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Good Times, give or take – Part 2

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student trip sex story

Good Times, give or take – Part 1

I never thought that my first blowjob would happen on a college class trip, even less so in the middle of the night, sharing a bed with my buddy while two other roommates were snoring soundly close-by in the room. After my close encounter with Barry’s incredibly hairy body and his virile monster, I made sure to get up before everyone to hop in the shower and wash off the last traces of the night before.

As the water ran over my body, the dried cum slowly liquified as it ran down my body. Even with the soap, the streaks of Barry’s cum all over my body were gooey and sticky, as though the substance was binding to my skin like a dangerous alien symbiote. I’d never seen anyone cum so much as he shot a few mouthfuls down my throat, leaving me no choice but to swallow the liquid while he kept pumping my mouth. Even as he had pulled out and flipped me over, his mighty rod kept spewing squirt after quirt, covering my entire face and chest in a thick layer of goo. It was like he was marking me as his, especially when he told me not to wash it off until the next day.

After a while, I managed to clean up the rest of my body and brushed my teeth for what seemed like ten minutes. Even after gargling with the travel-size mouthwash, I could still taste Barry’s musk and semen as I wondered if I will ever be able to get rid of it.

As I opened the door, Barry walked past me in his boxer shorts. “How you feelin’?” He asked with a smirk as he stepped in. He smelled like sex and sweat and I instinctively took a step back. “Fine, I guess.” I muttered; his reaction was a self-gratifying smirk. “That’s what they all say. You’re welcome.”

He dropped his boxers and stepped into the shower. He didn’t even wait for the water to turn warm and didn’t flinch when the water hit him. I looked down his body, streaks of cum all over from last night even though he had ordered me to clean it off his soft and hairy skin.

As always his furry legs caught my attention before I looked up at his cock. In the daylight it looked no less impressive than last night. Even with the cold water running over it, it still looked mighty thick and hefty. Another moment of admiration later I tore my gaze from Barry’s body and noticed he’d been watching me. Another smirk and I finally turned to step out. “As I said, they all like it,” he snickered as I closed the door.

I got dressed quickly and wanted to make sure that our roommates didn’t suspect anything by asking if they’d had any weird dreams or some convenient distractions to gauge the situation. Luckily, no one suspected a thing as they’d apparently passed out due to excessive drinks at the local pub even before the show we’d gone to see with our professors.

When Barry came back, he groped his bulge through his boxers. Besides me, no one seemed to notice. I also noticed that he wore the same pair as the night before. When Barry passed by me to put on the rest of his outfit, I could clearly smell his musk emanating from his hairy body, even though he’d just showered. After rubbing my face in his sweaty crotch half of last night, I was more familiar than I’d liked to admit with the strong scent.

“You’re up early,” was the general consensus among Trent and Mike. I shrugged it off but Barry only laughed, “to be honest, I had a funny little encounter with Rye here last night.”

My jaw dropped as everyone turned. Trent laughed, “Oooh, hope you showed him a good time, man.” More laughter as everyone turned to me to explain. My face turned bright red as I stammered, lost for words. “He just got a little too excited in his dreams,” Barry chuckled. I sighed equally embarrassed and relieved as everyone seemed to assume I’d had a wet dream last night.

“Ooh man, did he get it on you?” Mike was more curious than I expected. “No,” I countered to prevent Barry from highjacking the moment further. “I did a good job cleaning up.” That seemed to satisfy everyone as the curiosity faded into a few more teasing laughs. “That so?” Barry whispered as he walked by, “as long as it was a good dream.” 

The rest of the day was nothing special. We had an outdoor lecture with our professors, went to see two shows and everyone got tipsy between the acts. The evening’s play was in two parts, so it was once again past midnight when we got back to the inn.

We tucked in, I once again trying to get as much distance between Barry and I, but soon Mike got a text from the girls who had found a party they wanted to sneak out for. Mike and Trent got dressed faster than they’d ordered drinks at noon. I was tired—fair as I didn’t get much sleep the night before—and Barry surprisingly said he’d stay back. “Rya had a lot to drink.

He’s a lightweight and I wanna make sure he doesn’t pass out.” Mike and Trent shrugged it off and wished me well and they were gone. Lights off, the door closed, leaving me and Barry once more int he bed next to the fancy curtains in the corner. “I didn’t drink that much at all,” I protested and Barry immediately countered me, “I know.” I was confused but soon saw Barry’s silhouette scoot closer in the shared bed. 

Even in the dark, I could see Barry’s muscular form dusted with a layer of fluffy hair. I turned to face the window, away from Barry, who seemed to scoot even closer. “Ready for round two?” He asked, more like a rhetorical question. I didn’t respond. Soon, I felt Barry’s hand on my bare shoulder. I tried to ignore him as best as I could but it only seemed to turn him on more. “Playing hard to get, huh?” His deep voice was close to my ear. I could feel his breath on my neck.

