything about you!”

Artie heard the door click shut behind him, his ass slightly stinging from the pinching that occurred while he was being ushered in here, then removed the towel from his face. Glancing around, he saw that the washroom was small, but was still bigger than what he expected. It was just roomy enough to have a toilet, sink, and full-size shower. As expected, he also spotted a change of clothing sitting on the stool next to the shower. Relieved at how normal they appeared, considering where he was (a fricken kink shop!), Artie turned the shower on and stepped in.

* * * * *

“You sure about him?” Kenneth asked for the umpteenth time.

Lycan sighed and set his pricing gun down. “Yes, Kenny, I’m positive he’s the one.”

“Hmm, I’m not too sure. Doesn’t look quite right to me.”

“That’s because he didn’t do any of those things,” Lycan snapped. “Seriously, the kid’s out of sorts, sure, but he’s a good guy. I’ve seen him around.”

“I’ve spoke to Greg,” Kenneth began but left it at that.

“And I’ve spoken to Devin, and Kyle a couple times as well. That there is Artie. Missed a lot of classes at college that he was booted out. No thanks to that boyfriend he was with. That bunch got Artie into a shit of trouble.”

Kenneth nodded. “Indeed, they have. Greg never liked having to arrest the kid but he did it in hopes that it’ll give him the courage to break free of the prick. Never once charged the kid for anything, and never a report written.”

“Because I never did anything,” Artie mumbled as he emerged from the back.

Lycan spun and squealed. “Oooh, you do clean up nicely, cutie!” He had to get a closer look so he hurried over to his newest conquest and began oohing and aahing at how the skinny pants and shirt clung deliciously to the skin.

“Mmm, you look delicious enough to eat,” Lycan continued as he looped a stray strand of hair behind Artie’s ear. “Now then, you sit here on this stool and tell me all about this boyfriend of yours.”

Lycan smiled as he watched a wide range of mixed emotions cross over the cutie in front of him as the stool met with that delectable ass. He quickly recognised fear, confusion, embarrassment, and blank as he knew the braincell checked out.

“Let me guess, honey, he was a real douchebag, wasn’t he?” Lycan nodded as he spoke, knowing he spoke true. Artie looked away and confirmed his guess by nodding as well.

“Um, yeah. He, they, well…”

Lycan held a finger to Artie’s lips. “Hush, say no more. You’re safe here. With Kenny guarding my shop, ain’t no way them pricks will find you here. They will never gain entry here. However, if you want, you can tell us where they might be found. We got a contact at the SCPD who’d be more than happy to toss them behind prison bars, let them rot for eternity. But, not right now. You need food, drinks, maybe a vibrator up your ass to help you relax, hmm?”

Lycan couldn’t help it. Artie really was adorably cute, made even more so by the sudden shock embarrassment on the other’s face. But his keen eye totally caught the rustling of the pants as something else took interest in his words. As much as Lycan wanted to take Artie under his protective wing, nurse him mentally back to good health while exploring every inch of that smooth, hairless body, he knew that Artie had been through a lot recently. Hence he needed to take things slow with this one.

Still, Artie was making it near impossible for Lycan to take things slow, especially with how the youngster was staring at Lycan’s boots. He knew the signs of longing and lust when he saw them, and Lycan slowly moved a boot forward within striking range. He didn’t think Artie realised his own sneaker moved forward and made contact with the boot. Lycan smiled.

Never one for relationships, Lycan had remained single for all twenty-seven years of his life. Sure, he had several flings over the years but they always ended up not going according to plan. All his partners just wanted free kink gear. But somehow he knew Artie was different. Sweet, adorable, innocent Artie who blushed easily at looking at anything kink related. Like the wall of dildos in the back room.

“I’ll go snag us some grub from the back. You wait here quietly and try not to run away, hmm?” Lycan ruffled Artie’s hair then turned to head out back. Oh yes, he realised, Artie is clearly different from anyone else he met.

* * * * *

Watching Lycan saunter out back, Artie felt his cheeks cool as he ran fingers through his still-damp hair. The shop owner was clearly different from Slade and all the others in his past.

Realising the mistake of his thoughts, Artie slapped his cheeks to distract himself, cursed, then got up to wander the shop. Which was a huge mistake as his dick sought control, dragging him from one display to the next, trying to convince Artie that these things were good.

“You’re amusing,” said a voice at his ear. Artie “gaaaaacked” and spun around to see Kenny there. “Easy, kid, not gonna hurt you. ‘Sides, I already got me one of you. Don’t need another one, yet.”

Artie couldn’t be sure but… did Kenny twinkle-wink at him? “Um, I’m Artie, and I’m not exactly a kid…”

“Compared to me you are,” Kenny chuckled. “Let’s see here.”

Artie’s eyes widened as he realised the guy in the security uniform was looking through HIS wallet. When the heck did Kenny life his wallet?!

