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The Game – Part One

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I was having trouble wrapping my mind around this… like the whole day, start to finish. I had placed a bet, and I knew it was a sure thing, and then it wasn’t. The Eagles covered the spread and I was devastated. I thought my life was over. I had a few more drinks and then I went to work something out with my Jake.

I was feeling a little woozy when I got to Jake’s bar. The bikers were the only bookies in town anymore, and I had heard stories about the torture that they put people through, but I had also heard that Jake could be reasoned with. As I got to the door of the rundown bar I could hear my wife, Shelly’s good bye to me that morning.

“We’re halfway to our goal,” Shelly cheered as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed my cheek. “We’ll have all the money saved for our trip by the end of the month.” I told her to get her bags packed and then I waited for her to leave. I was sure I was going to double our money. There was no way I could lose it all now.

I walked into the bar and I felt smaller than I ever had in my life. The guys at this bar were huge. I’m 5’9, and about 160lbs, so I’ve never been big, but I’m in good shape, and being smaller hasn’t normally bothered me. Today my size seemed like a problem. I didn’t think I was ever going to make it out.

The door closed behind me and I turned for a second. I heard some snickering, but I wasn’t sure it was about me. There were a few people watching me as I walked through the bar to Jake’s table at the back of the room.

“Do you have my money?” Jake didn’t bother to look up, until I hesitated to answer. He looked up at me with a query in his eyes. “I don’t like this silence, I don’t want there to be a problem.”

“Well…” I started to say, but Jake held up his hand and motioned for me to move closer. “I need that money, I needed them to win. I…”

“You need the money,” Jake said with a smile. “I understand that. I have a wife, too. I get what you’re saying, and I think I can help.”

Those words felt so good at the time, the time before I found out what he meant. I was left alone in a room. “Someone should be in shortly,” Jake said pointing to a hole in the wall. I knew what was going to happen, but I just couldn’t believe that it was happening to me. Nothing in my life up to that point had prepared me for what was about to happen.

I was average in every sense of the word. There was nothing special about me. I was a salesman, I had a wife, and a house, everything was normal. Saving up for a vacation to the Bahamas was putting a lot of strain me and I just wanted to win some money and take some of the pressure off.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move by the hole, and the pressure was truly on. I just stared at the cock that was dancing around by the hole. The man on the other side was clearly very excited about this. I was frozen with fear, hypnotized by the dancing cock. What was I supposed to do?

There was a loud bang on the other side of the wall that brought me to my senses and I knew that I couldn’t leave this room. Jake would have me killed. I had to make this man happy. I grabbed the cock with my hand. I had done this several times before, on myself. I leaned against the wall and rubbed the cock. It was about the size of my own, but very veiny and the shaft was redder.

After a moment there was another bang on the wall. “Mouth, let’s go!” I got down onto my knees on a big fluffy pillow that had been very kindly placed under the hole. I was shaking and fumbling as if I didn’t remember how to kneel. I suddenly seeing the cock from an angle that I never had before. It looked much more intimidating from this position. “C’mon!”

“No one knows it’s me, no one knows it’s me…” I repeated to myself over and over again as I brought my mouth closer to the cock.

I knew I wasn’t allowed to have unhappy customers, Jake had been very clear about that. I stuck my tongue out and licked the head, I felt it swell a bit as my tongue made contact. I could hear a happy moan coming from the other side of the wall. I licked again, but this time I went up and down the shaft and then all around the head. More moaning came, and the moaning made my brain start to tingle.

It was so different from anything I had ever done before. I couldn’t see the other man, I could just hear his deep guttural groans as I licked his cock. I stuck the head in my mouth and teased the hole with my tongue. I could feel myself getting into it. I was trying to think about it like a game, I had always been a very competitive person.

There was such a mixture of feelings rushing through me as I sucked this rod further into my mouth. I felt ashamed of myself for putting myself into this position, I felt ashamed of myself for cheating on my wife, but the anonymity made everything feel better. No one would know it was me, and I could explore these new sensations, in this weird moment that would never be a part of my life again. I kept telling myself that this was a one-time deal, and that I was just trying to make the best of a bad situation. It was a game and the only way to win was to get these guys off.

After a moment of sucking, the cock in the wall just took over and I was just trying to keep my mouth in place as he fucked the wall. I felt challenged, like he thought he was going to shake me off. I was a bull rider, just trying to stay on, I could feel him swelling. I knew what was about to happen, and I thought for a second about pulling away, but I couldn’t let him win.

Then the first shot hit the back of my throat. It was so far back I couldn’t even taste it. I could hear a growling coming from the other side of the wall. It got to me in a primal way. I kept my mouth in place and swallowed the rest of the jizz. I sucked softly after the cum stopped flowing, I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the taste of the cum.

The cock disappeared into the wall and the dark room on the other side of it. That’s when I noticed for the first time that I was rock hard. I tried to tell myself that it was just the excitement of the whole situation, but I knew that was a lie when I jumped for the new cock that appeared in the hole.

It was thicker than the first and very pale. The head looked like it was too small for the shaft that followed it. I ran my fingers along the head and inspected the shaft for a moment. I started to hear the grunting from the other side of the wall, and I couldn’t help but smile. The big rod danced as I teased it. I wrapped my lips around the head and slowly eased my way down the cock letting more cock into my mouth each time before heading back to the small tip of his dick.

The dick was motionless, but I couldn’t wait for him to start pumping. I relaxed my throat as much as I could trying to get to the base, but the cock was too long. I pulled all the way off and spit on my hand. Gripping the big rod, I got my mouth back in place and the bucking started almost immediately. I held my mouth in place waiting eagerly for the release. I listened for his grunting to change.

The salty cream filled my mouth and I swallowed it eagerly, I didn’t want to miss a drop. I let go of the cock when I was sure I had drained it completely. I was still telling myself that I was just trying to do a good job, but it was harder to believe that story with each passing cock. I was getting addicted to grunting and moaning, as soon as one cock was done, I wanted another. My cock was straining against my pants, but I didn’t even try to touch it. I was so focused on pleasing as many men as I could.

I had lost track of the number of cocks that had come through the hole when the door finally opened and Jake walked in. “Well, we’re closing things down for the night,” Jake said as he walked over to me. I went to stand up, but he put his hand on my shoulder. “I heard a lot of good reviews, and I think I have an offer for you.”

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