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Secret Desire – Chapter 2 Ky’s Desire

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Secret Desire – Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Ky!  Bred, born, and grew up in Sana Monica California, and all the rumors and stereo types you’ve heard about us California boys are true, at least with me and my 2 brothers.  We’re identical triplets, all blond, long hair, and live to surf.  Morning and night on school days, all day long on weekends and summer breaks.  Our second skin is a wet suit. 

It was my dad who taught us to surf and we still grab a wave or two with him now and then.  My parents are cool, free natured; we call them the hippies from the 80’s.   We have no real boundaries in our house, as my mom says we’re all a free spirit, live and let live. 

When we were kids, my  brother, and I would all run into our parents room in the morning and jump up and down on their bed to wake them up.   We’d jump all over until they’d  grab  us and tickle us, and we all had a great time.  That was until dad and mom would start kissing and dad’s dick would get real hard.  You see my parents never wore clothes to bed, and very rarely around the house, so we didn’t think anything of seeing them naked.  But we knew it was time to leave when dad’s dick got hard. 

Eventually, we started take off our pj’s before running into their room, so we all got to play naked.  It was all fun, so when I said we had no boundaries, to be walking around naked in our house was nothing.  I don’t think I, or my brothers have slept in anything other than our birthday suites since we were 10.   Even when we started getting pubic hair and boners all the time , we knew it wasn’t anything to be ashamed of, so we just lived.  I don’t think I’ve owned  a pair of underwear until my mother made be buy a three pack when I left for college last week.  And they are still in their wrapper in the top draw of my dorm dresser. 

Oh yea, I was supposed to be telling you about my desire.  Well it’s not so much of a desire as it is just what I like, or really what I like to drink.   I guess it started when my dad was teaching us how to surf.  I think we were  4 or so, and we all  had our little wet suite on, just like dad, I thought I was so cool. 

But  anyone that surfs in the Pacific, knows it gets cold while you’re out on your board.  So my dad taught us early on to piss inside your wet suite to keep warm.  So when you’re surfing in the winter, or on a cold day, we would all drink plenty of water to keep us all warm when riding the waves.  My brothers and even my friends didn’t think twice about help one of us out if we didn’t have to go, by shoving his dick in the back of your wet suit and taking a pissing to keep you warm. 

Now as most of you know a wet suite doesn’t hide much especially if that’s all you have on.  And any guy who’s a true California surfer is only wearing a wet suite when he surfs.  Then when I was around 12 or 13 when one of my brothers or  friends would piss in my wet suit for me, my cock started getting hard, real hard!  No one said much, as you could see most of them had chubbed out too.   But being the child of 80’s hippies, I didn’t care about walking around with a hard-on bulging the front of my wet suite especially in front of my brothers.   

As I told you my parents were of a free spirit, and one night all three of us boys were in our bedroom, watching TV, when my dad came in.  We were all naked, as was my father when he said down on my side of the bed.  My parents finally got us a king size bed when we refused to sleep in separate beds.  That’s the night he taught us how to jerk off. 

 Well you can just imagine what that started.   The three of us beating off morning, noon, and night.  My best was 5 times in one day.   It wasn’t long before our room smelled like a cum factory,  and my mother had to change our sheets at least 3 times a week.  Then one night I suggested, well I didn’t really suggest,  I just reached over and grabbed my brothers hard-on and started stroking his cock and he instantly came all over my hand. 

They both started laughing at me until I licked his cum off of my fingers.   You see I had started eating my cum a few weeks before without my brother noticing.  But I wanted more, and I was really curious how theirs would taste. 

But my want started later, maybe when we were around 15.  My buds and I would hang at the beach, someone would score some beer and everyone had weed.   This one night it was cold,  the we were really wasted.  This one guy, I think it was Teddy started talking about pissing his pants to keep warm. 

“Dude, that’s not the way it works!”  Josh said to Teddy 

“And what the fuck do you know?”  Teddy shot back

“Dude, it’s like scotch.  You take a shot of it, and it warms your inside.  You piss your pants, it’s just going to make you colder.”  By this time we were all laughing pretty hard. 

That’s when Teddy got up, grabbed an empty cup, took out his cock and pissed in it.  We all watched as he brought the cup to his lips and took a long pull.  We stared in disbelieve, but when he passed it to the Josh, he took a long swig of Teddy’s piss as well. 

“What the fuck are you guys doing?”  I asked, wanting to make sure no one could tell how fucking turned on I was by watching these two drink piss. 

“Dude, you cold?  Take a swig.”  Josh said as he handed me the cup. 

