Spring Break With My Stepdad

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It was my first spring break. I was originally supposed to meet with my roommate and his friends for a wild week of whatever kind of fun they had in mind. After all, we partied in our dorm room almost every weekend because of his popular nature, and freshman year wasn’t even done yet. It’d been fun at first, but now that the novelty had worn off, I was ready to take things a bit more seriously. That was why I’d decided to bail out on everyone for spring break to meet with my stepdad, Dade, at his new cabin.

I’d travelled by ferry from Lake Michigan, the island where I’d lived my whole life, to the northwest near the Michigan–Wisconsin border where Dade’s bumfuck town was located. On my way there in my rental car, vast fields with cattle and horses surrounded me, and I wondered if I’d ever get lost. The sky was darkening sooner than I’d anticipated, and I could’ve sworn I had the right directions.

Several hours later, the sky turned a deep purple. I hated driving at night whenever it was on an unfamiliar road. Why couldn’t Dade have just picked me up at the ferry station instead?

Dade. Oh, Dade. Our relationship had changed forever since the day we’d gotten drunk and had made out in the heat of the moment on New Year’s Eve. It’d been minimal foreplay with no clothes on until we’d stopped and realized what we’d started wasn’t right. Except it felt right to me, as sick in the head as I might have been. I’d had the biggest crush on Dade since middle school, probably even before that in an innocent “I don’t want Daddy to marry anyone else” sort of way. Before the incident, we’d seen each other naked too many times to count and had showered together just as many times. Mom had died when I was a little boy, leaving Dade to raise me all on his own. He’d raised me not to be ashamed of nudity, but he’d never touched me inappropriately until our unplanned moment together.

We needed to talk it out as soon as possible. I was sick of not hearing much from Dade these days. It was why he’d moved, to give me the space he’d annoyingly insisted I needed.

Deep into the woods and through the private gravel road, I finally reached the cabin and parked the car on Dade’s excuse of a driveway, behind his rusty truck. I grabbed my large backpack and felt my heart beating harder than ever the closer I approached the front door.

The door opened, and there he was: tall, dark, handsome, and rugged as ever at just forty. Oddly enough, I looked similar to him for not being related by blood.

“I’m glad you came, Sonny.” That deep voice, just as deep as mine, but sexier to my ears. A hint of a smile was easy to capture in the dimness.

“Are you?” I was only partly joking.

Dade looked around the woods before pulling me inside and closing the door, the two of us standing in the lamp-lit living room. He pulled me even closer for a hug. “Of course I am. I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” I gave him a squeeze. “We have to talk, though.” My heart pounded for a while because it just wasn’t normal for us to be this way.

“I know,” he muttered. “I had a feeling you couldn’t let it go. And frankly, neither could I. I think about you every single day, you know.”

“Same.” I let go halfway, partially in his arms, enough to look at his serious expression. I gazed into his brown eyes that drove me nuts in a way that I shouldn’t have been feeling. “I can’t help how I feel.”

Dade sighed. “I know, Sonny, but it’s wrong. We should’ve never done what we did. I should’ve never allowed it to happen.”

“But it happened. It’s too late to go back.”

“Is it?” He looked hopeful.

I gave him a nod and took the hand of his that wasn’t holding me so that I could hold it. I slid my fingers in between his and toyed with them. “I’ve tried dating other guys, but it’s useless. Same shit, different guy. You’re the one I want. And don’t tell me you don’t feel the same way because I remember your confession very well.”

“I was drunk.”

“But you meant it.”

There was a long pause, but Dade never looked away from me the whole time. He looked as if he were trying to face me with courage.

My eyes watered. “Don’t lie to me. Please?”

His eyes watered as well, and he pulled me back toward him for the tightest hug ever, bursting into tears. He sobbed like the baby he rarely acted. “I did mean it. With all my heart. Because I’m a sick man! I’m sick, Sonny, I’m sick!”

“Then so am I.” I loved that Dade showed his emotions with me and not to anyone else, but I needed him to collect himself to make this trip less depressing. This time, I wanted more than what we’d had on New Year’s Eve, and sober, too.

