College Incest

The Making of Daniel

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I will never forget that fateful day; it was my first year in junior high school, and I discovered a lot that year; not only about friends, but my family and myself, as well! My name is Daniel; I just turned 13 and I live with my parents and two older brothers, Todd and David, in a small town in New England.

It so happened that swim practice had been canceled, so I got home earlier than expected.  I knew Mom and Dad wouldn’t be there, and both my brothers would be out with some friends, or still at their own various sports practices, so I would have the house all to myself.

When I got home, I grabbed a cold soda from the fridge and went up stairs to start my homework.  I am not really a dweeb, but since I had the time off, I thought I’d get my schoolwork out of the way as soon as possible.  Then, later, I could play video games or watch TV, without my parents hassling me about studying.

As I walked up the back stairs from the kitchen, I heard the shower running in the bathroom that was right next to Dave’s and my room.   I figured Dave must be home, since Todd would be using his own shower on the third floor, where his room was.

He must have come right home after school, which meant I could not concentrate on my homework, with him distracting me.  He was a great guy; but, as a brother, he could be a real pain in the ass.

As I walked into the bathroom to take a piss – we didn’t have any problems invading the bathroom on each other; I stopped dead in my tracks. 

Yup, it was Dave taking a shower alright, but he wasn’t alone!   His best friend Tom was in there with him, and they were both stark-fucking naked!    I stood there stunned, afraid to move a muscle.

They were kissing passionately, as their hands frantically caressed each other’s hard, slim bodies.  I knew that I should have left them alone, but I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.  Their cocks were hard, and pressed between them, as they pushed and ground their bodies into each other.  I could feel my own cock stiffening inside my underwear, making my jeans tent out.  Didn’t they hear me come in?  I wasn’t sure, but even if they did, it didn’t stop them from what they were doing.

I had just started to develop into real manhood.   I had recently begun to sprout a good patch of dark, blond pubic hair around my cock, which had definitely begun to grow much bigger.  My balls, which used to be non-existent, had dropped, and, I am proud to say, they’re getting bigger. 

But, now, looking at Dave and his friend, and seeing the size of their cocks, I prayed I had a lot more growing to do.  Dave’s’ cock had to be at least 9 inches hard, if not more, and as far as I could tell, it was pretty thick, because, while I was standing there, Tom had sunk to his knees, taking every inch of David’s hard cock deep into his mouth.

My cock was completely erect by this time, as I was rubbing it hard through my Levi’s.  I think that’s when my brother finally turned and noticed that I was in the room with them.  Obviously, he was much more interested in the guy giving him a blow job, because he didn’t say a word, as I stood there watching them

That’s when I heard the back door to the kitchen close. ‘Oh my god,’ I thought; it had to be my mother, home early from her golf game.  ‘Holy shit’!  I switched the lights on and off to get their attention; Dave just looked at me, while Tom continued to suck on my brother’s hard cock. 

“Mom’s home!”  I shouted, so they could hear me over the noise of the shower, causing a look of sheer terror on both their faces.

“I’ll go downstairs and stall her; you guys get out of there, and get dressed,” I said, as I closed the door.  “And hurry up!” 

I have to admit, I actually stopped right before I closed the door completely, to watch them get out of the shower.  I wanted to see them totally naked, with their cocks standing up high over their hanging balls.  Their dicks were tight as could be, standing up against their bushy pubic hair.   WOW!

As I walked to the back stairway leading down to the kitchen, I knew I couldn’t face my mother with a raging hard-on in my pants.  She might be old, but she would surely spot the bulge; but what to do?  That’s when I heard her talking on the phone to my Dad, so I knew I had a few minutes.

When Dave came home that night, I pretended to be sleeping.   I knew he would be pissed at me, so I wanted to avoid him as much as possible.  He had left with Tom, soon after mom got home, and didn’t say a word to me.  He wasn’t home for dinner, either, so I was off the hook, but I knew he would come home sooner or later, and I was a bit scared.

