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The Toy Store: Bottoms Getting Revenge

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It was a nice cozy evening at my place. My boyfriend and I are sitting on the couch watching TV. We decided to put on a comedy movie but we rarely watch it because we are always too focused on making out with each other. We have this game we play where we try to steal each other’s tongues out of each other’s mouths, we even take turns! We bravely shove our tongue in the other’s mouth for him to suck on, often times, we suck very hard. It hurts so badly, but we enjoy it. We always push the limits of how much pain the other can tolerate. One time I sucked Timothy’s tongue so hard, I left him bleeding with purple bruises on the tip of his tongue.

I enjoy hearing him moan in pain, sensing his mouth squirm, not feeling his lips pressed against mine, feeling his breath hit my nose through his open mouth as he screams, and sensing him trying to break free. When I finally did let his tongue go, he would hold his mouth, UGH, so fucking hot! Tonight was a lot like that, only he is trying to get revenge on me. I kept teasing him, I would give him my tongue and quickly take it back just as his lips attempt to form a seal around my tongue and he starts to suck. “Babe,” he said, giggling, “Give me your tongue,” he demanded, putting one hand gently behind my head, bringing our faces closer together so we can kiss some more. As I attempt to kiss him, I can feel his lips ready to form a seal around my tongue instead of kissing me back. “Stick out tongue and close your eyes,” he said. “I’m nervous,” I said with a smile. “Stick it out,” he demanded. He was too far away to grab my tongue so I just stuck it out. “Aww you’re scared, that’s hot,” he said, watching my tongue shake nervously. “Ahhhhh, it’s gonna hurt,” I said, barely avoiding my fate. “Only a bit, now stick it back out and close your eyes,” he said, and I did. Before I even had a chance to react, he grabbed my tongue with his lips and sucked the life out of it. “Ahhh!! Ahhh!! Mmmm, Ahhh!” I screamed. I could feel my bottom teeth scraping the underside of my tongue, it really hurt, and so did the enormous pain I felt at the tip of my tongue. He sucked my tongue for what felt like an eternity, and when he was done, I ran to the bathroom to rinse my mouth out. “Raul, that was so hot babe,” he yelled from the couch, “I really enjoy hearing you scream,” he said.

I won’t lie, I really enjoy this game, but the fact that I am bleeding right now was alarming. “We have to be careful with this game, I am bleeding,” I said. “Let me see,” he said. I stuck my tongue out again, “Mmm, very purple, I like that,” he said happily. “Truce,” I asked. “Truce,” he said. We went back to normal kissing, careful not to swap my blood back and forth. I put my hand behind his neck gently rubbing him. The softer and gentler I touched him, the more he enjoyed it, and the more he moaned. Kissing with just our lips is not normal or natural for us so I just started kissing his neck, and nibbling his ear, while I enjoy watching him squirm from the pleasure. As he gets hornier and hornier, he loses control of himself and gets aggressive with me. “Babe, fuck, this feels so good,” he said, roughly grabbing my trapezoid muscles, holding his head back with his eyes closed. The rough grabs turned into rough hugs. He grabbed me as he leaned back, and made me lay on top of him. I grabbed both of his hands and thrusted them against the couch cushions, holding his hands firmly above his head. I licked his neck, holding my temptation to bite the fuck out of him back. I watched him fight to break free from my grip, it was so hot. I let him go and he quickly grabbed my neck and held my mouth close to his neck. I gently bit him, licked his neck, and felt his neck muscles flex as he moan and enjoyed this.

