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Dominated in the Hot Tub

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I sunk in the hot tub until the steamy, bubbly water tickled at the bottoms of my ear lobes. I let out a sigh and just closed my eyes, letting that warmth seep into my aching body. But the pain was good.

I was supposed to come to Tahoe and ski the slopes with Carl…but then he dumped me for some brainless twink. I’d considered cancelling the reservation, but with this place’s “no refund” policy, I decided to make it a Get Over Carl Getaway for just myself. I brought my work BFF Jennifer with me, but while she lounged in the chalet all day, I’d kept myself busy.

Carl had been wrong for me anyway. He had wanted love and romance, whereas I wanted to be dominated and treated like the stubby pig I was. It had been far too long since I’d had a good dicking.

There were some hot guys here at the ski resort, but since I was here with Jennifer I had to behave. Besides, some skiing, sun, and late night hot tub soaks would do me some good. I leaned my head back and looked up at the stars above. The air was cool and crisp and snow covered most of the surfaces except for the paved path leading up to the hot tub.

And it was quiet. So blessedly quiet. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the silence.

And that’s why I groaned when I heard the soft pat-pat of footsteps coming my way. I kept my eyes closed, hoping that whoever it was would just pass on by or, if they were sticking around, not bother me.

Then I heard the quiet rustle of a towel falling to the ground, followed by the gentle splash of someone getting into the hot tub with me. I couldn’t help it. I groaned.

“Hey,” said the person—a man. His voice was deep and sexy, even with just that one word. When I opened my eyes, his face and body had better be as sexy as his voice if he’s going to interrupt my solitude like this.

When I did open my eyes…he was a hot daddy.

Hot daddies are my type…even if twinks consider me a hot daddy too. Dominant hot daddies were even more my thing, and there was a glint in this guy’s eye that told me he might like to shove my face into a wall while pounding me from behind.

“Hey,” I said. I sat a little more upright so that it didn’t look like I was trying to ignore him. Like, that was my original plan, but now that I was seeing the potential of getting some daddy dick, my plan had changed.

“Nice night,” he said. Then he sighed as he sunk into the tub. He was clear on the other side, but this was a fairly small tub. So small that when he fully relaxed, his toes brushed against mine. And neither of us pulled back.

He looked at me and smiled in a way that told me his toes touching mine was a little bit of a test. And I passed. With flying rainbow colors.

“You vacationing with your boyfriend?” he asked, likely using this as an opportunity to confirm he had my orientation pegged right.

“Single,” I said. “The asshole dumped me for some nineteen-year-old twink.”

“That sucks,” he said. “I’m here with my BF. It was supposed to be the romantic getaway to fix our relationship, but I’m not sure it’s working.”

“Sorry,” I said.

“Eh, don’t be. I knew he was an idiot when I bought him a drink six months ago, but it was that hot ass of his that helped me see past that for a while.” I watched as the steam from the hot tub coalesced in little beads of moisture on his facial scruff that glistened in the bright moonlight. He was so rugged and handsome, way more than Carl ever was.

“So he’s up in your room?” I asked, testing the waters.

“Unfortunately. How’s your room?”

“Can’t. Sharing the room with a friend.”

He looked around, checking out our surroundings. “Why don’t you sidle up a little closer?”

I glanced around too. I had no idea how I had lucked out with deciding to hot tub on such a quiet night, but there was nobody around. There was lots going on in the chalet—I could see dozens and dozens of people having a blast through all the large windows. But out here in the hot tub? It was just me and this hunky daddy.

I shuffled around, sliding across the seat that ringed the hot tub until I was next to him. We were facing the chalet windows and behind us was the peaceful and dark mountains. From this position we could be sure of our privacy since we’d see anyone coming our way from the chalet.

“Let me see what you’re packing,” he said. He slid a hand over my leg and groped the front of my Speedo. I was already semi-hard, but his rough touch only served to make me fully hard.

I moaned in pleasure, then slipped my hand over his leg and groped him. “Fuck, you’re massive,” I muttered, just loud enough for him to hear. While I was a decent seven inches and reasonably thick, this monster had to be closer to ten and twice my thickness.

He leaned in a little closer and nibbled at my earlobe, then whispered, “Think you can fit it all in?” He slipped his hand behind my back and then his fingers teased at the top of my Speedo. When I didn’t protest, he pushed his fingers down inside and he circled his fingertips around my hole.