He scooted closer once more until his chest touched my naked back. I could feel his bulge press against my boxers. I tried to scoot again bud his hand held me in place. His grip pushed me into an embrace that made me weak. The sensation of his hairy body scratching my smooth skin made me shudder. As I flinched, I backed into the bulge pressing against my boxers. “Getting closer,” Barry growled and I was certain I could feel his monster grow a bit as it twitched.

He didn’t lose any time as he pulled my boxers down. As soon as the cotton slid over my cheeks, his girthy rid slapped against my butt. He was already naked. I froze as I felt his hand scratch his large balls and pump his cock. Then, his arm reached around me again to pull me into his embrace. Barry covered my mouth and nose with the hand he had just fondled his genitals with. The smell was intoxicating and strong.

Immediately the memories from last night flooded my mind as he lulled me closer. “Smell it, take a deep breath,” Barry was more than aware about the impact his scent had on his prey. “Just a small whiff and you’re mine.” I went limb—only a little bit but enough to let Barry press his enormous shaft along my butt. I felt my cheeks being spread as the angry snake pulsed so close to its new goal.

Barry humped my backside ever so slightly and I could clearly feel a wet drizzle of precum being spread across my cheeks. 

I felt the moist tip of his cock slither closer to the center, where my butt cheeks met when I finally jerked free from the chokehold. Barry didn’t give me a second to get away as he pulled me towards him and his fingers got a firm grip in my hair.

He rolled onto his back and quickly jerked my face into his crotch. Like the night before, he stuck my face between his legs and rubbed my face all over his balls and cock. The musk almost made me pass out as it invaded my nose and brain and my cock grew to a painful boner. “That’s it. Smell a real man,” Barry seemed to get off on this just as much as his cock throbbed and more drops of precum ran down his shaft.

Thinking back, Barry probably leaked more before even cumming than most men shoot in climax. Another jerk and I found my face stuffed with Barry’s tip. Copious amounts of precum made it easier for Barry to fuck his way into my perplexed mouth until he forced my face into his crotch once more. He continued with a rapid pace until I struggled too much to keep up with his rhythm and swallow the gushes of precum flooding my throat.

Barry pulled me off and pushed me sideways into the same position we were in earlier. Once again, Barry’s muscular arm pulled my back against his prickly chest. He used his furry legs to pull my lower half close until his throbbing cock once again slid against my cheeks. 

I struggled as I felt his cock slip up and down along my butt, this time thicker and angrier than before. Barry held my body locked with his strong legs and his fur once again rubbing over my smooth skin. “Come on, you know you want it,” I felt Barry’s stubble scratch my neck as he pulled me even tighter. With the friction between out bodies, we both were sweating profusely.

I could smell Barry’s musk all over, it was like his entire body was exuding testosterone nonstop. Overwhelmed by the assault on my senses, I soon realized that Barry’s cock had found its way back in between my cheeks. I still struggled as I clenched my cheeks tight, a sensation that only made Barry hornier and more determined. For some reason every stab of Barry’s cock up my cheeks sent a shiver of pleasure to my cock. The more I clenched, the more determined he got and as a result, more waves of electricity shot through my own crotch.

Barry grunted lightly as I slowly gave in. Barry slipped a little bit lower and immediately, his throbbing cock head was aligned perfectly with my hole. I flinched as I realized he had found his target. I had been too distracted by my own pleasure to realize. We both froze for a moment. I froze out of insecurity what was going to happen, Barry wanted to savor the moment of his victory. I heard Barry breath heavily in my ear as his cock pulsed some more against the barrier I was determined not to let him invade.

Barry slowly increased the pressure, even without hands, his cock had found the perfect angle. Barry’s grip around my chest slung close as his chest hair was glued onto my back by our sweat. His hairy leg still holding my body in place brushed against my cock. It was a calculated move that had worked before and Barry knew it. He whispered in my ear, “you’re mine now,” as he pushed forward. The throngs of bulging muscle in his dick throbbed as he pushed against my hole.

I tried to keep it shut but the more I became aware of his hairy leg on my crotch, the more I faltered. I gasped as I felt his cock throb violently and, coated with sweat and my own saliva, he slowly pushed me open. I moaned instantly, as I felt my muscles give in and his tip slipped into my ass in slow motion. He pulled me even tighter as a wave of pain caused me to stiffen.

Barry knew he had won and he was relishing every second of it as he pushed harder and harder until my sphincter popped and his cock claimed another half inch of me. Barry’s cock was shaped like and arrow and as soon as he was past the last defenses, his head seemed to grow and pump even harder to prevent my clenching body from ever pushing him out again. 

I sunk into his arms as he pushed into me and I felt every inch of him stretch my ass as he relentlessly forced his can-thick dick deeper into me. The pain was intense but I was too overcome with sensations to make any noise. Barry, on the other hand, began to growl like a wild animal as he, too, felt every inch he drilled deeper with delight. My pain was his pleasure as my muscles fought in vain to keep him from pushing in all the way.

For a moment, Barry’s hand returned to his dick. I could feel him line up the rest of his shaft perfectly for easier penetration when he scratched his balls for longer than I had expected while keeping up the pressure against my hole. Soon enough his arm returned and slung around my neck, leaving little room to back away. I tensed once more as a whimper escaped. Barry’s hand cupped my mouth and nose and I almost fainted from the strong musk I could smell in his palm which had been on his balls a moment ago.

