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African Kidnapping

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I was a twenty three year old Australia guy, bumming it around South and West Africa on an extended holiday.  I had little money, however could usually find a good time wherever I went.

The two mates I was traveling with had been together for a couple of months when I joined them about six weeks ago and we all got on well together. Michael was from southern England and was a good looking guy with the usual smooth pale skin, sandy hair and good body, as he played a lot of soccer at home. Mike, who was about 24, was well educated, but lacked the so called street skills of survival that our other friend Jose had, Jose was from somewhere in New York and had been brought up to know how to survive on the streets.

He was a good-looking Porto Rican guy, 21 years, who had dropped out of college after a year and a half and had started to travel.  As I said, we had been together for about six weeks travelling up the west coast of Africa, and had originally met up in Cape Town.  We had enjoyed the scenery, the people and a bit of good diving on the west coast of South Africa and Namibia.

My real story starts as we were heading northwest from the Ivory Coast, through Guinea and into Sierra Leone. Our plan was to get to Freetown for a few days and then travel north up the west coast of North West Africa.

We each had Honda bikes, which we had bought in Cape Town. It was cheap travel and you could see a lot of country as you drove. Some roads were good, however most were very bad and we had to be very careful as we travelled, as that part of Africa was not the safest place in the world to be.  We usually camped in the scrub and washed in whatever rivers or streams were available.  I used to get quite turned on watching Mike and Jose skinny dip. One was so white and other, Jose, was quite dark and so well hung. I would love to have seen his cock hard.  It would have had to be at least two to three inches longer than mine and I’m 7.5” thick and cut.

Mike, I guessed, was about the same as myself, however was not cut, the same as Jose.  Both guys were smooth skinned not like me as I had a hairy chest. We were all very fit and our bodies well-toned. We played real man type games while swimming, with the occasional grope, but all acting very straight.  It was pity, as I would have loved to be fucked by either of them, and even slip a length into either tight butts, but I guessed that was not to be.  I would have to be satisfied with jacking off when I could sneak off into the bush to shit.

We were about one hundred kilometres from Freetown, just passed a place called Yonibana and heading into some very hilly and heavily timbered country, when we were stopped by a group of young black men in their early twenties. They were all dressed in those camouflaged type trousers with boots and no shirts.  All were big guys and looked really fit, as their chests were well defined and muscled.  As we did not want any trouble we did everything they asked. A couple of them could speak English and they informed us that their leader wanted to meet us.  It was all very friendly, so we were not all that alarmed at that time.  It wasn’t until they got our bikes onto the back of the truck that things started to get rough.

A very tall and solid black guy ordered us into the back of the truck with our bikes.  Jose, in his usual smart ass way asked why. With this the big guy ordered his followers to throw us into the truck, binding our hands together in front of us and then tying the rope to pipe frame above our heads, so that our arms where stretched upwards as we stood in the back of the truck.  The rest of the ten or twelve black guys all climbed aboard and sat around the edge of the truck as we headed off into the dense bush.  A couple of the black guys started touching up Mike.  They were saying something about a pretty white boy, but I couldn’t quite understand.

I did notice that Mike was getting a bit excited as he had quite a lump in his trousers.  Even though most off these guys were young and quite good looking with no shirts and well-muscled bodies, I was far too scared to get in the slightest bit excited sexually.

We had been travelling for about twenty minutes when the truck stopped.  Four of the black guys got out to piss.  The three guys that had been touching up Mike again got interested and with the encouragement from some of the others, undid his zipper and pulled down his jeans and his underwear, exposing his growing cock.  He face was bright red with embracement, and although he was as scared as we were, his cock just kept getting harder.

One of the well-built black guys stood up, pulled out his big soft black cock and started to jack it off, teasing Mike as he did so.  One of the other guys walked up to Jose and myself and grabbed us both in the crutch and said something that I did not understand.  The rest of the group thought it was very funny as they all fell around laughing.  One of the three started to jack Mike off.  The guys that were pissing got back in the truck and we again headed north, but the guy jacking Mike continue with the wild encouragement of the rest of the group.

I could see that a few of the black guys were also getting excited as their cocks started tenting their trousers.  The guy who had pulled out his cock in fun was now nearly fully hard.  A couple of them pointed to me and one guy lent forward end undid my belt and the zipper on my jeans, pulling them down to expose my thickening cock.   The guy next to him then did the same to Jose.  As his monster was revealed there were big hoots and whistles and a couple of the guys grabbed his cock and gave it a couple of tugs.    The black guys all started pointing to the big guy at the front of the truck, pulling out Jose’s cock. I think they were trying to get this guy to compare size.  He shook his head, but they kept on at him until he stood up, walked up to Jose, unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out a real monster cock.

