Secret Desire

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When he walked into the room I could hardly speak.  Tall, blond long hair , blues eyes, and a natural California tan.   First thing that came to mind was a  surfing dude.  Well maybe that wasn’t the first thing that came to my mind.

“Hey I’m Ky, I guess we’re rooming together this semester”  He said as he put his fist out in the air for a fist bump.

“Um….I guess so, I’m a…Alex.”  I said nervously.

You see, I have a secret and it just now turned into a desire.   My secret started years ago, when I was about 8, and my brother was 5.   It was innocent enough then, I was just being a good brother.

Zak and I always shared a room since the day he was born until I left for college, we slept together every night, well at least in the same room.    It all started when my father came in to tuck us into bed.  He kissed me goodnight on the forehead, before walking over to Zak’s bed.

He tried to whisper, but I heard every word he said, and so did Zak.   “Your 5 years old now, you’re a big boy, and big boys don’t wet the bed.   Now your mother wants to put you in diapers when you go to bed, but I told her you were too big, and so you can’t wet the bed any more.  I’m counting on you, I don’t want a son of mine wearing diapers.”  Then he kissed his forehead like me, and closed the door when he left.

I could hear Zak softly crying in his bed, and felt so bad for him.  He couldn’t help it, he was a really sound sleeper.  Unlike me, I heard him almost every night as he’d whimper a few times, and then a long sighed.

That was the night I decided to do something I had never thought of, but I had to help my brother.  And as like clockwork in the middle of the night  he started whimpering, so I got up and walked over to his bed.  As I got on my knees, I pulled his covers down, he was lying on his stomach, so I pushed him over on his side, and pulled the front of his pajama’s down.   And quickly put my mouth over his dick.  It wasn’t long before my mouth was fill with his pee,  it was kinda gross, but I just swallowed it as fast as I could.  And when he was done, I just went back to bed.

It was the next morning when Zak woke up that made me realize that I was going to have to do this again.  He was so excited and proud  that he hadn’t wet the bed that he ran into our parents’ bedroom and told dad right away.   I could hear them congratulating him on being a growing up.   So from that night for at least two or more years, I woke up every night  and took care of my brother.

I hadn’t thought about  in years, not until right now as I’m looking at Ky, and wondering what his piss taste like.

“Alex do you need some help getting your stuff?”  he asked, bringing me out of my daydream

“um…sure.  I’ve just got a few more things.”   I said and we walked down to the parking  lot and grabbed the last of my boxes out of my car.

“Thanks Ky, really I appreciate the help.”  I said when we got back to the room.

“No problem,  do you want to grab a beer.”  he asked.

“Give me 15 to put my some of my stuff away. ” I asked and started opening my boxes

“It’s fucking hot in here!”  Ky said and pulled his T-shirt off, which stopped me in my tracks

His body was tight, with rips all up and down his abs, and the hardest cut lines leading into his low cut jeans.   Oh fuck,  and not a hair on him!  I knew that because he was commando and he jeans were so low, I could see he was smooth all the way.

The beers went down fast,  and pretty soon they started coming out just as fast.   It was after the 4th or 5th beer that we ended up next to each other in at the urinals.

I had to look, it was just there.  I glanced over quickly, and could see his long, thick, white cock sticking out of the zipper of his jeans.  His cock was cut with a nice sized head.  But just as quickly I looked away.    But it was a long piss, so I glanced again, but this time he pulled back from the urinal, just enough to expose his full cock and his smooth, egg sized  balls that he had pulled out  of his zipper along with his cock.  But it was the long, hard stream of hot piss gushing from his piss slit that made my own cock start to react.

Suddenly my cock was getting too hard, so I quickly stop my flow of piss and  pulled my boxer briefs up over my growing cock and pulled away from the urinal.   I don’t know if he saw me looking at his cock, or the excitement of my growing cock.  But after two more beers, I didn’t really care.

