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Just for Practice

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Victor was a sugar daddy of sorts. He was older than me, the streaks of grey just behind his ears were proof of that. He made way more money than me, but I didn’t think of him as a sugar daddy. He was supporting me, but I was trying to go through bartending school., okay, so he was a sugar daddy. There was just something about that title that made me uncomfortable.

It was like he owned me or something, and that made me feel small, like I wasn’t an equal partner in our life that we had made together. We had been together for four years, and I know what you’re saying, bartending school doesn’t take years. It hadn’t just been bartending school, it had been a million different things, but I was still young, I was finding myself.

My relationship with Victor was the only thing that I had done right so far in my adult life. We worked out every morning, we ate like we were fitness professionals, and we drank like it was our job (Well, I did). Victor was a lawyer, he had a job, but he was good at drinking too.

“You’re ready, right?” Victor said as he charged into our apartment and ran for the bedroom. He had been nervous about tonight for days.

“I’ve got everything I need,” I tried to reassure him.

“Trevor, I need to know that you got this.” Victor was trying to force a smile onto his face, but I could see the stress behind that smile. “The partners are all going to be here.”

“I’ve got this,” I reassured Victor and he walked into the bedroom and closed the door. I wanted to chase after him and fight it out, but I held myself back. I tried to remind myself that he was trying to make senior partner, and this was a very important night for him.

“I’m just going to make this the best damn cocktail party ever,” I decided. “Victor is going to be so sorry he ever doubted me.” I had to keep myself busy, it was always so hard for me to let little things like that go. People talking down to me always set me off. Even the slightest hint of an attitude of superiority made me feel small, and I had to defend myself.

“I’m sorry,” Victor sighed as he emerged from the bedroom. I smiled at him and then went back to organizing the kitchen island that was going to serve as my bar. Victor walked up behind me and put his arms around me. He was almost a head taller, and very muscular. He let his hands travel down my sides and come to rest on my hips. Even though we had been together for years having his hands there still made me blush. “This was just a test.”

“What do you mean?” I spun around to look him in the eyes. “What was a test?”

“I need you to be on your best behavior tonight,” Victor kissed my forehead. “I need you to not react no matter what happens.”

Suddenly, the tables had turned, I found myself trying to force a smile onto my own face. Victor was the only lawyer that I had ever been able to stand. I hated every single one of his macho domineering friends. “I’m going to be good, I promise.”

“No matter what happens,” Victor looked deep into my eyes. “You’re just going to bear down and take it.”

I hated the sound of that, but I loved Victor and I felt like I owed him this much. “I can do it.” I tried to walk away, but Victor stopped me. He didn’t have to say anything, I knew why he stopped me. “I promise.”

The guests started arriving and I put my bartending training to work. The party was mostly men, there were very few female lawyers at Victor’s firm, and only the senior partners brought people with them. I was doing good with my promise, but mainly because I was too busy serving drinks to really talk to anyone.

“Barmaid,” I heard a deep voice and knew right away who was talking to me. Theodore was a senior partner and Victor complained about him all the time. According to Victor, he was the most demanding of all the senior partners. He had no regard for anyone, and he treated people like garbage. I knew he and I weren’t going to get along. I knew when I heard him call for me, that this was going to be a problem.

“Yes,” I asked without looking over at him.

“I need you to look at me when I talk to you,” Theodore stated coldly, and everyone around us turned to look at me. I could see Victor glaring at me from across the room and I remembered my promise.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” I turned to look Theodore in the eye, and he smiled at me. His smile sent a chill down my spine. He was a well-built man, not trim, but not fat. He was older than Victor, and maybe a little shorter, but he was definitely intimidating.

“I like that, Sir, very good,” Theodore chuckled and he led the whole room in a bit of a laugh. I could feel the temperature rising in my face. I was trying not to react, I really wanted to freak out, but I could feel Victor’s eyes on me, and I could hear his words. “Scotch, neat.”

Theodore took his drink and left my makeshift bar. A few of the junior partners congratulated me on living through my first experience with Theodore. They did so very quietly. Victor walked over to me and patted my back gently. “You did fine,” Victor whispered in my ear. “Just let it roll off your back.”

I really tried to let it go, but as I walked away from Victor, I just kept thinking about the way it made me feel. My heart had been pounding, my face was flush, and I felt so intimidated. I had never let myself get pushed around like that before. I had never sucked it up like that before.  Luckily, I had a lot to do as the host of this party and I soon forgot about what had happened.

I was just starting to get over the interaction when I heard that same deep voice, “Barmaid!” I turned to see that Theodore had spilled some of his scotch on the floor. I took the towel from the oven and a deep breath before heading over to where the senior partner was standing. “I’ve spilled,” Theodore said. He was standing to the side of the spill and seemed to be barely paying attention to me.

I got down on my knees and started to dry the floor. As I did, I noticed Theodore’s shoes moving he was standing right over me. My mind started to spin, and my arms started to quake. I was worried about what was going to happen next. When I finished cleaning up I tried to move away, but Theodore cleared his throat and I stopped dead in my tracks.