I don’t know if it was bigger or not than Jose’s, but it was real black, thick and heavy with big veins.  He grabbed his and Jose’s cocks docking then together with both foreskins together and started to jack them. The rest of the guys went mad.  Someone stuck his finger up my arse as the big black looked at me and said in rough English and a toothy grin “You like?”  He must have known I liked it, as my cock was getting very hard.  He reached down with his other hand and started to jack my cock.  Jose looked at me with a slight grim of his face.  He loved this.

The action was just starting to get very hot when we pulled into an opening in the timber and a few huts. Another ten or so guys came out to meet the truck.  As they did, the guys in the truck put their cocks away and did up their trousers.  We unfortunately had to stand there with our hands tied above our heads and our jean around our ankles and our cocks still quite hard.  They all stood around pointing and laughing for about a minute, when a very tall and extremely well built and handsome guy came out of the big hut at the end of the clearing.

The talking and laughing subsided as he approached and he said something to the truck driver, who answered him.  The big guy then said something to the whole group and they all pointed to Mike.  The big guy laughed and gave an order.  With that four guys jumped up onto the back of the truck and undid Mike and dragged him off the back and into one of the huts followed by most of the men. It wasn’t hard to work out what was going to happen to Mike.

The big guy then barked another order and a stack more guys jump up on the truck and undid both mine and Jose’s ropes from the canopy frame and lead us off the back of the truck and into the big hut at the end of the clearing.

The big black leader then joined us and I asked in a very shaky voice what he was going to do with us.  He informed both Jose and myself, in very good English, that we were going to stay with him and his friends for some time and that we, Jose and I were to be his official masturbators.  Someone translated this and the whole room of black guys burst into laughter.

He then barked another order, and we were stripped of all our clothing and shoes.  He then told us that to venture out of the hut with no shoes would be a great mistake, as the thorns around the camp would not only cripple us but would also poison our bodies.  With this the ropes around our wrist undone and we stood there beaten and very scared.

He barked another order and all but four of the biggest black guys left the hut.  Both Jose and I were taken by two guys each and lead off to the corner where we were each doused with water and washed by the guards.  We were then lead back into the centre of the hut where we found the boss guy stretched out on a bed with his boots and trousers off and his big cock sticking out of his bright red boxers.   He said “One of you guys are going to suck my cock and the other is going to suck my balls.  Please yourselves.”  We stood dumb founded, when he pointed to me.  “You suck this!”  I was then pushed to my knees by the two guards.

He had a magnificent cock and I was very much looking forward to sucking all the cum out of it.  I peeled the thick, long foreskin back down to reveal a big plump dark pink cock head.  I bent and licked the big drop of pre cum off the cock slit and milked another large drop from his thick cock.   Jose was pushed down to the big hairless balls that hung under this magnificent piece of meat.  He eagerly sucked on one of those great eggs as I devoured as much as I could his great cock.  Jose smiled at me and whispered that I should have told him that I liked this sort of action, as he had been wanting my cock since we first met.

I heard some movement behind us as the four guards started to undress.  I knew what was to come.  As I slipped off the end of the big cock I whispered to Jose “Have you been fucked before?”  He just smiled at me.  There were four or five guys pushing into the building, as the four big guards got undressed.  I could see that they were all very well endowed with big semi hard cocks swaying between their legs and large scrotums full of heavy balls thick with cum.

Only one was cut, all the rest had large foreskins covering their hard dicks.  They started to jack them as they watched Jose and I suck off the boss man.  He had hold of my head and was pumping his big dick deep into my throat.  One of the guards got a bucket of cooking oil from the stove and started covering my cock and balls and my arse with this lube.  His mate did the same to Jose. He then lubed up his friend’s cock as he knelt down to position his cock head at the entrance of my arse.

His friend first stuck two fingers from one hand, then two from the other into me and stretched my arse wide so I could accommodate this big black man’s big black cock.  He moved forward placing his cock head between the fingers of his friend and slowly pushed forward.  The other two guys were doing the same to Jose. He let out a moan of delight, as did I when my guy started to enter me.  He was so thick and long.  I had never had a dick that big before.

He kept pushing into me as his friend pulled my arse cheeks apart.  I eventually felt his tight pubes at my arse cheeks and knew he was fully inside me.  His friend grabbed my cock and balls and stretched them down to stop me from cumming too early as his mate started to fuck my arse as it had never been fucked before.