Barry’s crotch smelled intense and he knew it. I could smell the grease of sweat and testosterone on his hand and it worked like pheromones. Barry knew all too well of the effects his musk had on others as he moaned in delight. Take a deep breath. Smell what a real man tastes like,” he chuckled while rubbing the spunk all over me.

I was mesmerized by the intensity and before I knew it he had buried another inch of cock inside me. With the thick coating of sweat and spit, I felt him establish a rhythm. He pushed into me again and again until I felt his fur of pubes against my ass and his heavy balls knocked against my thighs.

Barry relished the moment of conquest for a long breath before he pulled out slightly and pushed deeper into me again until his balls pressed against my thighs. His arm slung tight around me, his fingers dug into my chest as he repeated the same motion and picked up the rhythm. With every stab, I felt more pain surge through my entire body.

I was weak and noticed how close I was to Barry, his muscles bulging with every thrust. I felt Barry’s breath on my neck as he groaned in growing pleasure. “Fuck, you’re tight,” he muttered as his stubble scratched my skin. I sunk into his forceful embrace when I felt the pain give way to pleasure for a moment. Barry felt my resignation and rolled me onto my stomach. He quickly slid on top of me without ever taking his arrow-shaped monster out. With his full weight on me, he humped wildly and pumped his cock even deeper into my ass.

I couldn’t help but moan as he hit a spot deep within me. With every stab, a shiver ran across my entire body. Barry laughed and pulled me onto my knees as he continued to mount me doggy style. “Getting into it, huh?” He snickered as he gripped my hips with his strong hands. With every thrust, he pulled my hips into the force of his dick, sending pleasure waves all over both of our bodies. Sweating profusely, his body slid all over mine, adding to the intense friction between us. I was in heaven, a mix of light pain and pleasure caressing my insides in intense heat. I almost anticipated his next stroke when he slapped my ass and pulled out.

Barry pulled me over, tipping me onto my back. I looked at him as he came crushing down, his chest glued to mine by our sweat, both of us panting heavily. He howled like a wolf on the hunt as he held me down by my shoulders. I looked at him, sweat running from his chin into his hairy chest. “You’re a good lay,” was all he said.

I looked at his strong and muscular form, every groove throwing luscious shadows in the moonlight. I even thought about kissing him when I felt his dick throb against my hole. I’d once again underestimated his ability to find my most vulnerable spot without using his hands. Barry let his cock slap against my ass for a few moments and just as I giggled because it tickled, he pushed in again with full force.

Immediately, his sloppy dick slipped past my overstimulated muscles until it planted itself once more deep inside me. From this angle, his dick has even more leverage and he immediately grazed my sensitive spot which made me shiver. “Miss me already in there?” He laughed with a proud smirk and started fucking my brains out. He pulled me as close as he could by my thighs and fucked his way deep into my bowels.

Every stroke set my G-spot ablaze as I was at his merci and in the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced. I watched him go to town as his muscles all were in service of his pleasure, as was my entire body. I watched his mighty shaft dart in and out of me, the thick head never leaving his goal before he thrust deeper than before. 

I lost track of time as we both moaned in pleasure, both united by the sensations between us. Nevertheless, he made sure to remind me once ever so often that he was the one in charge, that I was getting fucked. Despite that, he couldn’t help but compliment the fuck, as he muttered, “fuck, man, no girl could take it like that.” I took the compliment in silence as I watched him tense up. He picked up his pace and in a few more thrusts he pulled me even closer, his dick pushing past his past limits into my core.

Barry growled as his dick swelled and started pumping a gigantic load deep into me. It must have been at least nine or ten spurts before he collapsed onto me, burying me in a bath of sweat and musk. 

We must have been lying there for at least half an hour until he was soft enough to release his thick cock from me. We reeked of sex and though I was so tired, Barry convinced me to take a shower to make sure non one would know what happened. In retrospect, I am pretty sure someone living next door, or even a few doors down would have heard us and I pray it wasn’t our teachers. In the shower, Barry locked the door behind us and pushed me against it.

I felt his hands on my hips and his slippery cock was hard again. He was ready for round two and before I could say anything, he was already deep inside me again, fucking me against the fancy marble sink. After he finally unloaded a second explosion into me, we hopped into the shower. To my surprise, he helped me clean up. And put on my pajamas. “Free service for your service,” he winked at me. “Don’t think anything of it, you’ll be on your own next time.” My jaw dropped as he walked past me. Was he implying there would be a next time?

When I finally slipped into bed next to him, our roommates still hadn’t returned. Thank goodness! I fell asleep and only woke to Barry sort of pressing up against me. Was he cuddling me? I pressed against him and immediately felt his semi hard cock throb. I smiled, still wrecked by the last time his cock had invaded me. Sure enough, he put his arm around me. I am sure if we hadn’t been so exhausted, he would have claimed me for round three right then and there. Not that he had me wait long until he took me again…

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