I took my right hand and rubbed his stomach, through his shirt, continuing to lick him, and nibble on his ear, listening deeply to his every moan. He reached in and grabbed my dick through my jeans. I sat him up, took his shirt off, and laid him back down on the couch so that I could lick his nips while rubbing his boner through his pants. I licked his chest, and his neck, while listening to him moan, which made him hug my body tight. He grabbed my face and kissed me hard while reaching for my shirt and taking it off. “Is your ass clean,” I asked. “No,” he said. “I wanna fuck you again, can you go clean out, please,” I asked. It’s always a struggle to get to fuck him, he says he is a bottom but doesn’t like to bottom for me. “Babe, you fucked me every day this week, and you just fucked me this morning, I want the day off,” he demanded. I stood up and pulled my dick out in front of his face, “But I am horny, look at him,” I said in a sad voice, “Can you really tell him, ‘no?’” I asked while I flexed my pelvic muscles, bouncing my dick up and down. He stared at him and said, “No babe, I need a break. Being a bottom is a lot of work, I really wish you understood that,” he said. “Babe, all you have to do is run some water in your ass and push it out. Then you just lay there and let me fuck you, it’s not hard,” I said. “If it isn’t hard, then let me fuck you tonight,” he asked. “Babe I am a top, I don’t bottom, you know this,” I said. “Okay fine, can I offer you a blow job instead, maybe a hand job,” he asked.

“I want your booty,” I said as I proceeded to take his pants off. “How about this, I will let you fuck me tonight, but only if you suck my dick, and lick my toes. There has to be some pleasure in this for me too,” he said. “That is gross and again, I am a top, I am not sucking your dick,” I said. “Then you don’t get to fuck me tonight,” he said. “Oh come on, please,” I said sadly. “No, here is your shirt, lets continue watching the movie,” he said with a smile. This was not fair! “Okay, how about I help you clean out,” I offered. “And suck my dick,” he asked. “No,” I replied. “Then no,” he said. “Oh my god, please babe! Is there anything else I can do,” I asked in desperation. He sat there thinking, “Well, I have always wanted to go this fun couples activity, it is kind of like an escape room, but for couples only.

Agree to go with me, and then you can fuck me,” he said. “Fine, when is it,” I asked. He grabbed his phone and checked the times, “Oh! There is one in an hour, let’s go,” he said with excitement. It’s such short notice, but hell, if I get to fuck him tonight, I am down. “Alright, fine. Let’s go,” I said. “Great, I print this waiver out? We both have to sign a copy.” he asked. Without really looking at it, I let him print it out and I just signed it. At the top it read, “A Couple’s Adventure.” “Ready to go,” I asked. “Yes, let me just get my shoes on,” he said. “Babe,” I said, nervously. “Yes,” he said with a smile. “Can I see your asshole before we go, I wanna see what awaits me when we get back,” I said. “Sure,” he said. He turned around, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled everything down. I got on my knees and opened his cheeks, “Hold on, I can’t see,” I said, pulling out my phone to turn on the flashlight. “Hold your cheeks open for me,” I asked. As he held his cheeks open, I shined my light on his asshole and looked at it.

Timothy has the sexiest asshole I have ever seen! So delicious looking, just 2 strands of hair, so tight, and so manly smelling! Just the right balance of sweat and musk! I couldn’t get enough of his ass, I sniffed it really good, licked it, and then tried to finger him, but he stopped me. “Nope, you get to insert stuff up my ass when we get back,” he said, turning around and pulling up his pants. It was like having a steak dinner placed in front of me, and then yanked away as soon as I pick up my fork. I turned my flashlight off, and put my phone away. I took him to West Hollywood where this escape room was supposed to be. “Babe! Look! Let’s go to that store,” he said. Timothy and I have been together for a few months, this was not our first time here, but as a couple, it was our first time coming to West Hollywood together. “Wait, wait, wait, that is not the escape room,” I said, hyper focused on my prize. “No… But look, they are offering a $10,000 prize!!” He said with excitement. The toy store had an ad in the window about winning $10,000, if we participated in a study. “Last call!!!” Yelled one of the toy store employees. Timothy yanked me forward as he took off running, still holding my hand. “We are coming, wait for us,” he yelled, nearly out of breath. The store employee started closing the door while still making eye contact with us. We squeezed through the door, “You guys made it just in time, hope you enjoy,” he said. I looked at my boyfriend who had the biggest smile on his face. I kissed him and I could taste the salt on his lips from the sweat.

