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Under Sam’s Control

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I woke up covered in sweat and with a salty taste in my mouth. After checking under the covers, I realized I was naked. My thighs were sticky and I felt a wet sensation between my butt cheeks. As I looked to my left I saw my buddy Samuel asleep next to me. He too had no clothes.

What on earth had happened? And then it all started coming back to me …

Sam had wanted to come over and play Farcry and maybe get some homework out of the way. When he arrived around 5 o’clock, my mom welcomed him in. She always liked him, I guess because of the way he listened to her talk about her hobbies and other stuff that women are into.

Sam did track and he was super fit, with an Abercrombie and Fitch body. For some reason he never seemed to have a girlfriend even though he had many female friends. I was in good shape too thanks to basketball. We had made it to the finals last season but came up short. We both were looking forward to college as both of us had turned 18 earlier in the year. We felt like the future was ours.

“So how are things with you and Ashley?” Sam asked.

“Alright … I’m giving her time to cool off after what happened,” I responded.

“You know she gets jealous easily, you know that, right? Everyone in school says that.”

“Yeah, but she’s a sweetie under it all. I plan on doing it with her when Prom rolls around.”


“Yeah, I don’t want to stay a virgin forever!”

There was a loud knock on the door and my mom came in. “Hi boys, sorry to interrupt your very important video games session,” she said sarcastically. “But I’ll be out late tonight, they called from the hospital and they need someone to cover tonight. Help yourself to the fridge and don’t stay up too late playing games.”

She smiled at my friend and added playfully: “Take care of him and make sure he gets to bed on time, please Sam!”

“I sure will Mrs Smith”, answered Sam with a grin.

I didn’t pay too much attention to Sam getting up and looking out the window as I heard my mom drive away. I was too busy playing and looking at the screen. All my concentration was on reaching the boss of the level I was on.

“Okay great, she’s gone,” Sam said with a wicked smile, reaching for his backpack.

“What do you have there? Did you sneak up some beer?” I asked.

“No, something a little better,” he said, retrieving a book from his bag.

“A book?”

“Oh yes, a book I found in the old part of the school library, it has spells and I wanted to try one.”

“You can’t seriously believe in all that!”

“Hmmm … Why don’t I give it a try?”

Sam opened a page that he had bookmarked and began reading from it.

“Detti matti sinu … Alle quui.”

With that my body froze and I felt a numbness all over my body.

“Looks like it might be working,’ said Sam with a fierce grin as he saw my immobility.

Okay, now stand up and drop the joystick controller.

He hadn’t spoken and yet I could somehow hear the words clearly. I did what I was told. Inside I screamed “Alright Sam, stop this and let me go!” But I seemed to have no control over my vocal chords – or any other part of my body.

Good boy. Now I want you to slowly undress. With that command I pulled my shirt above my head and started undoing my belt. Sam began closing all the window blinds. “We are going to need a little privacy tonight.”

I pulled down my briefs, freeing my cock from its privacy. I stood there, completely nude now, with Sam looking me up and down and clearly savoring what he saw.

“Nice … I always jerked off to the thought of you standing naked in front of me,” he said with a big smile.

Suddenly my phone rang.

“Hmm … It’s Ashley” Sam said, looking at the caller ID. “Tell her you can’t talk now, you’ll be very busy tonight.”

He handed me the phone and I texted her back. “And put your phone on silent, we don’t want any interruptions” he said loosening his pants. “Now turn around, I want a little privacy as I undress … Hmm cute butt, nice and firm.”

With my back to him I could hear the rustle of his clothes. A million thoughts were going through my mind, none of them good.

“Now, why don’t you bend over … that’s right and spread your cheeks with your hands.” I couldn’t stop myself from doing what he asked me. “That’s beautiful, and you look so delicious right now.”

I was filled with shame, being in such a vulnerable position. Now straighten up and turn round to look at me.

When I stood back up, I saw that Sam was also now completely naked. “Like it?” he asked as he approached me, stroking his thick cock.

When he reached me Sam caressed my cheek and then pushed my head to his face and began kissing me deeply. All I could do was stand still as he probed my mouth with his tongue. This lasted for a good 10 minutes, as we furiously swapped saliva.