I let go and took his hand again to lead him into his moonlit room while he still cried. It was the only bedroom in the small cabin. The whole place was rustic and country-themed, except more fitting to a single man who didn’t always care about tidiness.

I undid Dade’s cowboy-style jeans and got on my knees. I could faint at any second from what I was about to do. My heart beat faster and faster, vibrating through my ears until my face flushed hot. But I’d still do this because I wanted to.

“Sonny, what are you doing?” But he didn’t stop me. He also stopped crying, sniffling a few times.

I ignored him and pulled his fat cock out. It was of average length but super thick, bigger than mine. I tried to get it hard by stuffing it into my mouth. I gave it a few quick sucks to start with. I inhaled the faint musk that drove me wilder than ever.

“Ohhh…,” Dade whispered. “Are you sure we should be doing this?”

I ignored him again. The more we talked, the guiltier we might feel. I slowed down my pace and licked the hardening shaft. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. It was what I’d fantasized about doing for so long. Though, now that I was almost nineteen, I was a man who knew what he was doing. I wasn’t a kid anymore.

I felt Dade’s hand caressing the back of my head while I sucked his now-hard cock. I wanted his man milk so badly. It’d be the first time I’d get it. I pulled his jeans all the way down to his ankles and tugged at his shirt as a signal for him to take it off.

He did, and even through the moonlight, he revealed the kind of torso that proved he still frequented the gym. He wasn’t perfectly ripped, but he was sexy as all fuck. His chest was sprinkled with dark hair that trailed down to his flat belly and joined the trimmed bush that at least showed he cared about grooming himself.

I stared at him with a smile, taking my shirt off as well to reveal my own set of abs. I was smoother but still had some sprinkles of dark hair myself, and I was slightly shorter and slenderer. “I love you.”

Dade tried to smile, probably with leftover guilt or whatever negative feelings he must have still felt. “I love you, too, Sonny. But I’m getting close already.”


“Your mouth… it just… it’s like magic. So warm and… ungh, yeah, Sonny. Ohhh…”

I slurped up the excess precum and licked around the large head, sometimes sucking just the head with the occasional kiss. I licked his hairy balls and sucked on each for a while before diving back for his full cock, nearly deepthroating him. I sucked with eagerness, and it wasn’t long before I heard him moaning more and more, his voice rising as if warning me of his release.

“Fuck, Sonny, I’m gonna come… oooh… ahhh… fuuuck!” Dade groaned as he flooded my mouth with his thick man milk.

I tried my hardest to collect every bit of it, but some of it dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. I shut my eyes tightly while I swallowed as much of the rich taste I could. It wasn’t too bitter, but definitely an acquired taste. It was from Dade, though. That was the best part of the experience.

I got up and felt the front of my jeans soaked with precum, and I pulled them down and off my legs until I was fully naked. Dade kicked his jeans off his feet so that he too was naked. I came closer to give him a deep kiss, wrapping my arms around him and frottaging my stiff cock against his. He held me tightly and wrestled my tongue with his until I too came and made a mess on his flat belly. It was the hardest release of my life, and the euphoria kicking in threatened to knock me over.

“God, I love you with all my heart,” Dade whispered. “Always will.”

I smiled because I needed to hear those words more often, but in a whole new way. “And I’ll always love you.” This was going to be the best spring break ever. I was so glad I’d ditched my roommate and his friends for this moment. This was exactly what I needed. Dade and I might have not agreed to date or anything, for obvious reasons, but we connected the way we’d been aching to, the way we were meant to connect but couldn’t until now.

“Ready for bed?” Dade was always an early sleeper and an early bird at that.

I nodded and climbed onto the full-size bed. He got behind me and rested an arm around my waist. His damp chest leaned against my dry back, and it wasn’t long before his cock rose as it pressed between my ass cheeks.

He grabbed one of my cheeks and gave it a gentle squeeze, forming a sexy grin. “Gonna give this to me too someday?”

“Yeah. It’s yours to take whenever you want.”

“Ever got fucked?”