And when we got back the room, I’d have to say I was pretty fucking drunk!  And so was Ky.

“Dude, I hope you don’t care, but I sleep nude.”   he said to me

“What” I asked not really listening I was focusing on trying to get my pants off.

“I fucking sleep in the nude, you cool with that!”  He said louder

I starting laughing, as I pulled my pants off and fell over onto my bed.  I don’t remember anything  after that until I woke up with the sun shining bright into the room.   I could hear Ky breathing steadily, and I knew he was still asleep.  So I turned and looked over at his bed.

He was on his back, his covers pushed off to the side, naked.  His cock was hard, lying still against his stomach.  I could see that I was right, not a hair on his body, and his balls were huge and just as smooth as the rest of his body.

My hand was immediately inside my underwear and tightly wrapped around my growing cock.  I stoked it hard, wanting Ky’s cock in my mouth, feeding me his hot, morning piss.  Soon my boxers were filled with cum, and my hand was covered in my thick, sticky spunk.   Quietly as I could, I got out of bed, and walked over to grab a pair of shorts out of my draws,  that’s when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye on Ky’s bedside table.

It was a glass bottle filled to the brim with a slightly tinged colored liquid.  Slowly I walked back over to his bed, and looked more closely.  I picked up the bottle and smelled.  My cock quickly grew inside my cum filled briefs, as my noise took in the sweetest smell of  piss.  I put the bottle to my lips and took a quick swallow.  It was still slightly warm, and almost creamy.  I couldn’t stop myself, suddenly I was gulping it down, savoring the flavor of Ky’s piss, until the bottle was empty.

It wasn’t until I went to put the bottle back that I realized that he would wonder how his bottle got empty.  So I walked over to the other side of the room, and pulled my sticky cock out of my underwear and stuck it inside the bottle.  And as quietly as I could I filled it up again, and put it back on this table.

The shower felt good, and I rubbed another one out before turning off the water.  And with just a towel wrapped around my waist, I went back to our room.

“Hey buddy!”  Ky said as I walked into the room.  He was in a pair of gym shorts lying on his bed playing with his phone  “How’s your head feeling this morning?”

“I can’t believe how many beers we had last night, fuck!  But believe it or not, I feel okay, the shower really helped.”  I said as I sat down on my bed and grabbed my phone.

It wasn’t until Ky went to take a shower, that I noticed the bottle was still next to his bed.   But it was empty!

That’s all I thought about that day, was the fucking empty bottle of piss.  Did he toss it out the window, take it into the bathroom and flush it down the toilet while I was in the shower, or maybe he drank it.  I didn’t know but all I do know is my cock was in between a semi and completely fucking hard-on all day just thinking about it.

I didn’t see the bottle appear  again for a few days, but still each morning I woke up to a naked Ky, and once again filled my boxer briefs with a nice load of my jizz.

Then one day, a group of guy asked me to join them for a beer, so I sent Ky a text to meet us at the bar.  It wasn’t until my second beer that he showed up.  But he caught up fast, and after my 4th beer I need to take a piss.  Like ever guy and especially after 4 beers we like to announce when we’re going to take a piss.

I was hands free pissing in the urinal, as I decided to go commando today like Ky.  And just as my hot stream started to flow heavy, Ky walked up to the urinal right next to me.   I looked over at him and smiled, as he pulled at the button fly of his jeans and pulled out his cock and balls.

Blatantly I looked down into his urinal as he pulled himself free.  I watched as he grabbed his balls and pulled them outside his jeans, pulled on his cock and let it hang there until piss started spraying out of the head.

We pissed for a while when and I watched every drop flow out of his cock, until I looked up at him and smiled.  He was looking at me, smiled and pulled his junk back into his pants and walked out the door.  Fuck, I was now hard as a fucking rock, and freeballing.   So as I walked out of the bathroom, there was a definite tent to my jeans.