“That was lovely,” he said. “Now, you’re wondering what is going on, I used a spell from the book. You are completely under my control and cannot do anything to stop me and you are fully aware of what is happening.”

I could only make small grunts in protest at my involuntary submission.

“Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I need you to get on your knees like a good boy.”

I did as he told me. Soon my eyes were level with his stiff member.

“Ever had a dick in your mouth? Well, you are about to find out!”

“Mm hog…..”, was all I could mumble.

“Now why don’t you start by licking it with your tongue? … That’s it, start at the base and lick all the way up to the head.”

I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I had no choice but to follow his instructions, place my tongue at the base of his cock and caress his penis with the tip of my tongue – the same way a girl would lick a lollipop.

I did this repeatedly until he told me to take him completely into my mouth. I opened as wide as possible to accommodate his monster cock and once I had my jaw completely opened, he guided my head down gently onto it.

He was sealing my fate … as his gay sex doll.

He humped my head for what seemed like a lifetime. He had no reason to stop – his moans were more than enough to signify he was getting a lot of pleasure out of fucking my mouth with his dick.

I always thought sucking another guy was the gayest and most humiliating thing any guy could do. Yet here I was, naked on my knees with a mouthful of cock.

“Arghhhh …” groaned Sam.

Now I had jerked off In bed and seen enough pornos on the web to know what was coming next, and I was not looking forward to it.

“Oohhh … lift your head up so I can see your eyes,” Sam instructed.

Our eyes met as I heard one last grunt from him and his cock began ejaculating warm thick semen into my mouth.

“Mm mm, yummy isn’t it? Don’t swallow it down just yet!” he warned.

With that he let go of my face and pulled his cock from my aching mouth. “Stay there and keep my cum in your mouth, be careful not to swallow.”

He walked over to my desk, allowing me a view of his backside. He retrieved his phone and pointed it to me in my kneeling position.

“Now open that pretty cocksucking mouth of yours, I want to see my cum in your mouth.”

I did as ordered and opened my mouth to show that it was filled with his

fresh semen. He took a few pictures of me in this position before telling me to swallow it down to my stomach. He also ordered me to lick my lips as a sign I enjoyed it, which he also made sure was documented.

After I swallowed down the bitter salty goo, he pulled my head back down to his crotch. Another length round of dick sucking ensuing, until it culminated with yet another stomachful of his cum.

“Well, your mom won’t have to worry about you missing dinner” Sam laughed. “Now, time for our dessert.”

With that, he lifted me up from my knees and wiped away a small dribble ofhis juice from my lips, before kissing me once more deeply. As he probed me with his tongue, his hands began to make their way to my ass. He rubbed my cheeks as he explored my mouth and I feared I knew all too well what he meant by “dessert.”

“Now turn around and get on the bed on all fours, with your sexy butt facing me.”

I screamed “NO!” inside my head, but my body obeyed.


I felt his hands slap my butt as I walked away. I got on top of the bed on my hands and knees with my butt up in the air on full display. My wall mirror was facing me, so I got a complete view of my vulnerable position.

As Sam’s hand caressed my butt, I felt completely lost and frightened at what he clearly had in mind. Yet when I felt him licking my ball sack, I couldn’t help but shudder at the wonderful feeling of a tongue on my privates. Ashley and I had never got this far, even though I had fantasised about how it might feel. Instead, I was experiencing this with another guy …

“Mmmm … delicious! You’re better tasting than my last boyfriend …”

He laughed, clearly aware of my astonishment. “Yes, I had a secret boyfriend. If I had come out in school, they would have made my life a nightmare.”

His tongue then made its way to my private hole. I hated to admit it, but his tongue entering me felt surprisingly good. I could feel my own cock start to stiffen in response.

He must have realised the effect he was having on me, because while he massaged my asshole with his wet tongue, he reached beneath me and began to stroke my dick. The feeling was better than any time I had jerked off while watching my favorite lesbian porn on my laptop. I felt like I was going to cum, but at the same time hated the sensation of being made to feel this way by another dude.

I was starting to get close to exploding all over the bed sheets, when he suddenly pulled his tongue out of me and let go of my cock.

“Do you want me to finish?” Sam asked.

“Yes”, I said blankly. I honestly didn’t know if I said that out of my free will, or simply told Sam what he wanted to hear.

