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Hot Guy Spills Drink on Customer’s Shirt

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Going to the Local Pub:

Eddie: Man, what a fucking day at work today; I’m glad its Friday.  I’m going to head over to my favorite pub called “After the Office” for my usual relaxer a Rum and Coke.

Eddie   Guess, I’ll take this booth on the end and do you have a Menu dude. 

Taking the Drink and Appetizer Order:

Paul:    Sure, I’m Paul and I will be your server tonight, may I get you a drink from the bar. 

Eddie:  Yes, I’ll have a Montecristo and Coke

Paul:    Got it and what appetizer should I put in for you tonight: mozzarella sticks, loaded nachos, chicken tenders or Jalapeño Poppers.

Eddie:  Let me have the mozzarella sticks, please.

Paul:    Great, I’ll put those in for you which will take about 5-10 minutes and I’ll be right back with your drink.

Bringing the Drink Order:

Paul:    Your Montecristo and Coke; are you ready to order or do you need a few more minutes?

Eddie:  Thank-you, yes, I’m ready, please let me have the minestrone soup for my appetizer, no salad, sautéed calamari with linguine and marinara sauce.

Paul:    Perfect, let me put your order in and I’ll be right back.

Eddie:  Wait a minute, instead of the meat sauce, can I substitute the marinara for the Fra Diavolo Sauce.

Paul:    Sure, we can do that.

Eddie:  Great, Thanks so much!

Server brings Mozzarella Sticks:

Paul: here your mozzarella sticks enjoy.

Eddie:  (in my head) These mozzarella sticks are delicious and stringy just the way I like it.

 I don’t know why but it makes me think of cock.

I have always liked guys, but never had the balls to take action.  This guy Paul sure has a nice ass, and it’s hard to see his crotch with that stupid apron in the way.  Wonder what it would be like to feel, touch and yes, I want to taste a cock.  I have even fantasized about being sucked off too many times but  I just don’t know how to go about it.  Wonder if Eddie is straight or at least curious; I would never come right out and ask him.

Paul:    How are your mozzarella sticks, sir?

Eddie:  Delicious, the cheese is fresh and stringy; just the way I like it

Server Brings Dinner:

Paul:    Your sautéed calamari with Fra Diavolo Sauce; Enjoy.

Paul:    Great, may I get you anything else.  Perhaps another Montecristo and Coke.

Eddie:  Yeah, I could use another one of those.

Server Brings Second Drink:

Paul:    I’ll be right back with your drink

Paul:    Your  Montecristo and Coke, How is your Dinner sir?

Eddie:  Delicious, it’s one of the best Fra Diavolo Sauces I ever had and the calamari is done just right.

Eddie:  (in my head I’m thinking) Even if I suddenly developed the balls to go grab his crotch; I can’t do that with all these people around.  He sure has a nice smile; wonder what his cock looks like.  I wish I could just get a glimpse if he would just take off his dam apron.

Eddie:  (Again in my mind) My suit pants are starting to feel a little uncomfortable now if you know what I mean.  It appears my cock is starting to get hard.  Oh, Fuck! He has to be just a few years older younger than me.

Paul:    I can see you didn’t like it; I’ll have to tell the chef.

Eddie:  Yea, tell him I want a refund because my plate is empty.

Save Room for Dessert:

Paul:    Did you save room for dessert? We have Chocolate Mouse, Crème Burles, Triple Chocolate Layer Cake. Chocolate Profiterole, Cream Puffs, Egg Clair’s and a Chocolate Sea Salt Strawberry Souffle.

Paul:    Did you get all that?

Eddie:  Yes, (and just then I accidentally knocked the dam water glass over) Oh shit, I’m so sorry Paul.)

The glass went over and spilled on the table and even reached Paul’s Apron.

Eddie:  No big deal; it happens, sir. I’ll be right back.

Eddie:  Eddie, approached my table with no apron on.   Fuck me, the water from my drink appeared to make his crotch wet. in fact, I could now see his cock outline which was semi-hard.

I wanted to reach down and rub my crotch but didn’t dare while he was standing there.

Paul:  What desert are you going with tonight?

