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What Happens in Vegas

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Derek and Troy had been together for just a month when they decided to take a weekend road trip to Las Vegas. Neither one of them had ever been there, but the hedonistic nature and let-loose lifestyle of the Strip appealed to both of them. It was part of what they’d bonded over when they’d first met at the club. Derek saw Troy dancing like no one was watching and had joined in.

They didn’t bring much to Vegas, just a lot of curiosity, eagerness, and some skimpy bathing suits which garnered quite a lot of attention next to the pool. Unable to afford the more expensive hotels, they’d opted for the Motel 6 just off the highway and ended up spending a lot of time poolside with a few Midwestern families on vacation, who hadn’t traveled all that way to watch two men walk around in thongs. One of the mothers in particular was more than a little vocal about her dislike of their lifestyle, and Derek, always a scrapper, had had to put her in her place. They’d gotten loud, and eventually Troy had dragged him away back to their hotel room to cool off.

“I’m so sick of people like that woman, thinking they have the RIGHT to tell us how to live. We’re on vacation too, damn it.”

“She’s such a Karen. I know. We’ll go back when it’s quieter. How about we change and hit the strip. I’ve got a hundred bucks burning a hole in my pocket.”

Troy patted his thighs, looking down as if surprised to find he wasn’t wearing pants.

“Oh right. No pockets.”

Derek couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re such a dork. I’m still mad. I think we should complain to the management. That was harassment, what she did. And did you see her fucking husband? Just sitting there like a bump on a log, staring at us.”

“I DID see her husband,” Troy grinned, holding his hands apart wide, indicating how massive the man had been. “How could anyone miss him? That dude is huuuuge. Why do you think I pulled you away from the situation? You want to end up on the news for calling that woman a bitch or something and getting flattened by that caveman at her back? His arms are bigger than your legs!”

Derek sighed and took some calming breaths while Troy massaged his shoulders.

“You’re right. You are. It’s just not fair. I thought we would be able to let loose down here, but here we are being hassled by the same small minds we’re trying to get away from. I’m going to talk to the manager later, but for now let’s get ready to go and hit some slots or throw some craps or whatever they say down here.”

Derek kneaded his boyfriend’s tight shoulders and neck, working his way down to his lower back.

“Let’s get in the shower. I know something that’ll make you feel a lot better.”

The young couple fooled around in the shower for about an hour, not even bothering to remove their bathing suits, exploring each other’s bodies, finding new ways to turn each other on and turn each other on.

There was a knock at the door.

“Ignore it,” Troy moaned, lost in the sensation of Derek kissing down his torso, licking the fine hairs around his navel. A few seconds later there was another knock, more insistent.

“Sounds urgent,” Derek said. “I’ll just go see, and be right back. Don’t go anywhere.” He gave Troy’s cock a squeeze, sending a shudder through him.

“Fuckin’ tease,” Troy groaned. “You better come back.”

Derek threw a towel around his waist, tying it into a loose knot on his hip and made his way across loud motel room carpet to the door. He opened it to find two enormous men standing in the doorway, or rather, filling it. One of them he recognized as the husband of the woman who’d berated him and Troy for their bathing suits. He glared up at the man, who held his catcher’s mitt hands up in surrender.

“I come in peace,” the sasquatch of a stranger said, his voice all gravel and cigar smoke. He was wearing a tattered Metallica concert T-shirt and camo cargo shorts. A trucker cap advertising some cheap beer sat stained with sweat atop his bald head.

“Just wanted to say I’m sorry about my wife. She gets like that sometimes. She ain’t very open-minded. Raised religious and whatnot.”

He had strong features, but surprisingly warm eyes, and a kind, chastened expression. It was clear he’d made this apology on his wife’s behalf before. Derek was taken aback.

“Thank you for the apology. I appreciate it,” was all he could manage.

“Don’t worry, she won’t bother you anymore. We’re leaving tomorrow morning so soon you two will have the pool all to yourselves.”

He paused a moment and then clapped a massive paw on the shoulder of the beast next to him, a similarly-attired man every bit his equal in height and girth.

“Name’s Bill. This here’s my best friend, Gary. He and I go way back.” He swallowed.