“I’ll be right back, I have to give your mom a quick call,” he said. I could only wait there and stare at myself, still utterly unable to move.

A minute or so later, the mirror revealed a naked Sam re-entering the bedroom with his phone in hand. “Thanks Mrs. Smith,” he was saying, “I’ll take care of your son tonight, for sure. Thanks again for letting me know where the vaseline is … Yes, I’ll be more careful cooking next time! Thank you again, have a good night.” He hung up and grinned at me.

My eyes opened wide as I figured out what he had brought the jelly for! And my mom had been fooled into helping Sam acquire it!

My eyes were even wider when I felt a cold wet finger enter my helpless hole. “This will make it so much easier for both of us.”

Once again, I could only scream, “No!” in my head. I was being prepped for anal sex with another guy. I couldn’t believe I was about to lose my virginity to my best friend!

Sam came over next to me and began applying the vaseline to his hard cock, allowing me a good view as he prepared it before mounting me.

“Nice of your mom to provide us with this! I told her I needed it for a burn I got while cooking. She doesn’t know it will help you loosen up for this,” Sam commented as he prepared his lubed up pole for me.

I couldn’t believe something that long and thick was about to go inside my most intimate hole, I had often wondered how I would might my “V Card”, and to whom. But I never imagined I would lose it by another guy popping my cherry through my lubed up butthole!

“Now relax and take deep breaths as I slip it inside … I promise to be

gentle,” Sam said as he pressed his wet cock to my puckered hole.

I gritted my teeth as I began to feel him invade my backside. Getting past my anal ring was painful as my anus struggled to accommodate his thick cock. Thankfully the lube helped him slip in – but now I now could feel him deep inside my ass.

“Oh it feels so good inside you, it feels so warm,” Sam gasped, his voice thick with lust and anticipation.

Despite being “taken” in this way and being forced into such a humiliating position, I took this as a compliment.

Slowly he began to rock back and forth, slipping his cock in and out and using my hips for levarage. He went slowly and smoothly at first. I think he wanted to savor my ass.

“Arghhh … arghhh!” I couldn’t help the sound escaping my lips. But was it pain, discomfort … or something else?”

Sam heard my involuntary moans and began to pump harder and deeper into me, grunting with delight. “Ohhh, that is soooo good … I never imagined you would feel this good!”

As he piled himself into me, I could hear the fleshy sound of his thighs slapping my butt and his ball sack bouncing against mine. Sam was definitely getting a workout from me because I could feel drops of his sweat falling on my back.

I could feel his nails were digging into my hips as he drove himself even harder into my hole. My ass was giving him a deep warm wet firm pussy to squeeze his plunging dick – and he wasn’t holding back.

As he fucked me, my own tool was almost painfully hard and I felt the same building orgasm I got when masturbating to naked chicks. Only this time to my shame – or was it really delight? – I was getting it through a cock deep in my asshole. But I wasn’t going to get the chance to cum – not yet anyway.

“Arghhhh .. Oooooohhhh!” grunted Sam ecstatically, as he climaxed as far inside me as he could possibly go. His warm cum flooded my insides. I was no longer a virgin. I had been fucked by another guy in my own bed!

Our bodies stayed connected for a while, I guess to let Sam catch his breath and for my ass to fully accept his seed.

I was kept waiting for some time – how long I didn’t really know. But to my shame and misery, my cock stayed hard the whole time. Eventually, Sam reappeared in the doorway.

“Sorry, i had to take a small rest. Are you ready for another fuck?” He smiled when he saw my erection. “Seems like you are!”

He ordered me to turn over on my back, positioning me like a girl about to be penetrated with her legs spread open and her feet in the air. Only it wasn’t a pussy I was presenting to him, but the hole below my balls.

“Do you want me to finish? And let you cum fully?” I nodded yes, once again not knowing if it was his control that had prompted the response.

He spread my cheeks with his hands to fully reveal his prize, my still wet and not so tight hole.

Reaching over to his phone, he took a few photos of my naked body in its vulnerable position, legs spread and all. He made sure to capture the fresh warm seed that was still dribbling from my hole

Sam began to dial a number and then passed the phone to me. As I took it in my hands, he began to press his dick against my anus once again.

