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The Brojob

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I might be a little bit buzzed. Whatever. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that I share a dorm room with Chad and I’m too fucking horny to put off jerking it until he’s asleep or out with his girlfriend.

I put in my AirPods, slip under my blanket, and roll over so I’m facing the wall. I prop my iPhone against the wall and glance over my shoulder before pulling up PornHub. Chad is sitting at the little desk just past the end of his bed, facing the other wall. He’s got earphones in and his head is bobbing some sort of beat — and he’s neck deep in some shitty homework problem.

Keeping my eye on him to see how much he’s aware of what I’m doing, I shuffle in my bed, undoing my jeans and shoving them and my boxers down to my knees. My cock is already hard and throbbing. I slide my fingers up the shaft and over the head, picking up some slick precum as I do so. Chad doesn’t seem to notice.

I roll back fully onto my side, facing my phone. I let go of my cock and slide my hand out from under the covers, but before grabbing my phone, I quickly lick the precum off my fingers. That’s something I still can’t figure out — why I like precum. It’s a bit … gay.

Shoving that thought from my mind, I grab my phone and bring up PornHub, quickly finding a vid of two hot teens with big tits licking each other’s pussies. I turn up the volume, the AirPods flooding my ears with moaning and the wet sound of oral sex.

Grabbing my cock again, I start stroking, sliding my fingers over the head with every upstroke. Fuck, I’d give anything to be in a threesome with those two — one riding my face and one riding my dick.

My cock spits out a glob of precum and I quickly wipe my fingers across the sensitive slit to pick up the fluid, then bring it to my mouth, sucking in the sweetness.

On the video, a big muscular guy joins the two chicks and they instantly start fawning over his cock. A moment later, one of them is bent over and he’s plunging deep inside of her. I get a momentary rush as I remember fucking my ex-girlfriend. Her pussy was hot.

I close my eyes as I continue stroking, the sound of pussy smashing and non-stop moaning filling my ears. My fingers slip up and down my shaft and then over the tip of my head, gathering up another blob of precum. Pulling my hand from under the covers, I slip my fingers in my mouth and suck up the sweetness.

In my ears, the man in the porn vid grunts loud and it pulls my attention back. I open my eyes and watch as he has both women propped up beside each other and he thrusts into each of them in turn.

Then a shadow catches my attention.

I gasp and roll onto my back, quickly tugging the AirPods from my ears.

“Chad,” I say. He’s standing above me, watching the video. He’s got his cock in his hand.

He glances at me, then back at the iPhone. “Hey.”

My gaze shifts from his face to his cock. It’s bigger than I thought. I mean, we’re roomies and I’ve seen it before, but never fully hard. It’s long and thick. As he stroks, a bead of precum forms at the tip, glistening in the light.

He looks at me again. “Can I get one of those?” he asks, pointing with his free hand at my chest.

I blink several times, trying to clear my head and figure out what he means. I look down at my chest and see my AirPods.

“Yeah,” I say, picking up one and handing it to him. I watch as he puts it in his ear, stares at the phone again, and keeps stroking. And then I watch that glistening bead.

Stop it, I tell myself. I pick up the other AirPod and shove it in my ear. One of the girls is screaming in pleasure now and the guy is grunting so loud it’s like he’s shouting. I reach under the blanket and grab my still-hard and throbbing cock. Rolling a bit to my side, I watch the video as I resume my stroking.

But try as I might, my focus never really goes completely back to the video. I’m thinking about Chad non-stop. Specifically, Chad’s cock and that bead of precum. If my precum tastes so amazing, I can’t help but wonder what his might taste like.

Shut up, I tell my subconscious. Those are gay thoughts and I’m not gay.

Still, I slide my eyes to the side and discreetly watch Chad instead of the video.

I’m not really gay. Like, I don’t want that cock in my ass. I just want to taste it. I want to suck it a bit. But, like, in a best buds way, not a boyfriends way.

“What?” Chad says. I look past his cock to his face. He’s looking at me, still stroking. When I don’t respond, he says, “Like what you see?”

Before I can stop myself, I give him a jerky, hesitant nod. I don’t stop jerking my meat.

He gives me a smirk, but then that quickly vanishes. “I’m not gay,” he says.

“Me neither.”

“Not bi, either.”

“Same here.”

With that established, he continues to watch me as he strokes and I continue to be mesmerized by his dick.

The world suddenly gets a lot quieter and it takes me far too long to realize that the video ended. Now it’s just Chad and me, stroking. Neither of us stop.

I throw the blanket aside. If I can see his cock, he should see mine. He glances at it, but he doesn’t seem to be mesmerized like I am with his. Then I realize what he’s staring at. It’s not just my face. It’s my mouth.

Not pausing or slowing in his stroking, he brings his free hand to my face and traces a finger over my lips. I part them and he slips inside. He starts pushing his finger back and forth and I tighten my lips around it, sucking on him.

“You know,” Chad says, pausing as if reassuring himself he wants to say what he says next, “there’s this thing called a brojob.”

“What’s that?” I mumble around that finger.