That night when we got back to the room, I stopped take a piss before bed, but Ky went straight to the room.  So when I got there, his clothes were all over the floor and he was in bed.   We chatted a bit as I pulled my shirt off, and then, when I let me jeans fall to the floor, Ky looks directly at my cock, smiles at me and  turns over and goes to sleep.

I’m so fucking horny, my cock is so stiff it hurts, and I know I’m not going to be able to sleep.  Five minutes later, my cock spews a load of cum all over my sheets and shortly after I’m sound asleep.

But this time I wake up early, it’s still pretty dark, but I have to piss again.  I get out of bed, which I realize is still wet with cum, and Iook over  to see if Ky’s bottle is on his table.  It’s there, but  to my disappointment it’s empty.   Fuck I am so horny and thirsty for piss.  I look at the bottle and think that I could fill it myself and drink that.  But then I look over at Ky’s naked body, and his fucking awesome cock, and I know I need to drink it straight from the tap.  But how?

Well you always hear those stories, do they work?  I decided to find out.  Ky had a bowl on his dresser for his keys, change, and whatever.  And luckily tonight he just through all his stuff on the dress and completely missed the bowl, which was empty.

Standing by his bed, I put my cock in the bowl and let out a few long streams of hot beer piss until the bowl was about half full.  With that in hand, I kneeled down, and slowly moved his hand into the bowl.   At which time he began to moan.

It wasn’t 30 seconds later that his cock started to dribble piss out of his dick slit.   Quickly I put my mouth over the large head of his cock, and waited.   At first my mouth filled up slowly with his warm delicious piss, but then soon enough his cock was pissing hard, harder that Zak had ever piss.  But I tightened my lips around his cock and sucked down ever drop of mouth watering, yellow nectar that Ky’s cock was pissing directly into my mouth.

Five minutes, his cock pissed for 5 minutes!  And I drank it all down, not a drop on my chin or his sheets.  And when he was done, I got up, picked up the bowl, and  I drank it down.  Not wanting to leave any evidence of my tap drinking, so I put it back on the dresser.  And as I turned back around I noticed the empty bottle on Ky’s night stand.

‘Why the fuck not’ I thought as I reached for it, stuffed my cock deep inside and filled it to the brim, before returning to my bed, and falling back to sleep.

The clock say 9:38 as I open my eyes for the first time.  I panicked as I had a 10:10 class.  Quickly I grab my Jeans, and shirt and before running out the door, I notice that  Ky was still sleeping  but the bottle of piss on his night stand was completely empty.

I didn’t see Ky until that afternoon when we found ourselves in the same lecture hall.  We fist bumped when he sat next to me.  It was our insurance class and it was quite boring.   And half way through I could see Ky squirming in his seat.

“Dude, what’s up?”  I asked

“I fucking have to take a wicked piss”  He said

“Then go”  I said, not really thinking

“Ok, cool”  Was all he said but he didn’t leave.  I looked over at him, and I could see it on his face, the pleasure of relieving your bladder is quite obvious, at least to a guy.  And then I looked down, and watched the wet dark spot on his jeans grow as he pissed his pants.

This fucking guy was driving me crazy, as I felt my cock slide down my leg and get caught in the leg of my pants as it grew so hard.   I looked over at him, and then down at my jeans.  He followed my gaze and watched as the dark spot appeared on my jeans and then run slowly down my leg.

I could feel the hot liquid streaming down my leg as it stained my paints.  The front of Ky’s pants were complete soaked, along with a long wet spot down his leg.   The puddle of piss was growing  by our feet,  and my sneakers were drenched, but I kept pissing and so did KY.

After the class we walked across the commons , we got a few stares, but no one said anything.  It was so fucking obvious that we pissed our pants, our sneakers were leaving wed tread marks on the concrete.

“You’re fucking nuts!”  I said to Ky

“Hey, I’m not the one stealing piss in the middle of the night.  And next them you taking it right from the tap, make sure you wait around for dessert.”  He joked as we walked toward our dorm.


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