“Artie Whitters, 20 years old, birthday in August. Lives on the East Side of Solstice City. Attends the College on the East Side. Or do you even still do?”

Artie flinched under that stern glare, and swallowed hard. “Um, kinda had to leave…”

“Right, got busy and all, couldn’t keep up with your attendance. What were you studying?”

Artie blinked. Nobody ever took interest in him and his life, least of all school. The only thing anyone ever wanted from him was what he could give them or do for them. Peering into Kenny’s deep brown eyes, he honestly felt that he could trust this man.

“Um, arts,” Artie replied quietly.

“Theatre, computer graphics, paintings?” Kenny’s tone was of genuine interest.

Artie mumbled something that he hoped Kenny wouldn’t hear. But naturally, the guard pressed on. “Say, what? Speak up, boy. When someone asks you a question that you feel like answering, at least respond loudly enough to be heard.”

“I… I… you… huh?” Artie blinked again as Kenny’s words caught up to him. His entire life, everyone always told him to speak up whenever a question was asked of him. Never has anyone told him that he didn’t have to answer a question. Kenny basically implied that very new, unheard of concept.

“Cat caught your tongue?” Kenny grinned. “Trust me, whatever you want to tell me, it won’t sound weird at all. After all, I write stories as a hobby. My boyfriend takes great delight in tearing apart my stories and inserts a ton of words and punctuation, and claims my perfect grammar is horrible. I’ve a good mind to give him a paddling soon as I see one come in that interests me enough to buy.”

Artie felt himself relaxing in the presence of this tall security guard. The guy reminded him of the cop, actually, the one that arrested him a few times. Kenny, however, was taller and not quite as muscle-bulky as the cop, but he could certainly see some muscle forming beneath that tight deep blue security shirt.

“You telling my guest about your porn stories?” Lycan’s voice reached his ears before Artie saw the gorgeous deity saunter back into the shop with a plate laden with… with… whatever it was it smelt so good and heavenly!

Not as tall as Kenny, but certainly taller than himself, Lycan had a slender build with long hair tied up into a tail that he often had slung over a shoulder. The hair was strikingly beautiful as it was a mix of blonde and brunette, blonde being the natural, the darker strands dyed in to appear like stripes. Artie had to admit, the hair makes Lycan appear more wolfish, in a sweet, mischievous way. As for the clothing, Lycan had his delicious boots and fingerless gloves, the silver wristband appeared on both wrists, like cuff bands. The shirt was neat and tidy with buttons, and looked totally out of place in a shop like this. The pants were dark blue leather and were extremely tight, which was more in line with this shop.

“You’re confused,” Lycan chuckled as he handed the plate to him. “My attire is not what you’re used to, huh?”

Artie shook his head as he popped a chicken ball into his mouth. He nearly died happily at how good it tasted! Swallowing, he spoke his thoughts. “It’s your shirt. All of you seem perfect for this type of shop but your shirt feels more business-like, more appropriate for a bank or accounting office.”

“Mmm, you are accurate, my delectable stray wanderer,” Lycan purred. “An important client is coming today so I need to look my very best. He’s the type that believes near-naked staff should only exist at the Clubs. If it weren’t for him, then I’d be wearing a shirt more appropriate for my shop, the kind that really excites the customers. My poor nipples can’t get enough fresh air when covered so confiningly in this dreadful shirt.”

Artie giggled at how Lycan flamboyantly sighed at the annoyance of having to wear a “proper” shirt. He hurriedly finished his meal and decided that he could trust these two. He already felt more comfortable in their presence than he ever had with anyone before.

“Thank you for the food, was quite delicious,” Artie began as he set the plate down on the counter. “As for what I was studying, it was graphic design on computers. I was aiming for a career as an artist, whether it be for comics or trading card games. I’ve been practicing on my own over the years but haven’t done much this past year, due to… stuff. Anyway, I’ve my own pages on DeviantArt and FurAffinity, ArtStation as well for the more professional stuff. DA and FA are more for hobby pics and commissions. ArtStation has my actual portfolio that I share with companies.”

“Oh?” Kenny was definitely interested. “I know those sites. We should talk. I could use some arts for my stories.”

“If what Lycan said was true about your stories, then sure. I do have a lot of… um… that type of arts.”

“You are so cute when you blush, you know that?” Lycan draped an arm over his shoulders. “Now, open up those pretty lips of yours.”

Artie didn’t know why but he complied. He soon regretted his decision as something long, hard and smooth was pushed in. Well, he thought he regretted it. Moving his tongue, he realised it felt kinda nice, whatever it was.

“That’s it, suck on that li’l thing in your mouth,” Lycan whispered directly into his ear while still clutching the base of the item. He pulled it out a bit then pushed it back in again, deeper this time. Artie soon found his lips pressed against the base as the entire length was fully inserted into his mouth, the tip just touching the back.

