Virgin Boy First Time

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This homework essay will kill me. Word page on the screen, with just one paragraph, was brighter than the sun, lighting up the room as a reminder of my lack of focus and inspiration. There are only two days left to finish, and I’ve got nothing. Maybe if I started on time, ten days ago, like I was supposed to, I wouldn’t be stressing out now.

But who could have predicted the events? I didn’t know that things will go in that direction with Tyler. That I will end up with his massive hairy cock down my throat.

I think that was a surprise for him too. I can still feel the taste of his cum on my lips.

Tyler, that golden dream boy. Every girl in school wants him, even some of the boys I’m sure.

Who wouldn’t want young hot jock, with hard rock abs, killer white smile, and the perky butt to die for?

And his charm. Oh man, that boy was charming. Before I could say “closet,” I was already sucking him off in the school bathroom. I didn’t know what hit me.

Everything about him was manly and straight. His walk, talk, the way he dresses, if there weren’t those couple of texts on my phone, I would think it was a dream. Cannot be, that the geek like me, can have a jock like Tyler. Not that I’m not a catch, but you would think that jock would go for a jock.

No, Tyler chose me, and I wanted to do things to him like I never did to anyone else.

But that is over now. He ghosted me after that. Acted like nothing happened. That’s fine with me, not like there was a future there, but still, I missed the opportunity to feel that dick inside me, and maybe feel mine inside him. Damn it, Tyler. I can’t stop thinking of him, messed me up. Now I’m late with my homework because he is all I’m thinking about.

Ok, Mack, focus. We need to finish this.

The blank page finally started filling in. Words were coming through.

Relief, a few hours later, finally done. It’s like a burden was lifted from my back.

My mind immediately created a picture of Tyler. I guess we are back to that. No matter what I do, Tyler is always on my mind. That’s it, I’m gonna text. He will not answer, but still, it will give me peace.

I found his name on the phone. I didn’t think much, just a plain text.

‘Hey, how’s it going?’

That felt good but at the same time, made me nervous of anticipation.

Not even minute after, phone message ring.

Tyler’s name shined the screen.

‘Nothing much, just chilling, you?’ He answered.

‘Me too, I finished homework and now just getting bored. Would you like to hang out?”

It was a long shot, but I have nothing to lose.

Reply within a seconds

‘I don’t know, I feel sleepy, maybe some other time, Mack.’

My heart stopped for a second, he doesn’t want to come.

Fingers felt detached from my mind and continued texting

‘I’m home alone, my parents are gone for the weekend.’


The phone was quiet. One minute passed of me just staring at the screen, so I put it down.

The moment I turned my head away, the screen lit up. Tyler!

‘Ok, I’ll be there in half an hour.’

I drop the phone on the bed. Oh shit. Tyler is coming here. To my house. To my room.

The room is a mess.  My heart was beating fast. Sweat breaking through the skin while I was rushing to tight the place as tidy as possible.

Suddenly it strikes me that I need to shower. Tyler is not coming here to help me with my homework, that’s for sure. Or is he? What if he just wants to talk? What if he wants to make sure I don’t tell anyone? I wouldn’t, I’m not ready for the world to know about my sexcapades.

I never had a faster shower in my life. Need to clean everything, my dick, my ass, especially my ass. Just in case.

I was just putting my shorts on when the doorbell broke the silence.

It felt forever to get to the door. Ok, this is it. Look calm and cool.

There he was standing in the door frame like a perfect picture. In his dark sweat pants and a white tank top. His arms, muscular and defined, got my eyes locked up. Is it possible that he is better looking than ever or my feelings getting in the way of common sense?

Tyler smiled, “Can I come in?” He asked.

My brain finally snapped back to reality from the temporary hypnosis caused by this handsome male specimen in front of me.

“Yes, of course, come in,” I chirped.

We were facing each other in the living room, I didn’t predict it will be uncomfortable talking for the first time after that small sex adventure we had.

I wanted to talk, but the situation I was in and Tyler standing in front of me tied my tongue and blocked my brain.

“I want to apologies” He got the courage to speak first “for not talking to you in the last couple of days, actually, from that day” Tyler looked uncomfortable, he stared at the floor “it was a dick move from my side” our eyes met “I had a great time then, can you forgive me, Mack,?”

His eyes glanced with watery shine. His voice trembled a little.

I believe he was genuinely sorry.