I watched, as he closed the door to our room, and began to remove his clothes; it was a part of sharing a room that I always enjoyed the most. Recently, for some reason, I was becoming very attracted to his body, as well as the boys in gym class.   I started noticing a connection between seeing cute guys, and my cock getting hard.

David was 6’2″ and 175 pounds, with a flat, washboard stomach, most likely from being on the varsity swim team.  His stomach ripples stretched completely down to his waist, where they were absorbed into a deep ‘V’, that was also hard and flat.   The light dusting of a treasure trail led down to a full mound of dark pubic hair that was trimmed into a clean bush, which accentuated his cock; and, as far as I could tell, that was the only hair on his body.

 I noticed that Dave had stopped wearing underwear about 6 months ago, which I thought was way cool.   But anytime I tried going without my underwear, I couldn’t stop my cock from boning.  And as my cock continued to develop, it became way too obvious that I was going commando.  But I was really enjoyed the feeling of my cock and balls hanging free in my jeans.

 Tonight, as I watched my brother remove his clothes, I got an added surprise.  After taking off his shirt, David undid his jeans, and let them fall to the floor. What a site, he was totally naked; his huge cock just hung there over his ball sack; I was in heaven!

My cock was ridged inside my tight, white briefs.    I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing, as he walked over to the mirror and stared blatantly at his body.   Then he began to caress his smooth, hard chest, running his hands down over his tight abs, towards his now rapidly growing cock.  And when he grabbed hold of his thick hard-on with his fist, he looked up and saw that I was watching his every move.

“Little dude, you’re awake!  Hey, thanks for being a cool bro today,”  he said, looking at me through the mirror.

I didn’t know what to say; he never thanked me for anything.  Even though we were closest in age, we had definitely grown apart in the last few years. But now, here was my chance to show him that I was older, and not his bratty little brother anymore. 

 “No big deal. Actually, I thought what you two were doing in the shower was kinda cool.  I’ll admit that I got a strange feeling in my dick, as I was watching you two.  But then mom came home,” I said, hoping he didn’t think I was weird.

“Did you jerk off and dump a nice load after we left?” he asked me, without hesitation.

“NO!  Well um how do you ‘jerk off’?”  I asked, really not knowing what the hell he was talking about.

“Little dude, you mean that you haven’t jerked off yet?”  he said, quite surprised.

Yea, I kinda knew what he meant.  That’s all my friends ever talked about now, and, of course, there was the locker room chatter after practice…. it’s all about girls and beating off!   But honestly, I really didn’t understand!  So I just played along, so they didn’t think I was a complete nerd.

“No,”  I finally said, embarrassed.

 I watched as his stiff cock and heavy balls swung from side to side, as he walked over to his bed and sat down facing me.

“Okay, little dude, it’s time your big brother showed you a thing or two.   Take off your pajamas,” he said, knowing that I only wore the bottoms when it was hot, like it was tonight.

“And my underwear, too?”  I said.

“Well, yea!”  David said, as he tried to pull the covers off me.

“Are you out your mind? Then I would be naked!”  I said, child-like. 

“No, really Little Dude!  Don’t be embarrassed; I’m naked here, too, so what’s the big deal? Just take them off.”  He was almost pleading. 

Reluctantly, I pulled off the thin sheet covering my lower body.  Then I slowly slipped my pj’s and underwear down my legs, until I was completely naked.  Quickly, I pulled my knees against my chest, trying to hide my pre-pubescent cock, which, of course, was rock hard.  I was really uncomfortable sitting there naked, since my little dick was nowhere near the size of his huge thing.

“Little dude, you do me justice!  How big is that cock of yours?’  he said, looking at my hard dick standing up against my faint crop of pubic hair.

“It’s 7 inches when it’s hard,” I said reluctantly.  I had actually measured it a couple of weeks ago!

“But it’s still nowhere the size of yours,”   I said, looking right at his beautiful cock, that was now almost completely hard. 

