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Taking Down Parker

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“We need 5 non-class, non-internet sources for the paper. What does that mean?” Blake was starting at the screen of his laptop looking frustrated. He was sitting across from me with a round dorm-building coffee table between us.

“He explained that, like, the second or third day of class. I think you skipped that day. We need at least five sources that come from the library. Like, we can’t just pull something off the net. We need to find it by using a library search.”

Blake groaned. “Fuck that shit. I’m just gonna see if Pete Lee will let me buy his paper from him. He took this class last semester.” He leaned back in the Lounge room easy chair and stretched. He was in good shape. All of us on Crew were. He was tall and lean, with dark brown hair and a close-trimmed beard.

“Yeah, but Renda’s really goes after guys who do that if he catches them. I heard he got someone expelled a couple years ago.”

“If he catches them.”

The Lounge was a combined living room-dining room-kitchen space in Slatter Hall. There were 18 of us on the floor who all shared the Lounge. Mostly it was a pretty good arrangement, except for Parker.

“Oh, Christ…” I muttered under my breath as Parker walked into the Lounge. He sat down on in the other easy chair around the coffee table, grabbed the tv remote and put his feet up on it.

“Hey, boys! So when are we having that threesome?”

Parker was the epitome of obnoxious asshole. He had way too cockiness for a freshman. He was  about two inches shorter than me and Blake, and skinnier. He had the kind of body that guys on Track have, whereas Blake and I had more muscular Crew bodies. But one thing I gave him; he knew how to style his blond hair. It was always totally snatched.

“How does the 12th of Never sound?” I said testily.

“Hey, “said Blake, being conciliatory. “Let’s head over to the library. We got practice tonight at 6, so I want to get something done on this assignment.” He closed his laptop and slid it into his backpack

“Sounds good, ” I said, getting up from the couch.

“Aw, “ said Parker, faking disappointment. “But you’ve got such a great ass, Ross! I really need to get in there some time.”

“Fuck you, faggot, “ I said as Blake and I left the Lounge. To Blake I said, “I gotta get my bag.” So we headed to my room.

We walked past Parker’s room. Damn near everything on it said he was gay: a flyer for an upcoming LGBT dance, a rainbow flag, a poster for some queer singer I’d never heard of, a sticker that said “trans lives matter”, and three pictures of shirtless guys kissing.

“Why does he have to be so in-your-face about it? I get it! He’s gay. He doesn’t need to advertise it!” I reached out to tear down one of the pictures.

Blake stopped me. “Don’t. It’ll be totally obvious that you did it and you’ll get in trouble with the Diversity Office.”

I took his advice and just headed back to my room. “I don’t know why he thinks he’s so hot.”

“He actually is kinda a big deal. Coach Steinke told me that he medaled at a national high school track competition two years running. National, not regional. There was actually a bidding war between several colleges to get him. They’re hoping to build the track team around him.”

“Jesus! No wonder the little prick thinks he’s hot shit.”

“Otto says he grabbed his ass in the shower last week.”

“Someone needs to teach that runt a lesson, “ I grumbled as I slid my laptop into my shoulder bag.

“What did you have in mind?” Blake seemed as ready to do something about Parker as I did.

“Not sure yet, but I’ve got a few ideas…”

Kappa Delta Epsilon always threw good parties, and this one was specifically for the campus athletes, although there were a lot of party-crashers who were obviously just hoping to hook up with an athlete. It was the usual mix: loud music, a few snacks, and a lot of alcohol.

I spotted Parker in the living room, laughing with two members of the swim team that I knew were gay. Darren and Kurt were both pretty chill guys, but they seemed to be responding to Parker’s swagger. I’ve seen enough hook-ups in the making to know that both of them would gladly have gone back to his dorm room. Parker pulled out his cellphone and snapped a selfie with them. It was pretty clear he was posting it to some social media, probably Snapchat.

He looked across the room at me and smirked slightly. I nodded and raised my disposal cup of whatever alcohol I was drinking in a friendly acknowledgement. Then I went back to texting Blake. Perhaps my change of attitude intrigued him, because pretty quickly he broke away from Darren and Kurt and navigated the intervening crowd to walk over to me. Both swimmers shot me dirty looks.

Parker swaggered up to me. “Finally decided to admit you’re hot for me, Ross?”

“See, that’s the problem with you, Parker. You just can’t turn off the asshole, can you? Even when someone’s trying to play nice with you, you gotta be a dick.” We were both having to talk over the noise of the party.

