Jake And Me

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The wine took effect real fast.

“What’s wrong with you, man?” I chuckled. I have known Jake well enough to know when he is getting drunk.

To Jake, I guess the words sounded like a shout in a tunnel as he tried to keep his eyes open and focused.

“No-othi-ing!” he managed to say.

“Can you see my fingers?” I asked him.

I held out four fingers before him. “How many fingers do you see?” I couldn’t help smiling as I waved my right hand in his face.

Jake had always boasted he could drink anything and get away with it, and I had led him down from our regular bar to my apartment after work for a few shots of a rare brandy I just bought.

Jake groaned. “I dunno!” He mumbled.

“Oh, you’re so done, buddy!” I laughed. “I warned you, didn’t I?”

With a smile, Jake leaned over, touching my chest and slightly brushing my nipples. I squirmed as my body reacted instantly.

“You shouldn’t have taken the cocktail. I tried to warn you. You took enough at the bar, and now you’re too wasted to drive yourself home. You’ve got to sleepover buddy.”

Jake groaned. “I am so fucking horny right now that I can fuck a duck!”

He threw his face up, peering at me through clouded eyes. And then without warning, he reached out and grabbed my crotch.

My cock pulsated at the touch, and there was an unmistakable leer on his face. I knew Jake was gay, and right now, my fantasies were taking a greater part of my mind. I let him grope me; maybe it is the alcohol that had weakened my defenses.

I could see him tenting in his pants already.

“Do you want to fuck me?” My voice was so husky that I barely recognized it. A peculiar warmth spread across my chest as I leaned into him on the couch.

“I have always wanted to.”

Jake’s lips found mine, hovered for a moment before he buried his tongue in my mouth. I felt his stubble with one hand while I tried to free his pants with the other. I was past caring now. I wouldn’t stop even if my fiancé walked in this very minute.

The moment Jake’s fingers clasped around my cock, my breath left me in a hiss. It was a different kind of sensation, and I quickly unbuckled him and grabbed him too.

Jake was huge!

We both soon had our clothes in a heap. Still sporting boners, I led Jake into my bedroom. His coy smile never left him all through.

His face lit up when I pulled out the drawer and took out the lube and a packet of condoms.

“Here,” I said, urging him on. My breath was coming through in quick rasps.

Jake lubed me up while I helped him put on the condom.

“You are beautiful,” he said, running his fingers over my well-sculpted abs. The next second he was pushing himself inside my butt.

I shut my eyes and felt him inching his way until I had all of his seven inched beefy cock in my hole. It felt so exhilarating that I trembled.

Jake began to fuck me; slowly. Each thrust made me more accommodating, and his grunts louder. Minutes later, he gave a guttural growl, and his body jerked in spontaneous spasms. I knew he had nutted in me.

My butthole felt sore as he pulled out of me.

“Your turn,” he moaned, falling over and spreading his legs for me.

It will be a long night, I thought, as I reached for the lube.


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