His mate slowly worked on my greased cock and balls, holding my balls tight so I would not cum.  The other guys were doing the same to Jose who was in seventh heaven.  I looked up at the Boss man who had a big smile on his face.  “I think you boys are going to like your stay here,” he said.  Jose’s cock was very hard now and I could see one of the guys slowly jacking it. As I had guessed it was immense.

One of the on-lookers at the door pushed forward and held an amyl bottle under my nose.  It was the strongest stuff I’d ever inhaled and sent my head into a spin.  The ring of my arse and my cock head felt so good and the pre cum tasted so sweet. Just then the boss man thrust his cock deep into my mouth and unloaded the biggest load deep in my throat.  It was so good.  Thick, sweet and so creamy. My fucker was pumping my arse so hard and his mate jacking me so well I was so close.  I felt the cock in my arse push to the hilt and flex as it pulsated its hot load deep into me as I erupted into the hands of the guy jacking me.  He immediately dived under me and sucked the remaining juice out of me.  Jose had been watching me cum and came bolt upright as he unloaded long white strips of ropey cum all over the boss man stomach.  His arse fucker was also depositing his load deep in Jose’s bowels.    The guy that was jacking Jose then lent forward and quickly licked up all the cum, apart from that scooped up by the boss himself and sucked from his finger.

What hot man sex.  I had to have more.

The boss guy got up and pulled up his trousers, as he did he motion for the five or six guys a t he door to come in and he said something to them which mad them all very happy and then he left.

The five or six guys were quickly getting undressed and by that stage I had worked out what the boss man had said.  Our asses were for all of them.

The two guys that had been working on me from the start, physically picked me up and placed me on a table. Two other guys came over to join the fun.  They held my legs up exposing my newly fuck ass. One of the guys holding my legs stuck two fingers into me and was followed by the other guy.  The four fingers started stretching my ass as one of the other guys started to jack off his huge black cock.  He greased it up with the cooking oil and slowly started to insert it into me.  It felt like a fence post as it went in.  But so good.  One of the guys holding my legs was only about sixteen but had a beautiful cock. I grabbed it and started pulling towards my mouth, as I had to taste this boy cum.  He eagerly accommodated me starting to face fuck me.  His cock was so silky and smooth with its long loose foreskin. I could taste his pre cum and with the pounding sensation in my ass new I would cum again very soon.  The other group lifted Jose onto the table and one started to fuck him deep as well.   His big long cock was standing tall and leaking buckets of pre cum.   One of the guys watching and jacking his cock leaned forward to suck all the pre cum off.

The young guy I was sucking off started to moan and pump my mouth harder. I knew he was about to shoot thick squirts of sweet boy cum.   The guy fucking me was deep shafting me with his huge cock.  Jose was watching, and said “I bet that is great ”  I just smiled back.  The boy cock in my mouth was getting very hard as he started to pump my mouth hard.  Then all of a sudden he exploded with buckets of thick white sweet cum that filled my mouth.

My cock started to twitch as my next load was about to unload, Just as I was about to shoot, a hot black mouth engulfed my cock to the root and sucked me dry.  The two guys were still fucking me and Jose and all the other guys were standing over us jacking their hot cocks.  One by one they exploded their loads of thick white cum all over us.  My fucker was working up to blow his load. My ass was burning.  I could feel his cock swell and unload so much cum that it was leaking out my ass.  He rested, exhausted as his cock started to soften in me.  As he pulled out, an older guy started to suck the cum from my ass.  Jose started to scream as he was also about to unload for the first time.  A guy holding me pushed my head up and over to Jose’s cock and clamped my mouth down over his cock just as he was about to unload.  I was in heaven.  As Jose spat squirt after squirt down my still thirsty throat, I sucked every drop of that sweet load, savouring every drop of Jose’s sweet juice.  I broke away from his cock and look up at him with a very wet smile.  He just winked.  As the guy in his ass unloaded.

We all lay there for some time, exhausted from the work out.  Then the young guy I had sucked off started to pump his cock again.  He said something to the other guys and they laughed a bit before rolling me onto my stomach and pulled my ass cheeps apart as the young guy entered me.  He fucked me gently for some time before he started to work up to a frenzy.  With three or four hard thrusts he dropped another load of his sweet cum in my other end.  I somehow wish I could taste it, as his first load was one of the best.

When the young guy had finished they all got up and left, some of the guys patting both Jose and me on the ass.  We both knew this was not to be the last session.

We walked over to the area we had showered earlier and cleaned each other up.  Jose had this great smile on his face as his dark skin sparkled with the water, he said “That was the greatest, I’ve wanted to give you my load ever since we first met, but I thought you were straight.” I asked him if he thought Mike would be OK.  “I think his ass could be a bit sore also, especially if he has not done this before.”