“There ya go, sweetie, feels good, huh? Don’t forget to breathe through your nose.”

Artie complied with that order and found he could breathe easier now. He also felt Lycan’s hand move away from the item but at no point did Artie feel compelled to pull it out of his mouth. He just kept sucking and sliding his tongue around it. He did raise his own hand to keep the item steady but not once did he think to remove it. He liked it.

“Mmm, that’s my boy. You’re clearly enjoying your new sucky-toy, aint’cha? Soon enough that thing will…”


The buzzer sounded loud and clear interrupting Lycan. “Now? Why are there customers now? Honestly, I’m quite busy here. Ingrateful, rude buggers.”

It was difficult, but Artie managed to giggle over the toy jammed into his mouth. He heard Lycan huff and felt the breeze of his abrupt departure. Turning, Artie, watched as the shop owner and security guy went towards the door. He could see the outline of a big burly… CRAP! It was the cop!

Panicked, Artie realised his position, standing near the counter with a sucky-toy in his mouth. He turned and dashed out back. He really hoped the cop didn’t see him. He really didn’t want to spend another night in jail.

Just when he thought the coast was clear, Lycan’s voice sounded loud and near. Like, nearly at his ear near. There really was no hiding place out back.

“Sure, you can talk to him, Officer. He’s rather shy so he scurried out back like a scared rabbit. He can tell you where to find that lousy lot.”

“Harumph, no need to go easy on the scoundrel, Lyc. I’ll get the info out of his ass somehow.”

No sooner had the last word was spoken, Officer Greg rounded the corner and spotted him hiding out with the wall of dildos. Artie flinched as he pressed further back into the wall, seeing the smirk on the cop’s lips. He highly doubted the cop didn’t notice how he backed up into one of the “things” on the wall.

“Not exactly what I pictured when I woke up this morning, a scoundrel surrounded by a wall of dicks,” the cop, Greg, laughed. “My wake-up dreams are more filled with my boy being consumed by my cock, although, this morning was certainly not a dream.” Officer Greg winked at him.

“Now, let’s see what you got there.”

Artie tried so hard to escape the wall of dicks but he really had no place to go. Not that it mattered as his feet were glued to the floor and wouldn’t budge. He tugged futily to lift a foot.

“Mmm, I see what’s going on,” Officer Greg towered over him as he glanced down. He nudged his boot against Artie’s sneaker. “Seems you triggered a clamp. Ain’t no way you’re getting free, not unless Lycan sets you loose, and knowing that guy, he’s far more likely to keep you under lock and key. Now, about your mouth. I have questions and you can’t answer because…” Greg tugged on the base and slid the item out slowly, “… you had this really nice looking plug in your mouth. See how it glistens?”

Artie stared at the dildo… no, plug… as it glistened in the light, with the wetness of his mouth. He continued to stare as Officer Greg sniffed the plug and ran his tongue along it.

“Mmm, this is new, hadn’t a chance to go where it belongs. I suppose I interrupted when I came in, eh? Nice and slender, long too. LUCAS!”

Artie winced at the sudden shrill tone as Officer Greg hollered out to someone.

“What now?!” came the exasperated voice as a skinny guy came into view. “I’m busy talking with Lycan…”

“Making out with him more like it,” Officer Greg growled out. “Turn around and bend over.”

“Seriously? Here?!” Lucas protested as he obeyed the order.

“Rather out front where just anyone could walk in?” Greg slapped his boy on the ass and hauled the jeans down. “Now spread ‘em.”

At first Artie thought the cop meant to spread the legs, which Lucas had done so automatically upon bending over, but he hadn’t expected Lucas to reach back and spread his asscheeks. Artie was mesmerised as he witnessed his slobbered-up plug being inserted into Lucas’s ass.

“Very nice, indeed,” Officer Greg slapped Lucas again on the ass and turned back to Artie. “Now, then. You have information I need to tackle your gang and flay their arses.”

Artie struggled with his priorities. Give Officer Greg the information he required, or watch Lucas pull his pants back up, those really skin-tight blue jeans, that accentuated his assets mighty nicely.

“How…” Artie began but he really had no idea what he was about to say.

“How does it feel?” Lucas asked with a grin, to which Artie nodded because that was as good a question as any. “Feels great! Just new on the market, Lycan was telling me. He said he was testing it and he most certainly was.” Lucas giggled. “Long, hard, smooth, not too wide so it won’t choke the one sucking on it. As for inside my ass, feels soooo good. Saliva really is a great lubricant, yours especially.”

Artie blushed and Greg sighed in annoyance. “Fine, it’s nice, feels fine, you like it, we all like it, now give!” Greg spoke the command directly to Artie.

“Um, Slade and his crew have a place up West at the docks nearest the forest edge.”