He gave a cocky shrug. “Hey, I gotta reputation to maintain. My fans wanna see my confidence.”

“Yeah, well, I guess if fans are all you want, you gotta play to your base. Personally, I prefer actually getting to know people and making friends. There’s way more fun ways to spend your time than just posting Snaps.” I made eye contact as I said it.

His body language shifted a bit, became less antagonistic. A moment later he stepped a bit closer. “What sort of fun were you thinking about?” He had to repeat the question more loudly so I could hear it, but I already had a sense of what he was saying.

I motioned with my head toward the door. Outside, the building’s porch was pretty crowded, so we made our way down to the walkway. “Damn, KDE throws a good party, but they’re not the place to talk.”

“Most people don’t come here to talk,” Parker said.

There was a moment of silence. “Look, what I’m saying is that maybe if you weren’t always up in people’s faces all the time, people might surprise you.”

“You looking to surprise me?” he said with a knowing tone.

“I might be…”

“Am I going to like this surprise?”

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

Parker and I left the party and walked along the lake. It was a nice night out and there was a nearly-full moon shining over the water. I shot Blake another text and then put my phone away to focus on Parker.

“Slatter is back that way, “he said, gesturing toward our dorm.

“Yeah, but I’ve got something more fun in mind…” I smiled what I hoped was an inviting smile.

He looked at me as we walked. “I hadn’t really thought you’d be into guys.”

“Maybe I want to give you a chance to change my mind.”

The Boathouse came into view past a large clump of bushes. It was an old structure, made of plain white wood. It looked like the sort of thing you might see in an old movie about the 1920s or something, but I had no idea how long it had been there. I fished out my keys and grinned at him. “I borrowed Blake’s key. Being deputy captain has its advantages…” I trotted ahead and pretended to unlock the door, but it was already open, as I knew it would be. I pushed the door open and said, “After you,” as flirtatiously as I could.

Parker stepped through into the darkened space. There was some moonlight straggling in through the windows, but they were too dirty to allow him to see much other than vague shapes. “Damn! Where’s the light switch?”

I stepped through the door and pulled it shut behind me. I knew the layout of the space, so I had the advantage. I stepped up behind Parker and grabbed his arms, quickly getting him into a Full Nelson hold. Those years of high school wrestling had finally proven useful for something.

“What the hell!? Let go of me!” He struggled but I was stronger and had a pretty good grip on him.

“Gimme a hand with this fucker, Blake!”

A dark shape that I knew was Blake emerged from behind the the rowing shells and grabbed Parker’s feet, quickly pinning them under his arms. In what followed, Parker struggled as much as he could, but against two opponents who were both taller and more built than he was, there was little hope of success, although at one point he gave Blake enough of a kick that the three of us almost collapsed into a pile. But we manhandled him into the side room and got him duct-taped into the ladder-back chair that Coach uses. We had taped both arms to the sides of the chair and each leg to a chair leg.

Parker struggled. “Stupid fucking meatheads! Quit messing around! This isn’t funny.”

During the process, Blake had turned on the old lamp on Coach’s desk to give us enough light to see by. I’ll be honest. The struggle had gotten my blood pumping and I found myself kinda aroused, without knowing why. It was kinda hot watching him struggle against the tape and rope. There was something about seeing him so helpless that got me really turned on.

Blake got in his face. “Not such a tough guy now, are you, you little bitch?”

“Help! Somebody help me!”

I darted around the chair and slapped my hand over his mouth. “Listen,” I hissed in his ear, “if you don’t shut the fuck up, shithead, you’re gonna really regret it.” To Blake, I said, “we need something to gag him.”

Blake grinned. He pulled off his shorts and a moment later the black briefs he was wearing. He rubbed them in Parker’s face. “I’ll bet you like this, don’t you, faggot? You’ve been wanting to bury your face in my crotch since the first day you saw me. Well, here you go!” He pushed them into Parker’s mouth as Parker grunted in protest.

I let go and walked over to stand by Blake. I noticed his dick was getting hard, and I suddenly realized mine was too. It just felt good to take my aggression out on Parker. I peeled my shirt off. “This is what you’ve been wanting to see, isn’t it, fag? A hot guy like me? The kind of guy you want to be but won’t ever actually get to be?” I flexed for him.

Blake laughed. “Yeah, faggot. You want us?” He peeled off his shirt, which left him wearing nothing but his sneaks and socks. Parker wasn’t struggling at the moment. He was staring at us with a sort of hungry look in his eyes. “Hey, Ross, the fag wants us! Show him your dick!”

