Just an Employee – Chapter 2

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Just an Employee – Chapter 1
Just an Employee – Chapter 2

Fiction by Greg Stevens

This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious.

The next morning, I woke up and started getting out of bed. The thought of losing my job weighed heavily on me throughout the night. Several times I jumped when I heard my phone ding, expecting it was one of the Wittingham’s calling to fire me. I decided to go about my day as if nothing happened.

Several minutes later, I was walking across the property on my way to the gym at the main house. As I walked through the dew-covered lawn the thought occurred to me that Percy may still have the gym locked up. I approached the gym and the door opened without any issue. It seemed as if things were back to normal. I had a great work out and about an hour later I was ready to go back to my apartment. Just as I was cleaning up the workout room, Percy popped his head in.

“I’m going out and I want my bike back” he said with a snarky tone. I looked up from the weights I had just racked. I noticed there wasn’t the same level of indignation in his voice. “Sure, you can have it back as soon as you finish helping me repair the sod you tore up” I said as calmly as I could muster. “I’ll do it later” he said frustration creeping in. “No, you’ll do it before you get the bike back” I said sternly. With that Percy stormed out of the gym.

I left the house and headed back to my apartment to get ready for work then headed to the barn to retrieve some tools. As I approached, I heard some noise. I carefully pulled open the door and there was Percy looking around trying to find his bike. “I said you can have it when you help me patch the sod you fucked up” I said startling Percy. “Give it to me now Keoh” he said anger filling his voice. “No” I said simply crossing arms across my chest and leaning back on some hay bales.

“Look Keoh you work for me and..” he started. “No, I work for your mom and dad. To me you’re just a little entitled asshole” I said bluntly cutting him off. Percy’s face scrunched and it looked as if he were trying to process my words. “As a matter of fact, as far as I am concerned, until your folks get home you work for me.” I said straightening up and walking towards Percy.

Percy cringed and began backing up to one of the structural posts that abruptly stopped him from going any further, a look of fear crossing his face. “You don’t touch me” he said putting up his hands in a defensive pose. “I’ll tell my dad” he whined. I found it curious that he didn’t tell daddy anything yet. “Yeah? Did you tell daddy how you sucked my dick?” I asked. “I didn’t do that, you forced me.” He protested. 

I looked at him cowering like a little rabbit. “You liked it Percy, you know you did. I saw how hard your cock was while you were sucking me. Did you jerk off after I left? I think if you really hated it you would have called daddy to tell him about it.” I said moving even closer. “I am going to tell him” He shot back. “You know what I think?” I asked. “I think you really liked it. I bet your even hard now thinking about it” I said and reached out my hand to his crotch.

“I didn’t. I’m not hard” he said but it was too late my hand touched the hard mound in his jeans. Percy tried to wiggle free, but the support post prevented him from going any further. With my hand on his hard cock I moved closer. Percy placed his hands on my chest trying to stop me, but I quickly realized he wasn’t really putting up much resistance. I did not push hard against him, and just sort of stood there waiting.

“Get the fuck off me Keoh, you’re just an employee” Percy blurted out and as quick as he said it there was a flash of understanding as he looked into the anger on my face. I grabbed him by the shirt collar and dragged him over to the hay, then I ripped open his pants and pulled them down then his underwear. As his white briefs were pulled down his body his 7” cut, hard dick slapped up against him and as string of precum arched away from him in slow motion.

I sat down on the hay and pulled Percy across my lap. Whack! “I am a not just an employee” I said feeling the heat coming off of Percy’s ass. I pulled my hand back and slapped him a second time. “Get off me now” he said, and I could hear crying in his voice. “Not till you learn a lesson daddy should have taught you a long time ago” I said slapping him a third time. As I pulled back my hand, I noticed that his ass had a bright red spot where I had slapped him. I also noticed that his cock was still hard and pressing into my leg.

I waited for Percy to say something more, but instead he just laid across my legs. Everything became very silent in the barn. Percy was an asshole, but I had to admit he had a really good body and from this angle a really hot tight ass. I looked down at the red mark then down the crack of his ass. Percy’s ass was coated with light hair with a ring of soft hair around what looked like a very tight pink hole.

As I took in all of Percy’s assets, I could feel myself getting hard. I moved my head over his hole and allowed some spit to slowly drop from my mouth hitting the hole perfectly. Percy did not seem to notice at first. I ran my finger very slowly and gently up the length of Percy’s crack. As it passed over his puckered hole his body made and involuntary shudder, but still he did not say anything.

I continued slowly running my finger up and down the length of his ass crack each time spending a bit more time on his pink hole. As I passed over it, I noticed that it would relax and open slightly. Finally, I pressed my index finger directly on the hole and began to gently probe it. The hole gave way and just the tip of my finger entered. Percy took a breath but did not try to get up or move.

I placed my free hand on the ass cheek furthest from me and gently pushed it away giving me better access, then I began to insert my finger deeper into Percy’s hole. “Stop” he said but I ignored him. “Stop or I’ll tell my dad” he said but he did not move. “Stop, you can’t do this to me, you work for me” he said, and I pulled back my free hand and slapped his ass. As my hand hit the firm flesh, I realized he wasn’t struggling to get up. For someone who didn’t want this he wasn’t trying hard to get away.

