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The Master of his own business – The Master

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Character list:

Name: David Knight

Job Title: CEO & Master

Age: 49 years old 

Height: 6`0” 

Build: Athletic

Name: Benjamin Campbell

Job Title: Office Assistant

Age: 24 years old 

Height: 6`1” 

Build: Slim/Skinny

Name: Alex Simpson

Job Title: Sales Director

Age: 40 years old 

Height: 5`10”

Build: Average

All characters are fictitious.

Chapter 1 The Mistake 

Chapter 2 – The Master

There is a knock on David’s door. David looks up at the clock. It says, 9.15 am.

“Come” he barks out loud, wondering why Ben is late.

Ben opens the door sheepishly and looks around it to see David sitting at his desk with a stern look. “Erm, good morning David. Alex said I need to come and see you straight away. I am sorry, I am late. I missed my bus. Am I in trouble?” 

“Come in, Benjamin” David points to the chair in front of his desk “please close the door behind you and take a seat.”

“I am sorry, I am late. It’s the damn bus. I won’t let it happen again.” Ben says as he closes the door and sits down.

David says nothing but just watches Ben sit down. Ben is very much David’s type. David hired him because he was cute and submissive. There were stronger candidates when Ben interviewed for the assistant job, but Ben tweaked David’s fancy. So he got the job.

Ben shifts uncomfortably in the chair as David sits staring at him with a stern look in his eyes. He could tell something was up. He’s rarely called into to see David. Alex is his manager. He gets all his orders from Alex, but here he is sitting in front of the big boss only five months into the new job. 

David finally breaks the silence “Benjamin” he starts. Ben hates being called Benjamin. David could tell, that is why he was using Benjamin. “We have a severe problem.”

“Oh, Mr Knight, I am truly sorry about being late. I didn’t realise it was such a serious problem. I will never do it again. I promise” Ben says with a worried face as he gets more formal with David.

“We will get onto your tardiness later, but that is not the serious problem.” David pauses for dramatic effect as Ben starts to sweat profusely “Do you remember the important job you had to do on Friday?”

“Erm, yes, Sir. I had to send the proposal off” Ben says as he feels more uncomfortable in the chair by the second. He tries to think back to Friday and what he could have done wrong.

David gets up out of his chair and stands behind it “Come here, Benjamin” as he points to the floor beside him.

Ben pulls himself up using the arms of the chair as his legs have gone to jelly. He walks around David’s desk and stands to the side.

“Here” David barks points at the floor beside him.

Ben is confused, so shuffles a little closer. David takes Ben by each arm and moves him to the spot he wants him in. “Here,” he says in disgust.

“Benjamin, read what’s on my screen,” David says from behind him as David is now standing right behind him. They are nearly touching; he is so close.

The screen is far away, and David is so close Ben starts to step closer to the desk but David grabs Ben by both arms to hold Ben in place “Did I tell you to move?”

“No, Sir,” Ben says, confused and worried. He strains his eyes to read the screen and leans forward but keeps his feet in place. As he leans forward, his butt rubs up against David. David doesn’t move. They are now touching. Ben leans further forward as he needs to get closer to the screen to read the small font on the email. He’s now pushing his arse into David’s crotch. David starts to get a semi hardon as the young boy’s butt rubs against his cock.

Ben can feel David’s cock. 

Ben has always quite fancied David. Since school, he’s always been flirty with strong older dominant men, but he’s never actually been with a man. He’s barely been with a woman either. He’s never had penetrative sex with anyone. Just the odd grope at the back of the cinema with a girl from school. Other than that Ben is very much a virgin. Feeling 

David’s cock against his arse is getting him very horny, but he’s feeling shyer. “Erm this is the email I sent on Friday, Sir,” Ben says unsure what he’s done wrong but loving the feeling of David’s cock against his arse.

“Open the attachment,” David says moving his cock around Ben’s arse

Ben leans further forward to reach the mouse. His now grinding his arse into David’s cock. He clicks open the attachment and starts to read it “OH FUCK!” he lets out as he suddenly realises what he’s done.