“I think you owe me an apology,” Theodore said, and I couldn’t even stop myself from shooting him a look. I didn’t owe him anything. “You spilled my drink and you owe me an apology.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked around for Victor, but he was just standing there mouthing the word, “Sorry,” at me. I glared at him and then he started mouthing something about how I made a promise, and I rolled my eyes. I had made a promise and I took that very seriously. This was Victor’s boss after all.

“I’m sorry I spilled…”

“I’m sorry?” Theodore interrupted and I almost lost my mind. I had to swallow another dose of rage, but that’s when I looked into the man’s eyes. It could’ve been the position we were in, but I felt powerless. I felt like I had to do what he wanted.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” I sighed. “I didn’t mean to spill your drink.”

Theodore patted my head and turned away from me. I was shaking as I walked away from him. No one would even make eye contact with me. I felt like I was all on my own, trapped in my own head as I kept wondering what had just happened. I wasn’t that guy I didn’t let people treat me like that.

“You’re doing great,” Victor whispered in my ear as he came up behind me. I wanted to argue with him, but I couldn’t find the words. I was shaking with… I couldn’t really describe it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Victor’s hand went right to my hip as he leaned in and whispered, “I will make this up to you. I promise this will all be worth it.”

I kept serving drinks and trying to keep busy. I had felt sort of like a host at the beginning of the night, but I definitely felt more like the hired help right now. I tried to stay well away from Theodore, but it was hard, the apartment just wasn’t that big. I could feel his eyes following me around the room. I noticed that there were others who were noticing it too.

“They’re just trying to see what he yells next,” I tried to convince myself in the bathroom mirror. I was convinced people could tell what was going on inside of me. My face was beet red in the mirror. They were all laughing at me, and I didn’t know what to do. I had made a promise to Victor. “Everyone will go home soon.”

When I got out of the bathroom I found that most people had gone home. There were only four stragglers, and my heart sank when I saw that Theodore was one of them. He was sitting on our black, leather couch and he was already staring at me when I opened the door.

“Did everyone head out?” I asked looking at Victor. Victor just shrugged at me, and I didn’t like the look on his face as he did. My heart sank, and I knew what was going to happen next.

“Barmaid,” Theodore called out and he raised his glass. He poured a dribble of scotch on the floor. I went to go get my towel from the island. “No, don’t waste it. Get over here.” I looked at Victor and again he just shrugged. He wanted me to do it. He was trying to play it cool, but he wanted me to do this. “Don’t look at him, just look at me.”

I walked over to Theodore and dropped to my knees. “Lick it up,” he ordered. I didn’t move at first. “Are you going to disobey me, boy?” I lowered my head and took a quick glance over at Victor as I did. I had never seen him so excited.

He is so into this, I thought to myself as I stuck out my tongue and licked the scotch off the floor. I could hear a few of the others talking and laughing as I did it, but I could also hear how turned on they sounded. They were all watching me, and I had to admit that it felt good.

“That’s good,” Theodore’s gruff voice sent chills down my spine when he cooed those words at me. “But, now I have some on my shoes.” He poured out a few little droplets on his brown, leather shoes. I didn’t even have to be asked, I quickly licked the drops off of each shoe.

Theodore laughed as he stood up I went to stand, but he stopped me, petting my head gently with his hand. “You’ve done such a good job,” Theodore said, his voice was just above a whisper, but everyone in the room was listening, straining to hear what he was saying. “Victor thought you’d be much harder to crack.”

I didn’t even really react to what he was saying, I didn’t really process it at the time. All I knew was that Theodore and Victor were both happy with me. I knew that everyone in the room seemed to be focused on me. These were the only things that mattered to me in that moment.

“Take off my belt,” Theodore commanded, and I turned to him. I didn’t even look at Victor. I was too engrossed in the moment. My hands were shaking as I reached out for the buckle. “Look me in the eyes.” I looked up into his eyes and undid the buckle. I went to pull it out of his belt loops, but he smacked my hands away. “Pull it out with your teeth.”

I did as I was ordered and when I had pulled the belt out, looking into Theodore’s eyes the whole time, the older man stuck out his hand and I placed the belt into it. “That’s it,” Theodore purred the words at me. “Victor, undress him.”

I was a little startled by these words. I was okay with getting naked, but for a second as I locked eyes with Theodore and felt his warm smile on my skin, and his eyes devouring me, I sort of forgot that there were other people in the room. As Victor removed my clothes, I realized that there were other people in the room, and they were also removing their clothes. Only Theodore and Victor were dressed. When all my clothes were off, Victor put me back down on my knees and Theodore walked up behind me.

“Put your arms behind your back and grab your elbows,” Theodore said the words, and I did as I was told. He took his belt and tightened it around my forearms. He had a clearly put a special notch in his belt for just such an occasion. He held the other end of the belt like a leash. “Now you’re going to show me how well you suck cock.”

“I don’t…”

The smack was loud, so loud that I almost didn’t feel what had happened at first. I wasn’t expecting his hand to move that fast. “I don’t like it when people talk back to me,” Theodore got right down beside my ear to speak. “Do we understand each other?”

“Yes, sir,” I moaned.