I then proceeded to look around the room at all the dildos while Timothy turned in our waivers. Some were very realistic looking, some were molded from porn star’s dicks, some were made of metal, and some were oddly massive. “Who would ever put that up their ass,” I asked out loud. “Thank you all for coming today,” said another employee to the crowd of couples in the store. “As you have seen, we are running a study right now and you are all entered for a chance to win $10,000. Of course, you have to complete the study in order to win the prize. First, we want to know who’s a top and who’s a bottom. So if I could have all the tops move to this side of the room, and all the bottoms move to the other side please,” he said as the crowd started moving. I am a top so I stayed put. Timothy is a bottom, so he kissed me on the lips for a while, as if this was the last time he would ever kiss me. He even pushed his tongue into my mouth, and said, “Good luck babe,” as he let go of my hand and walked to the other side of the room. “Perfect. The study we are doing today is about sex toys and sexuality. Behind these doors are two rooms full of toys, tops will get access to the left room, the bottoms will get the right room. We will have further instructions once you are inside,” he said. We all started walking to the doors, nervously.

I looked over to the other side of the room and saw Timothy looking back at me. He is so cute, I am so lucky I get to call him my boyfriend. He mouthed the words, “I love you,” to me before he disappeared into the room. I continued to walk into the top room, nervous about what awaits for me. I was the last to enter the room, it was dark, and smelled of new sex toys. As the store employee closed the doors behind me, I heard him lock it and walk towards the front of the room. This was very odd, and suddenly, the lights turned on and at the front of the room was a stage and a huge bingo sign. Most of the lights were directed at the stage, the rest of the room was dimly lit. There were tables setup in rows with huge dildos suction cupped to the tables. I was now deeply concerned about what was to come. As I walked closer to the tables, I saw a bingo board, dildo, lube, a timer, and a pencil on each table. I looked at the other guys in the room who looked just as confused as I was. Some of the guys picked up the dildos and examined them, I had no interest. Across the room, I saw two guys playing swords with the dildos and laughing, swinging them back and forth like they were in medieval times. “Attention guys, attention,” a guy said standing on stage. “My name is Ralph and this is my play room!” He said with excitement. “I see some of you are nervous… but don’t worry, I promise this will be worth $10,000, and it will be fun,” he said with enthusiasm. “Let’s start with introductions! I wanna get to know you beautiful men a little better, so let’s start from left to right. Name, age, what you do for a living, and if you are a total top or not,” he said.

I was in the second row so I didn’t have to say anything for a while. “Hello guys, my name is Pablo, I am 21 years old, I am currently a barista at Starbucks, and I am 100% a top,” he said. “Pablo, mmmm, you are very attractive. Tell me, what’s your favorite thing about being a top,” Ralph asked. “I mean, stretching guys assholes open with my massive dick. A lot of guys I fuck can barely handle me, so I enjoy encouraging them to take it. It turns me on to push the limits of their ass,” he said seductively as the other men nodded in agreement. “Wonderful! I am sure you are an amazing top,” Ralph said seductively. The next guy introduced himself, there was 12 of us in total so this was going to take some time. 15 minutes later, it was my turn, and I was the last one to introduce myself. “Hi guys, my name is Raul, 24 years old, I am a chef for the Hilton Hotel, and I am a total top,” I said, nervously. “Oh don’t be nervous Raul, you are too cute for that. Don’t worry, this will be fun, I promise.

Can I see you smile,” Ralph asked. I smiled, “Aww look at that beautiful smile,” he said as all the guys looked at me with appreciation. “Thanks guys,” I said. “Alright, I need all of my verse, and verse-top men to move over to the right side of the room. Tops to the left,” he said. We shuffled around, “It’s funny how the room always divides itself in half,” he said to the other store employee and giggled. “Alright, let me come clean about something, $10,000 is not cheap, and it needs to be worth our while. Today’s game is called, ‘Total Break-in!’ You tops will partner up with someone from the other side of the room, and you will be taking these dildos up your tight, virgin, asses!