“Yes Benjamin” as David move away to pace the room

Ben is now suddenly cold with fear “David. Sir. Mr Knight. I am so so sorry. Can we stop it? Erm, can we send them the proper documents” Ben stands up watching David pace the room? 

“Sit down Benjamin” David points back down at the chair Ben was sitting in. 

Ben does as he is ordered and starts biting his nails in fear.

“Stop that!” David ordered Ben. Ben quickly puts his hand on his knees. “So you have cost the company a lot of money with this mistake. Alex wants me to fire you.”

“Please, Sir. Don’t fire me. I need this job. I will do anything to make it up to you. Anything. You name it, and I will do it.”

“I thought you might say that,” David says as he can see his plan coming together. “You have cost this company and me over a million pounds. I will want my pound of flesh for that. You hear me?” David stands behind Ben’s chair with his hands on Ben’s shoulders.

“Yes, Sir. I completely understand Sir.” Ben says as he tries to look around and up at David with pleading eyes.

“I will own you,” David says firmly “I will completely own you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir. Anything you want.” Ben says with no idea what that could be.

“Benjamin, when I say I will own you. I mean, I really will own you. You will be my property. Forever. There will be no escape. You will give yourself completely to me.”

Ben shifts around in his chair to look David in the eyes. David lets his grip go on Ben’s shoulders to let him move. “Sir. Do you mean like a slave?”

David holds Ben in his eyes “Exactly that” he confirms “You will move into my home and will live with me. You will be my slave for me to do as I wish. And you will do whatever I tell you to do. And trust me, Benjamin, you will love it.”

“And what if I don’t?” Ben asks sheepishly

“Simple. I will destroy you. And when I say I will destroy you, I mean it. You will not know what has hit you. Your life will be nothing. You will never amount to anything. I will make sure of it. You don’t cross me now, Benjamin. So as I see it, you have a straightforward choice. Be my slave or have your life ruined. What shall it be?”

“I don’t have a choice, do I, Sir?”

“Not really but I think you’ve always craved to be a slave haven’t you?”

Ben looks to the floor as his face goes red with embarrassment “I have” he whispers out.

“Yes, I know Benjamin” David puts his hand on the back of Ben’s neck “You’re not very good at clearing your internet history are you?”

Ben tries to turn and look up at David again, but David has a firm grip on his neck and holds his head, looking down at the ground. 

“Not very clever looking at porn on a work laptop,” David says as he rubs his thumb on the back of Ben’s neck. “I have seen everything you’ve looked at online. You have always wanted to be a slave, haven’t you?”

“I have Sir” Ben admits

“And you’ve fancied me too. Haven’t you?”

“Yes Sir”

“Have you masturbated thinking about me taking control of you?”

Ben just nods his head in embarrassment.

“That is why I am offering you this get-out clause. It is a win-win, isn’t it.”

“I guess so, Sir.” 

“You certainly will be one of my most expensive slaves. Million pounds Benjamin. Million pounds” David says this as he lets go of Ben’s neck and goes to sit at his desk. “So Benjamin, do we have an agreement?”

“I think we do Sir,” Ben says, look up at David with a head bowed.

“No thinking about it, Benjamin. You either do, or you don’t. What shall it be?”

Ben looks up at David, into David’s piercing blue eyes “Yes Sir. I want to be your slave.”

“Good” David taps on his computer “Things are going to change. So I see you rent a flat.”

“Erm, Yes. Well, it’s just a room. It’s a shared flat. With two other guys.”

“Well, after we’ve finished here. I want you to take my car and go and collect all your belongings and put them in my car.” David’s printer stirs into life on the sideboard. David gets up and goes to it. The printer spits out a page of printed paper. “Here is a letter you can leave your flatmates telling them you have had to move out on important business. And that you will pay two more months rent to give them time to find someone else.” David hands Ben the letter.

Ben reads the letter, the tone and the writing style makes it look like Ben wrote the letter himself.

“Your family” David starts as he sits back down at his desk “Are you close?”

“Erm no Sir. Not really. I hate my stepdad, and I am not at all close with my Mum.”

“And you have no siblings?”

“No Sir”

“Do you see your parents much?”

“Maybe once a year for Christmas and the like. But no Sir I don’t give a shit about them.”

