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Good Times, Give or Take

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seduced in bed

I had just completed my first year at college in the Pacific Northwest when I decided to sign up for summer classes. I had failed a course and needed to retake math. I was going to be on campus anyway when I saw a posting for an elective course in philosophy. For some reason, two professors decided to team up and offer a drama course, satisfying several general education credits at once by taking students to a drama festival. It was a popular course among students who wanted to knock out a few credits and go on a field trip instead of class, but I was lucky to get in.

At the time, I was living in the dorms but I had one of the few single rooms. My dorm was a boys only housing block that was more like an unofficial frat (unofficial since our college didn’t allow greek life affiliation) with boys horsing around all the time and a lingering smell of dirty laundry throughout. In retrospect, I wonder about all the kinds of stories of “accidental” intimate encounters that must have happened, I have no doubt about that. 

One such story happened to me on our trip to the drama festival when I was assigned to share a room with three other guys, Trent, Mike, and Barry. I’d had classes with Mike and Trent before but wasn’t really close to either of them. I knew Barry from my dorm, he lived a few doors down and I’d hung out with him a couple of times in the lobby or at sports events. Barry was a cool guy but we never had too much to talk about since he was an ROTC kid and he was either out on a workout or partying with fellow army kids. The one thing I remembered from seeing Barry in the common bathroom in his underwear were his extremely hairy legs. Barry had the hairiest legs I had ever seen, they were covered in a fluffy fur of hairs all over. I’d never seen the rest of his body because he usually had a towel slung around his chest but I was wondering if the rest would be just as hairy as his legs. 

Our prof assigned the rooms but left us to plan the rest of the trip regarding social events and spare time. When we got to the inn we stayed at, our group noticed that we boys were one bed short as they had given us a room with two queen beds and a single. We decided as a group that Trent would take the single in the corner and Mike would get the queen in the center because he was the biggest. Barry claimed the queen by the windows and asked me if I wanted to crash with him.

He said he didn’t mind as he’d slept close to other dudes during his drills and I was the skinniest and wouldn’t take up a lot of space anyway. I agreed and dropped my bags on the bed as well. We were pretty busy that day and didn’t get home until almost midnight as the first show was pretty long and we had to walk back from the theatre. Everyone dropped dead in their beds but I decided to take a shower as it was a warm day and I was paranoid I might be sweaty. It turned out I shouldn’t have worried so much as Barry skipped a shower and had worked up quite a bit of musk that put mine to shame. 

I slipped into bed next to Barry, very careful not to take up too much space. I was facing the edge of the bed but Barry lay closer to the center on his back, shirtless with his arms folded behind his head. As I turned off the light, I saw a quick glance of his upper body. He was lean but the army workouts clearly had defined his muscles in the right spaces. The shimmer of the light also gave me a glimpse at his chest, which glistened in a hairy dusting and my suspicions were confirmed that his torso was just as hairy as his lower body. Soon I stopped worrying and dozed off in my corner of the bed. 

I woke up in the middle of the night when I felt something hot touching my back. I shifted slightly and saw that Barry had moved in his sleep and our backs were touching. I felt his strong back push against mine with a lot of pressure so I moved a little bit away. He followed in a half-turn and soon, I had reached the edge of the bed, unable to move further without falling off. I felt the heat from his back against mine. Even though he just slept in boxers, he was sweating profusely, so much, in fact, that he soon soaked my shirt and I was forced to strip it off. With our bare backs touching, it felt only hotter.

Eventually, I couldn’t stand the heat any longer and slipped out of the bed and slipped under the covers again from the other side. It was just a small sheet and did not conceal a lot of our almost naked bodies. From the other side I had a better angle to look at Barry’s body and watched his muscles rise and fall under his breath. Just before I could fall back asleep, I felt Barry’s arm around my shoulders. It was almost as though he was hugging me in his sleep. I tried to slide his hand off but his second hand got caught behind my back as he turned to lie on his back. His hand squeezed my shoulder in what I though must have been a vivid dream. I watched his right hand slip over his abs under the covers. Slowly, he seemed to pat a significant bulge between his legs. I double-checked his face to see if he was really asleep. His eyes were closed and only the slightest smirk was hiding under his growing stubble. 

