The CMNM Challenge – Chapter 1

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Characters and Bios

Adam James Mitchell

DOB 12th February 1998

19 years old (in 2017)

Steven Peterson

DOB 29th March 1978

39 years old (in 2017)


“Turn right and you have reached your destination” went the sat-nav as Adam turned the car off the main road onto the quiet suburban cul-de-sac road lined with quaint middle-class terrace houses.

Cars are parked tightly up the road. Adam drives to the end in the hope that there will be a space at the end of the road; no such luck. He sees No. 42 at the top right-hand corner of the cul-de-sac. Adam’s heart starts to race as the moment he’s been fantasising about for so long is about to come to a reality. He stops the car and puts it in reverse and drives the vehicle back down the road.

With every car length, he causes the pit in his stomach to get bigger. He knows the further away he has to park the car is going to make it more of a challenge for him later. There is one small space near the corner to the main road. He has no choice but to park his car there. After several manoeuvres, he squeezes his vehicle into the tight spot.

He turns the car off and takes his keys out of the ignition. He takes a deep breath to try and ease his anxiety and calm the adrenaline coursing through his veins. “Come on, Adam, you want this!” he says to himself, and with that, he gets out of the car and locks the door. He looks down to the main road as cars drive past.

There seems to be no break in the cars along the main road. He then looks around at the houses on the street. Plenty of lights are on, and the curtains are closed. He can’t see anyone looking out of the windows, but he does have the feeling of been overlooked. He sighs “well this is the challenge I wanted” he mutters to himself.

It is a warm summer’s night. The sun has set, and dusk is properly setting in. The street lights have come on. The road only has 3 street lights. He eyes up the dark spots between the lights as he walks up the road. The busy road behind him gets quieter and quieter as he walks towards No. 42 and his heartbeat gets louder and louder. He comes to the gate of No. 42 and pushes it open and walks up the path to the front door. “No turning back now!” as he pushes the doorbell. He hears it chime behind the door. 

The door opens with Steve standing there. He looks just like the photos that he had sent Adam. He’s taller than Adam, about 6ft. He has short dark hair with just a few specks of silver. His dark brown eyes have a naughty glint in them. He’s wearing a tight black T-shirt that shows off his muscles. I can tell he likes to keep fit. He smiles down at Adam “Good you’re here. I was worried you might chicken out”.

“No way!” Adam defended “I have wanted this for too long to chicken out. I am nervous though” as Adam looks down the body of this powerful man standing before him.

“Let’s get started straight away then Adam” commanded Steve “Come in” and Steve stepped aside to let Adam into the hallway.

Adam steps through the doorway and into the hallway. Steve closes the door behind him. “Right, take your shoes off and put your keys, phone and anything else into this bowl” Steve points towards a wood bowl on a hall table beside them. Adam quickly kicks off his shoes and drops his car keys into the bowl and takes his phone out of his pocket and pressed firmly down on the power button. The phone plays it’s shutdown music, and the screen goes dark, and Adam drops it in the bowl with his keys. “Anything else?” asks Steve

“No” Adam replies “I left everything else in the car.”

“No, SIR!” Steve says back to Adam with a look of discontent

“Sorry Sir” Adam quickly replies

“Good, let’s keep it that way” Steve orders “Right follow me” as Steve walks down the hallway towards a back room. They walked into his sitting room which has two black leather sofas, an open fireplace with a large TV beside it. There are French doors that lead onto a deck area and the garden with outdoor spotlights that light it in the night sky.  “Stand there” points Steve at a spot in the centre of the room in front of the fireplace. Adam does as he is told and stands to attention on the spot.

Steve then walks around Adam slowly. Adam tries to stand still, but the nerves get the better of him, and his hands shake a little. Steve notices and chuckles to himself.

“Do you like what you see?” asks Adam

“Always address me as Sir” Steve barks, and with that, he gives Adam’s butt a firm slap.

Adam lets out a yelp as he loses his balance from his spot “Sorry Sir. Does Sir like what he sees?” as Adam gets himself back into position.

“That’s better. Yes, you have potential” as Steve squares up in front of Adam and looks deep into his eye “Now strip boy!”

Adam knew this was coming, but the order still caught him off guard. But he quickly followed the order. He unbuttons his shirt and pulls his arms out of the sleeves and pulls the shirt off his shoulders. Steve casts his eyes over Adam’s smooth bare chest. Adam is slim with not too much muscle, just how Steve likes his boys. Adam drops the shirt to the wooden floor.

“Don’t just drop it on the floor boy. You’re making my place look a mess. Fold it properly and put it in that box” Steve points with his eyes towards a big wooden chest beside the fireplace.

Adam picks the shirt up and goes to the big massive chest and opens it. Adam looks inside and sees ropes, chains, handcuffs, sex toys and leather items which he can’t make out what they are. It’s very ordered in the chest and can tell Steve like things to have its place. There is a clear space for his clothes to go, so Adam folds his shirts and places it in the clear spot in the chest. He then undoes his belt and takes his trousers off and starts to fold them to go into the chest.

“Take the belt off the trousers” orders, Steve.

Adam slides the belt off his trousers and rolls the belt up and places that besides his shirt. Then folds his trousers and place them into the chest. He then pulls each sock off and rolls one over the other to make a sock ball and put them into the chest.

Adam turns to face Steve in just his baggy boxer shorts. His excitement of the situation showing in his boxer shorts. His cock had been growing every second he got closer to being entirely naked in front of Steve. It was now at full erection and raising his boxer shorts right up. Steve’s gaze had not left Adam, and he could see everything. “Get them off now” ordered Steve.