Don’t worry though, only 1 person is leaving with the money. I will give you 3 minutes to select your partners, go!” he said. “Oh uh uh!” I protested very loudly, but was ignored. I rushed over and partnered with Steve, a verse-top. “Excellent, now, tops… get naked!” Ralph said evilly. “Wait, I object, I am not doing this, I am not getting naked, nor am I bottoming! I want to leave,” I said, as I became intimidated by the size of the dildo. “Are you sure you want to do that,” Ralph asked. “Yes, I am not getting naked, and I refuse to bottom,” I said. “Oooookay, but if you want to leave the room, you will have to breakup with your boyfriend in front of all of us, AND… say why,” he said as he switched on the stage TV, showing us a video feed of our partners playing a normal game of bingo. “Now, which one is your man,” he asked. Taken off guard, I mentally exited the room and started thinking about what life would be like without his smiling face. “Raul…” he said. “I will stay,” I said. “Great! Now get naked,” he demanded. I started taking off my shirt when he stopped me, “Oh no, get on stage with me and strip for all of us,” he said. My heart sunk, I slowly walked on stage. I walked to the center of the stage and noticed the spotlight focus on me! It was a hot and bright light, and it make me very nervous and shy. I began to take off all of my clothes. My hands were shaking as I unbuttoned my pants, in fact, I couldn’t unbutton them at all. “I am sorry, what was your name again,” Ralph asked my partner for this challenge. “Steve,” he said. “Steve come up here and help Raul out,” he said with excitement as the audience had the nerve to applaud as he made his way on stage. Steve came on stage and unbuttoned my pants while Ralph recorded it with his phone. “Hey!” I yelled. “Uh, uh, uh, don’t yell.

Just cooperate,” Ralph said sternly. Steve tried to pull my underwear down, but I wasn’t ready. I put my hand on his and stopped him, took a deep breath, and let go of his hands. He pulled my underwear down to my ankles, then lifted both of my feet up to remove the underwear. He then stood up and faced Ralph. “Show off for the audience,” Ralph demanded. Steve moved out of the way and all of the guys saw me naked! I was so embarrassed I could barely move, I had so much shrinkage going on. I looked out into the audience and could tell that despite being excited to see me naked, they were nervous as well. “Turn around Raul,” he said as he changed channels on the TV to a small go pro camera that was pointed at me. He even pulled a flashlight out of his pocket, “Bend over and open your cheeks,” he said. I immediately had a flashback to every single time I asked Timothy to do the same thing for me. I felt like a pig, and I know I am just as demanding with him, so it also made me feel taken advantage of. I bent over and he put the camera right in front of my asshole. This was the weirdest thing I have ever been through, I felt so vulnerable and exposed. The feeling was made worse knowing that this was a room full of tops who are probably getting horny looking at my asshole!

They were probably imagining themselves fucking me too! I didn’t want that, I am a top, I don’t want to be looked at in this way. “Pablo,” Ralph said. “Give Raul’s asshole a rating, 1-10,” he asked. “Definitely a 10,” he said. “Do you want to fuck Raul, and stretch his asshole open with your massive dick,” Ralph asked, briefly making eye contact with me as I looked up at him while still holding my cheeks open. I could tell he knew what he was doing, and I hated him for it. “I do! I would love to fuck Raul,” Pablo said. “Come up here then,” Ralph said. “Whoa, whoa! I didn’t sign up for this,” I objected as I turned around. “I have plenty of footage to ruin your relationship. I could go over to the other room right now, and spill the beans. So I suggest you quit objecting, and this might get easier for you,” Ralph whispered into my ear with stern as Pablo arrived on stage with a boner in his pants. “Get naked Pablo, show Mr. Raul your massive dick,” Ralph said, as if he didn’t just threaten me, as if everything was fine! Pablo wasted no time, he stripped and had the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life, it looked fake. “Raul, do you like Pablo’s dick,” Ralph asked. “Sure,” I said. “Oh… ‘Sure’ he says. Based on your reaction, I would say you have never seen a dick this big before, is that right,” he asked. “Yes, that is true,” I said. “How about you bend over again and let Pablo see that tight asshole of yours up close,” he said. I looked at Pablo who was enjoying this. I shook my head, turned around, and bent back over to show my asshole to him. “Feel free to get on your knees and thoroughly examine his asshole. Don’t be afraid to touch it,” Ralph said, handing him the flashlight. I hated this so much! Suddenly I felt Pablo’s finger on my asshole, I jumped, fell over, and looked up at Pablo who giggled.

