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Author’s Note:

These two characters, Kyle and Devin, first appeared in the short story: “It Costs How Much?!“. Reading that one is not mandatory for reading this one but you might understand a few things a bit better.

“Right here, bro, is the place to be when you have a credit card and a taste for kinkiness!”

Kyle looked at his friend skeptically. “Dev, since when have you had a credit card? You can’t afford more than a few packets of noodles each month.”

Devin grinned and draped an arm over his roommate’s shoulders. “Details, schmetails. Let’s go! This is their quietest time of the day, meaning, we practically have the entire store to ourselves! Aside from the cutie at the check-out counter.”

Devin winked at him while ushering them both into the… what was it called again? Catching the sign on the door, Kyle read: “Tools for All Occasions!” Each letter L was in the form of a dildo, each letter O had piercings. Sure, the sign itself seemed harmless enough, if you don’t look too closely, but nobody would know exactly what type of shop this was until they entered the three (yes, THREE) sets of sliding door leading into the interior. Likely for security reasons.

“As you can see, these three sets of doors? The first grants entry but you can’t see anything inside. The second set has the signage and warnings, no minors allowed. This is where one would hold up their Magic Card granting entry to the final doors.”

Devin scanned his card and the doors slid open. Once through, the doors closed and a security guy appeared at the third doors.

“Kenny! Good to see you, buddy! How ya doin’?” Devin spoke to the guard cheerfully. “How’s the job treating ya? Been a month now, eh?”

The big guy, Kenny, continued to look serious but Kyle could see a glint of a sparkle in the dark eyes. The guard opened the final set of doors to grant them entry before responding.

“Month, yeah, going good, no hassles aside from annoying pricks like yourself.”

Kyle was rooted to the spot as he watched the guard retrieve his baton and slapped Devin on the arse with it.

“Mmm, kinky, you know what I like, tough guy!” Devin licked his lips as he wiggled his arse against the baton that was pressing firmly into the buttocks.

Kenny growled. “Out of my sight, kid. ‘Sides, I already got me one of you.” The guard winked as he pushed the baton, sending Devin on his way.

“You’re gonna hafta tell me all about him before we leave, sexy.” Devin sauntered off, tapping his own ass in a See Ya Later gesture.

Kyle blinked at the interaction, at how his roommate could be so blatantly flirtatious. Glancing at the guard, Kenny smiled at him and licked his lips.

“Um, nice meeting you,” Kyle mumbled and hurried after his annoying prick of a friend.

Trying not to look around too much, Kyle let loose a smile as he thought about Devin. They’ve been best friends since they were kids, attending classes together right up until they graduated. Now they were at the same university and sharing a flat together.

While Kyle was the more reserved and quiet one of the duo, Devin had always been outgoing, never shying away from anything new, tackling new challenges head on. Speaking of new things…

“Kyle! Come on! You gotta see this.”

Kyle approached with caution, having no idea what Dev was excited about this time. Knowing his best bud the way he did, it could be anything…

Like the striking blue harness that was now covering his naked chest with straps dangling down the legs. Kyle rolled his eyes as Devin twirled around.

“How’s it look? I like the small rings, won’t be noticeable through clothing, and you see these straps? They’ll connect over the thighs. I can show you when we get home. They’ll fit better without the pants.”

Kyle sighed as he averted his eyes, not wanting to get any heat in his cheeks. “Dev, you do realise your bank account is as blue as that harness? By that I mean, it’s depressing.”

“Oh hush,” Dev told him then held up a fairly skinny package. “What about this? Brand new item from an up-and-coming company.”

Curious, Kyle moved closer to get a better look. He raised his eyes skeptically at his best friend. “Uh, they look like ordinary beads to me.” Black in colour, they really did look like ordinary beads, six in the chain, each one slightly bigger than the previous, the smallest at the top and inserts first. Seemed to be a mix between soft leather and silicone.

“Ah, that’s the beauty of them, my young padewan!” Devin flipped the package over to reveal the details on the back. “The four in the middle are vibrators. Won’t move much but the tinglyness is something to die for! Comes packaged with a remote so you can either set one bead off, or all four, or any combination of the four. Different intensities as well for each one. Silent, too! Well, except for the one wearing this.” Devin giggled. “And there’s just enough give between beads so they curve properly going in. Comfy for wearing throughout the day.”

Kyle can certainly visualise his roommate wearing such a thing all day along with the harness, immediately feeling his pants tighten at the thought. He failed to unleash any more protests as he knew Devin wouldn’t listen, and Dev was having too much fun going through the latest toys on the market.

Devin was behaving exactly like a kid entering a candy store for the first time, and Kyle didn’t have the heart to ruin the moment. Devin had a rough childhood, often seeking solitude with Kyle who never once turned him away. Now that they were older, Kyle always thought of himself as the “big brother” despite being three months younger than Dev.