“I want you to tell your soon to be ex-girlfriend Ashley that you’re breaking up with her.”

“Okay,” I said, unable to suppress a groan as he penetrated me once more.


“Ashley…. Oh god ….I’m breaking up with you … arggghI” I groaned as Sam rocked back and forth and drove himself into me with my legs hooked over his strong shoulders.

“What?! …. Why? And what are those noises?”

“Tell her you’re gay and love your best friend Sam,” came the order.

“I don’t really know … but I think I’m in love with my best friend Sam,” I relayed. Before she could say anything I added: “Tonight I felt and tasted Sam’s cock for the first time and it was awesome. I loved it.”

Clearly I had said that last part without being ordered … Was I turning gay? Or had I always been this way?! I couldn’t prevent the questions crowding into my brain even as I despaired at what I’d just been forced to do.

At a nod from Sam I dropped the phone beside me on the bed.

“Hello …? Hello …?” I could still hear Ashley, knowing that the only

response she was getting was a mixture of moans and the sound of the bed

springs complaining as Sam energetically fucked my butt.

I could picture her all too clearly, her mouth wide open in shock as she tried to take in the news that her boyfriend was having sex with another guy. And then to actually be hearing the unmistakable sound of our coupling!

“What kind of sick joke is this?” I heard her yell, before the screen told me she had finally hung up in understandable disgust.

But I had little time to dwell on that, because Sam was clearly approaching yet another orgasm. Only this time he wanted to do something different. He withdrew from my now thoroughly well greased hole, got me to put my legs down and then straddled me, his straining cock gripped tightly and pointed straight at my face.

“I have an idea”, he said, an evil grin on his flushed face as he reached again for his phone. “A little present for your ex-girlfriend …”

He started filming, lightly slapping my face with his engorged dick and rubbing it against my unresisting lips.

“Open your mouth and show Ashley exactly what I’m about to give you,” he said. A few strokes was all it took and thick warm male cream was pouring into my waiting mouth to the sound of more satisfied groans.

“Mmmmm …. yummy isn’t it? Don’t swallow it just yet,” he warned. “Leave your mouth wide open so she can see the present you got.”

Sam got a good view with his phone of my open mouth with his semen in it, and made sure to include his cock as well to leave no doubt of what happened.

“Now be a good boy and swallow it and show us how much you enjoyed it,” Sam instructed. “Delicious isn’t it, so rich in protein, all natural of course … Now lick your lips and give a big smile for Ashley!”

Swallowing his salty seed was nothing new now, but knowing that the scene was about to be shared with my now ex was utterly humiliating.

Once again, I could clearly picture the scene just a few miles away. Ashley pacing back and forth in her room, waiting for her boyfriend to call back to say this was just a mean joke. The ping on her phone to tell her she has a Snapchat message …

Eyes widening at its content and then watching aghast as the young man she thought she knew accepts, savors and then swallows a mouthful of cum from his boyfriend’s cock. And then, the final touch – the lick of the lips and the satisfied smile. The phone dropping from her hands and smashing on the floor …


A few days later, while I was having breakfast, my mom walked in and left my lunch on the counter with a note clipped to the paper bag.

She yelled “Have a good day at school today!” before I heard the door slam.

I left my dirty dishes in the sink and picked up the paper bag. Usually she left a note with a set of chores and reminders followed by a “I love you” message, but this time one was a bit different:

“Honey, I love you no matter what or who you love, you are old enough to make your own decisions. I left you a pack of condoms under your pillow, please use them when you are with your Samuel. The lube is also there, please don’t get embarrassed. I want you two to be comfortable! I know he is a nice boy and I know his mom well, so don’t feel it’s necessary to hide a nice boy like him from your mom. I called a handyman to install a lock on your door, so you can have better privacy with your boyfriend when he comes over.

Don’t forget I love you,


P.S: Don’t forget to get the dishes when you come back home.”

My face turned crimson with disbelief. My world had been turned upside down.

I was still staring at the note when a call came in on my phone. The caller ID stated “Sam” …

Author’s Note:

Thank you Max for your help on this story. Without you, it would not have been possible. Please send any comments on the story to Or comment here below.

Also, if people are interested. I will continue with a part 2.

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