The bright stage light made me feel super exposed, I reminded me that I am very naked, and forced to do stuff that I am uncomfortable with doing. “Get back up, he was not finished looking at your asshole,” Ralph demanded. I got back up, bent back over and opened my cheeks to let him finger my ass. It was so dry, “Ahh, it hurts, get some lube,” I said. Pablo spit on his finger and put it back up my ass. “The rest of you, get naked. Pablo, see if you can get the head of your dick up his ass,” Ralph said. I dropped my head in disappointment but didn’t object. I felt Pablo yank his finger out of my ass, then a few seconds later, I felt a wall press against my asshole. “Fuck dude, you’re so fucking big!” I said. My legs were shaking, I felt one of his hands grip my hips as he began to insert his dick up my ass. IT HURT, I kept putting my hand back and touching his stomach, pleading him to go slower. It felt like my asshole was being split apart. “Damn dude, you are so tight, I fucking love it. Submit to my dick,” he said to me. I wanted to turn around and punch him in the mouth for saying that! But then again, I started thinking about how I treated my boyfriend when I fuck him, I say the same kinds of things to him, it makes me feel bad. “It hurts bro, please go slower,” I said. “Alright that is enough,” Ralph said. “I was almost in there too, you got lucky,” Pablo said. “Both of you return to your table,” Ralph said as I stood up and felt my asshole throbbing in pain.

I was so embarrassed, it felt like my face was on fire. “Are you okay,” Steve asked. “No, not at all,” I said. Steve hugged me, “You will get through this,” he said. His comfort helped me feel a lot better, I closed my eyes and hugged him back, and hugged him for a while. I saw a big flash of light, I opened my eyes, and it was Ralph taking a photo of us. It made me mad!! “Hey, ignore him. None of us expected this, just focus on getting out of here with the $10,000,” Steve said, which calmed me down. “Alright tops, there is a bathroom right over there, you have three minutes each to get your asses empty of shit. Go!” Ralph said. By the time it was my turn, it smelled horrible in the bathroom! I opened a new enema pack, got some water, and cleaned myself out.

I felt so awkward doing this. Seeing me raise my leg up onto the counter to insert the tube in my butt, seeing my hip bone, by butt cheeks folding, the sensation of something going up my butt, reaching behind me, it was all new. I felt very feminine for some reason. “Why am I here,” I asked God. I continued cleaning myself out, pushing the water out of my butt into the toilet, making sure no poop was left in my butt. “Time is up,” said a voice on the intercom. I came out of the bathroom and returned to my table. “Great, if anyone takes a shit on the dildos, you will be punished. Does anyone need an extra minute,” Ralph asked, but no one budged. “Okay then, on the table you will see two dice, a timer, a bingo board, lube, and of course, the big dildo. Your verse partner will be lubing up your assholes, rolling the dice, restarting the timer, marking the bingo board, and be in charge of fucking you in the ass with the dildo. Here is how the game works, your partner will roll the dice, take note of the roll, and will mark the position on the board. Say you rolled a 1,3, you would place a mark in the first row in the 3rd box from the top. You can only roll one di at a time, the left one, and then the right one. The left di indicates the row number, the right one indicates the column.