“You don’t think he’s gay then?”  I asked.

“Who Mike? Not likely.”

As we had no clothes we laid down together on the old mattresses. Jose had the best looking body I had ever seen.  His big cock, half soft, lay across his right thigh towards me. It was much darker than the rest of his body, but not as dark as his big hairless balls, which rested on the mattress below him in their low slung dark smooth pouch as he lay there extremely proud of his equipment. His dark foreskin covered his big cock head and even had about an inch loose over hang. I had never seen such a beautiful sight in my life. It was so much better close up than what I had seen when he and Mike used to swim together.  I just had to lean over and kiss him.  We were still in our passionate embrace when the young black guy came back in.  He was still wet from showering and his shiny black skin shone. He wore only a white towel around his slim waist as he came over and sat next to me on the matrass. He smiled and said something we did not understand.  He was looking at my white skin and at my white cock and at Jose’s monster.  He undid his towel to show a cock that was not at all small with at least seven to eight inches and I guess still growing.  He had a regular foreskin that had a slit along the bottom and was hanging loose over his half hard cock.  I had not previously notices this cut in his foreskin, it must have been done as a child either to free his cock head or as some religious rite. He leaned forward, grabbing my cock and putting it straight into his mouth.  This kid had been sucking cock for a long time, as it was not long before I was hard again.   I noticed that Jose’s cock was also stretching out to its nine to ten inches. Fuck it was big, not just long but thick as well.  The young kid slipped over in front of me and as he did he grabbed Jose’s fuck pole and started jacking it.  Jose leant forward and started to finger the kid’s ass. He moved around to the back of the kid and started to rim his ass out.  I think it was the first time that the kid had received this pleasure.  As he really got into sucking my cock as Jose rimmed his ass.  Jose backed off and started to insert a couple of fingers into the kid, who just pushed back into it.  He had no doubt been fucked many times before by his older mates and enjoyed it.  Jose found the tin of cooking oil and plastered it onto the kid’s ass, as he did so I slid around under the young black guy to watch as Jose inserted his dark brown monster into this smooth black ass.  Slowly, inch by inch, it disappeared into that tight black hole until the whole ten inches were buried deep in his ass.  I sucked on his hard black cock with its uncut foreskin still covering the big head.  I ran my tongue around under that great foreskin and felt the kid shake with pleasure.  He continued to work on my cock as Jose started to fuck him long and deep.  Just at this time, three big guys pushed Mike through the door to see us deep in hot gay sex. I could see Mike just stand there. He had nothing on and I could see he had been well and truly worked over.  He staggered forward shaking his head.

“What are you guys doing?  Do you really like fucking with guys?”

Without missing a beat Jose turned to Mike and said “You better believe it.”  Still deep fucking that tight black ass.  The kid was now fucking my mouth as he deep throated my cock. Fuck it was hot man sex.  As Mike stood there watching, Jose screamed out.  “Take my load, take my cum.” and he unloaded another load deep inside the kid.  Second later the kid unloaded a second load into my mouth.  What sweet man-boy syrup it was. I repaid him with a load of hot cum in his mouth.  We all collapsed in a heap. Cum leaking out of mouths and asses.

Mike just stood there shaking his head and grinning.

“Have you cum yet?”  Jose asked.  He shook his head and said “No, but I have to soon.”

“Then get your ass over here.” Jose ordered.  Mike tentatively approached and Jose grabbed his cock.  “Well we better relieve that pressure.”

Mike just stood there as Jose started to jack him off. He said nothing as his cock became hard and he started to fuck Jose’s hand as he beat Mike’s meat. At that time the black kid put his mouth over Mike’s cock head.  Mike gave a scream as he unloaded the largest load I have ever seen.  It ran down both sides of the kid’s face and dripped onto the floor. Mike must have pumped eight to ten big wads of cum into the kid, who swallowed as quickly as he could, but missed most of it.

“How long have you been storing that up?” I asked.

“Days.”  Mike replied, catching his breath and smiling.  “Fuck that was great. I really needed to let that lot go”. He looked around, and then at the kid. “It looks like we have found a nice spot here.”  We all laughed and our young friend joined in.

Our friend soon left us after he had his fill of cum. It was late afternoon and was getting dark in the hut.  The African guys had taken all our clothes, so all we could do was sit together on the old mattress, hoping things would not get any worse.  The sex may have been nice, but in the back of our minds was the worry of what was to become of us.

Food was brought to us at sun set. It was basic but quite edible.  The night seemed to be getting hotter as a thunderstorm moved in from the west.  When the rain hit, it hit hard. Cooling the air and leaving everything damp and wet.