I moaned and arched my back a bit, angling my hole for him to have better access.

The hunky daddy grunted, then said, “You’re submissive bottom bitch, aren’t you?”

I moaned and bit my lip. “Yes, sir.”

“When’s the last time you were fucked?” he growled in my ear.

He pushed forward with his finger, attempting to breach my entrance. “A long time, and my boyfriend was nowhere near as big as you. He liked to say he had a king-sized cock, but you easily put him to shame…sir.” I groped his bulge to emphasize my point.

He licked my ear from bottom to top, then said, “And my boyfriend is nowhere near as tight as you. He’s a little whore that likes stuffing massive toys in his ass.”

“Even when you’re packing this?” I asked. I slipped my hand underneath his swim trunks and groped his girthy shaft. It was as thick as my wrist.

“Enough about him,” he growled. “Take off your Speedo.”

“Yes, sir.” I pushed my Speedo down and off. It floated to the top with the bubbles and I grabbed it and put it on the edge of the hot tub behind my head.

While I did that, he took off his trunks as well, placing them next to my speedo. With his cock freed, I grasped it again and started stroking it. I wanted this inside me, even if I had no idea if it would fit.

“Hands on the ledge,” he said, pointing to the other side of the hot tub, “and ass in the air.”

“But people will see,” I pleaded. When he gave me a stern look, I added, “Sir.” I looked ahead of us to the chalet windows. The place was packed with people partying and having drinks. A chill ran through me when I saw that my work bestie Jennifer was one of them.

“I wasn’t asking, boy,” he growled.

He put his hand on my shoulder and shoved me forward. I caught the other edge of the hot tub before splashing face-first in the water. And with my butt above the water and exposed, he dove into it with his tongue.

“Fuck,” I moaned. Holy hell he was good at rimming. He circled his tongue around and around, making the flesh plump and relaxed, and then he stabbed his tongue at the center of it, pushing inside. Pleasure rocked through my body and I gripped the edge of the hot tub hard, digging my fingernails into the grouted tile.

“Quiet, boy,” he said between deep tongue-strokes of my hole.

I clamped my mouth shut and rode through the pleasure of a man who truly knew how to eat ass. Carl had nothing on this guy; he would give me a couple licks only if I begged him, but then he’d want to kiss and “make love”. This man, though, he knew how to treat a cock-hungry submissive bottom boy.

He grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, groped me, and then spread my cheeks apart really wide, letting him push harder in with his face, dig his tongue in even deeper. I was so wet with his spit and my hole felt so gaping and loose.

He stood up, bending his body over mine, adding his warmth to my now-cool back. Wrapping one arm across the top of my chest, he used his other hand to probe my hole, shoving one fat finger in there and quickly following it up with a second. He finger fucked me a bit until I was loose enough for him to get a third finger in there.

“How do you like that, boy?” he asked as his fingers relentlessly pounded my tender hole.

“It’s so good, sir,” I moaned. “But I’d like your cock even better.”


“Yes, sir,” I begged.

“Well, you better get it nice and slick first.”

He turned me around so that my face was in front of his cock and my ass was to the chalet windows. He reached down my body and hooked his fingers in my hole, using that to pull my body closer to him. I opened my mouth and took his cock in me. He was huge, massive. I had to stretch my jaw to get him to fit and as I slid down he was soon at the back of my throat with so many more inches to go.

I hungrily slobbered on that cock, sucking and swallowing and licking. He tasted so fucking good. Way better than Carl ever tasted.

“Good boy,” he said. He withdrew his fingers from my hungry hole and then slapped my ass, urging me to turn around.

I gripped the edge of the hot tub again as he gripped my hips and lined up our bodies. Staring ahead at the chalet windows, I watched for any sign that we’d been seen, but found none. Then he pressed his fat cock head against my hole. From his rimming and fingering, my hole was primed and ready for him. Even still, with how thick he was, it wasn’t easy.

He pushed forward, the head of his cock quickly popping past my tight ring, then he slid forward, inch by inch. I gritted my teeth and my eyes watered, but I resolutely held my ground, giving him the exact amount of resistance he needed as he pushed forward. Then he shoved his hips against my ass, slamming in the final few inches.

“Fuck!” I shouted.