Everyone clear,” he asked. “You will notice that your board is a 5 by 5 bingo board. Each box has a small number in it, 1-3. When you mark a position on the board, you will get fucked in the ass for that many minutes, based on whatever number is in the box you marked. Once the timer finishes, the dildo stays in your ass as your partner rolls the dice again. The ONLY time the dildo can come out of your asshole is if you need to re-lube, and you better make it quick. Every time you roll both dice, you get to add 1 point to your score. Your points can be used for the store items located on your game sheet, use them wisely. If you roll a 6, you must follow the rules on the game sheet in front of you. The entire time, the top’s hands cannot leave the table top. You must stand there, butt poked out, back arched, and hands on the table top or you will lose. First team to get bingo wins and moves onto the next challenge. Are you ready,” he asked. “Go!” he said. Steve grabbed the lube and began to finger my ass. “We have an advantage since he made you try to take Pablo’s dick,” Steve said, trying to focus on the positives. He grabbed the dildo and tried to put it up my ass, it was almost as big as Pablo’s dick. “Deep breaths bro, it will help your asshole to relax. I am going to push a little harder,” he said as I grit my teeth and gripped the table. “Hey! Breath bro!” he reminded me. I took a deep breath, and let it go. He pushed a little harder, I felt my asshole stretch a little more. “Is it almost in,” I asked. “Almost, just a little more,” he said.

He grabbed more lube and pushed the dildo up my ass. I felt it just slip in and it made me jump and stand up straight. “Ahh! Fuck,” I said, feeling my asshole throb in pain. “Come on bro, bend back over, we gotta win this,” Steve said. I bent back over, he grabbed the left dice and rolled it, 5. He rolled the right, 3, and marked it on the board. “Three minutes bro, here we go,” Steve said as he gently fucked my ass with the dildo. I had my butt poked out, legs spread out, head down and my eyes closed. I stood there and prayed that this would be over quick, I hated how it felt to be fucked and how forced this all was. I felt the dildo going in and out, and even though he was going slowly, and gently, it just felt like I had to poop really badly. I couldn’t help but keep trying to push the dildo out of my ass, contracting my asshole, as if I was constipated but nothing would come out. This did not feel good to me, how is it that bottoms enjoy this? I am overwhelmed with feeling in my ass, and it isn’t the pleasurable to me. Steve rolled the dice again, 2 and 6, and then looked at the game sheet to see what rolling a 6 meant. “Uh oh, that means you have to get fucked in the ass for 5 minutes, and this roll awards no points,” he said. “Whatever, just do it. I want to get this over with,” I said with displeasure.

It was cold in the room, I felt every part of my body which made me feel vulnerable. The part that I especially didn’t like was feeling my soft dick dangle in the cold air with shrinkage. I looked down at it and saw how shriveled up it is, as well as how tight my ball sack is, “Ugh, I hate this,” I said, as I looked at the timer and saw 4 minutes left. I shook my head and closed my eyes, ignoring everything. “Oh come on, it’s not that bad, is it,” Steve asked. “Yes it is. Actually, you bottom, how the fuck do you enjoy this,” I asked angrily. “It feels amazing to me, the dick rubbing against my prostate, having a guy inside me, fucking me hard, releasing all of his stress and cum inside of me, it’s hot,” he said, careful not to sound too excited. I had no response. He rolled the dice again, 1 and 3. He didn’t tell me how long this time, he just set the timer and kept fucking me. The timer was in plain sight on the table, but I chose not to look. I looked up at the other guys for the first time and saw a lot of tops in agony, just like me. I won’t stand here and lie and say I didn’t enjoy what I was seeing. It was fucking HOT! Seeing 5 other tops getting fucked in the ass by a big dildo and being forced to take it, mmm, wow. I wanted to fuck Pablo badly, I kept watching him take his dildo up his ass, he was struggling. When he looked back and saw me watching him, he squirmed, he wanted to get out of my line of sight, but I had my eye on him and I wasn’t taking my eyes off of him and his struggle. After all, it’s only fair that I get to enjoy him against his will too, right? Before long, I came back to my own reality and was less bothered by it. “Steve, do you mind giving me more lube,” I asked. “Of course,” he said as he slowly took the dildo out of my ass. I slowly clenched my asshole on the dildo as it came out, oh my god it felt good to have my ass to myself again.