Dave began to play with his own cock, and it was obviously responding to his touch.   He stroked it gently with his fist, and then began slapping it from side to side.  It was standing straight up, just a few inches below his bellybutton.  Just like this afternoon, it was rigid against his pubes.

“Just do what I do, little dude,” he said, as he spit in his hand, and quickly started stroking his thick 9-inch cock even faster.

 As I stroked my cock for the first time, I quickly realized that I had never felt anything like this in my life.   It was obvious that this wasn’t new to Dave, and I know he had done this many times before.  I remember waking up in the middle of the night and hearing him in his bed making strange noises; now I knew what he was doing. 

I was going slowly at first, but after watching Dave beat the crap out of his cock, I picked up the pace to match his.

“Oh my god! This feels fucking weird!” I almost yelled, as my hand was frantically stroking my cock.  

I watched Dave closely when he began playing with his nipples, pinching and caressing them with his other hand.  He was really getting into this; and then he threw his head back and closed his eyes.

He started moaning loudly, and breathing hard and fast, pumping his hand faster and faster, up and down on his hard shaft, until it suddenly exploded, and shots of creamy white stuff spewed from the top of his cock and landed all over his chest, and some even hit him in the face. 

Watching his cock shoot a massive load of sperm, immediately made me cum for the first time in my life.  My cock shot everywhere; it even hit the headboard of my bed.   It felt so strange, but oh so fucking great! So I kept stroking, since my cock was still hard as a rock. 

And after a minute or two, my cock exploded again.  Not as much spunk as the first time, but enough to still hit me in the face.  It was the most wonderful sensation I had ever felt; I loved it, and didn’t want to stop. 

Finally, after I caught my breath, I looked over at Dave.  He was staring at me in disbelief. Had I done something wrong?   I stopped stroking right away. 

“What?”   I said, a little self-conscious.

“Little Dude, you are so fucking cool!  You just came twice in less than 5 minutes; that’s fucking awesome!”  he said, looking down at my cum-covered hand, still tightly gripping my cock.

Then he took his finger and scooped a glob of cum off his chest, and put it in his mouth and sucked it off his finger.

“Wow! You can do that?”  I asked, curious about everything.  “Does it taste good?”

“It’s the fucking best,” he said, as he put another stringy glob of cum in his mouth.

I had never even seen this white creamy liquid before, much less tasted it. But my brother obviously liked it; he was eating every drop.

“Its hot, little dude; give it a try,” he said, as he got the last drip off his left nipple.

And that’s how it all started – with my first jacking off experience, and my first taste of semen.   The rest . . . well, it’s my life; so let me tell you more.


I jacked off every chance I got after Dave showed me what fun it was, sometimes two or three times a day!  But Dave and I never spoke about what happened that one night, until my junior year of high school, when Dave was a senior.         

That’s the year that Dave moved into Todd’s bedroom upstairs.  Todd had transferred from our local community collage to a school in upstate New York.   So since Dave had always planned on moving upstairs when Todd left for college, I was finally going to get my own room.  

Like both my brothers before me, as soon as I got into high school, I had joined the swim team, and made the junior varsity team.  I was hoping to make Varsity this year, and thought I had a pretty good shot.   We met for practice every day after school, and there were a dozen or so guys on the team, all better looking than the next. 

I never understood how the sight of all those guys in Speedo’s, and their various stages of undressing, could excite me.  Looking at all those hard bodies, hairy balls, and long hanging dicks, always seemed to swell my own cock into full manhood.  And just like Dave, nothing came between my jeans and me any more!  So, when my cock got excited, it could be quite noticeable at times. 

To make it more obvious, my manhood had fully developed.  My cock was now 10½- inch long, and extremely thick, with an unruly mound of pubic hair covering my lower abs.  My balls were much larger now, and hung low, with wiry hair covering their wrinkly sack.

My swim locker was right next to new incoming junior, Sean, who I had immediately noticed in my algebra class this morning.  He was about 5’10, blond hair, and the prettiest blue eyes you would ever want to gaze into.  I couldn’t help cruising him; he was so fucking cute, and I know he busted me a couple of times, but he never made eye contact with me.