They came again a little after ten that night and bundled us off into a small hut not more than twenty yard away and locked us in.  There were some mats on the floor which we stretched out on and tried to get some sleep.

Although the floor was hard, I must have drifted off to sleep as I was rudely woken by a lot of noise and a bright light being shone into my eyes.  I was still naked and dragged to my feet and bundled outside.  At this point I was very concern for my safety and my life.

There were seven or eight big black guys man-handling me to one of the larger huts. There was a dull light coming from the hut as they dragged me in.  In the light I could see there were ten black men in their mid to late teens and early twenties.  I had not seen these guys before. The hut had many bunks and one was dragged out into the middle of the floor and I was thrown onto it.   Most of the men standing around me had only fatigue trousers on, their tops bear.  Most looked very young, 16 or 17 I guess. All were well muscled and well over six feet tall.  The four guys holding me down started to tie leather bands around my wrists and ankles. These were hooked to metal rings and ropes were slung over the rafters and tied onto the rings.  I could work out what was going to happen.  Before I had time to really sort things out, the ropes were pulled tight and I was being pulled off the bed.  My arms and legs were stretched wide apart, revealing my most private parts to the world.  There was much noise in the hut as the guys laughed and pointed to my open ass and semi hard cock.  Two or three guys undid their trouser fronts and started to jack their hardening cocks.  Like the guys earlier that afternoon, they were all very well endowed.  The older guys pushed a few of the younger guys forward.

Once I was swinging freely, the bed was rolled back against the wall and the guys standing around all dropped their trousers.  At this point I knew I was in for a night of hard fucking.

One of the biggest guys, although not with the biggest cock I could see, started to finger fuck my ass.   The cooking oil came out again and another guy liberally coated my ass with it and one of the young guy’s cock with it the same time.  He was really well hung, about 8—9 inches. I could see him line up his heavily fore skinned cock at my ass and feel him enter easily.  It felt so good. He grounded his nine inches to the pubes and started to rhythmically fuck my ass. Although not thick he massaged my prostrate and before too long I was leaking pre cum by the bucket.  Two of the other young guys watching started to lick it off my hard cock as one of them slid his finger into my ass with his friend’s cock.  He just grinned and kept on fucking.   His rhythm quickened as he thrust his cock deep into my guts and unloaded his first load of hot cum in me.

As he pulled out there was a lot of pushing and shoving as guys tried to be next up my ass.  One small solid guy with a very big cock got his way.  He wiped some cum and oil off my ass onto his big 9 to 10 inch dick, pulled the big fore skin back and rubbed the head up and down my crack.  He then rolled the fore skin right forward, pushed his thick cock head to my well lube hole and pressed his way into me.  As his long foreskin slid back, his big cock slid deep into me He was extremely thick and very long and I could really feel my poor ass stretch to receive him.  One guy was pulling my ass cheeks apart so he could enter me easier.  Another guy was jacking my hard cock.  I was watching all of this when one of the big guys behind me pulled my head back and forced his big thick cock into my mouth.  It was as big if not bigger than the cock fucking my ass, and had me chocking on every thrust of his hips.  They were working in unison, both thrusting into me at the same time, forcing my body to arch in the middle as they both forced their black poles into me. I could feel the sexual tension building as they fucked faster, both cocks seemed to swell as they started to unload their hot male semen into my mouth and ass.   There was a great raw from the guys gathered around as the cum started to dribble out of my mouth and ass.  The thick white cum in my mouth tasted so good and I sucked the black cock till I got every drop of cum out of him.  He smiled at me as he pulled out of my mouth and wiped his cock over my face.

The guy fucking my ass also pulled his thick cock out of me leaving me with such an empty feeling.  This did not last long as a young guy with a very long thin cock quickly slipped his cock deep into my guts.  Although not thick it was one of the longest cocks I had ever seem with a big barbarous cock head.  He deep fucked my well-worn ass with long deep strokes.  Each time he pulled out his big cock head rubbed across my prostrate giving me such an intense feeling.  My cock was again leaking pre cum as it stood rock hard along my stomach.

A very young guy, he looked only about fifteen, stood back with his cock in his hand. I noticed that he had a very long foreskin that completely covered his rock hard cock.  It was about seven inches long and quite thick.  The guy that fucked me first pushed him forward. As the long cock in my arse tensed and shot its load into me, the young boy came forward.  His cock was pulsating and leaking pre cum from its sheathed end.  As the thin cock was removed from my wet and hot arse, the young guy moved forward, put his sheathed cock to my arse lips and pushed deep into my slippery hole.  I heard him sigh as he grounded his balls on my arse cheeks. He then started to fuck me as I have never been fucked before.  His strokes were long and deep. His smooth black skin shone in the dull light. His white teeth gleamed as he smiled at me. A smile that melted me from within.  He was so gentle and sensual in his actions. He put his dick into place no man had been before in my tight arse.  Even the guys watching were getting very turned on by watching this guy work my arse.   His long powerful stroke got faster and faster as I knew he would blow soon.  I smiled at him, hoping that he would know the pleasure he was give me and that I hope I was giving him.