Adam slides his boxer shorts over his hard cock and then lets them drop to his ankles. He stood there for a good time to let Steve enjoy every moment. He then stepped out of his boxer shorts and folded them and placed them into the chest and closed the lid back. He turned and stood back in the spot Steve had directed before.

Steve then walks past Adam and towards the chest. He pulls out a key from his pocket and locks the chest and comes back to stand in front of Adam again. “I very much doubt you’re going to see those clothes again” Steve smirked. Steve then starts to run his hand over Adam’s bare smooth chest and down to his belly button and towards his hard erect cock. Adams had quite a bush of pubic hairs and as Steve’s fingers reach them he suddenly grabs a bunch of the hairs and pulls on them. “I like my boys smooth, shaved and trimmed!”

Adam looks down at his feet “Sorry Sir. I don’t want to disappoint Sir.”

“Well, that is easily solved. Don’t move!” Steve orders as he walks out of the room

Adam keeps still and looks down at his bush of pubic hairs “I should have trimmed them” he mutters to himself.

Steve returns to the room with a pair clippers in his hand and a disposable razor. “Time to say goodbye to that thick bush boy” as Steve flicks on the button of the clipper and a buzzing sound fills the room. Steve then grabs Adam’s hard cock and pulls it towards him and then glides the clippers along Adam flesh down to the base of his cock. Adam pubic hair falls to the floor, and he is soon left with no pubic hairs as Steve shaves the area.

“Arms up!” orders Steve “As I suspected, you haven’t taken care there as well” the clippers make quick work of any armpit hair. “Arms down” as Steve surveys Adams’s arms. Adam is pretty much naturally smooth but does have hairy forearms. Steve grabs Adams left hand, and the clippers glide over his arms, leaving a silky path behind. He then takes his right hand and does the same.

“Right, stand on the coffee table” Steve directs. Adam steps up onto the big old solid table. Steve runs his hands down Adams legs and tuts to himself. The clippers soon follow and in no time at all his leg hairs are removed, and Steve switches off the clippers and silence is back in the room again.

Steve then gets the razor and grabs Adam’s hard cock again he shaves the shaft and his balls. “Turn around, bend over and pull your arse cheeks apart”. Adam does as ordered. Steve couldn’t resist letting out an “Mmmm” of delight when he examined Adam’s tight arse hole. “Have you ever been fucked, boy?” quizzed Steve.

“I have Sir but not for a long time. So I am very tight, Sir.”

“Good” as Steve removes and hairs in Adam’s arse crack. “Right, I expect you to keep yourself smooth like this; understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” says Adam defiantly.

“Good, now let’s start with your first challenge” as Steve makes his way back to the chest and unlocks it and pulls out a set of handcuffs. “Hands behind your back” Steve commands and quickly locks Adam’s hands behind his back.

“So boy, if you want your clothes back you are going to have to complete the challenges I set. Your first challenge will be for your boxer shorts.”

Adam and Steve had discussed this beforehand but with Steve reiterating the rules made Adam’s cock pulsed with excitement and pre-cum started to pearl at the head of his throbbing cock.

“You have made a mess of my living room with all your body hair. You have 5 minutes to clear it up, and you are not allowed to use any implements to help you. If I find one hair left behind your boxer shorts are mine, and you will never get them back?”

“But Sir, how am I going to do that? You’ve locked my hands behind my back. Do you expect me to lick up the hairs?”

“Well that’s one way” grinned Steve “5 minutes from now” as Steve makes a note of the time on his watch.

Adam hops down from the tables and tries to get onto his knees without falling over. He bends down to where the big pile of pubic and body hair that is scattered on the hardwood floor. He tries to bend down to get his face to the floor but without his hand to support him, he falls flat on his face into the pile of pubic hairs. He pulls himself a bit up and then starts licking the floor clean. Hairs fill his mouth. He regrets not shaving beforehand even more now.

“1 minute” Steve counts.

Adam works as fast as he can slide around on the floor lick every part he can get to

“2 minutes” as Steve gives him a kick up the arse and knocks Adam face-first onto the floor again like a sprawled mess. “Chop! Chop! Boy!”

Adam then coughs as his mouth is full of hairs, whilst he struggles to get back onto his knees.

“3 minutes. You’ll never come to my house again with body hair, will you! My boys must be shaved from the neck down!”

Adam pulls himself up onto his knees and looks down his naked smooth body and can see the trimmed hairs have stuck to his body from where he’s fallen into them.

“4 minutes” Steve chuckles “you’ve got only a minute left, and you haven’t even made a start on the arse hairs on the table.

Adam shuffles on the floor to the table which is scattered with leg hairs and pubic arse hairs. He knows he has no chance of winning the challenge, but Adam wants to please Sir so sticks his tongue out and gives the table as many long licks as he can in the time he has left.

“5 minutes. Times up!” Steve smirks “You’ve done a terrible job at clearing up your mess. No question about it, absolute failure. Not only do you never get your boxers back, but you must carry out a forfeit punishment! But first, do a proper job at clearing up” as Steve walks out of the room to return with a dustpan and brush which he places on the table.

“Turn around; I will release your hands so you can clear up” as Steve removes the handcuffs.

As soon as his hands are free, Adam is picking out hairs from his mouth but doesn’t take too long as he can tell by Steve’s look, he doesn’t look impressed. He picks up the dustpan and brush and makes sure he sweeps up every last hair.

“Empty it in the bin” Steve directs as he points to the small bin in the corner of the room. As Adam heads to the bin, Steve puts the handcuffs back in the chest and pulls out a neatly coiled white rope and locks the chest back up.

By Cary Harvey Church 


This is Chapter 1 of 6 of the story, and is part of a series of stories – “Adam’s life of slavery”. I hope you are enjoying the story and you would consider showing your support by  buying me a coffee at 

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