Ebony Rush

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Gay Stories
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It had been a quiet few weeks. I had been left to entertaining myself with my smut stash and my imagination. It was a Friday afternoon and I was working my few hours at the Speed Shop before heading home to no real plans for the weekend. As I was doing my usual cleanup work, I noticed a familiar car drive up and park out front. It was Ron, who I hadn’t seen since he had the nipple party at his house. We had talked a couple times on the phone where he said we needed to get together soon, but nothing seemed to work out.

As he got out of his car, I admired his big, black, muscular body, dressed in workout clothes. He must be either going or coming from the gym. He came in and walked right up to me with a big smile on his face. Standing right in front of me, I could smell his strong man smell that told me he was hot and sweaty from his daily workout. It was so strong that it made me a little light headed. Ron told me he was having a couple friends over and wanted to know if I would like to come over and join them. Since I had no plans, I told him I would be glad to. He said anytime after 7:00 PM and turned to walk away. I admired his huge muscular body as he returned to his car and wondered what the evening would bring.

It was about 6:45 PM when I got on my bike to ride the short way to Ron’s house. It was a cloudy. cool evening, and my nipples were rock hard under my hoodie and my cock had been semi hard since I saw Ron a few hours ago. As I approached his house my mind was racing through the possibilities for the evening. I leaned my bike against the house by the garage and walked up to the front door and pushed the doorbell button. I could hear music from inside the house and someone approaching the door.

The door opened and there stood Ron, his body slick and shiny with massage oil. Looking past him I could see 2 other big, muscular Black men standing in the middle of the living room facing each other, their bodies also slick and shiny with massage oil. All three were only wearing tiny white posing straps that barely contained their obvious big cocks. I stepped into the warm house and Ron closed the door and introduced me to Devon and Marvin. Both of them smiled and gave me big smiles.

Ron told me to get comfortable as he told me the 3 of them were giving each other post workout rub downs. I went over to the couch and sat down to watch. The 3 men stood facing each other in the middle of the living room and returned to rubbing and massaging on each other. Their huge muscles rippled and flexed as they rubbed and kneaded each other. As they got more and more into it, they seemed to spend more time working on each other’s huge chest, and I could see that all 3 men had huge, hard nipples that were rock hard. Soon the massaging and kneading turned to flicking, pinching, and pulling on those big , stiff nipples, and all three men were moaning and thrusting their hips forward toward each other. The posing straps were strained to contain their hardening cocks as they moved closer and humped against each other.

The scene in front of me was getting me very hot. I unzipped my hoodie and pulled it open to let my hard, tingling nipples out. My cock was rock hard and I unbuttoned my jeans to relieve the pressure. I started to flick and lightly tease my aching nipples as I watched the 3 muscle men work each other’s nipples and grind on each other. I slipped out of my hoodie and pushed my jeans down and off. I was now naked on the couch and could pleasure my body as I watched the black muscle men work on each other. I was milking my stiff nipples and smearing my drooling cock juice over my hard cock as I watched and listened.

All 3 men were now grinding their slick oiled bodies on each other as they milked each other’s nipples. One at a time, each man unsnapped their posing strap and it fell down their legs and off onto the floor. They were now naked and their huge cocks were sticking straight out and slapping against each other. All 3 were uncut and their foreskins were pulled back exposing bright pink heads that were slick and drooling with cock juice. They were humping their hips and allowing their hard cocks to bang against each other as they pulled and pinched on each other’s big, stiff, black nipples.

The scene in front of me was such a turn on that I was now stroking my juice slick cock and pinching and pulling on my stiff nipples as I watched. I heard Ron through all the moaning say “Look”, and all 3 men turned their heads to look at me on the couch. They broke their huddle and walked towards the couch, cocks sticking straight out with heads pink and drooling, muscles flexing and nipples stiff and standing out from their slick, muscular chests.

All 3 men stood in front of me, slowly stroking their foreskins back and forth over their slick heads, pinching their big, black nipples, as they watched me stroke my cock and pull on my nipples. Ron was standing in the middle and said, “Are you ready for some black cock play?” I looked at the 3 black muscle men standing in front of me and moaned, “Yes”.

Ron went to his knees between my legs and the other 2 stepped up on the couch on either side of me. Ron wrapped his hand around my drooling cock and leaned forward and licked the head. At the same time, the other 2 hung their big black, drooling cocks in front of my face and I licked the heads one, then the other. I felt Ron’s mouth slide down over my cock as he started sucking me. I started taking turns sucking the 2 black cocks hanging in my face. As I was sucking, I looked up to see both of them pinching and pulling, then sucking each other’s big nipples.

While sucking me, Ron was teasing my hole with his fingers, rubbing around the rim and then sliding a finger inside. I was busy working the big cocks in front of me, stroking one while I sucked the other, then switching, while they were busy working each other’s nipples with mouths and hands. Both cocks were slick and wet from my sucking. We must have been lost in the sucking for a good 10 minutes, when Ron interrupted it by telling me to lay down on the couch. I laid on the couch and Ron laid between my legs. The other 2 got off the couch and stood next to the couch slowly stroking their wet cocks looking down at me.

Ron put his head between my legs and I could feel his tongue teasing my hole. One of the other men put his hands on the top of the couch and leaned forward, hanging his big black cock over my face. The other one was behind him teasing his hole with his mouth. I took his big cock in my mouth and started sucking him and could see the other man darting his tongue in and out of his hole. At the same time I could feel Ron’s tongue going in and out of my hole. After a few minutes of this, both my hole and the hole of the man I was sucking were wet. While sucking, I noticed the mouth that was tonguing was replaced by a bright pink, wet cock head, pressing on the wet hole. I could hear moaning as the pink cock head slid forward and disappeared into the hole.

Ron was now on his knees between my legs and I could feel him rubbing his wet cock head on my hole. As I watched the big black cock slide into the hole above me while I sucked, I felt Ron’s big black cock slide into me. I moaned around the big cock in my mouth and could hear the man moan as the big cock filled him. We were both being fucked by big black cock. I was busy sucking on a big black cock.

As Ron pumped his big cock in and out of me, he stroked my cock and pinched and pulled on my nipples. I looked up to see the man who was fucking the guy I was sucking, reach under him and grab his big black nipples and start milking them while he pumped in and out of his hole. We must have been hooked together like this for several minutes before I could feel the cock in my mouth start to swell and twitch. About the same time, I could feel Ron’s big cock starting to twitch and swell inside me. I knew with him stroking and playing with my nipples, it wouldn’t be long before I was ready to shoot.

I looked to see the big black cock above me bury completely into the guys hole and knew it was unloading inside him. He in reaction pushed his cock into my mouth as far as he could and I felt him twitch and start pumping his cock juice into my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could. My reaction to all the cock unloading above me made my cock twitch and it started shooting it’s juice out as Ron milked it up and down. I felt my cock juice splash all over my stomach and chest. It wasn’t too much longer after that, when Ron’s cock stiffened, twitched, and he started shooting his cock juice inside of me.

We all just held in place for a bit and came down from our cock high. The man I was sucking pulled his big cock out of my mouth and I licked the juice dripping off the head. The big cock that was in his hole slowly slipped out and was also dripping cock juice. They both stood up and casually stroked each other’s cocks and rubbed their bodies together. I looked down to see Ron pull his big cock out of me and rest it on top of my wet cock. We were all drained and worn out. I guess this is what you call an “Ebony Rush”. I’ll take one anytime.


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