Still, even “big brothers” can get caught up in the excitement, as Kyle’s eyes drifted over to a non-descript package on the wall next to the counter. What really caught his eyes was that all the other items on the wall were in bright coloured packaging, but not this one. Plucking it off the wall, Kyle’s eyes lit up as he saw what it was: a set of four tiny vibrators that can be attached anywhere on the body, like the nipples, behind the ears, the balls, or even your cock head. They can even be attached to items like dildos and plugs without risk of coming loose.

Kyle saw that there were three packages at a price that he can actually afford so he snagged all three. His head was rapidly filling up with ideas in how to use such tiny vibrators.

When he returned back to the others, Kyle saw a huge pile on the counter and Devin was clearly flirting with the sales clerk who really was a cutie; a tall, blonde and blue-eyed cutie, who had a dazzling smile while flirting back. Mesmerised, Kyle watched the numbers on the register add up as Devin tossed two more plugs onto the pile, another pack of beads, and… leg chains?

“Dev,” Kyle began again, quietly this time. “You serious about all this? These ain’t exactly cheap items, especially from the Master Series and Anal Fantasy, and just what is this new Deep company, anyway?”

Devin smiled at him in a calm, relaxing manner and draped an arm over his shoulders. “It’s cool, bro, just wait for it.”

Kyle really wasn’t sure what to think as the total passed beyond $500 and kept climbing. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see the final total. It was the sales clerk’s voice that snapped his eyes open again to see the new total.

“There we go, just hit the Employee button and your new total is now $50.”

“Huh?!” Kyle blinked not understanding the new total. Hell, just the new Deep Vibrating Plug alone is worth $125.

“Figure it out yet?” Devin leaned in close and whispered in his ear, leaving the area damp and pleasantly warm.

“Uh…” Kyle shook his head as he tried to control himself. He really didn’t need Devin to be standing this close to him in a public place… a place that only has a cute sale clerk and the rugged scary looking security guard at the door who kept staring at them. There really were no other customers in the store.

“Here you go, Dev. Everything is all packed up and don’t forget your Welcome Kit is in there as well, containing your credentials, documents, introductory DVD, and everything.”

“Awesome! You’re the best, Lycan.”

Kyle couldn’t believe it when Devin leaned forwards and kissed the clerk, Lycan.

“Mmm, more of that Monday,” Lycan said as he gently pushed Devin away, then hauled out a credit card. “Take this and your boy out to dinner to celebrate. I’m sure you two cuties have a lot to talk about, hmm?” Lycan winked at Kyle.

“You okay, man? You’ve been pretty spaced out,” Devin asked him quietly as they approached the doors.

“Oh? Huh? Uh, yeah, I’m fine, peachy,” Kyle assured him. In reality, he was anything but fine as he still couldn’t work out the fact that his best mate just paid $50 for nearly a grand worth of kink stuff. And what was up with that Welcome Kit bit, anyway?

Devin stepped in front of him and caught his eyes, speaking calmly and seriously. “Kyle, I didn’t want to tell you until now as I wanted to surprise you. I know how finances are for both of us right now and I can assure you I’m not doing anything illegal to get the goods I’m getting. You already know how I got the video game equipment. As for this stuff here that we just picked up?” Devin held up a new card and Kyle finally clued you.


“There ya go, you finally get it,” Devin chuckled. “Yes, I met Lycan when he held a Traumatised Victims of Rape class. I was curious, I attended, and before you even think it, and you KNOW this, I was never raped. However, we both know some people who have been raped in the past. The course was very informative for both those who were raped, and for those who want to know how to see the signs and help victims.”

“New class next week Thursday!” Lycan chimed in as he came up. “Let me see those for a second.”

That was when Kyle realised he was still holding the three packages of tiny vibrators. “Oh! Geeze, sorry, I didn’t mean… I meant to pay…”

“Oh, hush,” Lycan ordered with a grin, much like Devin did earlier. “I just need to…” With a scanner gun in hand, Lycan zapped each bar-code, then entered some numbers, and handed him back the packages. “There ya go. I didn’t want the door sensors to start blaring when you head out. You’re not quite ready for Kenny’s unique search method.”

Kenny’s eyes burned and glared daggers at Lycan. Kyle didn’t know why but he actually giggled at the sight, and louder when the guard held up his baton.

“Get yer arses outta here before I kick you out,” Kenny threatened as he swung his baton.

“What about my story?” Devin whined.

Kenny rolled his eyes. “Fine. I met a guy. We went out. I fucked him. He’s mine. The end.”

“Mmm, kinky,” Devin swooned. “More details Monday. I gotta get my own guy out to dinner before I perish. Shopping is hungry work.”

Kyle stumbled as Devin pushed him back out into the normal world. He followed slightly behind as they entered a restaurant half-way down the block, the kind that sold fancy Italian. He glanced down at the bags, suddenly fearful of what the staff would think.

“Relax, Kyle. Nothing on the bags to give us away,” Devin told him soothingly.

Upon entering the Italian restaurant, Devin automatically held out the new credit card to the matri’d.

“Ah, yes, honoured guests of Lycan,” the matri’d beamed at them. “Right this way.”

They followed the matri’d, Claude, into a private room that held an impressive size window overlooking the bay.