“Yes, of course, I forgive you, Tyler. I enjoyed it too. There are no obligations on your side or mine.”

He seems relieved and smiled. I realized he was even more nervous than I.

“Would you like us to go to my room?” I decided to not waste any minute of this.

“Yes,” Tyler answer with a manly voice but girly smile.

I closed the door of my room as soon as we stepped in and threw myself on him. My heart was beating like a drummer on cocaine.

Our lips met in a wild kiss. Tyler was equally passionate, grabbing my hair, my ass, my waist, he couldn’t decide which part of me he wants.

We fell on the bed together, not stopping the kiss or wandering hands.

I felt that his trying to wrestle me down, so I let him. I want him so much. My legs opened, and his hips nested in between. We pulled each other’s tops off. His hard chest pressing me down, he leaned forward to a kiss.

I couldn’t speak, I wanted to say so many things, but there was no time, we were rushing to undress and kiss and touch like the world is going to end, there is only this short time left. Tyler managed to separate his body from mine, pulled himself upon his knees, still in between my legs. He looked at my naked torso for a moment, like he is enjoying the site, then grabbed my shorts with both hands and pulled it off completely. My legs free from clothes restriction opened, even more, my big rock hard dick standing straight in full power. Wet and slimy from precum.

Tyler stared at my dick “Wow, I didn’t know you hiding this monster under your pants.”

He grabbed my dick with one hand and started stroking it, still admiring.

Hand around, my cock felt so well. I was lying naked on my back watching Tyler jerking me off. Just an hour ago, this was only fantasy, only in my head. Now it’s happening, for real. He was so good, his hand was trained to do this. I pushed my hips up, throw my head back, and let myself go floating in the cloud of pleasure.

Tyler was working his hand up and down my shaft. I felt an orgasm coming. I don’t want this, I need more.

“Stop, stop” I interrupt him “I don’t want to come.”

Tyler stopped stroking but didn’t let go of my dick. “Why not?”

“I want you to fuck me” I look him in the eyes

He didn’t say anything, stud up and pulled his pants down. I forgot for a moment how perfect his dick was. Thick and hairy. The big shiny head was dripping with cum. So thick, thought pass through my head, oh shit, this is gonna hurt. I grabbed the tube from my nightstand and splashed my ass with a ton of crème. Pushing my finger deep inside, making sure it’s thoroughly greased. Tyler positioned himself between my legs and pressed his dick at my entrance. My heart was racing, I was sweating all over “Go slowly,” I asked. He did. Pushed his monster in, inch by inch, slowly, stretching my hole.

Damn, it hurts. The only thing keeping me from stopping all this was that gorgeous body on top of me, happy face and a beautiful set of toned abs. He wasn’t looking at me, his eyes locked at the sight of his dick, making its way in me. The pain started to fade, pleasure took its place. My ass softens the grip around his cock. Tyler felt that and picked up the paste. Holding my ankles, spreading my legs wide, he was pumping my ass, faster, and faster.

It felt so good, feeling him inside, hearing his heavy breathing. His athletic body sparkling from the sweat. I could have cum then and there if I only touched my hard cock. But I controlled myself. I didn’t want to come, not yet. And I didn’t want him to come yet either. I knew, if I let him come, it’s over, the window is closed.

He needs to be turned on to the max, for my plan to work.

“Stop,” I tried to sound gentle and soft.

Tyler looked confused, but he did follow my command. I pulled myself up on my knees, getting our faces close together. We kissed, hard and passionately.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and landed my hands on his butt. Squeezing the cheeks.

“I want to have some fun too” I whispered to his ear.

Tyler’s face showed surprise and shock, but his eyes glance with curiosity.

“I don’t know, I never did that” He hesitated “I don’t think I’m ready.”

I grabbed his hard cock and squeezed” don’t worry you will love it, just like I love you inside me.”

My hand on his cock did the trick, he was turned on, and there was no going back.

“Ok, but please be gentle, your cock is very big,” he said softly and with slight fear in his voice

“I will, I promise,” I replied while pushing him down on all four.

I had him in front of me. The sight on this manly jock on his hands and knees with his big, perky hairy ass naked and exposed in front of me, drove me crazy with passion. My breathing became heavy.

“Spread your knees more” I coordinate the pose, he did it “that’s it, go down on your elbows, yes, like that.”

I pushed him back down so that his hairy muscle ass was the highest point of his body.

Oh damn, that’s some hot virgin ass.