I watched his hand move slightly over his bulge and was curious to see how long it would continue. I accidentally moved a little bit closer and only noticed when his left hand followed along on my back. Barry’s hand still closed around my shoulder, he seemed to pull me in ever so slightly. I was so enthralled by the closeness that I let him pull me in a little bit, then a little bit more. The closer I got to his chest, the stronger his musky scent got. I don’t know what it was but the more I inhaled of his musk, the more eager I seemed to get to be even closer to him. Soon, he had managed to pull me into a loose embrace with my face pressing against his sweaty, hairy chest. I could not believe how hairy he was, even with my cheek pressing into the forest of fur. A faint whimper snapped me out of my trance.

Barry seemed to be dreaming still. Maybe about a girl he had been with or a buddy he tried to subdue in combat training. I popped a boner thinking about the erotic situation and wondered how I could get out of it without waking him up. That’s when I felt his hand on the back of my head. His fingers ran through my hair in soft movements for a few moments. I tensed up but his massaging motion continued until I relaxed. I tried to turn my head to see if his eyes were open but I did not get a chance. As soon as I relaxed, Barry’s fingers dug into my hair until he had a firm grip on my head. He did not give me a chance to second guess as he applied pressure on my head, maneuvering my face slowly but surely closer down to his abs.

I saw his right arm underneath the covers as he seemed to pull down on his underwear when I was certain he wasn’t asleep anymore. My face had already slipped past his abs when I got a faint glimpse of the growing bulge under the covers in the shadows. I panicked for a moment and managed to sneak a look at our roommates, both turned away and snoring heavily. “Shhhh. They won’t know,” I heard Barry whisper, quietly but with a certain determination that told me he wasn’t giving me an option to back out. He pulled the covers up with his right hand and a whiff of musk washed over my face. It was almost too much to handle as I gasped for air. With his hand holding my head firmly in place, I had not choice but to draw in a large gulp of his sweat and musk instead. Barry was oozing testosterone and the smell was intoxicating. Any fear I had of waking our roommates faded away, my defenses crumbled as I let him push me under the covers. Not like he gave me a choice.

In a confined space with his junk, the musk felt even more intense as I saw the outline of his dick. It looked only semi-hard but already large and engorged. Barry had been quick and his boxers were already pulled down past his ankles. His right hand closed around his dick and pumped the shaft slowly while relishing every stroke. Another wave of pure testosterone washed over me as my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. I watched Barry’s dick come to live as it filled with blood. It reared with an angry and hungry look. After a few more pumps, Barry pushed my face right into his crotch. He didn’t give me a moment to adjust to the intense smell and sensation as he rubbed my face around his junk.

My face and nose pressed up against his massive shaft and balls, the stench was so intense it took my breath away. Barry’s fingers were entangled tightly in my hair and he only pulled more firmly. He pushed me deep into his ball sack. It was so hot, his balls left a layer of sweat all over my nose and cheeks and for a moment I thought I could feel his sack pulse with excitement. By then, Barry’s cock had grown along my face until it stood proud beyond my eyes at a full eight and a half inches. It was not only long, it was thick like a soda can. Barry started gyrating his hips against my face, which was still secured in his crotch. It was like he wouldn’t stop growing as I felt his dick grow firmer and larger still. I was terrified, wondering what he had in mind but also fascinated by the display of pure manliness. 

A slight moan cut through my thoughts. Barry shifted slightly as a few drops of precum started flowing down along his shaft. I didn’t realize until I felt something wet along my cheek. I immediately tried to pull away but Barry had anticipated my move. He quickly yanked my hair and pulled me up until I was face to face with this angry cock head. He quickly lowered my head and lined his cock up with my mouth. I was not going to give in and kept my mouth shut tight. I felt his dick jab at my libs a few times, leaving more and more precum all over my face.

Barry growled in frustration and once again stuck my face between his legs where the smell was strongest. I soon gasped for air—a moment Barry had been waiting for because he quickly jerked my head upward and lined his fat cock with my open mouth once more. His cock was so huge, he could not stick it in before I pulled away enough to once again close my lips. Much to my surprise, he only chuckled, “Close.” It was all a game for him. Once more time, he rubbed my face all over his junk, holding me in place longer and longer. “Come one, give in. Smell it.” His voice was low and quiet. The way his voice sounded so deep and close to him had something attractive and seductive to it. Taking whiff after whiff of Barry’s musk, my mind was slowly fogging up. When he finally lined up his cock again with my lips, I was less disgusted than I had been. He playfully pulled back his foreskin to milk a few more drops of precum and smeared it over my lips. He was leaking so much it was seeping through my lips. I was beginning to taste it, no matter how determined I was to keep my lips shut. Out of reflex, I licked my lips and in return, my tongue brushed across Barry’s dick. “That’s it,” I heard him growl once again as his pressure on the back of my head intensified.