The way his was fucking got the other guys so hot that they started to cum.  Blowing their thick white load all over me until I was covered with hot cum from these young black guys.   With sweat dripping off his face, he rammed his cock deep into me and blew his load, filling my arse with his seed to over flowing.  He then collapsed onto me and held me tight. Looking into my face and smiling as he spoke unknown words to me.

He then stood up and spoke to one of the men who had just cum on my chest.  He older man nodded and spoke. He must have ordered me to be cut down.  As I hit the floor the young man who had just finished with me, picked me up and helped me out side.  He helped me to a small hut about fifty metres away. As we entered, two other very young guys helped my friend get me to an old bed.  My new friend brought water and a cloth and commenced to wash the dried cum and mess off my body.  He was so gentle.  When he finished, his friends quietly left us alone.  He smiled, showing his beautiful white teeth.  He then lent forward and kissed me gently on the lips.  I put arms around his naked body and he joined me on the bed.

I pulled him close and we could feel our cocks getting hard again. I rolled over so we spooned together, his hard cock pushing at my back.  I lifted myself up until I felt the tip of his cock against my ass lips, then slowly lowered myself onto his cock.  As he slipped inside of me he held me tight and we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to the feel of a warm mouth on my cock. The young guy was slowly sucking me off. As I looked down at him he looked up and smiled.  I could see his cock was rock hard and twitching as his heart beat.  He lifted my legs up and started to rim my ass.  His tongue felt so good as he worked his way into me.  He spat onto his hard arched cock, pushed the fore skinned head against my splincher and pushed himself into me.  It felt magnificent.  He fucked me slowly for about twenty minutes before three young guys, the ones that had helped him the previous night, came into the hut.  It was not long before they had all dropped their fatigues and were pumping their cocks.  One of the guys was the young guy with the very thin long cock.  He greased it up with his spit and pre cum and moved around the rear of my young friend fucking me.  I thought he was going to mount him, but he didn’t.  He pushed him forward over the top of me so my legs were up around my head.  He then slowly started to enter my ass just under my young friends cock. When he first started I thought he would rip my ass apart, but slowly I was able to take them both.  The feeling of two cocks inside me, one going in as one was pulling out.  My friend was deep kissing me as he slowly drove his cock in and out. No doubt he could feel his friend’s long cock sliding in and out under his cock as his balls draped over either side of this thin monster.  The two other guys moved so that we could both suck on their cocks. They were so hard and slippery with pre cum that tasted so sweet.  It wasn’t long before they both unloaded into our mouths. It tasted so good.

My friend on top of me stopped his movements as the long cock started to work faster and faster.  He was building up to fill my ass with another hot load.  My friend on top also started to tense up and inserted his cock as deep as he could as they both came together.  I could feel the cum dripping out of my ass and running down my ass crack. I could hold on no longer and unloaded my own big load between my stomach and my friend’s.  We all lay there exhausted, as my friend rolled off me.  The two guys we had sucked off licked my cum if our stomachs.

The four guys took me outside to wash off under a rough shower setup. We seemed to be the only people in the camp. What had happened to me friends, I do not know.  We finished washing and dressed in army fatigues, somewhere given to me by my friend and headed for another hut where an old trooper fed us.  The food was plain, but I was hungry and ate well.

The four guys were talking to each other and looking at me as they spoke.  They tried to ask me something, but I could not understand.  The older guy said something to the very young guy who had double fucked me and he left.  A few minutes later returned with an old jeep.  We all climbed aboard and headed off.  We drove for about fifteen minutes until we reached another much smaller camp.  There were a few other young guys standing around, all very curious about me. The only white guy they had seen for some time.

