Just an Employee – Chapter 1

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Fiction by Greg Stevens

 This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious.

“He’s just an employee” I heard Percy Wittingham bellow from the back patio of the main house which was off kitchen. “That’s not nice” Mrs. Wittingham said softly waiting for the maid to clear the table. Mr. Wittingham didn’t say a word he just scrolled absentmindedly on his fancy tablet. I glanced up to see Margaret the maid/cook working to quietly clear the plates.

I was used to being treated like a servant; the Whittingham’s were nice to me and always treated me with a level of respect, but their spoiled ass son was another story. Percy Wittingham wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth he was born with a gold one. The Wittingham’s were loaded and Percy took full advantage of that.

I ignored the comment, I had heard it several times from Percy and his kind. I went back to work on the grounds. It was late fall and I had lots of work to do in order to prep for winter; trees needed to be trimmed and mulched, fences needed to be fixed and other odds and ends that needed doing on an estate of this size.

I had been working at the Wittingham estate since I graduated from college and returned back to town.  My dream job was to go into golf course management, but with the economy the way it was most places weren’t hiring. I told myself that I am still young and had time. In the meantime, I kept busy maintaining the Wittingham estate and dreaming. There were some perks to the job however, I had a small outbuilding that the Wittingham’s provided as an apartment. It wasn’t huge but it had a nice layout and it was free. I also had use of all the machinery including an old pickup truck I named “Lucky Betty” that I loved driving around in, especially on the cooler fall days with the windows rolled down.

I also had access to the pool and gym when none of the family were using it. The idea being that; “We couldn’t have the hired help sweating in the gym with the family present.” That was fine with me as most of them never even used the gym and I tended to work out early in the morning before any of them were even awake. At 24, I was in the best shape of my life; 6’3 210 pounds of lean muscle mostly from lots of long hours doing yard work as well as my lifting routine in the family gym.

“Good morning Keoh” Mr. Wittingham said stepping into the gym surprising me. My name was Ken, but everyone called me “Keoh. “Morning sir, I am just leaving” I said grabbing my towel. “Wait please, I have a favor to ask” Mr. Wittingham said. “Yes, sir what can I do for you?” I asked studying him. Mr. Wittingham was about 5’10 with dark hair tinted with grey flecks that made him look distinguished and professional. He was wearing a dark suit with a pale blue shirt that almost matched the blue in his eyes. He wasn’t bad looking but there was something almost “tired” about him.

“Keoh Mrs. Wittingham and I have to go out of town for business and I was hoping you would look after the property while we are gone?” He asked. “I’d like you to keep an eye on Percy too while we are gone. He has been a bit wild lately and we need someone to keep him inline while we are away. Margaret will be going with us so it will only be the 2 of you to hold down the fort” he said with a bit of an awkward chuckle. “Of course, there will be a little bonus in it for you” He added after thinking about it.

“He wanted me to babysit Percy?” I thought to myself. “Yes sir” I responded not really knowing what I was getting into. Percy was 18 years old; he should have been able to stay out of trouble, but I was happy for the extra cash.

The next day a car came for the Wittingham’s, Margaret and lots of luggage and by 9am they were gone. It was a cool day, but I loved being outside getting my work done. By 4pm I was ready to load up Lucky Betty and go back to the estates garage to put away the tools.

I needed a shower but decided that with the family out of the house I could get a late afternoon workout in before dinner. I pulled off the work cloths and went to my apartment to grab my workout cloths and walk up to the main house.

The sun was setting low as I walked into the gym and began my stretching. “What are you doing here?” I heard Percy’s whiney little voice his phone stuck to the side of his face. “I was going to work out Sir, if you aren’t planning on using the gym.” I said. I hated calling this little bastard “sir”, but it came along with the job.

Percy was half looking at me and half talking to someone on his phone. Percy looked at me with a sneer on his face. “I might use it” he said out of spite. He had no intension of working out. “Ok let me know when you are ready, and I will head out” I said. “Just go now then” he said again an ugly look on his face. I could feel the anger building, but I knew I had to hold my tongue.