Eddie:  Let me please have the Chocolate Sea Salt Strawberry Soufflé

Paul:    Excellent choice; that desert will take about thirty minutes as we make it to order.

Eddie: OK. 

Eddie:  By this time the pub was clearing out and I’m the second to last table was just paying their check.  I happen to notice that while Paul was taking my order; his erection was getting harder each moment he stood there.

Paul:  Here you are sir; enjoy.

Eddie:  Just as I take my first bite while Eddie was trying to take his hand away his fucking college ring gets stuck in the souffle’s ramekin.  Thus, topples the whole dam desert off the table onto my shirt, down to my belt and yes all over my fucking crotch.

Paul:    I’m sorry sir; let me clean this up.

Eddie:  Fuck man this is a brand-new polo shirt and Levi jeans.

Paul:    Again sir, I’m really sorry.

I want to Talk to your Manager:

Eddie:  I want to talk to your manager!

Paul:    Oh, please sir I need this job to help pay off my college tuition as my other part-time job barely puts a dent in what I own.  Let me take you downstairs and clean this up for you.

Downstairs to Cleanup:

Eddie:  Sir, please take your polo shirt off and jeans I will wash them for you.

Paul:    My Fucking cock was rock hard; I noticed that the owner had just left and locked the door

Eddie:  Your owner left;

Paul:    Yes, he leaves, locks the door, I do all the cleaning up and finally lock the back door when I leave.  Now, will you please take off your polo button-down shirt and jeans so I can wash them for you.

Eddie:  I slowly unbutton my shirt while having my back to him and hand it to him.

Paul:    Come on man my jeans to

Paul:    Yes, It did spill all over your jeans so I need to clean them too. Please take your pants off so I can wash them, finish my cleaning upstairs, lockup and go home.

Eddie:  Next, I unbuckle my belt on my jeans, unsnap my pants.  Fuck I’m getting hard, I have to hide this hard-on; I don’t want him to see it. I unzip my fly, take off my jeans and hand them to Paul.

Paul:  Eddie, puts them in the washing machine, turns it on and heads back upstairs.

Eddie:  I have to clean out the desert cabinet, clean the counters, disinfect the soda machine jets which will take me about sixty minutes.  The wash will take about 30 minutes it’s really fast we use it for all our linens and then 30 minutes for the dryer which does everything in one machine.

Paul:    I follow Paul up the stairs and do my best to stay out of his way as my underpants are getting wet.  My dick is now getting extremely hard and my balls are tinging, I’m so fucking hard and horny now.

Eddie: (in mind) Eddie started to clean the soda machine and I thought he had one more to go but I must have missed that he did it already.  Suddenly he turns around, fuck he caught me, shit what do I do.  Just relax, he probably didn’t even see anything.

Paul:  Again, I am so sorry sir; let’s go back downstairs and get your clothes so you can go home.

Eddie:  Great, he didn’t even notice; whew that was a relief.

Paul:  It looks the cycle has another fifteen minutes left as they are not dry, this machine does everything all in one as I had told you before.

Eddie: Ok

Paul:    OK Sir, I saw that:  Please slide them down.

Paul:  Excuse me, Eddie.

Paul:    You heard me sir:  I saw your fucking hard cock upstairs.  Take your underpants off buddy.

Eddie:  Ahh, you mean.

Paul:    Don’t be shy dude: let me help you glide them off.  That’s nice. You have a nice big fucking hard cock.  My dick was pitching against my apron all night while I was waiting on you.  Then you spilled the water and my cock was hard as a fucking brick.

Eddie:  I’ve never done this before man.

Paul:  It’s ok; you know I spilled that desert on purpose; I had to see if you were going to be hard when you took your pants off.  I figured you would be because I caught you adjusting yourself when I delivered the drinks each time.  What’s your name Sir? 

Eddie:  I’m Eddie and I’m 34 and a lawyer.

Paul:    I’m Paul, 32 and I’m in law school now

Paul:  I want to make you real comfortable Eddie.  Please sit your but down on this table and just relax.  I have a few regulars I spill things on, and this is a regular thing for many guys and I.  Sit back and relax as I raise the table so your cock is even with my mouth.