I pulled my cock out of my shorts and waved it toward him. “You want this, fagboy? You want to suck my dick, don’t you? That’s what cocksuckers like you want, isn’t it?”

Parker made a muffled sound of some sort. Blake laughed again and said “I think that’s faggot -speak for ‘yes’.”

I felt such a rush of power and arousal that I needed to take this further. I swaggered over to the chair, my dick hanging out over the top of my shorts and started flexing for him. “This is what you’ve been wanting ever since you moved into to Slatter, isn’t it? Your own private show with Blake and me. Just the three of us…”

Blake came and stood right behind me. He reached around and ran his hands over my chest. “Just look at this stud, you faggot. He’s so ripped. Not like a scrawny punk like you. You’re probably drooling for him.” In just about any other situation, I probably would have been freaked out by what Blake was doing, but it was obvious that Parker wanted me that I just ignored that. My cock was totally hard now anyway. So I reached down and started to stroke it. My shorts were getting in the way, so I pulled them off, struggling a little to get them and the underwear off over my sneaks. Despite that, I could see how turned on Parker was. His dick was pressing against his shorts.

I put one foot up on the chair Parker was taped into and started stroking my dick right in front of him. He was riveted on the sight. I looked at him and grinned. I don’t know what was going on, but something about the whole situation made my cock feel absolutely huge.

I reached over and pulled the underwear out of Parker’s mouth. He took a deep breath but didn’t shout for help. He just continued to stare. I grabbed the back of his head and forced him down onto my dick. He began sucking it eagerly, no hesitation or resistance.

Blake started laughing. “He really is a fag, isn’t he?”

“A total cocksucker!”

It was hard for Parker to lean forward enough because his arms were taped to the chair. Blake pulled Parker off my dick. He spat in Parker’s face. “If I untape your arms, are you gonna be a good faggot and do as you’re told, or are you gonna force us to beat the crap out of you?”

Parker was red in the face, with drool and pre-cum around his mouth and the gob of spit oozing slowly down his cheek. “I’ll do what you say.”

Blake slapped his face. “Sir!”

Parker’s mouth opened with shock. Then he said, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good faggot! Now get back to work!” He forced Parker’s head back down to my crotch. Then he started releasing Parker’s arms.

When Parker was freed, he began tugging on and stroking my balls. I’m not sure if it was just how hot this whole thing was, but it felt like the best blow job I’ve ever had.

“Blake, you gotta try this! This cocksucker knows what he’s doing!” I moved out of the way so that he could step up and get sucked. He quickly agreed that Parker was a good cocksucker.

We freed Parker’s legs and spent the next half hour at least making him suck one or the other of us while we ridiculed him. Blake gave him a ferocious face-fucking that left him gasping. But eventually Blake let him stand up. He yanked down Parker’s shorts and underwear. “The bitch is enjoying this as much as we are!” He aggressively turned Parker around, bending him over the old metal desk in the room. He looked at me. “You ever done anal before?”

I hadn’t. Before I could say anything, Parker started begging. “No, don’t! I don’t fuck! Please! I’m a top!”

Blake laughed again and slapped him upside the head. “Not tonight, you’re not, faggot.” He spit into his hand and roughly probed Parker’s hole. Then he positioned himself behind Parker and started to push in. Parker began to struggle. So I ran around to the other side of the desk and grabbed his wrists. He continued to struggle but then Blake worked his dick into Parker’s ass. Parker’s eyes widened. He stopped struggling and began to breathe heavily, clearly incredibly turned on. But at the same time, tears began rolling down his cheeks. He periodically told Blake to stop.

I laughed. “He’s crying! Are you a little baby, faggot? Crying for your mommy?”

He bit his lip and then nodded reluctantly. “Yes Sir.”

“Fuck this bitch! Fuck him hard. Show him what real men are like.”

Blake responded by pounding Parker aggressively. The desk shuddered with the force of his thrusts. Parker stopped trying to pull away, so I let go of his wrists. He just lay limp as Blake fucked him. I came around to the other side of the desk and put my arm around Blake’s shoulder, cheering him on. Suddenly Blake started to shudder spastically. “Oh Jesus fuck!” He just repeated that over and over as he came. Parker made a series of soft cries.