I was wearing a pair of light tan khakis; commando, of course.   I really like these pants, as you could pretty much make out the full outline of my cock, as it hung down my leg.  I really enjoyed the free feeling, and accepted the frequent stares as a compliment.  Yea, my underwear had definitely become a thing of the past, as had my pajamas.

But for some reason, on this particular day, I was hornier than normal, and my cock was already semi-hard. Sean, who was standing next to me, in just a pair of black boxer briefs, didn’t seem to notice.  At least that’s what I thought, until he was bending over to pull on his Speedo, and his cute naked ass brushed up against the outline of my semi hard dick.  And as he turned to look at me, he smiled; and then quickly realized what he had done to me, and that I was in no shape to get undressed. 

So he immediately engaged me in some small talk about our math class, and one of the brainiacks that sat near us.   And, soon enough, we were laughing about him and my boner shrank enough, allowing me to pull off my pants and change into my Speedo, before the coach started yelling.     

After that day, we became fast friends, and hung out with each other all the time.  We did the typical guy stuff – talking about chicks, but never really dating; crashing various parties, drinking beer or smoking a joint, and, of course, my favorite – ‘swim-team practice’ everyday after school.

One Saturday night, Sean and I decided to crash a senior party. It turned out to be just a bunch of deadheads listening to music and hanging out; they didn’t even have any beer.  Boring!

So we left and went to my house to hang out and play video games, since no one was home.  My parents were away for the weekend, and my brother was at some other party, or something. 

When we got home, I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and headed to the family room to play some video games.   The first beers went down quickly, so I went back to the fridge to grab us two more, but, this time, I heard some commotion as I passed by the door to the basement.  

A little scared, but also curious, so I quietly opened the door, and descended the steps.  As I got closer, the commotion coming from my dad’s smoking room got louder, and louder.  Quietly, I approached the door; it was only open a crack, but enough so I could see inside.  I was being very quiet, although, with all the noise they were making, I don’t think they would have heard me if I had screamed. 

I could see 3 guys in the room, all completely naked, and as my eyes began to focus in the dim light, and as my mind began to register the facts, I could see one of the guys was my brother, Dave.  He was the one lying on the coffee table, totally naked!   He was on his back, and some guy with long, dark hair was standing behind him, holding his legs high in the air. 

As I looked more closely, I could see this guy’s cock was deep in Dave’s mouth, and was fucking it deep into his throat.  The third guy was on his knees, with his dick so far up Dave’s ass that it was completely out of sight, and he, too, was wildly fucking my brother.

I didn’t really know the other guys, but recognized them immediately from Dave’s varsity swim team.  They were definite hot studs, and I watched intently as their smooth, hard, naked bodies, fucked my brother hard!  

Despite the large cock lodged deep in his throat, Dave was moaning loudly, as the other guy was pumping his ass hard; so hard, that the table Dave was laying on was swaying back and forth with every thrust of their hips, sending their respective cocks deeper into my brother’s ass and throat.   I was sure that the coffee table was going to collapse at any moment

I didn’t move, as I watched the dark-haired hunk pound my brother’s ass with his hard cock.  Suddenly I heard Dave start coughing and gagging as cum began flooding out of his cock-filled mouth, and it became obvious that the guy holding up my brother’s legs, was dumping a massive loads of spunk deep into my brother’s wanting mouth.   He swallowed a couple of times, trying desperately to take the full reward that this guy’s balls were pumping into him.  But he just couldn’t keep up; it soon became too much, and cum began cascading down Dave’s cheeks.  Oh how I wished I could lick the guy’s cum off my brother’s face!

The whole scene was the hottest thing I had ever seen, or could have even imagined.  Of course, I had unzipped my pants a long time ago, releasing the pressure my fat erection was causing.  And when my hard cock was completely free, I quickly spit on my hand and started jerking off, while I watched my brother got fucked.