I grabbed my towel and turned to the door to leave. “Oh, that’s just an employee” I heard him say on the phone as I was leaving. My blood was boiling, and I knew I had to relive my stress, so I decided to go to the old barn where I had hung a punching bag from one of the rafters. I grabbed my gloves and started punching. I imagined Percy as I punched the bag. An hour later I was dripping with sweat and walked back to my apartment to wash up.

I woke early the next morning and decided to go up to the house to use the gym as I normally did. I was filled with anger when I entered realizing that Percy never bothered to use the gym. “That little fucker” I thought to myself. I finished my routine, wiped down the benches and put everything away before getting ready for work.

As it was a cool day, I decided not to shower before starting my landscaping. No one was around so my musky smell couldn’t bother anyone. I began by laying some new sod in areas that had become a bit bare. Just as I was finishing the last piece, I heard the roar of the crotch rocket that Percy sometimes drove.

I looked up across the field and sure enough Percy was barreling across the property coming back towards the house. Closer and closer he came right towards the new sod I spent hours laying. “Go that way!” I yelled trying to get him to stay off the new sod. Percy did not pay any attention he just drove straight for me and the sod. “Stop! Go that way” I yelled and pointed, but Percy kept coming.

Finally, he drifted the bike right onto the fresh sod ripping it up and spraying it across the lawn. “What the fuck are you doing?” I asked anger building in me. “Oh, sorry Keoh. I didn’t see you there.” He said with a smirk. “Yes, you did.” I said wanting to add “little asshole” but held my tongue. Percy did not respond he just smirked and drove off.

I looked at the mangled sod that I spent so much time laying. My body was shaking with anger. I took a few breaths and called it a day; I made a mental note to fix the sod the next day. I was too angry to do much of anything; I didn’t even feel like punching the bag to get my frustration out. I hit the shower and laid in bed, the look of his smug sneer running through my mind.

The next day I repeated my routine; gym for my workout, breakfast and back to work on the estate. At about 1pm, I saw Percy walking down from the house. He was in his leather Ducati leather jacket that probably cost more than all my cloths combined. It was blue, white, and black, with “Ducati” on the sleeve. He was also wearing some jeans and expensive looking leather boots. As he approached, I could see an angry expression on his face.

“Where is it? Where is my bike?” He shouted, his face beet red. “I put it away” I said calmly. I had gotten up early and moved his bike to the barn to teach him a lesson. “I spent hours yesterday fixing this sod and you drove through it on purpose.” I told him. “I want my bike” He said indignantly. “You can have it when you work on fixing the sod you destroyed.” Before I could finish, he stormed off. “I’m calling my father.” He yelled not looking back.

I wanted to stop him from calling his dad, but his dad did put me in charge and Percy really needed a lesson badly. Part of me was concerned with what Mr. Wittingham might do to me and another part just didn’t care. I wasn’t going to be treated like trash by an 18-year-old, lazy, enabled brat.

I checked my phone several times to see if a call from Mr. Wittingham had come in to tell me I was fired, but there was none. I went about my day and the next morning I got up threw on my shorts and went to the gym like normal. When I got there, I saw a note and the door was locked. “If you want to use my gym, you will need to return my bike and apologize to me.” The note read.

“Apologize?” I said ripping the note off the door. I wasn’t thinking as I stormed down the hall towards Percy’s room. I threw open the door without knocking and walked in. “What are you doing here?” Percy said sounding a bit groggy. “Give me the key to the gym and stop being a spoiled brat” I bellowed, anger from the past couple days boiling in me.

Percy jumped out of bed and pointed to the door. “Get out” he said trying to sound threatening. I looked over his body. It was trim with some definition. He wore only a pair expensive labeled briefs with the name on the elastic band. In that moment something came over me. I was going to teach this prick a lesson.