Though I did have this odd sensation of loneliness as well, I wanted it back in my ass, I felt my asshole tingle from the fucking, it felt kinda nice. This made me confused. “Okay bro, here it comes,” he said, pressing the dildo against my asshole. Instead of running away from it, I backed up onto it and swallowed it up my ass. It still hurt, but it became pleasurable. I also wanted to make sure that Pablo felt that I was handling this a lot better than he was. I looked up and saw Pablo’s ass, dildo-less. His cheeks looked amazing, and very muscular with a bit of hair. I enjoyed seeing him bent over with a sloppy mess of lube in between his cheeks. I saw Ralph, he was pleased that I was beginning to take the dildo with ease. He walked over to Pablo and spread his cheeks for me so I could see his asshole too. It was beautiful! It was definitely stretched, but he had it clenched shut, man Pablo’s asshole is sooooo sexy. So red, stretched out, sloppy with lube, so delicious, with just the right amount of hair surrounding his asshole. My dick grew massive, wanting to fuck him bad. “Do you want to fuck him, Raul,” Ralph asked. I nodded yes with such excitement. “Be careful, it might be a trap, whatever you do, don’t take your hands off the table. We are almost done,” Steve said. I looked back at Ralph who just smiled at me and walked away from Pablo. Pablo looked back at me and was not happy to see me enjoying the view so much. When he saw I had a boner from looking at him, it made him nervous and he just looked away. I completely understood his feelings, being that I am a top myself, but he didn’t seem to mind taking advantage of me, so I will definitely take advantage right back. “Uhhh,” he sounded, as Pablo’s partner shoved the dildo back up his ass. Just hearing Pablo moan like that made me explode inside. “Do you want to use the freedom item now,” Steve asked. “What is that,” I asked. “The next few rolls are time 0, meaning you won’t be fucked during the next few rolls. We get to mark spaces on the board for basically free,” he said. “Oh yes, do it,” I said.

He started rolling with the dildo still up my ass, “5, and 1,” he said, marking it down on the board. We only needed one space to win bingo, and we had at least two possible wins waiting for us. “3, and 4,” he said. “Oh man!” I said disappointingly. “Don’t worry, rolling a space we already marked doesn’t use up our free 3 rolls. We get to just re-roll,” he said. He rolled a 4 and 3 next, marked it down. He rolled a 6 next but just re-rolled, it doesn’t count against us either. He rolled 2, and 5 and marked it on the board. He checked the board and…., “Bingo!” he yelled out. Ralph looked sharply at us and walked over. “The dildo is still in his ass,” he asked. “Yes,” Steve replied. Ralph came over, checked my ass and saw the dildo was inside me still, he checked the bingo board, checked the points, and gave us the win. “Walk with me gentlemen, keep the dildo up his ass,” Ralph said. I walked up to the stage, Pablo was very disappointed to see me win. Walking up there with the dildo up my ass was strange. “Stand to his side Steve, let me hold the dildo,” Ralph said as he grabbed his camera and turned on the TV. He bent me over and made me open my cheeks again. He pulled the dildo out and put the camera in front of my asshole. “See that gentlemen, that is a gaping asshole, he has been fucked right. Try to close your asshole,” he said. I clenched as hard as I could, “Did I do it,” I asked. “Nope, it won’t close, perfect,” he said. I was concerned, what if it never closes again, what if I can’t hold my farts back, what if I have to poop later. “Now, you have one final challenge. Stand up, and roll this dice,” Ralph said. I took the one di from his hand, rolled it on the ground, and called out its name, “2,” I said. “Oh!” he said, smiling. “Read item 2 from the final punishment section,” he said, handing me a game sheet. “Hmm… I don’t know. Do 15 more minutes and then you can cum,” I said defeated. “Oh, not so happy anymore huh, and to make matters worse, I want Pablo to fuck you instead,” Ralph said as my heart sunk. This was totally not fair. Pablo looked as if he won a prize and rushed up on stage to fuck me.