“Wow!” Kyle couldn’t believe what he was seeing, his eyes glued to all the ships and boats on the water.

“Order whatever you wish, the magic card includes everything,” Claude winked as he laid menus down on the table. “I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

When Claude had gone, Kyle took a moment to gaze around the room more. It was actually larger than it appeared but only a small section was in use with a few tables set up, only one of which is currently in use as their table.

“Pretty awesome, right?” Devin grinned and held a chair out for Kyle, before seating himself down. “Met a guy during a worthy lecture, get a job, access to discounts and the company card.”

Kyle nodded in agreement as he sipped on his water. “Incredible, indeed. I’m still having difficulties processing all this, Dev. Will the job interfere with the college courses?”

Devin shook his head. “Nah, this semester I have Monday Wednesday Friday mornings, so I’m free to work 2 pm onwards. No work Tuesday Thursday as those are Lab days. I’m also free to work Saturdays. Sundays I’ll stick to studying.”

“Will certainly be nice to see you eating more than just noodle packets all the time,” Kyle responded as Claude came back in with their chosen drink of one beer each. Neither of them are big drinkers but they don’t mind it on occasion.

Claude left after they gave him their orders, then raised their glasses together.

“To the new job,” Devin stated.

“To the kinkiest bugger I have ever known,” Kyle grinned as they tapped their bottles together. “Seriously, dude, this is amazing. What’d you do to land this job, anyway?”

Devin sipped on his beer for a few moments before responding. “That class I was telling you about? It hit me hard, in the feels. I want to help out. Lycan says that a lot of people come to the store, and before they installed on the current security features, some frequent customers ended up being very bad people. Some were caught and sentenced to life, others remain on the loose. Me and Lyce, we got to talking after the course, just simple talk, nothing kinky or anything, and our drinks were soda, no alcohol. Lyce is always improving his security, introduced me to his shop earlier this month, met Kenny. They have a database of all customers that enter the shop. Each customer is run through a complete security check before they are issued an Entry Card. Kenny gets the final word at the door on who he lets enter. If a customer with a card appears stoned, drugged, or drunk as piss, then they don’t gain entry and they have their card taken away.”

Kyle shuddered. “I’m guessing that’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of security measures.”

“Right you are, bro, but for now, you only get to know the tip. I don’t need to be telling you where all the cameras and lasers and explosives are buried in the store.”

Kyle giggled as Devin winked at him, feeling more at ease. “Kenny seems like a good guy.”

“Definitely,” Devin agreed. “Kenny doesn’t like all the hustle and bustle of a police station or a night club so he went into retail security after a brief stint at a coffee shop. He and Lycan get on perfectly well.”

“That’s good,” Kyle commented. “What about me, though? I don’t have a card. Not that I’d actually go in there much but it might be useful when picking you up.”

“Aww, how sweet that you want to walk li’l ol’ me home from work,” Devin replied in a sickeningly sweet voice while batting his eyelashes. “Worry none, my partner in crime, for I know that right this moment Lycan is already adding you into the database. I’ll fill the rest in on Monday and you can get your card when you pick me up. Both Lycan and Kenny took a real shining to you.”

“Huh,” Kyle said thoughtfully, but hadn’t had time to think much as their food arrived. They both thanked the waiter who delivered their food, then dived right into the steaming hot noodles, vegetables, and the shared lasagna.

“Now then, about tonight,” Devin began as he sat back in his chair rubbing his fully belly. “Any plans?”

Kyle blinked, knowing that Devin knew full well that he never has any plans. “Sure, lots. Got that Chemistry test to study for, it’s coming up in two weeks. English assignment that’s due end of the month. Disney+ is also demanding my attention, and I think the dishes still need doing.”

While Kyle spoke seriously, Devin’s grin turned into a mix between the Joker and the Cheshire Cat.

“Excellent, you can help me decide what to wear for my first day at work Monday,” Devin mentioned.

Kyle nearly spurted out the last of his beer, then burst out in laughter. He couldn’t help it. “Dude, seriously? Your first day?”

Devin stared at his best friend in mock shock and surprise. “I’ll have you know I’m a dedicated employee that is better able to assist the customers due to my vast knowledge of the products we have in stock. What better way to get the experience, eh?”

“Oh yeah, I can totally see a future Veterinarian getting all dolled up in hidden kink gear only because the dress code at work requires it,” Kyle smirked.

“Gives you more material to work with, Mr BestSeller,” Devin smirked back.

Gathering up their bags, Claude showed them out, giving each boy a light peck on each cheek. They promised to return often as the food was truly divine!

“Onwards to a night of kinkness!” Devin declared loudly as they headed down the street. Luckily they didn’t live too far away as Kyle couldn’t wait to shut his annoying prick of a friend up.

The downside was having to wait a bit longer due to his set-in-stone rule of having to clean everything before usage. Double clean in the case of those items newly removed from packaging. Well, he can still gag Devin and tie him down with stuff they already owned, let him sweat it out for awhile before the real work begins.

This was certainly going to be an interesting night!

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