I moved with determination towards him. Percy backed down but I did not. “You need to learn how to show respect” I said and grabbed him, then I sat on the bed and pulled him across my lap. “Your Father should have done this a long time ago” I said, and I drew my hand back and slapped his ass. “What the fuck are you doing” he bellowed trying to get away from me. Again, I pulled my hand back. “I am teaching you a lesson” I said holding him in place and striking him again.

“I’m calling my father” he said, and it sounded like he was beginning to cry. I did not care, in fact it made me want to hit him even more. Smack! My hand came down on his ass again. Percy didn’t say anything but let out a low noise. I wasn’t done yet and I spanked him again. This time it sounded more like a moan and he was no longer trying to get away. I could feel something pressing against my inner thigh. Was Percy getting aroused? Did I feel his hard cock on my leg?

I pulled my hand back again and slapped his ass, Percy let out a low moan and sure enough his dick jerked against my leg. I pulled back and slapped him one more time, and he let out another low moan, and his dick jerked against me. This time I left my hand in place. I did not move, and Percy wasn’t trying to get away.

I began to move my hand in circles over the white cotton briefs that covered Percy’s ass. For a lazy shit he had a pretty solid butt. I could feel the heat coming up in the area that I slapped. I imagined it was pretty red as well. “Stop” Percy said but there was no sign of indignance or anger. No sign of superiority.

I let him go and helped him to his feet. As he stood up in front of me his hard dick tented the material of the briefs. Percy looked embarrassed. I stood up and Percy backed up into the wall. “It looks like this spoiled brat likes getting spanked” I said a slight masochistic edge to my voice. “I don’t” Percy said softly, and it didn’t sound convincing. I had no idea what I was doing but I grabbed his hands and held them above his head. Then I pressed my body into his, my dick pressing into his hard dick.

“I think you liked it.” I said my face close to Percy’s. I moved slowly closer, a shocked look on Percy’s face as I approached. My lips touched his and he turned his head away. With my free hand I turned his face back to face me. Again, I placed my lips on his. He tried to struggle but soon his body relaxed and allowed my tongue to enter his mouth.

Percy relaxed and I was able to let go of his hands. My tongue probed his mouth and I could feel his dick pulsing against mine. Now that my hands were free, I began running them down his back, feeling every inch of him. Percy moaned and allowed me to touch anywhere I wanted to.

I pulled my mouth from his and looked into his eyes again. This time there was no sign of anger, no sign of entitlement, just the look of someone lost in passion. I placed my hands on his shoulders and pushed him to his knees, then I grabbed hold of a handful of hair and pulled my dick out of my shorts.

“Suck it boy” I said and started to press my cock against Percy’s lips. Percy didn’t open his mouth, so I slapped him across the face. “I said suck it boy” and Percy opened his mouth. I shoved my dick in and Percy began to cough. “Take a deep breath” I said pulling it almost all the way out. Once Percy had recovered, I pushed it in again. “Suck it good boy” I snarled looking down at him.

Percy tried sucking but he had no clue what he was doing. Still holding a clump of his hair, I began to slide my dick in and out of his mouth. Percy caught on quickly and began moving his lips and tongue then reached up to hold the shaft. I looked down at Percy hungrily sucking my dick and thought of the irony of me “looking down” on him.

I could feel my dick starting to swell and knew I was getting close. With a huge plop I pulled my dick out of Percy’s mouth, grabbed the shaft, and stroked it. A huge wad of cum shot out hitting Percy on the chest and running down his body. Percy watched in shocked surprise. I aimed my dick so that more of it hit his body and splashed on the fancy white briefs.

I let go of his hair and straightened up. Percy’s dick was rock hard straining the material of his briefs. Cum splattered his chest, abs, and briefs. I kneeled down in front of him, the smell of my cum fresh on his body. “Make sure the gym is unlocked in the morning” I said sharply than gave him a soft slap on the face before standing up and leaving the house.

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