“Fair enough. So you won’t be missed?”

“No,” Ben says with a shrug.

David is tapping more on the computer, and the printer starts up again. It is printing more pages. “So Benjamin, from today, you will be my slave. My property. You will relinquish everything over to me. Alex no longer manages you. You will work only for me. You will be with me at all times.” David gets up and gets the pages the printer has finished printing and brings them back to the desk.

David starts signing a few pages and initially other pages. He then clicks the speakerphone on his desk phone and calls an extension on it. 

The phone rings out as it calls the other person. 

“Hi, David. I have your coffee if you’re ready.” it is Alex.

“Yes, Alex. Bring it in.”

There is a knock on the door. David says “Come” with an authoritative voice.

Alex steps into the room and closes the door behind him. He has a coffee in his hand and goes to put in down beside David. He glares at Ben as he does it.

“Thank you, Alex,” David says as he pats Alex on the bum and pushes the buttplug that is in Alex.

Alex lets out a smile as remembers who is the Master around here.

“Good news Alex” David leans back in his chair to look at Alex to the side of his desk “Benjamin is going to be joining my stable. He realises his mistake, and he is giving himself to me freely. I hope I can trust you, two slaves, to play well together now that I own both of you.”

Alex looks over to Ben and says “Yes Sir. Of course, we will, Sir. Anything Sir wants, Sir gets.”

Ben looks shocked as he realises that David not only owns him, but he also owns Alex.

“Don’t look so shocked, Benjamin. I own most of the men in this business. But you two are my slaves.” David smiles at the confused Ben.

“So Sir, you like, own everyone?”

“Not everyone. But most.” David chuckles to himself “Right, time for the paperwork. Alex, I need you to witness this.”

“Of course Sir,” Alex says

“Benjamin, sign here” David slid a document over towards him.

Ben has to stand up to read it on the table. It is a slave contract. It has pages to it, but David has folded it over to the last page for signatures. He can see David has already signed it. David holds out a pen. Ben takes the pen and takes a deep breath and signs it without reading the contract.

“Good boy” David smiles “And now initial each page to confirm you read the entire contract.

Ben looks up at David and smiles. He likes to be called a good boy by David. He initialised each page whilst just glancing at each page. Ben passes the contract back to David. David gives it to Alex, who signs the last page in the witness section.

David then slides another document over to Ben. “And this is to make me your power of attorney.”

Ben signs it as well and slides it back to David. Alex fills in the witness section on that too.

“Good” David smiles and pats Alex again on the buttplug “Go any make Benjamin some copies so he fully understands what he has just signed and he can keep.”

Alex leaves the office with the documents.

“Let’s begin Benjamin” David stands up from his desk and walks into the middle of the office. He points to the floor in front of him “Benjamin come and stand him.”

Ben gets up and stands precisely where David is pointing. He’s not going to make the same mistake twice. 

“Strip” David orders

Ben looks around the room worried about the command his new Master has just given him. Ben starts to take his jacket off and drops it to the floor. He quickly removes his shirt and tie. Ben gets his trousers, underwear and socks off quickly afterwards.  He drops all his clothes in a messy bundle on the floor beside him. Ben stands in front of David, completely naked. His cock had been hard since David had suggested he became a slave. It was his ultimate fantasy, and it has come true.

David walks around Ben. He looks him up and down. David pulls at his hard cock. He squeezed his butt cheek. He pinches his nipple. David is examining his new property. “You are one very expensive slave, Benjamin” as David spanks Ben’s arse hard. 

Ben winces with the spank.

There is a knock on the door again. “Come!” David says.

Ben goes to cover his naked body.

“No, you don’t. Hands down by your sides” David orders.

Ben does as he is told.

Alex comes back into the room. With a shocked look when he sees, Ben is completely naked and hard.

“Thank you Alex. Put them on the desk” David orders “Would you like to tell Ben what happens when you don’t fold your clothes neatly?”

Alex smiles as he sees the messy pile of clothes on the floor. “You piss on them, Sir.”

“That is right” David smiles “Would you like to do the honours, Alex?”