“Nope. Just a few blowjobs with some guys because I wasn’t ready to go that far yet.”

“Ah, so you’re still a virgin back there. Take your time, then. No rush.”

“I’ve practiced a lot with a dildo, though. Thick ones, too. So, I think I’m ready. Besides, I’d rather my first time be with you than some rando I’ll never see again.”

“Aw.” Dade played with my ass. “Mmm… soon, then, okay? Let’s get some sleep for now.”

“Okay.” I knew I’d have a great night’s sleep, and it was all because of my new connection with Dade. I couldn’t wait to explore more with him. I couldn’t wait to grow closer to him and see him as not my dad, but my lover and the man I wanted to share the rest of my life with. One day at a time, though. One day at a time…

Dade woke me up with kisses all over my neck, and I turned my head to kiss his lips more deeply. I tongued him the way I had the night before, and I stroked my cock while we made out like the lovers I felt we were. I felt his cock dabbing against my crack, and I knew he wanted my ass.

“Fuck me. Please?”

He formed a sexy smile. “Yeah?”

I nodded. “I’m ready for it. I want you in me.”

There was hunger in his eyes, pure lust that made him accept so willingly. He repositioned himself on his knees near the edge of the bed. He grabbed my waist and lifted me to have me all fours to align his cock with my ass.

I continued stroking my cock while my face was against the pillow. I hissed at first from when he first entered my hole with just the head of his cock.

“You okay?”

“Ungh. Yeah, keep going. Don’t stop.”

Dade continued sliding all the way inside until he was deep in me, and I felt his inner thighs resting against my ass cheeks. I felt full with his cock all the way inside me, but I wanted it. I wanted it badly. I finally had it.

As he started fucking me, he placed his hands on my shoulders and said, “I’m warning you. I can be a little rough when I’m overcome with this feeling.”

“Fuck me however you want.” Oh, this felt wonderful now. The pain turned into pleasure quicker than I thought, probably because I’d practiced on my dildos for a long time. I jacked myself off furiously as he quickened his pace, and I wanted more of him. “Fuck me. Fuck my ass. It’s yours. Take it. Own it. I’m all yours.”

“Fuck, yeah.” That voice of his was deeper, and it told me that he owned me without even saying so. This was what I needed. I needed all of him, and I finally had all of him. I realized we didn’t use a condom, but I trusted him with my life. I knew he’d never give me anything without my consent first. Besides, he was clean. I knew he wasn’t the typical hookup type.

“Ungh… ungh… fuck me… ungh…”

Dade pounded my ass now, and he wasn’t kidding about being a bit rough. His inner thighs slapped my ass cheeks with each thrust, and he slapped one of my cheeks and gave it a hard squeeze. He did that several more times, and I was in heaven. I let go of my cock the more he hit my prostate. I moaned and moaned and couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to come, but I didn’t need to touch myself to do so. “Fuck, I’m coming… ungh… fuck!” I shot on the sheets underneath me, completely hands-free. Oh, the feeling was glorious.

Dade groaned and warned me of his release, and he became even rougher by ramming himself into me and pulling my hair a bit hard, making me take it on his terms. “Fuuuuuuck, I’m coming too, gahhh!” He cried and slowed down immensely, and then, he collapased onto my back. His sweaty chest leaned against me in stickiness, and I could suddenly stay like this forever.

He gave me some tender kisses while he laid us both on our sides, and his cock slipped out with a pop sound. He snuggled against me, his nose nuzzling against the back of my damp neck. “I’ll always love you no matter who you choose to be with.”

I smiled. “I want to be with you. I don’t want anyone else.”


“Yeah. I’m not confused either. I’m a man now. I know what I want.”

“Mmm… okay, then you’re mine and I’m yours. How’s that?”

“I’d like that.” I did like it, and my smile morphed into a goofy schoolboy one that I couldn’t hide no matter how hard I tried. I was in bliss at the moment, and I didn’t want this moment to end. Dade and I were practically falling in love, and we were together now. Officially. Yeah, this spring break with my stepdad was totally awesome, and it’d be the best one ever.


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