Before he could say anything else, Officer Greg pressed a finger to his lips, much like how Lycan did it to him earlier. Artie waited silently for two minutes before Greg spoke.

“I know the area. I’ll need to take a few with me to take ‘em out. Ain’t no place for sweet innocence. How’d you get messed up with them in the first place? Wait, don’t tell me. Slade appeared like a God on a fricken Unicorn, sweet talked you, lured you in. Right?”

Artie nodded, then looked down in embarrassment.

“Now, don’t you worry none about Slade and his gang. Lyc mentioned you got away from that bastard, and it’s about damn time. If you want a new gang to hang out with, you can’t do wrong with this place here.” Officer Greg waved his hand toward the wall of dicks but Artie knew that the cop was referring to those who worked there at the kink shop. “I’ve known Lycan and Kenneth for years. Good people. You’re safe here. They won’t ever get you to do something you don’t wanna do, although I’m pretty sure Lycan can get you liking dicks and vibrators up your arse in no time.”

Artie really had nothing to say to any of that, especially that last comment. However, he had to admit he did like the plug in his mouth.

“Come along and do your proper duty as host and see us off safely,” Officer Greg barked as he turned and left the back area.

“Trust me, he’s all bark with only the best bites,” Lucas told Artie honestly. “If he doesn’t like you, then you’d be full of his nastiest bites. You’re safe, though. Greg adores you! He told me so as he recounted each of his successful captures of you. He was actually looking forward to the next chance to cuff you. But now, well, not sure what he’ll do now that you’re officially part of our gang.” Lucas giggled, then paused. “That is… if you join.”

Artie was once again confused by being asked for his opinion. “Um, gang?”

“Sure!” Lucas pulled Artie towards him and draped an arm over his shoulders. “Lycan owns this shop, he’s single unless you stick around. Kenny is the security guy, he has a boyfriend who works at the nearby coffee shop. Greg has known Kenny and Lycan for years, I think they went to college together. I’ve been with Greg for a few months now. Kenny landed his boyfriend earlier this year. There’s also a new employee here, Devin, just started on the weekend. It’s his day off today. He and his partner Kyle attend the college currently. That’s the “gang” as I know it thus far. I haven’t met any others yet.”

“What do you guys do?” Artie asked, wanting to know how this gang differed from Slade’s, although he highly doubted his new friends were into robbing mansions and banks. They didn’t look like drug dealers either.

“Hang out, food, drinks, binge-watch television shows, lots of movie marathons. Me and Jacks enjoy video games as well. The guys like to play poker while we’re gaming. They say that video games are for kids,” Lucas rolled his eyes, “but if you ask me, they just suck at Mario Kart.”

Artie tried to be disinterested, due to his resolve to not get close to anyone ever again, but once more his body betrayed him. His facial features lit right up and he relaxed fully against Lucas’s side.

“Mmm, looks like me and Jacks have some new competition then,” Lucas squeezed him fondly while leading Artie out to the main store.

“Quit your eye fucking and get a move on!” Officer Greg barked loudly.

“Oooh, cutie! That means you’re staying, right? The newest member of our lovely family. I’ll be sure to introduce our entire stock to you so you can take over the inventory and such. This is going to be so much fun!” Lycan wrapped his arms tightly around Artie, squeezing the life out of him, making sure to rub their groins together. Artie actually felt sad when the contact was released.

“Friday  night!” Lucas shouted back to him as the cop forcefully dragged his partner out of the kink shop.

“Um, they’re interesting,” Artie commented.

“Mmm, that they are,” Lycan agreed. “Greg used to be an ass but since Lucas came into his life, the old boy settled down quick. Mighty fond of the boy, he is. Now then, whatever happened to your sucky-toy? I didn’t tell you to take it out, y’know.”

Artie winced as Lycan scolded him like he was a child. “Um, it kinda went out the door.”

Artie took a few steps back as he saw the fury appear out of nowhere. “Oooh, wait until I get my hands on that filthy dirty cop. Nobody touches my property without my permission. Tell me exactly where it is?”

Artie was amazed by how those orange eyes blazed brightly. “Lucas…”

That one word extinguished the fury in an instant. “Ooooh, ho ho, I see. Does he like it?” Lycan was back to his purring self again.

“Yeah, he says it felt really nice and other stuff and well, he really likes it?”

Lycan chuckled. “I’m sure he does. Well, that truly sealed the deal then. My sucky-toy with your saliva on it, inside of Lucas’s ass. One big happy family!”

Artie oophed as Lycan strangled him again in a hug. He had no idea what he got himself into, as this isn’t exactly how he planned the day to go from the moment he woke up, but Artie had to admit that he’s looking forward to Friday and meeting Jacks and playing Mario Kart.

To hell with his resolve. Artie moved his arms up and did his own strangling of his newest friend.

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