“It’s when a straight guy helps another straight guy relieve some stress.” There’s a quiver in his voice, like he’s nervous. He shouldn’t be; I’m still sucking on his finger and we’re both stroking our dicks. I’m not going to call him out on anything or call him gay.

“Are you stressed?”

Chad doesn’t answer; he just keeps sliding his finger in and out of my mouth while stroking his dick. I’m still jerking my meat too. And my heart is pounding. Hard. Fast. With nervousness. And excitement.

I don’t know what the fuck is going on inside my head right now but I know if I overthink this I’m going to back out and I’ll regret it.

Instead, I let my cock do the thinking for me. It knows what it wants.

I slowly and somewhat jerkily sit up on the bed, hoping that I don’t accidentally scare away Chad with my movements. But he doesn’t back off. He doesn’t even take his finger from my mouth.

Planting my feet on the floor, I look up at him and see he’s still looking down at me. Then I look at the cock in front of my face. It somehow seems even bigger and longer now.

That bead of precum is still there and seems to be even bigger. Before I can convince myself that this is a horrible idea, I stick out my tongue and drag it across the head of Chad’s cock, lapping up that precum. He shudders from the sensation and I moan from the taste. It’s similar to mine but somehow tastes so much sweeter, maybe because I’m getting it straight from the source instead of smearing it on my fingers first.

Before I even know what I’m doing, I’ve got Chad’s dick inside my mouth. I have to stretch my jaw wide to accommodate his girth and suddenly I realize why his ex was a screamer — I couldn’t imagine fitting this somewhere below the belt. I try to take his cock deep, but I can only get about two-thirds of the way down before he’s hitting the back of my throat.

I grab the base of his meat with my hand and stroke it as I suck up and down his fat stick. Somewhere in the back of my mind I’m both amazed and alarmed at how quickly I’m picking up giving a blowjob, but I decide it has to be from all the porn I watch — those chicks sucked that guy’s cock like this.

With my other hand, I’m still stroking my own cock. I’m so fucking hard and throbbing and leaking from all this. Precum is just rolling nonstop down my head and onto my shaft, making my grip slick and smooth.

Chad puts his hand on the top of my head and grips my hair and somehow this makes it all the more hot and exciting. I eagerly bob back and forth on his cock, swallowing down more of that tasty precum as it leaks into my mouth. I know he can’t be far from shooting his load. I’ve never swallowed cum before, never even tasted my own, but for some reason I now wanted Chad’s cum like I wanted my next breath. I tighten my lips and speed up my bobbing — my jaw is sore now but I don’t care, I can tell he’s super close.

He starts thrusting his hips in time with my sucking, driving his cock even deeper into my mouth. It stabs at the back of my throat, but I hold off from coughing. It evens seems to slip down my throat sometimes. I push forward even harder, wanting to somehow take it all. With every bob of my head and thrust of his hips, my nose gets closer and closer to that tangled mess of pubic hair, until suddenly I’m in it. My nose is buried there and his cock is buried deep in my throat.

“Oh my God,” Chad mutters. “Oh fuck that feels so good.”

I back off until I have just the tip in my mouth…

“Don’t stop,” he pleads.

…and then slide right back to full depth, his meaty dick reshaping my throat and my nose crushed against his pelvis.

In my hand, my cock is throbbing even harder and there’s a tingling starting deep in my balls. I’m close to blowing my load.

I keep sucking Chad’s cock — head to base to head to base to head to base.

He lets out a deep moan that rumbles through his entire body. His muscles tense up, his balls shift, his grip on my hair tightens. I back up to half-depth, so the head of his cock is resting on the middle of my tongue. I want to taste it.

“Fuck…” Chad moans.

His cock seizes and twitches and jerks and a heavy load starts spurting in my mouth. Blast after blast after blast of hot, thick, sour, sweet, salty juiciness. He fills my mouth and I swallow it down and he fills it again. Just as I swallow that second mouthful of Chad’s cum, my own cock bursts forth with a fountain of cum, shooting straight up and hitting me in the chin, then splattering down on the linoleum floor between my feet.

My orgasm seems to roll through me from my head to my toes and back again. I’ve never had an orgasm that powerful or explosive. And judging from the panting and gasping from Chad, his was pretty powerful too.

I swallow down the last remnants of cum in my mouth and slowly ease his cock out. He jerks as his hypersensitive head runs over my tongue, his fingers digging into my shoulders. When I finally release his cock, it dangles in front of my face, spent and exhausted.

Chad backs up a step and pulls up his boxers and sweats.

I look up at him and he looks at me. Then he brings his hand to my face and swipes his fingers under my chin, scooping up my cum, and shoves those fingers in my mouth. I suck my cum off him. It tastes good. Not as good as his, though.

When his fingers are clean, he backs up another step and gives me an awkward nod. I give him the same nod back.

“Thanks,” he says.

I nod. “No problem.”

Then without another word, he goes back to his desk and returns to his homework.

I grab a Kleenex and wipe up the mess on the floor and what still remains on my face, then get back on the bed and under the covers. I put my phone away, no longer needing porn. I try to sleep, but all I can think about it Chad’s cock and all that cum.

In a matter of moments, I’m hard again and I start stroking.

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