His cock pressed against my lips while leaking more and more. With the pressure, the slippery head slowly pushed through my lips until it got stopped by my teeth. I wondered how long we could keep this struggle up when I felt Barry’s leg shift and his knee press into my own crotch. His knee went straight into my rick hard boner and remained there. It took Barry only another stroke with his knee for me to gasp in pleasure and finally I let down my last defenses. 

As I moaned, Barry was ready. His dick shot forward into my mouth right past my lips. He scraped some teeth but didn’t even seem to care as his pulsing dick snaked into my mouth. His head was so big it filled my entire mouth as he held it there. “That’s it,” Barry mumbled while he stroked my hair. As I slowly adjusted to his size, he pulled out just a little bit before pushing in deeper. I didn’t even realize what was going on until he repeated the motion several times, pushing in deeper with every tiny thrust, wedging a fraction of an inch deeper with every push. I started to choke as he hit the back of my mouth but Barry’s hand held me in place firmly without a way to escape. “Oh fuck, take it,” was all Barry said as he picked up his rhythm.

I was surprised I was able to suppress my gag reflex as well as I could, mostly for fear someone would hear us. When he couldn’t push in any further, Barry put both of his hands on my head and began to face-fuck me. Every time his cock pushed into the back of my throat, more thick saliva coated his head and shaft. With more lube coating his massive dick, he jabbed at the entrance of my throat a few times until he just held his cock there. With both hands holding my head in place, the throbbing cock finally pushed past the last barrier and invaded my throat. I panicked as my air was cut off and still a good two inches were yet in front of my eyes. Hungry to push in deeper, Barry thrust his hips while pulling my head closer into his hairy abs. “I know you can do it, take it all,” he encouraged me and I was almost proud he seemed to enjoy it so much. 

I shifted, as much as he would let me, and finally he pushed in all the way until my nose was nestled in his musky bush of pubes. My chin slapped against his mighty balls as he help me there while his strong arms locked me in place. Without I way to back off, I took in the sensation of his dick stretching my mouth, and the intense smell of pure masculinity washing over me. “You’re mine now,” he moaned as he once again picked up a rhythm to fuck my face to his liking. With every stroke, I felt his dick pulse angrily. Every time he buried my face in his bush his balls throbbed wildly. He then rolled over, now entirely on his back and pulled me with him without ever letting me go.

He trapped me between his legs and continued to pull my face into his crotch at a steady pace. In the same rhythm, his leg brushed against mine. I could feel his furry hair run along my legs and his knee against my raging boner. It took him only a few more violent strokes until he pushed me over the edge and my dick began to spasm in my boxers with an overwhelming orgasm. I was distracted by my own pleasure when I noticed Barry was pulsing and throbbing as his dick began to shoot a gigantic load into my throat. No choice but to swallow, I got a good taste of Barry’s essence. He pulled out as he continued to fuck my face and more of his cum unloaded in my mouth and finally all over my face. More semen spilling into my mouth, I swallowed instinctively. Afraid to make a mess, I tried to catch as much as I could but it started to drip all over my chin and neck. 

Barry quickly rolled me over onto my back and straddled me sitting on my chest. His dick looked gigantic and was still throbbing. A few more spurts of cum shot all over my chest and stomach. Barry’s eyes were distant as he pumped more cum out of his dick with his hand. I watched his strong arm flex in the pale light coming from the window. He saw I was watching him and pushed his slimy cock into my mouth one more time—all the way. He told me to lick it clean and I milked every drop I could get out of him before he started to get soft. Even soft, he still filled up my entire mouth until he finally pulled out with a plop, satisfied and happy.

He flopped down next to me and pulled the covers over us. “You’re a mess, dude,” he laughed as he looked at me with his cum smeared all over my body. I was about to get up but he held me back. “Sleep in it, it’s good for your skin. You did good.” With his hands behind his head, he fell asleep quickly. I looked over at our roommates who were still fast asleep. Relieved, I sunk back into the pillows. All I could smell was Barry, his musk and his cum all over my body. I lifted my arm to lick a gob of almost dry cum, adding to the lingering taste in my mouth. I fell asleep replaying the events one more time, still in awe of what had just happened. A part of me was ashamed but somehow, I was proud. Very proud.

It seems Barry had a pretty good time, too, as the encounter was not our last. He even came back to take more the very next day of the trip. 

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