I was real close to shooting my load, when I felt a hand grab my shoulder.    I turned quickly, only to find Sean standing right behind me.  I didn’t know what to do or say; he had literally caught me with my cock in my hand, not to mention that my brother was in the next room getting his face and ass fucked by two guys!

He just smiled, as he pulled my face up to his, and kissed me right on my lips.  I was in total shock; I could feel his hard cock pressing up against me, as he began grinding his hips into my crotch.  I responded quickly, shoving my tongue deep in his mouth, and we kissed long and hard, as our hands began exploring each other’s tight, young bodies. But soon after, he took me by the hand, and led me up the stairs to my bedroom.

“I’ve been dreaming about this for a long time,” he said, as he began to unbutton my shirt.

“I’ve thought about you every night since I first saw you naked in the team locker room.  I’ve jerked off so much, imagining your naked body lying on top of me, and then I‘d shoot the biggest loads of spunk, as I called out your name,” Sean said.

Then he undid my pants, and immediately pulled them down, releasing my hard, 10 ½ inch cock. He took it in his hands, as he knelt down, and gently kissed the swelling head.  

“Oh Shit!!!”  I said, as I came right in his face! Shot after shot of cum began pumping from my hard cock; I couldn’t stop it!  And as my orgasm subsided, Sean’s face was covered in my cum; some was even in his hair! 

As the ropes of cum began to drip and ooze down Sean’s face, he began gathering it with his hands, and eating as much of my spent spunk as he could get in his mouth.  That was until I pulled him to his feet and assisted him, licking his cum-splattered face with my warm, soft tongue.   I still enjoyed the sweet taste of my jizz any chance I got, so with my mouth full of my cum, I kissed Sean deep, our tongues playing, exchanging my load of spunk back and forth, until it was all gone.

Slowly, I began to undress this hunk that was standing in front of me.  His shirt went first, exposing his smooth chest, and, as I began to undo his 501s, I could see his cock bulging through.  So I decided to play a little; I got down on my knees, and licked and bit his hard cock through his jeans, as he shivered with excitement.  Finally, I reached up and undid his pants, button by button; until I could see his dark-blond treasure trail began to sink inside his white boxer briefs. 

After I pulled his jeans all the way off, I grabbed the waistband of his underwear with my teeth.  Being careful not to get any of his pubic hair, I pulled them down his legs, and all the way off.  

As I explored his abs with my tongue, I realized I had seen his dick so many times in the locker room, but it looked quite different while standing erect right in front of me now.  So I continued to lick my way down to his beautifully shaped, 8-inch hard cock that had just a wisp of dirty blond, slightly curly hair around it

I couldn’t resist it any longer; so I grabbed his hard, pulsing cock, and sank my mouth over the head, until his balls were slapping against my chin.  It took me a couple of swallows; however, I finally got the full 8 inches of his cock completely down my throat.   His hand grabbed the back of my head, and he pulled me deeper into his groin.   I could smell his musky odor, as my face was pressed hard against his warm, hairy crotch.  Then he began to pump his cock into my face, fucking it faster, and faster. 

“I want you to take all of my cock, and love it!”  Sean said, as he moaned uncontrollably.

And love it I did, especially when he exploded a huge load of cum deep in my Throat!  Sean’s thick, steaming-hot cum burst into my mouth with such force, I almost choked.   That’s when I quickly found out this boy could cum!  I thought I was going to drown; his cock shot at least 5 or 6 massive ropes of his hot spunk, and I could feel each and every one, as they landed on the back of my tongue and slid down my throat.  

When Sean’s orgasm let up, he pulled my mouth off his softening cock, and he lifted me up to my feet.  He gently began kissing my cheeks, collecting his love juices that had run down my chin, and, with a mouth full of cum, he kissed me, and we savored his flavorful bounty, as our cocks began to harden again. 