Eddie:  I’m scared Paul.

Paul:  Relax Eddie.  You have a nice cock, Paul.  I want to take my tongue and slide it around your fucking balls. I want to make you moan so much.

Eddie:  oh Fuck, Paul. Oh, oh, oh, fuck

Paul:  You haven’t felt shit; wait till I suck that whole rod of yours in my gentle, warm, wet, mouth.  Ready, I’m going to start sucking you up and down that beautiful wet hard shaft you have.  I want to take your hot cum rod down my throat and swallow all of your man seed.  This is going to be intense Eddie but trust me you’re going to love it.

Paul:    That’s it buddy; just relax.  Relax your ass Eddie; so, I can get a finger up there. That’s it, dude, I love to suck that precum off your big hot thick fuck stick. 

Eddie:  oh, oh, oh, mmmm, ah, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Paul: You’re doing fine, just relax and let all the delicious cum out of your cock flow into my warm mouth.  That’s it Eddie, cum for me. I going to swallow your load and not miss one drop.

Eddie:  I’m about to cum Paul.

Paul:  Oh, fuck man I feel your balls tightening up and now your cock starting to throb. yes, you are about to shoot that hot load in my mouth….shoot, shoot it,

Eddie:  Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming

Paul:  Yup, you are and so delicious.  Your precum is tasty and so is that cum.  Would you like to try?

Eddie:  Ok, but I don’t know what to do?

Paul:  I’ll guide you, first undo my belt.

Eddie:  Ok

Paul:  Undo the button on my dress slacks

Eddie:  Like this

Paul:  Yes you got it

Paul:   Now, slide my zipper down

Paul:    Great, now put your two thumbs inside the sides of my outer pants and pull them down till they are off my legs.

Eddie:  Ok

Paul:    Shit Man, are you getting pre-cum again, come here let me suck that off so it doesn’t get in your way.

Paul:    Oh fuck, now you can grope my crotch while my underpants are on, kiss my underwear or just fucking yank them off.  I always like to lick off the precum on the outside of a guy’s underwear.

Paul:    Now you got me naked; play with my balls as you lick the sides of my shaft like a lollipop.

Eddie:  Ok

Paul:    Great, now lick that precum and then put my cock in your mouth as far as you can take it.  Try to get my head as far down your throat as possible.

Eddie:  Like this?

Paul: You’re doing great; I want to cum. Can I cum in your mouth, Paul?

Eddie:  I guess; what do I do.

Paul:    Just keep sucking my rod up and down with no teeth.  My balls are going to tighten in a minute and then I will start to throb.  Next just relax and enjoy the creamy delicious treat my penis has for you. Swallow it.

Eddie:  Oh Fuck.

Paul:  I don’t have time to fuck that nice ass of yours Paul, but I hope you will come back again.  Here is my cell phone number to place special deliveries of food after we close.

Eddie:  Oh Man, this was fucking amazing.

Paul:    I had to keep adjusting my crotch every time I came back to the table in the corner where no one would see me do it.

Eddie:  Yeah, I wanted your cock so bad from the moment you sat down but I didn’t know this till I tested the water with you.  I’m glad I did.

Eddie:  Truthfully, I was horny while you were waiting on me all night.  That’s why I purposely knocked the water over hoping it would make your crotch wet to get a better view.  I knew if you got wet, you would have to take your apron off.

Eddie:  I’m going to be ordering from you several nights a week

Paul:  When I bring your delivery over; I can add my own special sauce to your pudding or any dessert.  Plus, I will even deliver it freshly from my penis while you watch it going on your cake or another favorite dessert.

Eddie:  I will be calling you a few times a week, I want to play with your fucking hot cock again.

Paul:  Yes Eddie; and I want to fucking play with yours too. Call Me

Eddie:  You know I will, Bye 

Paul:    Yup, talk to soon

Paul:    Ah, Eddie,

Eddie   Yea Paul.

Paul:     Don’t you want to put your pants back on before you go out?

Eddie:  Oh shit, your right, Thanks!

Paul:    Later buddy

Eddie:  Later

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