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Coming Eye To Eye With My Obsession

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It had been 3 weeks since the wild weekend. Things had pretty much returned to the weird normal that was our family, except now a variation. My mother’s teasing was a lot more overt and sexual in nature and she never hesitated to show off her naked body, even when my father was around. Of course I knew he was in on all of it and enjoyed it just as much as she did. The routine had become, tease for a couple days, then I had to listen to a wild sex scene on the part of my parents, then about 2 hours later, my horny mother would come into my room for a hot suck and fuck with me.

I need a break and some fresh air that didn’t smell like horny woman. I took my bike and went for a ride to one of our city parks to watch people. This park had 3 men’s restrooms and I checked them all to see if maybe Rick’s Dad or any other horny men were having sex in there. No luck. Just a lot of filthy graffiti, indicating there are a lot of horny men thinking about man sex. Not much was going on so I decided to peddle my ass home. About a block from my house I ran into Rick on his way to work at the gas station. He stopped his motorcycle and we talked for a couple minutes.

He said he had to get going but wanted me to come over tomorrow after he got off work at 3:00 so we could catch up on the goings on in both our strange familys. He smiled and winked and told me that maybe I could even see his Dad, from now on called Al, short for Alonzo, Raphael, Burke, posing in his posing strap after his afternoon workout. Just the thought of that made my nipples tingle and my cock twitch. I agreed and said I’d be there a little after 3, and we went on our way. All the rest of the day and half the night, thoughts of Al, his big, dark, smooth, muscular body, posing for me in a tiny posing strap, kept scrolling through my mind. The next day got here and I was counting the hours……..Al, here I come. I really didn’t know if he would even be there, but I kept hoping.

It was a little after 3:00 and I decided to head out. I threw on a tank top and some surfing sandals and headed out to walk the block to Rick’s house. I got there about 3:20, plenty of time for Rick to get home on his motorcycle. I looked around and didn’t see it. I went to the door and knocked. Nothing. Knocked again. Nothing. I’ll knock one more time and then head home. Maybe something came up. After the third knock I could hear movement like someone coming to the door.

The door knob turned and the door started to open, expecting Rick. Instead, there stood Al, with just a white towel wrapped around his waist. His body was shiny and wet, so I assumed I got him out of the shower, but the overpowering smell of hot, sweaty man rolled over me and actual made me kind of light headed. I shook it off and just starred at what was in front of me. Rick was right when he said his Dad was working like a beast to get ready for the bodybuilding competition. He said his Dad, Al sorry, had made big gains thanks to his 2 daily workouts, his change of diet. and some help from the steroid injections. His chest and arms were huge and rock solid. His pecs looked like 2 mountains and his biceps and forearms were huge. My eyes were caught by his “gyno” nipples which were dark chocolate brown, swollen and sticking out about a half inch and had white hard pointy centers.

How could you miss those beauties? I caught all this in just a few seconds and that was just his upper body. I was overwhelmed but managed to get it together enough to say “Rick asked me to stop by and hangout with him after work, is he here?” Al smiled and said, “His boss is keeping him a little later today, maybe an hour longer.” I was dejected and turned to start to leave. Al called to me and said that I was welcome to come in and wait for Rick to get home and that he would keep me company if I could stand him. I looked at him funny and he chuckled and said, “I had just finished my afternoon workout and was just going to shower when you knocked.” “I probably smell pretty strong.” I told him that it wasn’t that bad and blurted out without thinking, that I thought it smelled pretty hot. He looked at me funny, shook his head and told me to come in and relax.

I walked past him as I entered the living room and hoped he didn’t catch me take a big whiff of his hot man smell. I felt my cock come to life and my nipples start to grow. I walked over to an over stuffed leather chair and sat down. Al closed the door and walked over and sat on the matching leather couch across from me. He asked me how my summer was going and I skirted all the weird things that I had experienced including my spying on his restroom action, by saying it had been busy and I learned a lot.

He said that Rick had told him I was interested in what he did and what it was all about. That was a loaded statement. How much did Rick tell him? I hope not everything including his history, his fetishes and desires. I answered by saying from what I knew, I admired his drive and dedication. For him to be on the road so much, still have a family, and pursue his bodybuilding with such dedication was amazing. He smiled and gave me a nice Thank You. I got past that land mine. I asked him about the rewards of his bodybuilding, kind of opening a door myself to see what he would tell me.

He looked at me with a very serious look on his face and told me that bodybuilding is like an addiction. You dedicate to it and you get results. You like the results and you want and need more. With the results comes attention and admiration which also feed into wanting and needing more of both. You just keep the cycle going. I told him I was sure that he got all kinds of admiration from women and men and it should make him feel really good. He looked at me again with a piercing look and said he really didn’t care what women thought. He wanted men to like to look at him, admire him, and even desire him.