Victor pulled the coffee table out of the way and Theodore led me by his belt over to the couch where three young lawyers were waiting for my mouth. They were all clearly very excited by what was happening this evening, and that made it easier for me to walk on my knees on the hardwood floor. I liked to see that they were enjoying themselves. It made me feel like a good host.

As soon as Theodore had me positioned in front of the young man there was a thick cock filling my mouth. I tried to pull back, but Theodore had a hand on the back of my head. I normally would’ve panicked and fought back, but I wanted Theodore to think I was doing a good job. I relaxed my throat and let the cock slide in. I could feel the head pushing on my neck. It was the furthest I had ever been down a shaft.

“That’s so good,” Theodore purred into my ear. He kept taking me up and down the line jamming cocks down my throat and holding me for a moment before he let me move up, and then it was on to the next cock. “You’re a cock sucker, aren’t you? You want to fill that hungry little throat.”

The more praise I got, the more cock I wanted. I could taste the precum of three different men swirling around in my mouth.  I was enjoying the meaty cocks in my throat, but it was the hand on the back of my head that had my focus. Theodore was orchestrating the whole thing. I had no control over which cock I was on, or how far down my throat it would go. I just relaxed my throat and let it happen.

I had never known how freeing it could be to let go. To just be led around and thrust at people. My face was covered in strings of my own spit. I had never been used like this before, and I couldn’t believe how much I loved it.

I noticed that I had been stuck on one cock for a while and I started to wonder why this cock was getting all the focus. That’s when I felt my hands being tied together. I tried to pull my hands back, but Theodore smacked the back of my head.

“Those are my hands and I’ll do with them what I please,” Theodore said and I held my hands out. They were tied and then I was pulled away from the big cock and led to the middle of the room. It was harder to crawl with my hands tied.

My new master stopped, and I crawled up to kneel beside him. “Now we’re going to see what kind of shape your ass is in.” Theodore said and a laugh went through the gathered crowd. I could hear Victor laughing along with them. “It’s not going to look the same when we leave!” They all roared as Theodore started to test my asshole with his finger.

When he was done someone started to lick my ass, and my master pulled the rope between my legs. My face was right down on the ground, and I could feel my legs being spread wide. When I was tied into place, face down, and ass up, I could feel a thick coating of lube being applied to my ass. Several fingers were working it in deeper. I loved all of the attention, there were at least three sets of hands on me at all times.

The first cock pushed against the opening and I could feel my body being lifted I was propped up on a pillow and Victor got right in front of me. His cock was rock hard, I was at a bad angle to suck it, but I tried to lick and suck at it as much as I could.

“You’re doing so good,” Victor smiled at me as the first cock gently eased itself inside of me. Victor’s eyes were going from my eyes, to my ass, and back again. He was so turned on, and I was so into it. “Take it,” Victor cooed. It wasn’t like I had much choice, but I could feel my cock starting to throb as I listened to Victor.

The first cock pulled out and a new man grabbed my hips. I could feel warm liquid spraying all over my back. The younger man walked over and stuck his cock in Victor’s face. Victor sucked it eagerly and I watched him, I had never seen him suck cock from this angle before. The next man pulled out and did the same, and Victor cleaned his cock off as well. My cock was throbbing and dancing, it wanted to explode.

When the last man was spent and cleaned I was brought up onto the coffee table and Theodore had Victor remove his pants. There was no way Victor was going to get on his knees to fuck me. He took a slow walk around the table and everyone lined up to watch. Victor got in front of me again and this time he stuck his dick in my mouth. He couldn’t contain himself.

I was already throbbing like crazy when Theodore’s big cock slid deep inside of me. He left it there for a minute and just moved in small pulses. It felt like my cock was going to bust open, there was way more pressure there than I had ever experienced before. Then the thick rod pulled back and I could hear the cum as it hit the coffee table and I could feel it splashing up on my chest. I had never felt anything like the relief I felt now.

Victor saw what was happening and he couldn’t hold out any longer. He burst right in my mouth. I swallowed his warm load, and licked my lips to make sure there was nothing I missed. I was in Heaven, but Theodore pulled away and Victor jumped up to help him get dressed. I could tell from the way everyone was acting that I had done something wrong.

I knew something was wrong when I felt the others untying me. They got the ropes off and yet I stayed in position, I didn’t know if I was supposed to move. Theodore had one of his friends bend over and take his cock in the ass. I watched with my head twisted as I kneeled on the coffee table. I watched this guy get my load. I could feel jealousy taking over as Theodore grunted his seed deep into this guy’s ass.

“Get over here and lick him clean,” The older lawyer grunted when he finished. I could tell he was upset about the whole thing. “You have to ask for permission to cum.” My new master chided as I licked his semen from out of the dark cavern. “Victor, I’m sorry, but your promotion will have to wait. You two will be the guests of honor at a party I’m having next week. We’ll see if you can keep it together long enough to get Victor his promotion.”

Theodore and his friends all rubbed my head as they left the house. I was afraid of what Victor was going to say when the two of us were alone. The door closed and Victor turned to me, he opened his arms and I jumped up to hug him. “You did so well. I’m proud of you,” he cooed at me. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom, but we weren’t ready to sleep.

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