Gary didn’t say anything.

“Gary’s a homosexual fellow like y’all,” Bill declared, proudly. Gary’s mouth fell open but still he maintained stoic silence. “I thought maybe you two and he could hang out and get to know each other. He doesn’t have a lot of homosexual friends. He’s rather shy –”

“You can say gay, Bill. Christ,” Gary finally spoke up, rolling his eyes. He held out his hand and Derek shook it, feeling like he was standing face to face with Wreck-It Ralph.

“Don’t mind his wife. She and I get into it all the time. She means well she’s just ignorant.”

Bill cleared his throat.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Derek. My boyfriend Troy is in the shower.” He searched for something to say next, but just as he was going to, Gary’s eyes glanced behind him and he turned to see Troy, also in a towel, exiting the bathroom. He looked shocked.

“We come in peace,” Bill repeated.

“What’s going on, D?” Troy asked. “Everything okay?”

“These two just came by to apologize and make sure we were okay after what happened at the pool. Apparently Karen does this all the time.”

“How did you know my wife’s name?” Bill asked.

“Lucky guess,” Derek grinned.

He and Gary exchanged a knowing look. A look that said, She is SUCH a Karen.

Troy made his way across the apartment and shook hands with the two men, doing his best to act nonchalant. Derek knew being face to face with these freaks of nature was driving his boyfriend wild.

One of the first things they’d talked about was their fantasy man, and what Troy had described that night was now standing directly in front of them, a living breathing honest-to-God giant.

“Well thank you for the apology. Troy and I were just getting ready to head down to the Strip and –”

“Would you boys like to come in for a minute. I can fix us all a drink and we can have a chat like civilized men.”

Derek shot Troy a look that said What the fuck are you doing? I am trying to get rid of them?

It was clear that Troy, however, did not want to get rid of them.

The two blue-collar brutes accepted and made themselves comfortable. The motel room furniture held up surprisingly well under their weight, to Derek’s surprise. The afternoon passed in friendly, if slightly awkward, conversation; Topics ran the gamut from from “Where did you go to school? How long have you been together?” to “If you could fuck any celebrity who would you fuck and why?”

By late evening they’d all had more than enough alcohol, having each taken turns playing mixologist (Gary liked his drinks STRONG) and they soon lost all track of the time.

As midnight approached, Derek had given up hope of making it to the casino that night. It was painfully obvious that Troy had his sights set on wrangling Gary into a threesome. What that would look like he had no idea. The idea of being topped by the brawny beast frankly scared him, but he knew Troy’s tastes ran toward the larger things in life and so had no such reservations. They’d both agreed that while they were in Vegas they would be “open to anything”, and Troy was taking full advantage of the situation.

Surprising all of them, while Bill was mid-sentence, Troy stood and downed the rest of his drink in one swallow. Derek had seen this before. His boyfriend was done beating around the bush. It was time to make a move. He’d been reading the room for the past few hours and he knew exactly the direction he wanted the rest of the night to go.

“Truth or dare,” Troy grinned, speaking directly to Gary.

Gary grinned, clearly on the same page.


“I dare you to make out with Bill.”

Bill’s jaw dropped. He quickly swallowed the rest of his drink and made to stand up from the bed, but just as he was going to, Gary threw himself on him.

“Pucker up, buddy,” he boomed. They wrestled for a moment, and soon Bill relented and let his old friend plant a big wet kiss on his lips.

“Fuck, man!” Bill exclaimed, his voice louder than the wallpaper. “A little warning next time. You know I ain’t … like that.”

“Aw come on, buddy. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” Gary laughed. “Ain’t you remember how we used to fuck around in high school, after football practice, under the bleachers?”

“That was years ago. We was young, man. Still figuring shit out.”

“Wait you two have kissed before??” Derek was shocked.

Troy sighed. Things weren’t moving fast enough for him. He made his way over to Gary and poked the big guy in the chest.

“That wasn’t a fucking kiss,” he said sternly, taking the much larger man’s face in his hands. Gary’s huge hand found the small of Troy’s back and pulled him in. Suddenly they were the only two in the room.