Ralph handed Pablo a condom and lube and told him to enjoy my ass. Ralph positioned me so that I was sideways on stage, bent over, and holding my cheeks open for Pablo. He held my face towards the audience so they can see my expressions, talk about vulnerable and exposed, ugh. “Steve, can’t leave you out of this action, how about you come stroke Raul’s dick,” he said. Steve walked over, expressionless. I appreciated his consideration of my feelings, unlike Pablo. I regret being petty earlier to Pablo. Pablo stuck his dick up my ass hard, grabbed my hips and fucked me like I was an experienced bottom. 15 minutes was going to be a long ass time, “Audience members, feel free to enjoy the view, jerk yourselves off and cum,” Ralph said. I just closed my eyes again and waited for this to be over. After what felt like forever, he stopped Pablo from fucking me and had Steve fuck me for a few minutes. Steve had a hard time getting hard, but when Ralph threatened to have Pablo fuck him too, he cooperated and fucked me. “Pablo, while Steve is fucking Raul, how about you put your dick in his mouth. I don’t want you to lose that boner,” Ralph said. Pablo did not hesitate, he yanked his condom off and I was now being split roasted and he did not go easy on me. He constantly rammed his dick to the back of my throat, making me gag. I had tears coming out of my eyes, snot coming out of my nose, and a tummy ache from all of the gagging. I was out of breath, and the more I gagged, the harder Pablo’s dick got, and the harder he fucked my throat. Ralph eventually had them swap positions to finish up the 15 minutes. Ralph made Pablo cum inside my ass without the condom. He made me stand back up, turn around, bend over, and let Pablo hold my cheeks open while Ralph held his camera in front of my ass so the audience can see my asshole gaping and used. “Push the cum out of your ass now,” he said. I pushed and these tops exploded seeing Pablo’s cum ooze out of my asshole. Cheering, whistling, and screaming! I saw a few guys cum just from the sight of this. “And with that, Raul and Steve, you win the prize money. You all can get dressed now,” Ralph said and walked off stage. “Thanks for the ass, it felt so nice,” Pablo said, rubbing it in.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I got in his face, and pushed him to the ground. I stared him down with my fist balled up, and then walked away. He looked so scared, he would totally lose a fist fight with me! Steve tried to comfort me but I pushed him too since he had his dick inside me too. I ran back to my table, ripped up the bingo card, threw the fucking dildo, got dressed and walked out the door to see Timothy standing out there waiting for me. He could tell something was wrong, I went straight to the counter and demanded my prize money. “I’m sorry sir, the prize money is not available,” said the guy at the counter. “What do you mean,” I asked, but he just stood there, looking over to Timothy. I turned around to Timothy who stood there empathetic, “How was it,” he asked. “It was awful, I got fucked in the ass,” I said. “Yeah, I know. I saw the whole thing… I am sorry for tonight, I just had to make you see what sex is like for me,” he said. “W.. what do you mean,” I asked, shocked. “You keep saying how it is so easy to bottom, yet you never let me top you. It is always about you when we have sex. I want to be selfish too sometimes, I wanna fuck you! I want to so badly. I want to do so many things with you that you are not open to. I want you to lick my toes, massage my back, suck my dick, use some toys with me, but all you ever care about is what you wanna do. And all you want to do is kiss me and fuck me, it’s NOT FAIR. So I found this place who does couples sex therapy…………. I hope you learned something,” he said. I was shocked, I never thought he would do something like this to me. “Umm, I never signed a waiver for this so I am suing the pants off of you all,” I said to the store employees.

“Actually you did, we have a copy right here,” they said. He showed me the document which is the same one I signed without reading. I sharply turned back around to face Timothy, “I trusted you! I didn’t think I had to watch my fucking back with you. ‘A Couple’s Adventure?!’ I thought this was going to be something fun so I didn’t think twice! It was for this all along!?” I yelled as the rest of the tops came out slowly, fully aware of what just happened. “I am sorry, I really want us to work, but I need you to think about more than just yourself or this won’t work,” he said sympathetically. “No… fuck you, we are done,” I said and left the store.

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