“Yes, Sir,” Alex says with glee. He can, at last, get back at Ben. Alex unzips his trousers and pulls out his chastised cock. He holds the metal shaft over Ben’s pile of clothes. Ben watches intently as Alex lets out a sigh as his piss showers out of the chastity device and all over Ben’s clothes. Alex’s soaks them in his piss.

David comes to the side of Ben and holds his head by the back of the neck. “You will learn to fold clothes neatly—everything I own now. You must look after my property. That includes your slave! Now get down on your knees and suck all the piss out of Alex’s chastity device.”

David pushes Ben to his knees and shoves his mouth onto Alex’s metal chastity shaft. Ben slurps on the end of the metal shaft. Ben sucks up all Alex’s piss. Alex has been holding back a bit of piss and starts pissing again, filling Ben’s mouth. Ben moves away and spits the piss onto his clothes and the floor. David yanks him back to the chastity device. “Drink it. Enjoy every drop”.

Ben hates the taste. It’s very yellow and ripe. But Ben does as he is ordered. 

“You will learn to love the taste of piss, slave.” David says as he pushes Ben further onto Alex’s chastity device, “All done Alex?”

“Yes, Sir,” Alex says.

“Ok, back to work.” Alex leaves and goes back to work.

David walks to the bit of carpet that Ben spat piss on to and point with his foot “Get down there and suck that piss out of my carpet.”

Ben looks up with worried eyes but can see David means it. So he kneels and sucks at the piss filled carpet. David goes back to his desk whilst Ben keeps sucking the carpet. He comes back with a solid metal chain. He puts it around Ben’s neck. The cold metal of the chain makes all the hairs on Ben’s neck stand up on end. David locks the chain around his neck with a silver padlock. “Congratulations young Benjamin. That is your slave collar; You will never remove it. It will always be there to remind you that you are mine. My property. My slave”.

David pulls Ben’s head up by his hair and looks down at him. “Aren’t you a lucky slave” as he spits in his face. Ben just looks up at his Master with eager eyes.

“Ok slave, get dressed now and then you can go off to collect all your belongings and leave your flatmates your letter.” David pushes Ben into the pile of piss sodden clothes.

David walks back to his desk, and he puts the documents into different envelopes. Ben quickly gets dressed in his piss soaked clothes. They feel cold and wet on his skin. The piss smell is strong and fills his nostrils. 

“Here slave” David throws his car keys at Ben. Ben juggles to catch them. “Off you go, and once you’re done, you will come back here to take me home.

“Yes, Sir. And thank you so much, Sir” Ben smiles at David. This is truly what he has always wanted. He craves to be treated like a piece of shit. Like a useless slave.

“And here is your copy” David hands Ben a brown envelope and slaps his arse.

Ben leaves David’s office. He is red-faced as he is worried everyone will know what has been going on and that they will smell and see the piss all over his clothes. But the office is busy as always, and no one notices him leaving.

By Cary Harvey Church

Please check out Cary’s website for more about the author, stories, chapters and plenty more!

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  1. Dear Sir, I read this story some time ago on “nifty” and neglected to write and congratulate you upon the effect it had upon me, for which I now apologise. It was remiss of me. I read the first chapter of your new hypnosis story on “nifty” this morning, finding it intriguing, and that I had much in common with Sebastian’s demeanour and feelings. That prompted me to follow the link to your website, where, with growing excitement, I read more of your personal interests. That led me to this site and your stories page from which, as I explained at the start, I re-read both the degradation of Alex and Ben. I noted among your interests that age was not necessarily a factor that concerned you (or indeed, Sebastian – his hypnomaster being practically twice his age). I am a retired minor public schoolmaster who was firmly in the closet throughout my career, but fantasises now about former pupils exerting their authority over me, stripping me of my dignity, degrading and humiliating me, abusing me for their own amusement and reducing me even in my own eyes by taking complete control, dictating what I am allowed to wear or not wear and when and in front of whom – in fact all debasement appeals except pain for which I have a mortal fear. I merely write all this to you as you stated you required to know about your readership and what might appeal to them. I hope I have not wasted your time. Thank you again for your stories. Respectfully and sincerely, nder