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Who Caught Whom?

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 “Whatcha up to?” Devin asked as he hopped over the back of the couch and landed nearly in his roommate’s lap.

“Reading,” Kyle responded as he shoved Devin’s legs off him.

“Lemme see,” Devin said as he snatched the book. “Forced Encounters by Sandra Claire. Sounds hot.”

Kyle rolled his eyes as Devin began flipping through the pages. Getting up, he put the kettle on, letting the water boil as he prepped two mugs of French Vanilla Cappuccino. He hid a smile as he listened to his best mate “Oohing” and “Ahhing” at various pages.

“Bro, we totally gotta try some of this,” Devin declared, accepting a steaming hot mug.

“I’m not having sex with you on a plane, Dev,” Kyle told him as he blew lightly on his drink before taking a sip. Mmm! Delicious!

“Too expensive,” Devin nodded. “I’m sure there are plenty of places around Solstice we can get kinky at, eh?”

Kyle ignored the sparkly pleading puppy-dog eyes and continued sipping on his drink. Still, Devin did have a point. There was that certain exhilaration at doing things in public, or semi-public. The fear of potentially getting caught raises the adrenaline, the sweat, heightens all the senses, and tastes extra good. Before he knew it, Kyle was running through various locations in his mind.

“You know what we should do?” Devin spoke up after a few minutes of silence.

Finish my tasty drink, Kyle thought. “Don’t know about you but I would like to finish reading that book you confiscated.”

“Mmm, just wait until this burglar story, you’ll love it! Well, I’ll love it and you’ll love it and we’ll both love it!”

“You’re not making any sense, dude, and SPOILERS!” Kyle reached over and snatched the book back.

“We’re roommates right? And best friends, long time friends, we’ve known each other for years, bro.”

“So?” Kyle flipped through the book and marked the page he was at. “What’s your point?”

Devin leaned in grinning, and licked his cheek. “We do things…”

“You do things,” Kyle corrected.

“You’re here, you’re an accomplice, so that makes you a full member of this elaborate operation.”

Kyle rolled his eyes again but didn’t lean away from his pesky roommate. Nor did he fend off a groping hand. “What are you getting at, Dev?” He already had a clear idea of where this conversation was going but he wanted Dev to speak his mind.

Devin didn’t respond for a few minutes as he fished Kyle’s cock out of his boxers and rubbed the slit gently with his thumb. He also didn’t break eye contact with Kyle.

Kyle always prided himself on being the cool and smart one of the pair. Devin was always the more hyper one, always eager to tackle new things, enthusiastic and more active. Dev was also pretty smart but he didn’t show that side of himself very often. Kyle loved the fact that he knew so much more about Devin than anyone else, especially all the private stuff like how long into sleep it takes Devin before he rolls over, how long it takes to empty the morning bladder, how his forehead crinkles while in orgasmic bliss, and that Dev still sleeps with his favourite blanket from when he was three years old.

Despite being the cool, calm, and collected one, Kyle found himself struggling to remain all three as Devin’s expert fingers worked him up into a full sweat. Yet, he didn’t push his friend away. They’ve been together for many years, always best buds, then roommates. Neither of them knew when it began but they had entered the Friends with Benefits territory. Likely back when they were exploring puberty together, and they just never stopped exploring.

“You’re liking this,” Devin whispered into his ear, followed by a nibble on the lobe.

Kyle snorted in disinterest, as he always does, but he could no longer visibly deny what Devin does to him. “Anyone would appreciate a skillful hand on their cock.”

“I love that you finally admitted I’m skillful,” Devin beamed and kissed him, then lingered sharing breaths as he pumped harder on Kyle’s cock.

“Fuck,” Kyle cursed as his body tensed. He hadn’t realised Devin had moved until Dev popped back up again and pressed their lips together. Kyle’s brain went into overload as he tasted his own cum.

“So, what I’m thinking,” Devin began while Kyle’s body trembled in post-orgasm, “is that we should make my cock-sucking more official.”

“Huh?” Kyle blinked, not quite sure he heard right. “Everyone knows you suck cock.”