I took my cream and started smothering heavily on the hole. Playing my fingers around, softly teasing it. My other hand reached down between his legs, grabbing still rock hard cock and milking it gently. As long as I have him by his dick, he will not back out of this. He was enjoying it too much.

I have to be gentle, don’t want to scare him, not yet.

My cock knew how special this is, never been so hard and ready. I pressed the head against this tiny pink hole guarded by a bunch of small curly baby hairs, tickling the head of my penis.

This was it, no going back. I felt Tyler stopped his breath as I pushed forward. Hole stretched with strong resistance and the perfect flower was opening in the tight grip around my cock. Tyler growled, berried his head in the pillow, grabbing the sheet with pain. The head was in. I locked his hips firmly with my arms and pushed in. My dick was disappearing inside, inch by inch. Tyler’s breathing was irregular, with soft growls and silent cry. He tried to move forward instinctively, but my hand just tightened the grip on his hips and pull him back up.

I was all in. I didn’t move letting him breathe for a moment. And I enjoyed my victory.

I have this jungle king, alpha male imposed on my dick. This jock is my bitch now.

And I’m gonna treat him like one.

After his breathing was back to normal, I reached back down to feel his cock. Still, rock hard.

“Ah you like this, I told you-you will” I gloated.

He didn’t say a word, just moaned softly.

I slapped his butt, squeezed it, and shook it. It was so hard and round. Fit perfectly in my hands.

The grip around my cock was still tight, I knew he was in pain, but I enjoyed it.

I started to move my hips, short moves. Pulling out just an inch and then go back in. Tyler’s body relaxed a bit. I speed it up, now few inches in and out. He started to moan. Spreading his legs even more apart.

Hips started to move on its own. Pulling slowly and coming back in. Again, again, a little faster this time. The skin of the cock rubbing the surface of the whole. Stretching it to fit. Hole relaxed a bit more, I could hear the pleasurable breathing, Tyler was starting to enjoy. He moved his hips back, and I took it as a signal that is all right now.

That’s all I needed. Picking up the rhythm. I was pounding that ass, faster and faster. Showing it all the way in. Sound of my balls slapping Tyler’s ass was echoing in the room, the sound of meat beating.

“Yes, yes, you are good, so good” I was growling through my teeth, pounding hard.

I leaned forward and reached for his nipples, twisting them. Tyler cried out from the mix of pain and pleasure.

“You like that, ha?” I whispered, “Being fucked you like a girl?”

Tyler didn’t respond to that, he was mine to do whatever I want, and he knew it. He is gonna take it like a man. That turned me on even more.

My dick was deep inside, I could feel the warmth of his inside. Feeling of his colon softly gliding against my cocks head. Perfect feeling.

I was dripping with sweat, heart racing, but I didn’t care. Tyler’s hot body was giving me the strength to continue, harder and deeper.

He woke this animal in me, It gave me super strength.

Thrusting my hips again, pushing deeper and stretching the hole to its limits.

I wanted to destroy that ass, I wanted to make him never to forget how Mack fucked him.

My hand reached out again, but this time to grab his hair. I lift myself up on my feet, holding Tyler’s hair firmly, mounting him like a wild horse. Riding him like there is no tomorrow. The room was filled with the sound of his cry and moan. The wild, crazy sounds were coming out of me, I was gasping for air. Couldn’t control it. I treated that ass like an angry cowboy, holding tight for Tyler’s hair. Tyler screamed with pleasure, spreading his legs more like he wanted me to go even deeper.

“Oh God, yes, yes, take it, take it,” I said it angry with passion hitting Tyler’s inside, deep and rough, and he was taking it like a real stud as he is.

Ecstasy was close; I could feel it, a few more seconds to play with.

“Turn around, I want to come on your face,” I said with a voice so deep and strict that Tyler obeyed immediately. He turned on his back and grabbed his own cock for the first time, wildly stroking it. I kneeled above his head, jerking off.”  I’m coming, I’m coming” animal roar with a splash of semen all over Tyler’s face, it was keep coming, pouring on his face. He exploded at the same moment, reaching high, shooting me in the back. Tyler released one last scream of passion, draining his cock.

I fell upon him, bodies wet and sticky, mixed together.

I look at his face covered with my sperm, knowing that I went too far and worried about his reaction.

He looked me in the eyes, smiled and said “we need to do this again.”

I smiled with relief and joined our lips into a passionate kiss.


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