They gestured me to follow them into one of the four small huts stretching along the southern side of the road.  There were six or seven mattresses on the floor and place was very neat and clean.  My friend asked the only guy present something and he pointed to a room at the back of the hut.  We all moved over to the door and the tall guy opened it.  As we moved inside, noticed a small but very clean and tidy room.  Sitting at the desk was a guy of about twenty five. Very good looking, with an air of leadership about him.  My group spoke to him and looking at me, I assumed they were introducing me.  They continued speaking, I think they were re-counting the event earlier this morning.  The handsome guy sitting smiled and beckoned me forward.  As I got to him he turned me around and felt my ass cheeks.  He said something and tried to pull down my trousers.  My young friend undid the buttons at the front and my pants fell to the floor.   My cock was starting to stir again as this man was extremely handsome and looked very strong and powerful.  He pulled my ass cheeks apart and slowly inserted a finger into my ass.  He made some remark which brought laughter to them all.   My young friend had hold of my hard cock by now and was slowly jacking it. The other guys were all adjusting their hardening cocks in their trousers.

The guy slowly removed his finger and turned me around.  He smiled as he saw my hard cock pointing straight at him. Then said something to me which made all the guys around me snigger.  He stood up, removed his shirt to reveal the perfect chest and abdomen, the true six pack.  He stood about nearly seven foot tall, a good foot taller than me. He started to undo the buttons on his trousers and let them drop to the floor.  He stood there in a pair of grey boxers, but I could see an inch or two of the biggest cock with a foreskin hanging well below the head hanging out of the bottom of them.  He hooked his thumbs into the waist band and dropped them to the floor.  I was dumb struck.

This man’s cock must have been fourteen to fifteen inches long and as thick as my fore arm.  I had never seen anything so large.  All the young guys were sniggering at the look on my face as he started to pump this monster.  It was jet black and shiny with a foreskin that came well over the big head as he stroked it.  His balls were not big, but they hung low in a smooth sack below this hardening piece of monster black man meat.  As it grew hard in front of my eyes, he said something and all the four dropped their trousers.  I was in for another hot session.

His cock was now hard and sticking straight out from his body.  It was now at least eighteen inches long and still the thickness of my forearm.  Two of the young guys pulled a desk away from the wall and the other two pushed me down onto it. My legs were stretched apart and immediately someone was tying my ankle to each leg of the table.  With my ass so open I knew I had no hope to fight this monster.   I was pulled forward by the arms by two of the guys, my cock poked down under the desk.  The big man had found some cream and was liberally coating ass, working first two then three and then all his fingers including his thumb into me.  He was really stretching me out and it was starting to hurt like hell.  I kept quiet and tried to relax.   I look around and saw my young friend with only his cock head in his mouth as this was all that as going to fit.

He was now rock hard and his cock curled up slightly to his right.  It was all wet and shiny from the spit.  He pulled it out of my young friend’s mouth and lined up behind me.  I have never been so afraid of being fucked.  This cock could do me some real damage.   He line up to my slippery stretched ass as he started to penetrate me further.  He had been working his way into me for about five minutes and was still only half way.  The pain started to ease as he put more cream onto the remaining part of his shaft.  With steady force he slowly pushed his cock all the way to the hilt into me and he lay forward onto me and rested.  He said something and my ankles were untied.  He stood me up and slowly moved his cock inside me. It felt so good with this man so for inside me.  They moved the desk and one of the guys lubed up my cock with the cream.  I was nearly out to it with the feeling of complete pleasure.  My eyes were close as I felt someone in front of me. As I looked it was my young friend backing onto my cock.  I felt my cock slip easily into him.

The desk was brought back and we were both pushed forward over it.  The big guy then started to fuck me like I had never been fucked before.  He was touching places that had never been touch before and would most likely never be touched again.   He pumped my ass with so much force that I did not need to move to successfully fuck the young ass under me.   I was drifting in and out of pure sexual ecstasy, every point of my body was alive and I felt as if this man was masturbating me from the inside. I came about three time inside my friend and still felt there was more to come.

The big guy was wet with sweat as he pounded harder and harder into to my ass. I could feel him swell as I knew he must be close.  I did not want this to end. It was the hottest sex I had ever had.  By this time two of the other guys were fucking right next to us and the tall skinny guy was around the back of the big guy. I looked over his shoulder and I think he had his long thin cock up the big guy. For as the big guy started to scream and explode inside me so did the thin guy behind.  With this I blew my fourth load into the young ass.  My bowls were so full the semen must have just been forced out as it ran down my leg.  I could feel it warm.  We all collapsed in exhaustion and he slowly pulled out the best cock I’d ever had.

He smiled and kissed me full on the lips, pulled up his fatigues and left us still laying on the desk.

After a rough clean-up we headed back to the camp.  I was put into a hut and the door was locked behind me.  I found a bed a drifted off to sleep.  Sometime later I was awoken by the door opening and Jose entered and the door was again locked.  He told me that he and Mike had been made to perform in front of the head man.  Mike was made to fuck him. He said all the big coloured guys were jacking their cocks and he was made to eat most of the cum as Mike kept fucking away, but they had not let him cum.  I asked him if he was horny and he said he sure was.  Then he asked if he could fuck me.