When Blake had regained his composure, he pulled out. A trickle of cum oozed out of Parker’s hole. I scooped some of it up and pushed my fingers into Parker’s mouth. At first he pursed his lips shut, but after I applied a bit more pressure, he opened up and began sucking the spunk off them.

“You gotta fuck him, Ross! He is so goddam tight!”

I’d fucked girls doggy style before, but I’d never done anal. I lined myself up, wondering why I was doing this. I’m not gay. But my cock felt harder than it ever had, and it needed to release. So I pushed in. Blake was right; Parker’s ass was tight. Tighter than any pussy I’d ever been in. At first it felt strange, but very quickly I realized that the tightness meant more sensation for my dick. “Whoa!” Parker was making feeble noises of protest, but I ignored them. I knew he wanted me to do this.

Blake grinned me at me and I suddenly had the realization that this wasn’t the first time he’d fucked a guy before. He put an arm around my shoulder and said “Now show this bitch who’s boss!”

I grabbed Parker’s hips and started pumping away. The tightness and friction of his ass felt amazing, and the noises Parker was making just made everything hotter. I loved the fact was Blake was there egging me on. It felt like the camaraderie of the rowing crew. In crew, you win as a team; every man has to be pulling his weight literally in order for everyone to win, and that’s what it felt like here. Blake and I were headed for a total victory over Parker; Blake had pulled his weight and now I had to pull mine.

So I fucked Parker for all I was worth. He had been reduced to soft gasps of air and wordless moans of pleasure as I showed him what it meant to be a real man and what it meant to be a fag bitch. By the time I was getting close to shooting, there was no doubt in my mind that he knew his place.

“Ah, Christ! I’m gonna cum!” Normally in porn guys pull their dicks out before their cum, but I wanted to do what Blake had done, blow a load in this faggot’s ass to show him who was the bitch. So as I began to crest, I grabbed his hips tight and went balls deep, spewing my cum into him. “That’s right, fucker. This is how we treat fags.”

I pulled out and watched as Parker dropped to the ground. He had none of the bullshit cockiness he always had. Instead he just lay there, still. He looked up at Blake and me. There were tears running down his cheeks, but there was also an expression of hunger. The faggot actually wanted more!

As I looked at him, I felt something cruel and savage wake up inside me. Blake and I had put Parker in his place, and it felt good. I had just blown a load, but somehow I wasn’t satisfied. I needed to push this punk down even further. With a smirk, I aimed my dick at his face and started to piss. There was a look of surprise on his face as I did it, but his cock, which had been going soft, sprung instantly back to life. Blake high-fived me and started to piss on him as well. I made a particular point of getting that perfectly-styled hair all wait. By the time I had emptied my bladder, his hair looked like he had just stepped out of the shower.

Parker just lay on the floor of the boathouse, looking up at us as we sprayed him with our piss. He looked humiliated and ashamed, his face bright red. The cruelty of what Blake and I had done tasted wonderful. I felt a deep well-spring of contempt for Parker, and I knew that I was gonna keep tormenting him for a long time.

Blake said, “Hey, fucker, there are some towels in the shower room over there. Go clean yourself off and then come back and wipe this mess up.”

Parker nodded and stood up. “Yes, sir, “ he said meekly. He staggered into the shower room.

I turned to Blake. “Goddam! That was the hottest thing I’ve ever done. Did you see the way he took my dick?!”

Blake nodded after he pulled his shirt back on. “I told you he was gonna just fold up if we got in his grill. But damn! He was even more of a pussy than I thought!”

We were still laughing about it when Parker came back out of the shower room. He knelt down with a towel and mopped up the piss. When he stood up, I walked over to him. I took the wet towel from him.

“You missed a spot,” I said. Then I smeared the wet rag across his face.

Blake barked out a laugh as I did it.  “Look at that faggot. His dick just jumped.”

“And that’s why he’s gonna be back here again next week. Isn’t that right, bitchboy?”

“Yes, sir,” Parker murmured, his face bright red.

“We gotta get out of here,” I said, throwing the towel into the towel bin. Blake let Parker put his clothes back on, and frog-marched Parker outside while I made sure there was no evidence pointing toward what we had just done in the boathouse. I turned off the light and left, checking to make sure the door locked behind me.

Blake clapped an arm around my shoulder. “C’mon, bro. Let’s find a party.”

We walked about a dozen feet away. I turned to look back over my shoulder. Parker was just standing there watching us leave. I blew him a kiss and then turned back toward Blake.

And that’s how I discovered I’m a sadist.

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