“I’m thinking more of becoming a one-cock kind of guy, with an occasional sucking off of our friends.” Devin winked at him while still lightly stroking Kyle’s cock.

“Uh…” Kyle’s mind was still fuzzy. “I’m not quite following…”

Devin chuckled and kissed him again. “Only because my expertise and skillful hands turned your brain to mush. We’ve a get-together with the guys this weekend, right?” Kyle nodded. “Perfect time to attend as an official couple, wouldn’t you think?”

Kyle blinked, letting the words sink in. The minutes ticked by with Devin casually stroking his cock, and sucking on an exposed nipple; when he had his shirt removed, Kyle had no idea. He moaned as Devin tackled the right nipple and nipped.

The sound of a cell phone barely registered but Devin’s voice penetrated through his haziness.

“Hey, Lycan, what’s up? Right, right, nah, just playing with Kyle is all. Oh, is that right? Cute? Adorable? This weekend? Awesome! We’re looking forward to meeting the newest prey! Yeah, yeah, sure, I’ll behave but seriously, where’s the fun in that? Fine, I’ll just keep to my own dick. Kyle? Course he’ll be there, whose dick do you think I meant? Yeah, yeah, don’t tell the others, wanna announce it then. Okay, cool, cya!”

“You’ll never guess who that was!” Devin nearly squealed.

“Uh, Lycan?” Kyle smirked as Devin straddled him.

“Bingo! Seems he picked up a new kid, Artie, and we’ll be meeting him this weekend. Likely gonna help out at the shop as well.”

“Cool,” Kyle grinned. “We can determine if he’s a good fit for Lyc.”

“Exactly what I’m thinking. Lycan is a sweet and sensitive guy; he deserves someone that will treat him perfectly. Like how I treat you, hmm?”

Kyle blinked again, then laughed. “Seriously?!”

“What do you mean ‘Seriously?!’ ? I treat you perfectly whether you realise it or not. And in a few more seconds…”

When Devin trailed off, Kyle peered up into the lustful eyes, then felt some movement. Looking down between them, Kyle realised that Devin had been jerking himself off as he spoke. Seeing how wet and rigid the cock was…

Yup, there it was. The grunting pants as several spurts of cum landed on his stomach and trailed upward toward his chin.

“There, you see? I treat you perfectly like royalty,” Devin gasped out as his body trembled.

“You sure do,” Kyle grinned as he patted his partner on the head like a puppy. He then gently shoved Devin off him and headed for the bedroom, returning a minute later. Devin still had that silly post-orgasmic grin plastered on his face, boxers on the floor. Perfect.

Kneeling down, Kyle licked the tip of Devin’s cock, earning him a deep, guttural moan. Smirking, he leaned back away from the throbbing dick, earning him a nasty glare. Excellent.

“You remember what you were saying?” Kyle asked his frustrated partner, while tapping the legs to spread them.

“’Course I do,” Devin growled. “At the party this weekend we’re gonna…urk!”

“I meant earlier,” Kyle grinned wickedly as he stood up, satisfied with what he just inserted into Devin’s ass. “Get dressed.”

“Oh?” Devin straightened up and reached for his boxers. “Where we going?”

“I’m famished. You’re buying.”

Kyle delighted in hearing Devin trip while attempting to pull on the boxers. As he headed to the washroom to freshen up and put on clean clothes, he heard his roommate unleashing a string of curses.

After getting their sneakers on and exiting the building, Kyle leaned in close to Devin and whispered in his ear. “Time to enjoy our first official date. Well, at least I will.” He snickered and tapped his boyfriend on the ass while his other hand adjusted the setting on the remote.

“Fuck you, asshole,” Devin snapped out as his legs grew wobbly.

“Be a good boy and I may just let you do that,” Kyle responded as he got behind the wheel. Devin half groaned, half moaned as he buckled himself into the car. Despite all his cursing, Kyle saw the pure lust in those eyes, and noticed how Devin did not remove the vibrator when Kyle had left the room.

This was definitely going to be a fun “official” first date.

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