Derek was rock hard under his towel, watching his boyfriend and this brute tongue wrestle each other. The evening had definitely taken a turn he hadn’t quite expected, but he was more than game. He’d been eager to fuck since hours earlier when the knock had interrupted his shower with Troy.

He glanced over at Bill, who was doing his best to not stare at Gary and Troy’s makeout session, but the straight guy was clearly just drunk enough to be curious and kept stealing glances their way.

Derek, feeling bold, walked slowly over to the man, the only sound in the room the heavy breathing of his boyfriend and the beast going at it behind him. Troy’s moans grew as he and the giant bear tongue-fucked each other with abandon. They were in their own little world.

Derek sat next to Bill, closer than necessary.

“So you two used to fuck around under the bleachers, huh?”

“I uh –” Bill began. “Yeah. Gary used to — uh.”

“What?” Derek asked, placing a hand on Bill’s leg, just above the knee, just below the hem of his cargo shorts.

“I don’t — I mean I’m not –”

“Did he ever do this?” Derek asked, sliding his hand up, toward Bill’s softball-sized bulge. “Oh someone’s having a good time,” he smiled, gripping the large man’s impressive package. He almost gasped at the size, massive, despite being clearly compressed in the man’s shorts and briefs. Bigger than anything he’d ever felt before. “No need to be shy with me, big guy. No one has to know.”

Bill made a big show of pushing Derek away, but Derek knew that he had the big guy right where he wanted him.

He pushed back.

“Don’t worry, Bill. I don’t bite.”

Bill sighed as Derek dropped to the floor at the foot of the bed, between his legs.

“Fine. But don’t make any promises you can’t keep, little man,” he growled leaning back on his hands. “I’m bigger than most.”

Bill blew out a breath as Troy unleashed his thickening erection and took it in his hands.

“Fucking hell you weren’t kidding. You ARE a big boy,” Derek gasped, unable to control stop himself.

“No shit,” Bill laughed, glancing over at Troy and Gary. His friend was now stripped down to his briefs, and using both hands to massage the much smaller man’s lower back, and muscular ass. At that moment Derek opened wide and took Bill into his mouth, bringing the massive man’s full attention back to the matter at hand.

“Fuckin’ Vegas,” Bill moaned, growing fully hard in the small jock’s tight lips. This gay guy was doing good work, getting his dick nice and wet, and not neglecting the sack. He felt a little sorry for him, on account of their size difference, but the college boy was clearly up to the challenge.

He closed his eyes and stared up at the ceiling.

“Better than Karen?” Derek mused, catching his breath before driving his face down on the beast’s hulking cock, pushing past his gag reflex and swallowing as much as he could. He gripped the big man’s balls and pulled down.

Bill groaned hungrily.

“Take the whole thing. Take all of it. Take it all,” he breathed, already feeling close to blowing his load.

No one had ever successfully deep-throated him to the balls before, but Derek was making a go of it.

“Almost there, you can do it. Fucking Hell that throat is deep shit fucking god–”

Derek recognized the words of a man in ecstasy and kept pushing to take him deeper, happy to have a cock that truly tested his skills.

Before long the huge man took Derek’s head in his massive paws and began pumping his throat. Derek did his best to breathe when he could, his esophagus absolutely stuffed and stretched beyond capacity. With a bellow the man unleashed his load, grunting, shuddering, before hauling his horse dick out of the coughing jock.

“Fuckin’ hell you’ve got skills, man,” Bill laughed, falling back on the bed. A moment later he seemed to come to his senses, hiked up his pants and practically ran from the room, forgetting his friend.

Derek wiped his lips, coughed, his mouth full of salt and sweat. He glanced over to where Troy and Gary were staring agape, having paused their fucking to watch Derek get face-fucked within an inch of his life. Gary was clearly impressed, and nodded his approval at Derek. Troy’s eyes bugged and he just laughed.

“Fuck, D. I didn’t know you could do all that.”

Derek shrugged.

The three men exchanged looks.

“Now that he’s gone we can have some real fun,” Gary said, reaching over and yanking down Derek’s towel. “Now which one of you jocks is going to fuck me first?”


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