I pushed my finger roughly into his ass so that it was deep inside him. Percy let out a very low moan. “I think you like this” I said as I began to slowly draw my finger out before sliding it back in. Soon I was fucking Percy hard with my finger; harder and harder deeper and deeper. I could feel his hole contract around my finger, and I could feel his dick swell against my leg.

Percy began to pant, and I was sure he was getting ready to cum. I didn’t want to let that happen just yet. I wasn’t going to let this entitled piece of shit get off until I was ready for him to. “Get up” I said and pulled my finger from his ass and shoved him onto the hay covered floor. Percy tumbled over and I saw that his dick was rock hard and wet.

I reached down and pulled him to a standing position. “Take off your pants” I said. Percy looked at me for a second then stepped out of them. I pulled open his shirt and tossed it on the ground. Percy now stood completely naked in front of me. I placed a hand on his shoulder but before I could apply any pressure, Percy began to sink to his knees.

“You’re an eager little cock sucker” I said, and Percy began to blush. He stammered some excuse that I ignored. I moved in closer to him and put my hand behind his head and pulled him to my jeans. “Yeah boy get your face in there” I said roughly rubbing my cock in his face. “I am going to teach you to have some fucking respect. Something your daddy should have taught you a long time ago.” I said holding him in place.

I let go of Percy’s head and took a half step back. “Take my cock out boy” I said watching as he reached up to open my jeans and release my cock. Once my dick was free Percy placed a hand on it and began to draw his open mouth closer to it. Before his lips could touch it, I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back, then bent down so my face was close to his. “You want to suck my big 8” cock boy?” I asked aggressively. “yeah” Percy said very softly. “What boy? I asked. “Yes” he said and his eyes blinked. “Yes what?” I asked a 3rd time. “Yes sir. I want to suck you.” He said and tears welled in his eyes.

I loosened my grip on his hair and Percy once again moved forward, but again I stopped him. Frustration shot across his face. “Standup” I said putting my hands under his arms helping him stand him up in front of me. A look of confusion was on his face. I placed a hand behind his head and pulled him to me so that he was so close that I could feel the heat of his body. My lips brushed his and he softly sighed. I pulled his naked body to me and wrapped an arm around him and covered his mouth with mine.

My hand ran up his back to behind his head as my tongue entered his mouth. Percy shut his eyes and kissed me back. With my free hand I reached behind him and began inserting my finger back into his puckered hole. Percy began grinding his cock into mine as I finger fucked his tight ass.

I could feel Percy getting close as his movements became more erratic and he ground his dick harder into mine. I could also feel his ass pulsing on my finger, and I knew he would not last much longer. Percy’s body went rigid and he wrapped his arms around me pulling me to him tight and then I felt the warm cum flood over my cock.

As the powerful orgasm came over him, Percy’s knees started to buckle, and I held onto him as the feelings passed through every inch of his body. Finally, Percy’s body began to relax, and he was able to stand on his own. I slid my finger from his ass and stepped back to look down at my hard cock. My dick and jeans were coated in Percy’s seed.

Percy looked down then back up at me. His face turned beat red, but he said nothing. “Clean it up” I said looking into his eyes. Percy began to look around for something. “With your mouth” I said sharply causing Percy to jerk his head up, a puzzled look on his face as if to say: are you serious? “No” he said, some of his attitude coming back into his voice.

I moved quickly placing my hands on his shoulders and pushing him to his knees. “Hey” Percy yelped on his way down. “Clean it” I said and pushed my hard cum coated dick into his face smearing it with cum. I grabbed him by the hair and watched as he thought about how he might get away. “Lick it clean” I said not waiting for his reply.

Percy scrunched up his face and stuck his tongue out till it touched some of the cum. Then moving his tongue just slightly he licked a bit more. I could have watched him all day, but I had to start work so I slid my wet cock into his mouth. Still holding his hair, I started to fuck his face, careful not to make him gag. It didn’t take to many thrusts before Percy began sucking on his own.

“Yeah that’s my good cock sucker” I said sliding my cock in and out of his mouth. Something about Percy really turned me on. I had to admit that under all the “high and mighty” attitude, there was a really hot, desirable guy. I also sort of liked the feeling of dominating him, something I never tried before.

I could feel my orgasm getting very close. I knew I could hold off for a while, but my work wasn’t going to get done by itself. I placed my hands on either side of Percy’s head and began to really face fuck him hard. I had one thought and that was to shoot my load into him. As I watched I couldn’t help thinking about his sweet tight ass and what it might feel like on my cock instead of my finger.

Just as the image of sliding into his ass flashed in my mind, my dick began to unload. “Don’t spill a drop, cocksucker” I said as my dick started to fill his mouth. Percy took as much as he could, but then I saw some of the white creamy juice drip from the corners of his mouth.

When I was done, I let go of Percy’s head, but he kept a slow steady sucking motion going. “I’m done now” I said roughly pulling my cock from his mouth. I looked down at my semi-hard, cum and saliva coated cock before stuffing it into my jeans and zipping up.

I bent down and kissed Percy’s sloppy mouth then turned to leave. “You can get changed and help me with the sod” I said before heading out of the barn to start my work.


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