We had never made love together by ourselves and I was partly in love with this guy.  He was so hot. I smiled and kissed him as I undid his pants.  He was not wearing any underwear as they dropped to the floor.  I followed them and scooped up his big dark cock into my mouth.  He let me suck him for a while then stood me up and turned me around.  He spat on his hand and lubricated my ass, then slowly, while both of us were standing, slid his big dark cock into my warm and waiting hole.  His foreskin pealed back allowing easy entry. When he was fully inserted his hands moves to my front, one encircling my cock and the other taking hold of my balls.  As he nibbled on my neck he slowly started fucking me.

I was in seventh heaven as he slowly works his thick cock deep into me, his hand was using my precum to lube up my cock head as he massaged it and his other hand squeezed my balls with just the right amount of pressure.  He fucked me slowly and with intent. His cock moving in and out of my tight ass.

He kept massaging the end of my cock with my pre cum.  It was so intense. I could not help myself.  My ass contracted around his juicy cock as I let fly with wad after wad of cum. I could feel his cock swell as he also fill my guts with his thick juice cum.  I very much wanted it to be filling me from both ends.  We collapsed together and quickly fell asleep.

We were roughly awoken just before sunrise and dragged out naked by six or seven big black guys.  I thought this was to be the end.  We were tied to posts in the middle of the main yard and Mike was dragged out of one of the smaller huts and tied next to us.  We had our arms tied to the post above our heads and our legs stretched wide apart and tied to stakes in the ground.  Naturally we were still all naked with our jewels dangling for the world to see.

Two guys came to each of us and tied a thin leather strap around our balls and this was tied to another stake in the ground directly below.  This really stretched our balls to the point of being quite painful.  We really did not know what was to happen next.

As we were getting really worried about our future, four big guys dragged out this other very big black guy into the yard.  The big boss was there all dressed up in his flash uniform.  They dragged this guy out and tied him, over a rail in front of us. With him bent over the rail, his hands tied to some staked in front of him and his legs stretch wide like ours and also tied to stakes.  He was dressed in baggy shorts and a singlet.  These were quickly cut from his body by one of the big guys that brought him out and he was left there naked.  His arse and his big balls and cock dangling in front of us.

The boss man made some big comments to all the men who had gathered around and they all dropped their clothing.  There was sixty or seventy naked guys all stand there waiting to see what was to happen.

One of the guys that had brought him out, tied his balls to a stake as ours were and then lubed up his arse.  Then one by one each of the men in the group got their cocks hard and deposited a load inside him.  After six or seven had fuck him and left their load, all you could see was all the thick white cum running out of his arse and down legs.

This went on for about two hours, until all the guys had fucked this guy.  I have no idea what he had done to deserve this punishment, but worse was still to cum.

After they had all fucked him, all that is apart from the boss guy,  one of the four that had dragged him out produced an long curved pole about two inches thick.  This he preceded to insert into the guys arse. He screamed as it was pushed in about a foot.  As soon as this was done I felt a similar piece of wood being inserted into my arse.  I look around and there were two guy poking the same type of wood into my arse as well as Joel’s and Mike’s. After all the fucking it slid in quite easily and without much pain.

The pole in the black guy’s arse was then pulled back and a thin rope that was tied at the end, was tied around his neck.  This made him pull his head back to try and release the pressure of the stick in his arse.  With all the drying cum starting to set around his nuts and legs, the same guy tied another thin leather thong around his nuts and snapped it real tight.   The guys let out a scream at this point.  The other black guy then pulled out a big knife and grabbed the guy’s big black nuts in his left hand. By this time the guy’s big black cock was rock hard and poking out of its foreskin, as were ours as we watched.

He then pulled his balls back towards him, put his knife under them and with a swift cut, cleanly removed the guy purse and nuts with one single swipe.  As he did, the big guy screamed and unloaded the biggest load of thick pure white cum I had ever seen.  There was deadly silence in the camp.  The castrator then walked towards us.  My heart was pounding so hard I was sure it could heard.

He stopped in front of me and grabbed my balls, pulling the stake they were tie to out of the ground.  I held my breath as he placed the blade of his knife against my ball bag.  He looked me in the eye and then turned to the other two and said in good English.  “If any of you boys fuck with a woman while you are here, you will suffer the same punishment.”  He then let go my balls and I nearly passed out with relief.

The poles were removed from our arses and we were untied and lead back to the hut.  We sat in the cool hut for the rest of the day and recovered from our ordeal.  After that we really had the freedom of the camp and all the great guys there


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