That was a big admission, but from what I actually knew, it was the truth. He continued on by saying there is no better high than to have a man stare at me and my body and I see lust in his eyes. It lets me know I am successful in what I am doing because I can win that kind of lustful look from a man, the kind of look usually reserved from a man to a woman. He was being really honest with me. All the time he was talking to me, he was flexing and relaxing his massive chest muscles and biceps, which caused his ripped abs to dance and ripple. Me being who and what I am, I was transfixed by watching his hot “gyno” nipples jump and bounce with his chest flex.

Having seemingly been satisfied that his honesty with me hadn’t scared me or turned me off, he openly asked me, “Do you like my body?” “Do you like looking at it?” “Did you like looking at it?” He slipped that last one in. But since we were being honest, I openly answered YES to all three questions. That was a both of us acknowledging that we remembered and knew we had experienced his restroom play, together. Again he asked, “Does it bother you or excite you that I do those things that you saw, where you saw it?” I couldn’t stop being honest now. Where ever this went, it was supposed to go. I told him that if it bothered me and didn’t excite me to see it, why did I stand there naked with my cock hard and drooling, playing with my rock hard nipples and stroking, watching you?

He looked at me again with that piercing look and said, “Do I make you horny?’ “Do you get hard when you think of me?” “Are you hard, right now?” He was enjoying this. He was teasing me and baiting me and I admit, I was loving it. Again, I told the truth, YES to all three. “Would you like to see more of my body?” Immediately I popped out with the answer, YES.

He said in a very sex heavy voice, Take your clothes off for me and show me how I turn you on and make you horny.” I didn’t have to think twice. I stood up, stripped off my tank top, kicked of my surfing sandals and unbuttoned my jeans and let them fall to the floor, kicking them into a pile with my shirt and sandals. Since I didn’t wear underwear, I was now standing in front of Al completely naked with my cock rock hard, wet, and twitching back and forth, and my nipples sticking out stiff and aching.

I looked at him and he smiled and said, “See. this is the reaction that is the reward to all my hard work.” “I love your big, hard nipples, and your throbbing cock.” “They are my payday for my hard body of work.” With that statement, he grabbed the top of the towel at his waist and pulled it open, and let it fall off his body back on the couch.

We were both now naked in front of each other. I looked at his hulking body. He opened his legs slightly and I could see the bright pink head of his monster uncut cock poking out of the foreskin and there was a stream of cock juice oozing out on the leather couch cushion. He stood up and walked to meet me in the middle of the living room. As he approached, I could see that huge cock growing and starting to stick straight out, the foreskin starting to pull back to show that completely wet, pink head.

He stopped in front of me just as his huge cock rubbed against mine. He was looking in my eyes again and said, “Can we touch?” I almost groaned the answer……….YES. His hands reached up and flicked across my glass hard nipples, causing me to shiver and moan. He said, almost whispering, “You like your titties played with don’t you?” I moaned my answer………YES. ” I like mine played with too.” “Touch and play with my titties while I play with yours.”

My hands went to his big “gyno” nipples and I started teasing them, feeling how swollen and actually hard they were. We were both moaning now and almost without thought humping our cocks against each other. My cock juice was drooling on his cock and his was drooling on mine. It felt so good to be playing with his big tits and him working on mine. As we were lost in our mutual nipple play he said, “Did you like seeing me getting my big cock and nipples sucked by those men in the restroom?” I told him yes and that all I thought about for days after was putting my self in that same place as those men.

I told him I would wake up in the middle of the night from dreaming about him, covered in sweat and so horny I couldn’t go back to sleep. He asked, “What were you dreaming about?” I was way too hot to deny anything at this point , and I blurted out. “I wanted your big cock, your nipples………….I wanted to suck you, eat your cock juice, and have you fuck me with your huge cock, filling me with cock juice.” “I think I was obsessed with you.”

He just looked at me and almost choked out the words, “Suck my big, swollen nipples” Do you like my big “gyno” nipples. He whispered……..”sometimes they drip milk from taking the steroids.” “Suck on them and make them give you milk.” I leaned my head forward and licked first one, then the other one. He groaned, “Suck them , I need them sucked.” I latched my mouth onto one of his big nipples and sucked really hard. I felt something leak out of that big nipple and I sucked harder and got more.

He just threw his head back and moaned as I sucked hard on that swollen nipple. I wonder if he could feel his nipple leaking into my mouth. I switched and did the same thing to the other nipple and got the same reward. I felt his hand wrap around my throbbing cock and smear the juice over the shaft and start stroking it. My hand went to his monster cock and I worked his foreskin back and forth over the pink, wet head. We were both getting lost in the feelings of lust for each other. Where would all this go?……………….. it’s coming!!!!

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