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Kurts First Hair Cut at 21 a Blow and Trim

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Kurt gets more then a hair cut after his 21st Birthday!

Today was Thursday and I had just turned 21 as my Birthday was so much fun but all I kept thinking about was getting a haircut tomorrow.  I had gotten hair cuts many times before but tomorrow I was going to get my first hair cut at age 21.  My buddies had told me that when you turn 21; your hair cuts will be different and will be a little more personal.  I didn’t need a haircut as I had one the week before but I was so curious to learn what this hair cut would be like; I had to get one right after my birthday.

The next day was Friday and after work, I went into the usual barber and he said you are looking for a 21+ haircut; I replied, I guess.  He asked if I wanted my usual barber Tim and I said sure.  Tim, was a tall guy about 38, nice smile, blond hair, blue eyes, nice build, and a very professional guy. Sometimes in the chair, I would pop a small boner; but he would never see it as it was always covered by my cape.

He brings me down the stairs and into a private room with a sink, barber chair, etc. this was quite fancy.  Tim walks in; hey Kurt congratulations on turning 21; we are going to give you a nice wash, shave and trim.  Kool, I replied.  I sit in the chair by the sink and feel the warm water and Tim’s hands on my head but this time it was different.  He washes my entire head, scrubs my scalp but then he washes my ears ever so gently and his motions are kind of arousing me. By the time he was done; my dick was so hard but within a few minutes after it got soft again; what a relief.

The haircut was pretty similar; he used the trimmer and then clipped with the scissors next he used the blow dryer to style my hair.  Then he put this warm shaving cream on my face and gently shaved it off that was kind of kool.  Kurt; now we are going to shave your pubes.  Just lie back for me as I put the chair down.  I popped an instant Bonner in my pants and was nervous as fuck.  Then as he was putting the chair back I noticed out of the corner of my eye the thick bulge in his jeans but I didn’t say anything.

He takes off my shoes and puts them on the floor.  Then he proceeds to undo my pants belt, next he unbuttons my pants; then he unzips my fly.  Then he says Kurt; lift your but so I can pull your trousers off”; I lift my hinny up and within a second my dress pants are off.  He then folds them and hangs them neatly on a hanger and places on a hook. He sees I’m getting nervous; Kurt don’t be nervous it will be ok; I trim lots of guys pubes.  He gently pulls my briefs down and takes them off my body.  He sees my boner and doesn’t say a word; he is professional.  Then he asks me to lie back a little further and spread my legs.  Then he puts on that warm shaving cream to my pubes and starts to shave them; pretty painless and not so bad.

Tim then asks me “  Shall I shave your testicles too”  ah  I don’t know.  Trust me it will be fine.  I just apply a little bit of cream to them and I gently rub them ever so softly with the razor just like I did with your pubes.

Ok, I guess.  He applies the warm cream to my balls and dick and he begins to shave them and it was not painful but it got me extremely aroused and horny. When he was all done; he took a small plastic bin and placed it between my legs.  Next, he poured warm water over my pubes and genitals till they were all squeaky clean.

Then he asked me to relax; as he started to massage my pubes.  We need to get the blood flowing back in here again.  He got my cock so fucking rock hard.  His fingers started to rub my pubes, gently rubbing the tip of my cock head.  How does that feel Kurt?  Great; would you like to feel even better than this Kurt. Yes;  next Tim; puts his warm mouth on the tip of my cock and he gently sucks me up and down.  Oh fuck; It’s ok Kurt you can moan; the walls are soundproof.

You have a nice cock Kurt; thanks Tim;  I had been waiting to get you down here for years anxiously awaiting you to turn 21.  All these years I saw your innocent body pop boners in my chair.  Mmmm, ahh, mmm, louder I moaned as he sucked me up and down.  In between licking my precious pubes and balls.

Tim; then said would “ you like to see mine”; sure well you’re a big boy Kurt; take it out.  While Time was standing in front of me I eagerly went to grab his pants belt and I saw his thick penis bulging through his jeans.  Within a second I started to feverishly undo his big manly belt, unbutton his hot sexy jeans, and then unzip him.  I pushed Tim’s pants down over his ass and they fell quickly. Next, I started to suck and nibble on his underwear awhile enjoying delicious yummy precum that was coming of the tip of his thick cock.

Then I take both of my hands and yank his underwear till it’s at his feet; Tim steps out of them.  He stands closer and then slips that big 8.5-inch rod into my warm waiting mouth.  I suck him up and down and the more I suck him the more he sucks me.  We both start to moan so hard; then it happens; I feel my balls tightening and I see his starting to as well.  Within a few seconds, I feel his cock start to throb; then my cock throbs shortly after and we both have warm creamy; yummy cum in our mouth.  Then we swallow each other and fuck what a hair cut.

Fuck Tim; I can’t wait for my next haircut; it’s not over yet Kurt.  What do you mean?   Take off your shirt and undershirt please and roll over and I’ll show you.  He goes into the lower cabinet and opens up a bag which contains a toy dildo in it and some lube.  He opens the lube; spreads it on his middle finger and slowly coats my hole ass hole with it as he slides that magic finger up and down.  Tim then says:  now that you are lubed up; let’s get that whole opened a little wider.  Next, he takes the toy and gently shoves it up and down my hole getting me a few inches wider.  Then with a condom already on his dick, he gives me his big boy jock rod; and fuck it feels so good.  He thrusts up and down my hole and my cock is getting hard again.  Then Tim lies down on the chair that really becomes a full bed and then he teaches me as he puts the condom on my cock.  While he is lying face up, I glide my big boner in his hole.  Hey Tim’ I’m going to cum;  Do it, Kurt?  I thrust up and down his hole and then I cum so hard in that condom that’s up in his ass.

Then I was about to get dressed; he said not yet Kurt we need to do one more thing.

He opens a hidden door and we both go in; it’s a little dark in there;  Then I feel warm water hitting my body.  We need to get you all nice and clean before I let you go; you don’t want all sticky cum on your body and crotch now do you. Sit your but down here on the chair; Tim says.  Great, let’s make sure your cock is nice and clean.  He starts to suck me up and down and in the middle of it; I feel this wet warm vibrating rod gently going up and down my ass.  Then the rod in my but gets faster as he sucks up and down my cock.  Hey, Tim, I’m going to cum.  Tim replies; that’s what I want Kurt;  shoot it in my mouth.  My balls start to tighten, then my shaft starts to tighten, next it starts to throb and within seconds, creamy yummy cum in Tim’s mouth and then he swallows me.

Then Tim gives me a full body wash; yes he even cleans out my hole so deeply with that rod.  Don’t worry we use a different rod for every guy’s ass.

He takes me out of the secret room and back into the private barber room;  do you need me to dress you or do you want to do that.  I figured hell, let him do everything; he first put on my socks; then he sprayed deodorant under my arms and put on my t-Shirt and underpants.  Next, he put on my shirt; slid on my pants.  Gave my hair a final coming; put on my shoes and said see you next month.

Fuck that was over 2 hours; what a haircut!


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