He picked me up and carried me to the bed, where he laid me on my back, and proceeded to explore every nook and crevice of my body with his tongue.   He licked, sucked, and bit each nipple, until they were both raw and rock hard.  Then, slowly, his tongue went to my cock, which was again straining for another release, and waiting patiently.

He swallowed my swollen cock slowly, inch by inch, trying to ingest every bit of my 10 ½ – inches.   I was in pure ecstasy, as his tongue ran over the head of my dick, and down the fat shaft to my tight, hairy balls.  He then raised my legs up over my head, and went down further.  And when he began licking my tight asshole with his tongue, it drove me absolutely wild, his warm, hard tongue penetrating my ass, up and down, in and out, teasingly fucking my asshole with the tip of his tongue.  It felt like nothing I had ever experienced! 

“Lick my fucking ass, Sean; I love it!” I moaned

He went nuts, bringing me closer to another uncontrollable orgasm.  But Sean had other things in mind, as he licked his way back up to my mouth and kissed me hard.  I could even taste my fuck hole on his hot lips.

“I want to fuck you, Daniel!” he whispered in my ear.

I loved hearing those words, and boy was I ready to have a cock up my ass for the first time.   He spit in his hand and moistened his dick, before bringing it to my waiting ass.  He went slowly at first, as I was definitely a virgin, except for a finger or two.   I could feel the head of his cock trying hard to penetrate my tight opening, and after much effort, my ass allowed him to pierce my virgin hole.   And when he finally got the head of his cock in my ass, he gave both my ass cheeks a good slap, loosening my muscles, allowing the rest of his dick to slip right in.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!”  I screamed, as his cock sank deep inside my tight asshole. 

What a feeling, though; his hard, 8-inch cock was completely and totally lodged inside me. We were now connected in the most intimate way.    Gently, Sean began moving his hips back and forth, slowly at first, allowing me to feel every inch, every vein, every bump of his cock, as it slid in and out of my warm, moist, fuck hole.

But, I was so ready to get fucked now; the unbearable pain was subsiding quickly, and now I wanted to take it all.  In absolute ecstasy, I began moving my ass and hips up, down and around, asking him to fuck me faster.

He began to withdraw his cock completely out of my ass, and then plunge it back in, hard; again and again he did this.  I was literally screaming with pleasure.

I couldn’t believe that this hot blond stud was finally fucking me.  I could feel every inch of his hard cock, pleasuring my ass, so I knew it wasn’t a wet dream.  

” AH .YEA……AH …AH, OH GOD!  Fuck me, Sean…..yea,……oh yea, fuck me!”   I screamed, wanting more and more of his fat cock up my ass.

He just kept ramming his cock in and out of my asshole, harder and harder, as I continued to beg for more.  But too soon, I couldn’t hold out any longer; I blew a huge load, which shot out of my cock like a fountain, hitting me in the face, and splattering all over my chest.   Rope after rope of cum kept exploding from my cock, as I began shaking   it from side to side, spewing my spunk all over both of us. 

By the look on Sean’s’ face, his moaning, and the feeling of his swelling cock pulsating in my ass, I realized that, for the first time, he was filling my asshole with his own spunk.  And like a good man, he continued to pump my ass, as his cock spewed his load of hot cum deep up inside me.

Spent and exhausted, Sean collapsed right on top of me, with sweat running down his face.   And when he finally caught his breath, he lifted himself up on his elbows, and looked right at me.

“Fuck!  Daniel, that was fucking hot!  But next time, I want your 10 ½ inch cock to fuck me!”   And he kissed me hard, as he grabbed my deflating cock.

“A deal,” I said.  “What are you doing in about 30 minutes?”

We laughed, kissed each other again, and settled back on the bed to enjoy the moment, and recover from our intense orgasms. 

That’s about when we noticed that we weren’t alone.  My brother and his two friends were standing at my open door, watching every move of my first fuck. 

“Little dude, you are so fucking hot!”  Dave said, as he and his friends stood there looking at us hungrily, all of them naked, and their ridged cocks standing tall.

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