I looked in the cup, it was dark out, but I could still see some piss froth floating.  I could feel the warmth of Teddy’s piss on my hand that was wrapped around the cup.  I smelled it, nothing, but it made my cock jump, and as I put the cup to my lips, my cock became rock hard inside my jeans. 

I gulped as everyone watched and swallowed my first taste of piss as my cock jerked and spewed cum all down my leg.  

“Wow dude, you liked that!”  Josh said as he watched me drink Teddy’s piss,  and then the reaction as my orgasm streaked down my pant leg. 

“Ky let me try it?”  Danny said who was next to me. 

And that was it, from then on at parties or when we were just hanging out, we’d share a cup to keep us warm.  It wasn’t until later that  summer that I discovered the taste of my brothers piss.  

We were all at big beach party up in Malibu drinking, getting wasted and just have a great time.  I had to take  a piss, so I walked up into the dunes away from the party.  But what I walked into was a bit of a shock, well not really.  I thought I walked into a girl blowing a guy, but when I got closer, it was Josh and Teddy, and Josh wasn’t blowing him, he was drinking his piss straight from the tip of his cock.

“Fuck guy’s what’s this?”  I asked as I got closer.

Josh didn’t even look up, he just kept swallowing Teddy’s piss.  And Teddy just looked at me, and I could tell he was pretty wasted.  That’s when I felt the hands start working my zipper, and when I looked down, Josh was reaching into my pants and pulled my cock out.  He looked up at me, with his mouth open. 

“Really!”  I asked

He just nodded his head as Teddy put his drained cock back in his pants.  I had to piss bad, so I just put the head of my cock on his tongue and let it rest there until I began to piss.  Immediately his lips wrapped around the head of my cock, and soon he was sucking the piss out of my cock.  Of course my cock started getting hard, so by the time my bladder was drained Josh had a good grip on my raging hard-on. 

He licked the tip, and looked up at me.  I smiled as he put his mouth over the head of my cock and slowly engulfed my 8 inch shaft right down to my pubic hair. 

“Oh fuck” I whispered

His mouth was like velvet, and my cock slipped in and out so easily, and I rocked back and forth, fucking Josh’s mouth.  I could feel my balls slapping against his chin with each thrust of my hips,  as I pumped my hard cock deeper and deeper into his throat. 

“Oh fuck dude, I’m gonna cum” I said and tried to pull out, but he grabbed my ass hard and pulled me tight, as my cock spewed rope after rope of my spunk down his throat.

It was my first blow job, and it was fucking awesome!  So when Josh got off his knees, I fell to mine to reciprocate.   I pulled his soft cock from his jeans and before I could put it in my mouth, his stream of hot piss splashed all over my face.  I tried to direct his stream into my mouth, but he had other plans.  Soon my shirt was soaked, and soon my jeans too.  I did finally get his pissing cock into my mouth, and drank down the most delicious piss I had ever drank.  It was warm, creamy, and almost a soft taste.   

His cock was completely hard in my mouth, so while Josh was still pissing I began to blow him.  Piss was spraying all over both of us, as his cock fucked my mouth.  And when he finally came, I sucked down as much of his spunk as he allowed, but most of his jizz ended up on my face and shirt. 

And when I went back to the party my brothers watched as I emerged from the dunes, dripping  wet in piss and cum.  Teddy just looked at me and laughed. 

“Dude what the fuck, you smell like piss”  My brother said to me. 

I didn’t say anything to him I just walk right into the ocean to clean myself off.  But it was that night in bed that my brothers discovered my real desire.

I had just finished giving each of my brothers a blow job, and we were lying in bed. 

“Ky did you really drink Josh’s piss?”  My one brother said to me.  

I just kind of mumbled an answer pretending that I was almost asleep. 

“No dude, really did you?”  He said as he got up on an elbow and looked down at me. 

“Did he what?”  My other brother said, now on his elbow looking at me too. 

“He drank Josh’s piss right from his cock at the beach tonight” 

“Look Ky, I’m just asking because I have to piss and don’t want to get out of bed.  I don’t give a fuck what you do, but if you like to drink piss, I’ve got a gallon for you right here”  He said as he shook his soft cock. 

Well that was it, I was addicted to drinking piss.  Anytime anywhere!  If I saw one of my friends or bothers going into the men’s room as school or for that matter a Burger King, or McDonald’s I’d follow them and drink them right from the tap.    

My brother even found an old milk bottle one day and brought it home for me, so that if he got up in the middle of the night, and I wouldn’t wake up, he’s piss in the bottle and leave it on the bedside table.  I would drink it in the morning.  Sometimes it was filled to the brim if both brothers had to piss.    That was a good morning.  

I get a lot of ideas from my readers, so if you like my story, let me know.  


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