“I said quiet!” He reached for my face and hooked his fingers in my mouth as he started fucking my ass. He started slow, easing out and then back in, but he quickly picked up speed, our bodies slapping as they collided together with every thrust. The already tumultuous hot tub water became even more chaotic and started splashing over the edges as this man gave me the best fucking of my entire life.

This was a true man—truly dominant—and he knew what submissive guys like me really craved. He thrusted into me super hard, making me jolt forward and lose my grip on the edge of the hot tub, splashing into the water. When I came up for air, he roughly grabbed my hands and wrenched my arms behind me, but he didn’t pull my body upright, so I was still half folded over with my face bobbing just above the surface of the water

I had zero control of the situation. And that was exactly how I wanted it.

With his hands gripping my wrists, he used that leverage to slam my body into his, shoving his cock harder and deeper into me, reaching depths that Carl could never hope to reach. This was the fucking that I had yearned for my entire life.

He shuffled his feet, changing his position, and with this slightly new angle came bursts of pleasure as his cock head stabbed against my prostate. My cock leapt and jolted with every jab at that tight bundle of nerves. I started gasping in pleasure, desperate for air.

And that was when he decided to shove my head underwater. I was helpless, unable to fight against him, unable to breathe. Just as I was about to open my mouth and inhale water, he pulled me back up. The sudden burst of oxygen in my lungs sent stars to my eyes and a serious jolt to my dick. I was so fucking close to bursting.

And then he did it again, shoving me underwater. I struggled vainly against him, knowing that was what he wanted, and, like before, just before I was at the critical point where I would have to inhale water, he pulled me up.

“You like that, don’t you, you little bitch?” he growled at me.

“Yes, sir,” I whimpered.

“Good.” He pounded my ass extra hard again. “Are you ready for me to fill your guts with my cum?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir,” I whimpered.

“Beg for it,” he demanded, punctuating his words with a deep thrust against my prostate. Pleasure rippled through me. I was so close to blowing.

“I need your cum, sir,” I begged. “Please fill me. Please. Give me your cum, sir.”

He roared as he started jackhammering my ass, slamming his dick hard into me and then instantly pulling it out and then doing it all over again. Every thrust brought overwhelming and uncontrollable pleasure to my prostate, so much that I was whimpering and moaning non-stop.

“Here…it…is…” he ground out, and then he slammed into me one more time, but held his hips tight against me. I could feel his cock throbbing, pulsing, filling me with his hot seed.

That feeling was enough for me to go over that final edge—my over-stimulated cock finally let loose and cum burst out of me, shooting into the hot tub water. Stars filled my eyes and my head was so light with pleasure that it felt like it would just float away into the clouds.

With my orgasm, my sphincter tightened around his cock, only adding to the intense orgasmic pleasure—and giving him new sensation too, if the gasp of contentment was any indication. He finally let go of my hands and my shoulders felt like they were on fire from being wrenched so hard behind me.  I fell forward but managed to catch the edge of the hot tub, saving myself from going under into the now cum-streaked water.

I just sort of stood there, bent over, gasping for breath and trying to collect myself. Behind me, I heard the splashes of him moving about as he went and got his swim trunks on. A moment later, he was behind me, his hand fondling my now-gaping asshole.

“Tomorrow night. Same time,” he said.

I whimpered in agreement.

He fingered my sloppy hole, then got out of the hot tub and grabbed his towel, soon walking off back to the chalet.

Eventually, I navigated back to the other end of the hot tub and got my Speedo on. I sat down to give myself a few minutes to recuperate before I got out and headed back to my room.

It was then that I noticed someone was walking toward me. It was Jennifer.

“Hey,” she said as she got close. She had a beer in her hand.

“Hey,” I said. My voice sounded super weak, so I cleared my throat and tried again. “Hey.”

“I know you’re still down in the dumps over Carl,” she said, “so I won’t make you join the party in there. But I thought you might want a beer as a little pick-me-up?” She handed the drink to me.

“Thank you,” I said. “Yeah, I’m not sure if I’m ready to party.”

She smiled. It was an innocent smile at first, but then it turned a little dirty. “I know you. You’ll be back on your feet soon. All you need is a good dicking.”

I chuckled awkwardly, but thanked her as she turned and headed back to the chalet.

“A good dicking, indeed,” I said, as I sipped my beer.

My ass was sore, tender, still loose…but I was absolutely eager for more.

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